tagIncest/TabooA Cuddle for Mum

A Cuddle for Mum


It was strange that he had never noticed his mother in a sexual way before given the good figure that she still possessed, yes she was now 55 but as she walked past him in a figure hugging dress he could not help but think how pretty she still was. At 20 years old himself Paul had no shortage of offers from girls his own age but he had always been attracted to older women.

His mother stood up against the window gazing outside into the dull dreary rain that had been pouring all day as Paul walked up behind her and gave her a hug, his chin gently resting on her shoulder and his arms around her stomach.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" She asked.

"You just looked like you were in need of a hug," he replied innocently.

He released his hands from her stomach and ran them down over her thighs, noticing the line of her knickers as he went over it.

"Must be years since the last time you hugged me -- probably when you became a teenager and decided it was un-cool to be seen out with your mum," she told him.

"Well its not un-cool now mum, I am 20 and you can have a hug anytime you want, well whenever I visit anyway."

"Good, then let's put a film on and then chill out on the sofa for the afternoon."

Paul let his mother pick out a film as he relaxed on the sofa and watched her bend over to put the DVD in the player, letting his eyes roam up the black tights to the bottom of the dress that ended about two inches or so above her knee and then up to that lovely bottom that he had been so tempted to grope just now.

As the DVD started she grabbed a cushion and threw it onto his chest before lying on the sofa with her head on the cushion. He dropped an arm onto her side bringing it to rest on the side of her thigh.

After about 30 minutes his mother moved causing his hand to slip more onto her bottom but she did not say anything as he kept his hand there. Shortly after he found himself almost unconsciously tracing his fingers around the outline of his mothers knickers noting the he thought she had French knickers on underneath her dress and tights.

"What exactly do you think you are doing young man?" She asked without looking up from the movie.

"Oops sorry mum I forgot it was you lying here."

"Well I am pretty sure that my body does not feel like one of your girlfriends."

"Can't say I noticed any difference and anyway you still have a good figure" he told her hoping to earn a few brownie points.

"Well I do my best," she told him "but time is starting to catch up with me now."

"Anyway I have arm ache from lying here with my arm under me so you can swap positions with me Paul."

Paul got up and swapped around and ended up lying into his mothers back with an arm draped over her waist..

"Hope that's not too uncomfortable for you?" she asked.

"No, its fine," was his reply as he again dropped a hand onto her side.

Paul decided to see if she would say anything if he explored a little more and so he slowly ran a hand down over her thigh all the way down to the bottom of her dress and let it rest there just separated from her skin by the smoothness of her tights.

"That tickles," she giggled as his finger ran along soft skin at the back of her knee.

He brought his hand back up again causing her dress to raise with it a couple of inches and revealing that she was actually wearing hold up stockings and not tights.

Paul quickly stopped thinking he may have gone to far as he gasped slightly at the surprise.

"Get more than you bargained for Paul?"

"Just a little, sorry mum I didn't mean to offend you or anything."

"Its okay it's quite nice having some attention on a quiet afternoon."

"I guess I did not expect you to be wearing stockings that's all," he said almost in a whisper.

"Your father likes me to wear sexy underwear, after all we are not dead and gone yet and anyway judging by that pressing I can feel on my bottom you like me that way too."

Paul felt himself going bright red and could not believe how relaxed his mother seemed about feeling her sons cock pressing against her.

His mother lifted herself up slightly. "Pull my dress up darling."

Paul hesitated but she told him it was okay and so he pulled her dress up to her waist, Mary raising herself slightly to allow the dress to rise before she settled back onto the sofa again. He had been right about the French knickers as she was wearing a pair in dark blue.

He propped himself up with one hand and ran a hand over her stocking tops with the other enjoying the soft skin as she again pushed herself backwards grinding her ass slightly against his hardening cock.

His mother turned to lie on her front and let her legs fall apart granting her son full access to let his hand graze over her ass and then down onto her material covered pussy.

"That feels really nice."

Paul needed no more encouragement and moved down his mothers body until he could kiss his way over the soft skin above her stockings and easing his way upwards until he was licking at her panties and slowly easing them down over her bottom, his lips barely leaving her skin as his tongue dipped down into her ass running around her tight little hole causing a gasp to escape his mothers lips.

He stood up and pulled her knickers all the way off, she quickly followed and helped him drop his jeans as he stood before her. She felt his cock through his boxers before pulling them down and allowing him to step out of them.

"Glad we had your circumcised now," she told him before she took his cock into her mouth and started to skillfully suck and play as well as any of his girlfriends had done before.

Paul leaned into his mother which allowed his to start playing with her small but pert tits and wishing he had take her dress off fully to allow him to play with her nipples.

"Better not cum just yet darling, I would rather feel you inside me if you want to fuck your mother."

His mother stood up and he helped her off with her dress and bra, stopping to suck on each nipple before they both led back onto the sofa.

Almost shaking with nervousness he lowered himself onto her and she helped guide him into her, both of them moaning as they joined together. Paul slowly thrust into her as she grabbed his ass with nails digging in while he sucked and teased her nipples with his teeth.

It did not take Paul long before he felt himself climaxing and thrust into her harder each time as she grabbed his head and pulled him down to kiss her fully and deeply for the first time. Both of them came together moaning into each other as Paul released spurts of cum into his mother, finally stopping when spent and pulling out of her to relax and lay beside her.

"Wow, I never thought that would happen," she told him.

"I agree there," he replied panting from their fun

She played with his cum covered cock as he played with her breasts and sucked them like he did many years ago.

"You had better go and have a shower as your dad will be home in an hour."

Paul stood up and looked at his mother lying there naked on the sofa one more time before he went upstairs to the shower.

When he came back down his mother was already dressed again and pottering about in the kitchen and so he went up behind to hug her again, earning a giggle as his hands ran up over her breasts noticing she had not put her bra back on.

"Behave you, well for now anyway," she said as she turned to kiss him, both of them savoring the feeling of being so close.

An hour or so later Paul's father had come home and was upstairs with his mother, it was obvious they where having sex from the noises coming down the stairs and so Paul decided to creep up the stairs and to see if he could get a good view.

Luckily their door was partially open and even after today's events it shocked him slightly to find his dad licking out his mothers pussy with her saying "That's it lick yours sons come of out me."

As Paul routed to his spot a stair creaked causing his mother to look up. "Hi baby," she said to him "Why don't you come in?"

But that's for another day...

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