tagLoving WivesA Cry For Help

A Cry For Help

byEnglish Bob©

Cindy Botelli read and re-read the note left on her desk by her employer. She had known for some time that he wanted out, but she never figured he would actually do it! But here it was, in black and white; from somewhere Jack had managed to amass the amount of capital that he needed to finance his new lifestyle which was, according to the brief letter, a life of leisure aboard his recently purchased yacht, soaking up the sun and just hopping from island to island. Cindy guessed that the business between Jack and his uncle was responsible for his newly acquired fortunes. Her employer had been extremely secretive over the past months and, with his dwindling list of legitimate clients, she knew that money must have been coming in from another source. She knew very little about the uncle's business, but knew enough to realise that it was far from legal.

She placed the letter on her small desk and sat down. She lit a Marlboro and inhaled deeply; the smoke calming her nerves. She brushed a small tear from the corner of her eye. She was sad not because she particularly loved her job, but because her ex-employer had filled a gap in her life. Cindy was a frustrated woman. Just turned forty, she kept herself looking good. She had recently lost a good amount of weight and had tried everything she could think of to promote some sort of interest from her husband of nearly twenty five years. But it was all to no avail.

Tony had not touched her in nearly a year now. He hadn't noticed the firming of her breasts; the product of a killer exercise program, or the smoothness of her skin, or indeed anything about her. But for her ex-employer, Jack, her efforts would have been completely wasted. But Jack did notice - Jack had noticed everything about her. An affair was not what she had gone out looking for, it had just happened. A small compliment here, an accidental touch of her hand there, a coming together of minds first and then bodies later. There was no doubt; Cindy was going to miss him and she was certainly going to miss the sex!

Jack had left money to pay outstanding bills and she intended to spend the rest of the day tying up the loose ends of his business. She didn't really know why she was working, but Jack had been good to her and she felt almost duty bound to ensure that everything was left just-so. She felt a stirring between her legs as she thought about her last lovemaking session. Jack had loved her tits. He was always a breast man, she thought, and after he had eaten her pussy for over an hour, Cindy had lain back on the floor while he slid his large cock between her soft mounds. She always enjoyed that and would tilt her head up to suck and lick the tip of his cock as it emerged, wet with pre-cum, from between her ample cleavage. She stood and walked to the mirror to check her make-up. Her legs trembled slightly as the thoughts whirled around her head.

"Not bad!" she whispered to herself as she inspected her reflection. She turned sideways and smoothed her sweater down over her chest. She was as pleased as anybody with her figure since she had lost weight. Her breasts were still nice and firm and her waist had reduced in size quite dramatically leaving an impression of her being just a little top heavy. She liked that! She put one foot up on a nearby chair to straighten her stocking and felt the dampness in her panties that her earlier daydream had caused. This, she knew, was nothing unusual these days. She seemed to feel horny almost constantly - what the hell was she going to do now that Jack was gone?

Feeling a little daring, she glanced about her at the empty office. She couldn't get the thoughts of Jack and his cock out of her mind. She wanted to see the evidence of her thoughts. Slowly, still glancing around to ensure nobody was going to disturb her, she lifted the mid length skirt. The thin material tickled her legs as it rose. Up and up, more of the silky stockings now visible. She held the skirt up and looked at her panties. The damp patch between her legs was clearly visible and she gasped slightly as her fingers touched the gusset. Suddenly she dropped the hem of the skirt. What the fuck was she doing? Jack had only been gone a few hours and already she was reduced to touching herself! She must resist the urge to masturbate and get on with the work she had planned!

She accepted a compromise. Using the bathroom this time, she took her panties off completely and stuffed them in her purse. If she couldn't have Jack fucking her, she reasoned, then at least she could think of him from time to time without her undergarment getting completely soaked! Again, she resisted a strong urge to play with herself and let the skirt drop back down and cover her modesty. With the delightful feel of the conditioned air playing around her pussy, she walked back to her desk and embarked on her work.

The morning passed quickly enough. She paid bills and informed the landlord that the small office would now no longer be required. Because Jack had let his business slip in the last few months, there were no clients calling and, until early afternoon, no visitors.

It was just after two-thirty that Cindy Botelli heard a knock on the door. As usual, she called out that it was open and looked up from her paperwork to greet the guests with a smile. The smile soon disappeared as the two men entered. Immediately she recognised Paul Lander - Jack's bookmaker - and his associate TJ. Cindy had never really liked either of them. Paul was a large coloured man and TJ, who Paul liked to refer to as his "executive assistant", was Hispanic in origin. Both men leered at her as they entered.

"Hiya Cindy," said Lander. "Ya look as sexy as ever, baby!"

Immediately Cindy was aware that she was still without panties under her skirt and instantly regretted her earlier decision.

"Jack's not here," she replied with a forced, saccharin smile, "He's gone and probably not coming back!" Lander's face dropped, becoming deadly serious.

"So where's the money he owes me, baby? Palmer was in deep with me. Ten grand I want, baby. So where is it?"

Cindy was worried. She knew that Jack liked to gamble, but she had no idea that he owed so much. Surely he couldn't have left her to fend off these animals by herself?

"All he left was a couple of thousand and I've used that to pay bills. You're too late. There's nothing left.

She watched Lander's face change colour. The smile had long since gone and his complexion was turning a deep red. Cindy knew only too well his reputation for intolerance when it came to collecting money owed him.

"Turn the fucking place over, TJ," he said quickly, his anger now at almost boiling point. "There's gotta be something here that's worth some money!"

As if just waiting for this sort of opportunity, the Hispanic man leapt into action. Bookcases were overturned; Jack's old law books and journals spilling onto the threadbare carpet. File cabinets were turned out, desk drawers were ransacked, cupboards were stripped bare.

"I told you there was nothing here." said Cindy, as TJ finally finished his assault on the office. She was trying to brave it out; hands on her hips, pouting sarcastically.

"She's right, boss," said TJ returning to Lander's side. "It's all just crap! There's nothing worth more than a few bucks."

Cindy raised her eyebrow, staring defiantly at the two men. Lander returned her glare, his lips spreading into a wicked, lopsided grin.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that" he laughed, looking Cindy up and down approvingly. "I think there is something here that would at least constitute a down payment," he looked at TJ and smiled again, "wouldn't you say so?"

Both men now looked at Cindy. Both had the same wicked grin spread over their faces. For a moment Cindy was confused. She knew there was nothing in the office that would even get close to covering ten thousand. As she watched the two men leer at her, the truth began to filter through. Surely they couldn't mean?.....not that?.....could they?

Anthony Botelli had risen late that morning, shortly after his wife had left for work. He felt a little guilty. Cindy had practically begged him to make love to her the previous night, but the earlier sex session he had enjoyed with his teenage secretary had left his balls completely drained - there was no way he could have got it up again! He thought back. Wendy, was really more than just a secretary, she was his personal assistant. She was also a complete nymphomaniac. Every day she demanded his attention and the rest of the staff were beginning to notice that the door to his private office was locked a lot more than it used to be. Tony grinned, he didn't care what they thought. Wendy was one amazing fuck. She wanted it almost constantly: in her pussy, up her tight ass (that was one of Tony's favourites), in her mouth. She didn't seem to care, she just wanted more and more of his cock!

Tony had decided to take the day off. Cindy would be at Jack's office all day and a day of peace and quiet was just what he needed to recover and be ready for Wendy tomorrow. He made strong coffee and collected the mail. Cindy had left a half opened pack of Marlboro's on the kitchen table and he lit one up as he sorted through the envelopes. Most were just junk mail. He opened a few credit card statements, glanced at the balances, shuddered slightly when he saw Cindy's and then placed them behind the clock ready for payment. The last envelope was addressed to his wife. It was hand written and bore a postmark that he didn't recognise. Tony tore the envelope open and looked inside for the contents. A brief note accompanied a substantial amount of cash and Tony stared at the money in wonder. There must be at least ten grand here, he thought. He opened the note and read.

Dear Cindy,

I forgot to leave this money when I decided on my little disappearing act. There's eleven thousand in the envelope. Ten of it's for Paul Lander the bookmaker. I lost a bit recently! The rest is for your trouble.

Please give Lander what I owe him - you know how pissed he can get when people

don't pay!

Buy yourself something nice with the rest. I'll be thinking about you!


The note seemed innocent enough, but Tony felt there was something between the lines: something unwritten. So, Jack Palmer had flown the nest, eh? Tony wasn't surprised. Jack had always seemed the flighty type to him. But still, he thought, the money seemed important. Maybe he'd better get it over to Cindy straight away. He didn't want her mad at him, that was certain.

Tony was just about to leave when the telephone rang.

"Hello, yes?"

"I can't go a day without seeing you. I coming over now." said Wendy emphatically.

Tony arrived at his wife's office shortly after three, once again tired and drained by the attentions of his secretary. His dick felt a little sore: Wendy had insisted on being fucked three times since eleven that morning and Tony felt that he'd done a great job of satisfying her. So much for a little R&R today, he thought.

He took the elevator to the third floor and exited towards the small office he knew that Cindy used to share with her boss. From the hall, he looked through the grubby window that let into the main office. Cindy was there with two other men. Her voice was raised. They appeared to be arguing. The situation was confusing and Tony waited before entering.

"You can't be serious!" he heard his wife's voice almost shriek.

"C'mon, baby. Jack told us all about you! You can't get enough, right? You LOVE cock, don't you?"

Tony's stomach turned on itself. His mind could hardly comprehend what it was hearing. Did these men mean to rape his wife? They didn't seem to be exactly forcing themselves on her and, for her part, Cindy was not exactly running for the door: her protestations seemed to be little more than a token gesture.

"So, what? You mean if I let you fuck me you're gonna forget Jack's debt?"

"Woha! Wait up, baby," Lander said, his hands raised in front of him, "You're not that good to cost ten grand a fuck!" Tony watched through the window as the coloured man seemed to be deep in thought. "I tell you what," he continued, "I'm feeling generous. I take 250 per fuck, okay and you can pay it off whenever me or TJ come around! But I think we take 500 worth of you now!"

Tony bristled as he continued to peer in, unseen, from outside the window. He knew that he should run in now and stop what was about to happen. He knew the money he held in his pocket would likely halt the proceedings but several things kept him glued to the spot. Firstly, Cindy was now grinning broadly; it was fairly obvious that she was not being coerced in any way and was, in fact, quite prepared to go through with the coloured man's demands. Secondly was the worry that both men were quite large and Tony, being slightly built, was in no hurry to tangle with them. And lastly, Tony realised that he was extremely excited by the prospect of watching his, apparently conservative wife, take on these two men. He decided to stay put and simply watch what happened.

"C'mon, baby, let's see those tits I heard so much about! Let's see if they are as good as Jack said."

Tony looked on as he watched his wife slowly peel her sweater over her head. He had not really looked at her recently - had she lost some weight? He thought she had, as slowly but surely the garment was pulled over her head and her white lace bra came into view. The two men in the office cheered as she dropped the sweater on the floor and unhooked her bra. The cheers gained momentum as the undergarment was also discarded and two large breasts were finally revealed. Cindy was smiling; obviously enjoying the show she was putting on for her two seen and one unseen audience.

Cindy trembled slightly as the bra fell away and her breasts became bared. She was putting on a brave front but inside she was still a little nervous. What had started out as a favour for her ex-boss and lover was now becoming like an obsession: she wanted these men like she'd never wanted anything before. She wanted them to see her naked, to let them touch her newly shaped body. She wanted to fuck them both.

She didn't have to wait long. As soon as the bra was gone, both men were on her. She felt their hands on her, tongues and lips kissing and suckling her nipples. Teeth nibbled lightly at the now hardened buds making her moan out loud.

"Yeah, baby. You love it don't you?" she heard Lander cry as his teeth closed gently over her left nipple. She couldn't reply. Her breathing was ragged; just gasps of encouragement left her lips. She felt herself being lowered to the ground, strong hands supporting her and easing her downwards. Her legs fell open in a wanton display of lust, but she cared not.

"Jeez, boss." It was the first time she had heard TJ's voice since they had started on her. "Look, man - no panties! The bitch aint wearin' no panties!"

Cindy felt her skirt pulled roughly up to her waist. She was acutely aware of two pairs of eyes peering up between her legs to her naked vagina. She trembled again - this time with anticipation - she had never felt so exposed. She knew that she was leaking fluid - she could feel it trickling down her slit and in between her buttocks. She felt so nasty, so dirty, so fucking horny! For a brief moment she closed her eyes and bathed in the attention she was receiving. She wanted cock - badly! She was not to be disappointed.

"Suck on this, baby!" she heard Lander's voice and felt the unmistakable shape of a stiff cock being pushed against her lips. She opened her eyes.

"Mmmm...yes...give it to me now." she heard the words but could hardly believe they were hers.

A chuckle from Lander as she opened her eager mouth to accept his glans. He tasted potent: not unclean, but a little salty. The head of his big black cock passed her lips just as she felt TJ's head between her legs. She gagged slightly in surprise; she had not expected the men to offer her any more pleasure than the sensation of being fucked, but TJ was now busy lapping away at the lips of her pussy and tickling her stiff clit - It felt wonderful and she knew that orgasm was not far distant.

Tony was watching with a kind of awed fascination. He had seen the two men mauling his wife's tits and watched them bite her nipples. Now they had her on the floor; the big black man had his big cock wedged inside her mouth while the Hispanic buried his head in her bush. Tony could feel the tension in his pants: even after fucking the lovely Wendy so thoroughly, his cock was once again hard and throbbing. He knew deep down that there was no way he was now going to stop this situation from developing further. He desperately wanted to see Cindy being fucked. Slowly and quietly he unzipped his pants and withdrew his cock. He looked down. It was certainly no match for Landers' weapon, and as he looked over at TJ and watched him pull his tool out, he saw yet another cock in excess of nine inches. Tony's hand went to his shaft. He squeezed gently; it was still a little red and a bit sore after his earlier exertions, but now it throbbed in his palm. Silently he began masturbating as he continued his vigil.

Lander glanced quickly at his watch while he thrust his large tool in and out of Cindy's mouth. He pulled out suddenly. He knew that he would cum soon and wanted to fuck this sexy bitch before it was too late. He heard her groan as his cock slid smoothly out of her mouth and knew that she was cumming. TJ had been eating her pussy for the past ten minutes and, Lander knew, his assistant always made the bitches cum!

"We gonna fuck you ragged now, baby." he almost growled as he watched Cindy twitch and convulse as her climax rippled through her body. "We not got much time, so you gonna have to take us both together, okay?"

Without waiting for the reply he knew would not come, Lander got into his desired position. He lay on his back next to Cindy. Smiling at her he slapped his upper thigh's playfully. "Hop on, baby! Get that nice wet pussy on my dick!"

Cindy almost leapt up. This was what she had been waiting for. She didn't really know exactly how they were both going to do her at the same time, but she had her suspicions. Double penetration? She half hoped for it and half feared it. In all her years she had only experienced anal sex a handful of times. She couldn't say that she disliked it, but, looking at the size of both men's cock's, she was certainly apprehensive. But she was way to excited to care now. One orgasm had been and gone leaving a wonderful tingling in her wet pussy, and she knew that another was not out of the question.

Obeying Lander without question now she straddled his hips and grasped his cock. She was facing him and they both shared a private smile as she felt his massive tool throb in her fingers. She guided him towards her dripping vagina, stroking the head up and down through the folds of her pussy lips and making him groan deeply. She loved to hear a man groan. Inch by wonderful inch she felt him slide into her body. He was big. Very big. Nothing like she had ever felt before. His hands were on her breasts, pinching the nipples again and she leaned forward towards him and moaned her lust out loud. She knew her ass was exposed, but didn't care - she was cumming again already.

TJ positioned himself behind the writhing and shaking woman. He had eaten her well and now he was going to take his reward. He could see his boss' cock sliding in and out of her wet twat. His own cock throbbed harder. He was gonna fuck this bitch up the ass!

Tony was trying not to make a sound. His hand flew up and down his shaft as he watched his wife get fucked by the large coloured man under her. Actually, that wasn't quite true: it was Cindy who was doing all the work, Lander just lay there with a grin on his face and watched his cock going in and out of her pussy. Now Tony could see TJ behind her. God, was he going to fuck her ass?, he wondered. It was almost more than he could bear and nearly came on the spot just thinking about it. But it was true. TJ was now positioned and was holding her hips; gripping her tightly and guiding his tool towards the tiny hole of her anus. He stabbed once, twice and then thrust in. Tony heard his wife scream out as two cocks filled her body simultaneously. He could see the initial anguish on her face as the pain hit, but as he kept watching he saw her expression change almost straight away. The grimace was gone and replaced by a look of hunger: pure, animal lust. Tony held his breath. He looked down at his throbbing, twitching cock and watched himself cum on the floor. Thick ropes of semen arced through the air and splashed the worn carpet. He came so much it was almost painful.

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