tagNonHumanA Cure for Moonlight Ch. 04

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 04


He needed his fix. Her skin was like silk spun from the moon itself. Her smell had gotten into his bones and he ached at seeing her in the coffee house. So close and unable to touch her. It was torture. He knew every time he went to her, he was taking a risk. He still had plenty of vials, even if she did wake, he counted on the amnesia that came with the death like sleep. He knew he was playing with fire. He didn't know if he would be able to hold back from taking her much longer. That would ruin everything. He popped up to the apartment across the street from her and grabbed his bag. He peeked through the window and saw no signs of life in her place.

As he left and crossed the road, that sickening feeling hit him like a wall, he paused just a moment. What in the world was causing him to feel this way? No matter. Nothing would keep him from her. He took the stairs two and three at a time. Clinging to what he knew of her and hungering for more. He stood in front of her door for a moment and listened. He heard no noise from behind the door, so he lifted his hand and reached for the knob. Turning it to see if it was locked, he breathed in as it caught. He reached for his keys. He would not be denied tonight.

Suddenly he was on the sidewalk. Keys in hand, confusion and strangeness washed over him. How did he get here? What just happened? The overwhelming wrong feeling held his feet to the concrete like lead. He struggled to breathe. It was like the aversion you feel at the smell of dead bodies or dread at something painful. His every instinct said to turn around and go home. He couldn't think straight and squeezed the keys in his hand so hard they broke the skin of his palm. He almost felt like he wanted to heave, but he couldn't be sure why. He walked quickly back across the road and up the stairs. He needed to regroup.

Stella's breath caught in her throat as she raised up on her toes to peek through the hole. Suspecting the worst, she held her breath so as to be as quiet as possible. As she put her silvery grey eye to the little glass lens, she tried to hold back her terror.

She saw nothing. Nothing was there. She must have imagined it, maybe too many painkillers and not enough sleep. She rationalized her way to a little bit more calm. Her stomach was no longer in her chest, she breathed through the fear like an older child does after hearing the boogie man doesn't exist night after night. She pulled over a kitchen chair and wedged it under the knob and set a vase upside-down on top. She wandered to her bedroom and huddled under the covers until her sleepiness won over her fear.

The next day, she got a letter from an attorney. It said that she had an inheritance to see to. Stella had no family and knew no one who would have handed anything down to her. She called the lawyer and told him she couldn't leave during daylight hours, he said he knew of her problem. She wanted to know what the letter was about, and he merely offered to come to her the night after next. It was all rather cryptic and it was the last thing she needed in her life. More mystery. She tidied up and did a bit of knitting. She couldn't keep her hands busy enough to drown out the questions in her head. Like always, she waited for the cruel sun to set and free her from her cozy little prison.

Eventually, the night did come and she burst out of her apartment like a bird from a cage. She decided against going to Louie's. It had simply gotten too awkward. She turned the opposite way and decided to find somewhere else to go to watch people go by. Her feet and crutches pounded the pavement and left foot prints in the dusting of snow that still covered everything like a veil. She found a lively little martini bar and decided that though she doesn't usually drink, tonight would be as good as any.

She ordered an elderberry and pear-tini and sipped at it while she watched life go on around her. She got lost in the noise around her and ordered another drink. Her limbs felt warmer and her stress slowly began to fade to a dull buzz in the back of her skull. She made eye contact with a gorgeous little blonde down the bar some. She smiled a little and looked back into her glass. Suddenly, the girl was next to her, her front pressed against Stella's side. She smelled like citrus and berries.

"Georgia," she said into Stella's ear over the music.

"Stella," she replied with a smile and ordered another drink.

"I've never seen you here before, Stella."

"I've never been here before. I just decided to step out of my little box this evening."

"You're really fucking pretty," Georgia smiled and then looked down, blushing.

"Thanks. You're not so hard on the eyes yourself," she felt like a different person, and Georgia seemed like a nice girl.

They talked for a while about the city, how long they'd lived there. About the weather, music and books. Stella continued to drink and Georgia seemed closer than she had already been. She watched the glossed lips and blonde curls move while she spoke. Something drew her in. Suddenly, she looked up as Georgia tucked an auburn strand behind her ear. Her fingers lingered on Stella's pale cheek. They both looked back down at their drinks. The bar spun around them and Stella wondered for a moment what she was doing. She'd never even been kissed by anyone, and here she was enraptured by another girl's mouth.

Suddenly, there was a small hand on her thigh and as she looked at the hand and then up, her lips met with another set. Slowly and softly she kissed back and her heart pounded and her stomach fluttered. The bar spun faster and she parted her lips, just a little for the soft little tongue that licked at them. Somewhere in her mind, something muted from too many drinks told her that she didn't know feelings like this existed for her. She reached her hands up and caught Georgia's face gently. They pulled away from each other for a moment and Stella's thumb wandered from the girl's cheek to her lips. She watched as her thumb traced another woman's face and her breath caught in her chest. Closing her lips around Stella's thumb, she sucked softly and closed her eyes. Then she watched as the beautiful red head tasted her mouth on her own fingers like someone tasting a bit of whipped cream.

"Would you like to come back to my place?" Stella whispered "I'm sorry, I've never done anything like this before."

"Neither have I," she said back, "Your place would be fine. Let's just see where things fall, shall we?"

Nodding and hopping down from her barstool, she grabbed her crutches. Several alcoholic drinks and crutches are a difficult combination, but Georgia was gracious and carried her purse. They walked quietly sneaking glances at each other. Something was in the air and it was exciting and new for the girl who the sun shunned. By the time they got in the door, the tension was at it's peak and snapped like a violin string as they reached for each other. A slow, aching fury of red and blond hair, pale and paler skins slipping against each other. Feeling hands touching her tummy and breasts for the first time, she gasped and she let herself be pulled down onto the bed. She ran her fingers through the tight little blonde curls and she pulled back so she could kiss her neck.

Suddenly, Georgia was on top of her, kissing her softly, but deeply. Her smooth thigh rubbed between Stella's ivory lips, against that little button of sensation. She bit and kissed at her neck, cupping her breasts in her hands, twisting at the nipples and sucking at them. Stella moaned and her hips began to match the rhythm of the girl on top of her's leg. When Georgia pulled away, there was a microsecond of disappointment until her fingers replaced the pressure against Stella's clit. It was nearly too much and she couldn't reach to touch her new friend. Dipping into her honey pot to lube things up, Georgia bit and played with the rosebud pink nipples. She traced circles around and around, deliciously varying the pressure and watched the stunning silver eyes flutter in pleasure. She brought her nearly to tears with pleasure. Just to the precipice of orgasm and then slid down. She kissed the soft planes of the body in front of her and then breathed gently on the slit in front of her.

Stella watched as she was kissed all the way down, but the feeling of someone's breath on her lips was new and unexpected. Her pulse quickened and she let her head rest back on the pillow as fingers spread her open, not yet tasting her, but blowing and teasing. Appraising the blushed folds, exploring every inch of her, Georgia bit and tugged with her teeth on one of her labia. Sending shock waves up the body before her, she then licked up the closed line where the smooth little pussy guarded it's delicious little secrets.

The feeling of a cool tongue on her most private area was amazing and scary and beautiful. It was even more shocking when that very same tongue made contact with her delicate little bump. Closing over and sucking at it, this alluring mouth that had just been kissing her was now bringing her close to the edge again. In all the pressure of suction, she felt her clit being traced around and around again and suddenly, gloriously, fingers speared into her and sent her over the edge. Georgia kept nursing at the engorged little spot, drinking everything she could get. Spreading her hole open and stroking that secret little spot, in and out. Her fingers felt a gush of heat and she refused to stop. She watched as the pleasure because too much for her little victim. Her body wracked with spasms, her kitty squeezing at her invading fingers. She reached up as she continued the orgasmic assault and wrapped her hands into the waves and tendrils of auburn hair and as she pulled Stella's head back, the orgasm became so intense that the poor girl literally lost consciousness for a couple of seconds.

Lapping at the sweet musky juice, she gently finished her dessert while Stella ran her fingers through her curls. She knew every lick would be like pleasurable torture, but she kissed and pampered the pretty little gash in front of her anyway. Stella hardly complained, but instead pulled her up and kissed her deeply. She reached down and traced the line of skin between Georgia's legs as they massaged each other's tongues. Soon enough, she was on her back and watching as the goddess above her nuzzled and nipped her way down. Fingering her gently, she stopped and licked at her fingertips and closed her eyes as if she had just tasted heaven.

Watching this angel-like woman enjoy the taste of her was enough to make her wet and hot. She spread her legs wide and ground herself against the creamy hip between them. Not to be outdone, Stella pulled away and began rubbing her bead again, spreading her wide enough to almost hurt and leaving the clit that exposed was amazing for Georgia. Flicking the bean back and forth, while keeping her spread, she gasped when Stella's smooth mouth found her. Teasing her clit, licking around it and over it made her feel desperate. She wanted to die from the torment. Finally, she closed her mouth over her and finger fucked her, as hard as she could, Georgia ground her hips on those fingers and came hard and fast. Taking a cue from her teacher, Stella kept sucking and fucking. She reached up with her free hand and Georgia sucked and lapped at it. Cumming and writhing, the two of them were completely satisfied. Cuddling up together, they both fell into a satiated sleep.

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