tagHumor & SatireA Cyber Affair

A Cyber Affair


Sue was feeling lonely and neglected. Even the thrill of her love toy had lost it's charm. She was conveying this to her friend over the net. Then her friend made a suggestion that both shocked and excited her at the same time. "You are always on here talking to me or flirting in the chat rooms. Why don't you take it one step further?" Angel replied.

She thought to herself what have I got to lose. It's not like they will know my real name or where I live. So why not.

But it took her some time more before she plucked up the courage to do it. First she asked her friend, how to cyber.

"It's dead easy, babe. The fellas usually make the first move so all you got to do is follow their example."

So Sue set to work. She would need a new name and profile, after all a lot of her friends knew her as cleos_double. It would be way too embarrassing for her if they found out what she was doing. And of course a new pic was called for. So she sat down and sifted through a box of photos till she found one that she thought was suitable. Now she was all set to go.

It was still a few more days before she got the courage up to actually go into the room. She chose an overseas room. At least that way, she thought, there was no chance that the person she was cybering would ever turn up on her doorstep even if he found out where she lived.

She was quite tentative as she went into the room and then thought to herself. I am being silly. I come into rooms and flirt all the time just never whisper to them. I will just do the same but this time when they whisper me I will be ready. It didn't take long before her computer was lit up like a Christmas tree. Well I never thought this would happen, she mused to herself. How will I pick one? So she chatted a bit to a few of them while she checked out their profiles. She finally selected one. He sounded really nice. From America, he was 32 years old and single. And as she kept chatting to him, she realised she had picked a winner.

They chatted for a few more minutes, when her new 'friend' asked her if she would like to cyber.

"Yes please," she said, "but I am new to this babe, so you will have to set the path for me."

"Mmmmmmmmm, he said, "an internet virgin. This must be my lucky night."

He asked her did she have a vibrator, to which she replied that she did.

"Get it out then sexy, and you can use that on yourself and imagine it is me there."

Then he started to cyber. "I push you back in your chair," he said "and slowly undress you, using my hands and tongue to caress and tease the nearest parts of your body." "Oooooooh," she said. "This is better than just using it by myself," she thought.

"Once I have you fully undressed," he continued. " I rub some massage oil into my hands, making sure it is warm before I use it to start massaging you around the neck and shoulder." "As I massage you, I lean in and start to kiss you slowly and sensuously, using my tongue to search for yours. I nibble on your ear lobe and blow in your ear." "My goodness" said Sue "you do this well." She could sense that he was smiling to himself.

"Then I start to work my way down your body. Stopping at your tits, I nibble, lick and suck on one while I use my hand to tease the other, rolling the nipple between my fingers. Well sexy," he said "are your nipples sticking out." "Oh yes" typed Sue even though she was having trouble typing. "They are standing out like beacons in the night." "Mmmmmmmmm good," he answered.

"I start to trail my fingers lightly down your stomach, finding a path that will lead me to your hot wet pussy."

"You arch your back, wanting me to go firmer and further below. But it is not time for that yet." he said. "There is no need for us to rush this."

"I kneel in front of you and start massaging your inner thighs. You open your legs to accommodate me."

Then using my tongue, I start to tease your clit, while sliding my finger into your wet pussy."

"My god," said Sue "I think I am going to orgasm."

"Not yet sexy" said my new friend. "There is lots more to come."

"As your excitement mounts, I pull you from your chair and carry you to my bed, where I spread your legs and kneel in front of you. I start to lick you out. Delving deeper and deeper and faster and faster. I can feel your excitement mounting and your sweet wet pussy throbs around my tongue. You orgasm shuddering as your body reaches its climax."

"Oh thank you babe," said Sue. "I had no idea it would be this good."

"I haven't finished yet sexy." "I would like you to go down on me." he replied.

"My yes," said Sue thinking it only fair. So she started to type. "I take off your clothes as I massage your pecs and washboard stomach." "As I take off your trousers, I run my fingers along your huge shaft. It is so swollen and throbbing. I know you want this as much as I do."

"That's the way sexy," he said.

"I kneel between your legs and use my tongue to tease the knob of your dick." "and lick down the length of it so that I can take your balls into my mouth and suck them gently. I go back to your knob and start to suck as well as lick."

"I hold your buttocks so that I can take all of you down my throat. And I start to pump faster and faster. Just when I feel you about to explode, I lean back and use my breasts to titty fuck you. I squeeze them together and the motion gets faster and faster until you finally explode into my mouth that is there ready to greedily gobble up all your cum."

"Wow sexy," "You are really good at this. Are you sure it is your first time?" he asked.

I could feel myself blushing. "Yes" I said timidly, "It is."

"Well babe, I would love to add you to my buddy list so that we can do this again sometime. What do you think?" he asked.

"Yes please" said Sue in a moment of weakness. She thought that way she wouldn't have to go into the rooms to pick someone up, as she knew her new friend was more than capable to fulfil her needs.

That was the beginning of a hot and torrid 'affair' for Sue. They spoke on IM quite often. Sometimes cybering, sometimes just chatting. She found out that he was divorced with a daughter whom he adored. She told him about her two children and what she did during her days. And they cybered. Sometimes he would take her imagination to exotic places where they would make mad passionate love on the beach or on the back of his Harley. It seemed his imagination knew no ends. She did things with him that she would never do in real life.

But then one day, he said something that would bring their internet relationship to a booming end.

"Hey sexy," he said one day. "I have got some great news."

She smiled and asked him what it was.

"I am coming to Australia next month with business. And I would love to come and visit you while I am there. I am sure we could make some beautiful music together in real life."

Sue blanched. "Oh my god" she thought. "What have I got myself into?" "Sure," she said, though she was certain he could sense the trembling in her voice. She told him she would even come to the airport to pick him up.

The next day Sue went down town to change servers. After all how could she let this handsome young stud see that she was really and 58 year old grandmother, with sagging breasts and false teeth.

"That's it for me with the cybering." she said to herself. "It can get you into way too much trouble."

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