tagBDSMA Cuckold's Tale

A Cuckold's Tale


Based on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales


Three Mistresses are lounging around the pool, chatting and laughing, while their three sissy maids stand by to attend to them. Big breasted in a white string bikini, redhead Mistress Reeve is enjoying a foot massage from one of the sissies at the side of the pool. Lady Night, raven-haired with an alabaster white body in a black spandex one-piece, is lying on a pool lounge chair shaded from the sun under a big pool umbrella. Sipping from her third glass of wine this afternoon, Mistress Miller, visiting from the U.K., is leisurely fingering her shaven pussy, her flowered bathing suit tossed to the side. All three are wearing Ray-ban sunglasses.

"Tell us a story, Mistress Miller," asks Mistress Reeve, enthralled in her foot massage.

"Yes, please do," chime in the three sissies. They are all dressed in black French maid dresses, with white aprons, pink lace panties, and four inch stiletto heels.

"All right, I will tell a tale for the sissies, something they can wank off to," Mistress Miller announces.

The Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy cuckold and his lovely domme wife. Allison and George lived in a posh flat outside of Oxford, where she had effectively turned him into a tranny with a cock instead of a clit and arsehole which served as a cunt to be fucked with Allison's dildoe. To please her, George even got hormones and a boob job to give him nice perky titties that she wanted him to have.

Allison loved transforming George into Georgette the slut. She loved applying makeup to Georgette's face, sticking on the long false eyelashes, coloring her lips ruby red, and painting her long fingernails the same shade of red. Georgette was Allison's creation.

"Time for your smacking" Allison told Georgette.

At least once a day, Georgette received a spanking, a caning, a flogging, a whipping, an ass slapping, a paddling, a striking, or a lashing for no reason at all, except that it pleased Allison. She grabbed Georgette by the arm and quickly pulled her down to lay across her knees, yanked down her knickers and began slapping her beautiful bubble butt cheeks with her bare hand. Soon, Georgette's bum turned fifty shades of red, absolutely smashing.

"Georgettte likes her daily spankings, doesn't she?"

"Yes I do Mistress."

"Georgette is a nasty little girl, isn't she?

"Yes I am Mistress."

"Get up and turn around and face me!"

Allison lifted up the hem of Georgette's skirt to see his prick sticking out.

"I am bored and tired of your tiny knob. It is OK as a clit, but I need a new cock to fuck, but also to wank and yank. I want to top a tall fit man with a big cock, not a nancy like you. You are too easy.

"Yes Mistress."

"Tonight, you are going to get some real cock...not just my strap-on dildoe. You are finally going to learn what it's like to suck and get fucked by a real man's beefstick, and feel what it is like to have it spooge in your arse and spunk in your mouth and swallow."

"I will do it for you, Mistress."

"Of course, you will, but always remember bitch, you belong to me. You can only have cock and balls with my permission, to please me. And no matter how big a banger you take down your throat or take up the arse, I will always have a bigger dildoe for your holes. Remember that."

Allison and Georgette got dressed up in their sluttiest clothes...both wore push up bras under their halter tops to reveal their titty cleavage, short miniskirts with lace thong panties underneath, and four inch stiletto heel shoes to make them walk with a sexual strut.

Allison took Georgette out for the first time to Benders and Bonkers, a local pub that became a public sex club on Saturday nights. They walked in together and there were already several men sitting around the bar, having a pint, who turned their heads to look as Allison and Georgette walked in. There were a few nymphos in the club as well, there for casual sex, but none of them were as good looking as Allison.

Allison spoke to Georgette, "Now here's what I want you to do. I am going to get us a boytoy to play with. I want you to go to the back room, to the gloryhole room, and wait for me, wait for us."


"No buts, except your own...You said you would do anything for me, no matter how nasty, to prove your love for me. I want you to suck a real man's fucking cock and eat his spunk for me."

Georgette did as she was told. As soon as Allison walked over and sat down at the bar, a handsome young man came up to her and asked if he could buy her a drink. She nodded and told the bartender; "martini, stirred not shaken."

"Hi, my name is Nick, women call me Nick the Dick."

"Do they? And why do they call you that?"

"Because my dick is so big."

"We will have to see about that."

Allison reached down and felt the boner in his trousers and began rubbing it while staring into his eyes and smiling.

"Do you want me to suck your willy?"

"They have a gloryhole here in the back room. Go and I will meet you on the other side."

Allison smiled back at him, picked up her martini, walked to the back, and found Georgette in one of the rooms: ready, willing, and able. The ceilings and the walls were covered with plate mirrors, but in the middle of the dividing wall was a round hole...a gloryhole.

In the matter of minutes, they could hear the door to the other room open. Nick stuck his face down to the hole, and Allison did likewise and licked her lips. Nick said nothing and pulled down his pants and undies and guided his stiffy through the hole in the wall.

"Blimey, what a stonker you have!" Allison said on the other side loud enough for him to hear.

Allison pointed to the disembodied tubesteak and Georgette immediately wrapped her Maybelline lips around it and began sucking it. As Georgette began sucking and slurping, Allison began to make fake moans and gasps for Nick to hear on the other side of the gloryhole. Georgette grasped the beefstick and tickled the tip with her tongue and licked up and down the shaft. She pulled the bollocks through the hole and sucked them into her mouth. Then, she went down on his sausage all the way down her throat, sucking it like a hoover, tickling her tonsils. Georgette was working it in and out of her mouth, swallowing the sword up to the balls, getting it slippery and wet with spit, slobber, and pre-spunk. Allison watched and laughed to herself.

Georgette stopped sucking and Allison bent down and looked through the hole and spoke to Nick.

"I want you to shag me. I am going to stick my quim up against the hole , so you can stick your stiffy inside it and fuck it. "

Allison backed Georgette up against the wall, steering her bum to cover the hole and spreading her cheeky ass wide open. Nick guided his dick into the waiting bumhole

"This is the tightest pussy I have ever fucked," he said as he grunted his way in.

"Loosen it up, lick my arse, rim my bum, toss my salad, fuck me with your tongue..."

Without hesitation, Nick pulled his willy out of the hole and replaced it with his mouth covering the hole.

Just then, Georgette's arse let out a big loud barley blast that knocked Nick to the floor.



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