tagNonHumanA Dance for Gina

A Dance for Gina


The once latent but now well-developed power that dwelled within her needed to be constantly nourished and nurtured. Since it's awakening, only time, perseverance and training had helped her keep it under increasingly better control. Occasionally though it overwhelmed her ability to rein in its appetite, this was one of those times. Over the course of the evening Raven felt the craving gradually rising in intensity. Hidden away in her office in the nightclub complex she tried to ignore its insistent demands at first though she should have known better. Time and experience had taught her that try as she might to resist it she could not, in fact the very attempt to control it had often made it more unmanageable when she finally did unleash it. From an irksome tingling flutter deep within her it grew over time to become an irresistible compulsion once again. As well as the normal hunger pains a normal creature might sense she was bombarded with all manner of sensory signals. These included visual flashes, irregular pulse and respiration, hot and cold flushes, vibrant trembling, itching, pain in her teeth, hands, breasts, and even her vagina, all of which increased in intensity and frequency as time wore on.

The hunger's fury would be difficult to appease tonight, she realised quickly that it would not be satisfied easily. Sometimes she could appease its edge somewhat by skimming excitement and energy off the mass of people that frequented her clubs. Her desire was too intense; Raven knew it would be impossible to pacify the beast by drawing off energy from the throng tonight. Despite her strongest effort to fight it back the irrepressible longing grew more insistent, agonisingly it gnawed relentlessly through her willpower's defences. As the evening progressed her resolve began to weaken, she lasted till almost midnight before she relented. She endured its growing torment as long as possible then succumbing to the powerful craving she left the windowless office. Some times the agonising torture she endured during these battles of will were exquisite and like tonight she often tormented herself far longer than she should before capitulating.

Through the warren of service corridors Raven entered the back of the nightclub using one of several security doors. A slave to the all-powerful force that existed within her she prepared to select her next conquest. In the clubs hot stuffy dark pounding atmosphere her highly sensitive eyes adjusted instantly to the strange lighting, Raven smiled smugly to herself as she made her first appraisal, for tonight the choice was astounding and she felt the excitable turmoil churning around in her stomach as she began to peruse the gathered crowd more intently. The club was very full this evening so she endeavoured to pacify her raging hunger for a little while perhaps by drawing the emotions and energies from the excited crowd's frenetic vitality.

For the moment at least her attempt succeeded to effectively blunt the edge of her appetite but she knew without doubt it would resurface before long keener and more insistent than before. She must take full advantage of the respite, the calming of her craving allowing her to focus better on selecting a lucky candidate more precisely. Usually she could easily satisfy her craving just by skimming off the combined energies of the excited crowd that enveloped her but tonight only a one on one consummation would suffice. Tonight Raven decided she could be as selective as she wished, she scanned the unknowing crowd marking several likely candidates in her mind, and she was truly spoilt for choice.

Not really attracted by any of the candidates she moved from floor to floor checking out the crowds in each, from the "Gay Arena" through the "Retro Arena" into the "Indie Arena" she descended checking out the crowd in each as she went. She entered the "Indie Arena" and smiled to her self, there was a lot more choice there so she lingered and took the time to consider a selection. Sometimes she liked to play with her quarry even to the point of allowing them to coerce her into a coupling though she had the power to control someone's mind and body at will. One of her favourite diversions was to enter someone's mind remotely and control him or her without their knowing. Watching someone climax suddenly for no apparent reason in sometimes the most embarrassing situation delighted her. But tonight there would be none of that; she would select her victim, take control and enjoy gorging herself.

She moved near to the disc jockeys platform to view the crowd better and saw a likely candidate almost straight away. An extremely attractive blonde sat on her own by the high bar chatting to the one of the bar staff and Raven's alert roving eyes looked her over several times before eventually locking upon her. Engaged in idle chatter the girl was quite unaware of the of the attention she was suddenly receiving from afar, as she laughed she absentmindedly tossed her sun bleached blonde curls. She began giggling uncontrollably at something the bargirl had just said to her. Now her choice was very nearly made Raven scrutinised her intended quarry more closely. The giggling girl wore a front buttoning loose fitting floral print dress gathered at the waist by a thin gold belt. Her large firm breasts swelled unharnessed beneath the low cut front and her long blonde lightly permed curls hung down to her shoulder blades. Satisfied with what she saw of the girl even from this distance Raven used one of her extraordinary powers benefits and "tagged" the girl to ensure no one else would even attempt to seduce her.

An icy chill suddenly ran down Gina's spine, for an instant somewhere deep inside a normally dormant region of her mind an alarm had sounded, it was as if some kind of sixth sense had been triggered making her feel slightly uneasy. For some reason she got the impression that she was being watched, from her high vantage point on the stool her grey-blue eyes scanned the dimly lit club warily. For quite some time she saw nothing at all that should cause her such discomfort, then through the pulsating lights her searching gaze fell upon the girl. Standing upon a high platform near the DJ's kiosk at the back of the club the girl was staring back directly at Gina over the crowded undulating body covered dance floor. Gina's heart skipped oddly then began to race excitedly for some reason as their distant eyes met and held briefly over the crowd before the girl vanished by dropping down into the dancing throng. Once the girl had disappeared Gina calmed down, she took a deep breath and quickly dismissed the odd reaction she had experienced when seeing the stranger.

Resuming her conversation with the girl behind the bar she tried but could not dispel the strange sensation that crept through her. She became distracted and soon she found herself looking for the black haired girl amongst the milling crowds of dancers with increasing urgency.

There she was, she saw the girl at last, relief swept through her and she relaxed seeing that the girl was dancing. After watching the girl for some time Gina decided anxiously that the girl seemed to be working her way through the dancers gradually crossing the crowded dance floor towards her. Gina's heart leapt with trepidation, she was convinced the girl was purposefully heading directly for her. A peculiar blend of exquisite terror and awkward excitement bubbled up deep inside Gina as the girl danced slowly closer. Torn a large part of her wanted desperately to flee the situation but something more powerful, more dark and alluring held her fast. Now the slinky leather clad creature was close, she was moving fluidly through the last of the dancers who parted seemingly without realising to let the girl pass unobstructed.

Enthralled by the girl's incredible beauty Gina watched intently as she left the dance floor and made her way through the seating area towards both her and the bar. Part of Gina's brain told her that the girl was only coming to the bar to be served and she should relax, something more exciting was coercing her mind in a more subtle way. It played on her desires, phobias and fears twisting and mixing her emotions into a fraught ball of agony as the girl drew closer. To Gina's growing horror the girl approached, moving at her own leisurely pace through the tables towards the steps which led up to the bar. Normally Gina would pay other women no attention at all, especially ones who she thought were better looking than herself but found herself openly staring at the gorgeous girl in a manner that made her feel more than uncomfortable.

Watching the girl's unhurried progress she took the chance to cast her eye over the creature, she was really stunningly beautiful and was dressed really sexily in soft black leather. A low cut sleeveless, zip up, skin-tight mini-dress barely covered her exquisite body and left little to the imagination. The dress was complimented by matching thigh length boots between the top of them and the dress's hem Gina could see the distinct band of black stocking tops. The girl's exceptionally long thick black hair was gathered up on top falling loose around her head and body like an inky waterfall. At her wrists she wore studded leather wristbands, was there a fetish night on tonight in one of the other bars Gina wondered. All about her the girl wore masses of jewellery, rings, necklaces, brooches, pins and bracelets, made from various metals and far too many styles.

The girl looked up and caught her eye; she smiled warmly at her as if they already knew each other well as she came nearer. Puzzled and intrigued Gina looked at the girl's beautiful face, her big almond shaped green eyes were made up in a heavy Egyptian style and they flashed with a strange urgent ardour. Gina found herself wondering why no men had made a move on the stunning girl as she passed amongst them. Awkward embarrassment flared up within her as Gina realised just how blatantly she was staring at the girl and she turned her reddening face away as the vision drew near. What was wrong with her, her hand trembled as she picked up her drink and took a gulp to wet her dry mouth and calm her frantic mind. An impressively persuasive pleasant odour, a mix of the girl's heady musk perfume mixed with the fragrance of expensive leather enticingly invaded her nostrils as Gina sensed the girl move up close behind her, far too close for comfort. Gina knew just how much room there was behind her and the girl was too close to her for the degree of touching to be accidental. Even so the electrifying contact appeared to be done innocently as the girl squeezed into the gap behind her, seemingly to get to the bar.

Listening to the girl's soft voice as she ordered a drink Gina could feel the weight of her body leaning delicately against her back. More disturbingly was the sensation against her electrified skin through the ineffective thin fabric of her dress that caused an oddly pleasant excitement to jangle in her as the unmistakable pressure of the girl's breast thrust against her back. Intoxicating blends of the girl's perfume and their intimate closeness aroused Gina incredibly, seeing that she had always thought of herself as straight this caused her some distress. Close to panic she felt her body responding totally unreasonably and out of control when hot sweetly perfumed breath played upon her right cheek from close behind. Closing her eyes she tried to gather her composure and took a deep breath then held it. Her heart raced fearfully at the sound of the low husky feminine whisper.

"I've seen you watching me," the strangely accented voice rasped sensually, "do you want to dance with me? Girls dance together all the time in here."

"No," she blurted panicky, "no, thank you!"

"I could show you some moves you wouldn't believe."

"Look! I said no!" Gina tried to sound convincing but knew she had failed.

"Well if you should change your mind precious, seek me out!"

"I err I don't think so." her voice faltered.

"Okay, whatever," she paused then added "later maybe?"

As if to make her intent unmistakable Raven deliberately rubbed her breasts against the blonde beauty's back and ran her fingers over her bare arm as she finished speaking and moved away. Aware of the fact that her behaviour would be causing incredible turmoil to rage in her intended prey Raven smiled knowingly to herself. As she left the bar empty-handed and moved away toward the dance floor she knew of course without doubt that the girl would shortly follow her. That was how it often happened, no introduction, no names given but the chosen one would find themselves following her into the unknown without thought or concern for their own well being. She had deliberately held back from entering and probing the girl's psyche but had gathered much information about her from the brief touch. She sensed that her intended prey was a highly emotional and very sensual creature that revelled in pleasure and that was all she needed to know for the moment.

Breathing out raggedly as the girl left Gina let herself relax a little, perhaps her show of indifference had been more convincing than it seemed to her after all. The leather-clad creature had seemingly dismissed Gina's cool response to her invite, without even looking back at her she had drifted off back towards the heaving dance floor. Gina felt relief sweep through her and wash her concerns away but only briefly. The panicky confusion she had already experienced when she first lost sight of the girl returned growing into a sensation close to sheer terror that loomed over her as the distance between them grew. By the time the girl reached the fringes of the dancers Gina was shaking uncontrollably. Compelled by an unknown force that began to terrify her Gina found herself slipping from the high stool and scurrying after the strange girl. To her amazement as she once again drew closer to the leather-clad vision the intensity of her distress eased. Still a good six feet away she stopped briefly only to feel the horrible sensation begin to grow again as the girl moved away once more.

The blonde was a natural victim Raven mused to herself, she had no need to lead or control the poor creature, her senses told her as much. A shiver of breathless anticipation ran through Raven and her mouth watered anticipating the girl's exquisite essence upon her tongue. Already she was sure tonight would be quite memorable, confident the girl would be following Raven did not have to glance back after turning away to know the blonde had left her seat. True enough she could soon sense the girl's rich aura was but a few feet behind her. After hesitating once the blonde had caught her up quickly and in silence drew alongside her. With a slow curl of her long nailed slender forefinger Raven drew the hapless girl further onto the dance floor, they were soon swallowed in the hot heaving swirling mass of oblivious dancing people.

Feeling oddly bewildered Gina followed oblivious to the bumps and nudges she received from the gyrating revellers; the intensity of the music seemed to increase it pounded out loudly over the stiflingly hot, heaving mass on the dance floor. Turning and smiling wickedly at her the other girl magically had found some space for them amongst the throng, she immediately launched into her dance uninhibitedly, laughing she gestured for Gina to follow her lead. The girl was outrageous; Gina was too inhibited and embarrassed to make such a display of herself. Watching the girl gyrate suggestively Gina felt awkward and uncomfortable and at first she began to dance quite reservedly and cautiously. Captivated but instinctively wary of the girl Gina carefully kept a fairly big defensive space between herself and her dance partner. As they danced though Gina increasingly watched the other girl as she bounced and ground and swayed provocatively to the music's thumping beat. Gradually she began to relax as the earlier terror faded and without conscious thought she started to emulate her partner's style of dancing more and more.

As she gained confidence Gina grew more relaxed and moved more freely the girl paid her more attention. She found herself watching the girl intently; tiny delicious thrills passed through her each fleeting time the encouraging girl glanced at her and their eyes met. By the third tune any awkwardness she had felt or fear of making a fool of herself had vanished, feeling vibrant and open she really let herself go. Watching the leather clad girl more and more absorbedly she found herself attempting to follow and copy the girl's every move. It seemed uncommonly hot in the club and soon her thin dress clung to her sweating body as she became totally oblivious to the crowd swirling around them. Lord knows how long they had danced, she was becoming uncomfortably hot and sweaty, her arms and legs ached but she had no intention of stopping. In all her life Gina had never felt so free, so excited or uninhibited as the throbbing beat took her higher and she danced like never before.

Laughing Gina started gyrating her hips suggestively, thrusting them out invitingly towards the girl as if offering herself to her partner almost. Letting her reservations go completely she was totally lost in the strong rhythmic sensual beat that both consumed and pounded through her. Already Gina's damp dress clung plastered to her hot body, she was drenched in perspiration and her golden hair flashed around her in damp ringlets throwing off sparkling beads of sweat as she tossed her head. Her own eyes were now constantly locked on the other girl's face and intense sexual thrills ran up her spine each time the girl's green eyes snared her own in their ravenously sensual gaze.

Deep inside her mind the alarm bells were ringing frantically, but she paid them no heed as for once in her life she was truly free and loved every vibrant second. Of course Gina realised that she was probably playing with fire but didn't really care, tonight she was eager to push the boundaries and no silly fear or shyness was going to stop her she wanted to and was determined to have fun! Blissfully dismissing the primal warning as stupid reticence she had every intention to throw herself headlong into the unknown. The uncontrollable desire she felt was clearly unnatural but couldn't she resist or prevent herself wanting the girl to touch her.

Suddenly a bright strobe light cut in, her senses reeled for a moment then adjusted to the effect. Catching the revellers in a continuous stream of still images around them, Gina turned to the girl with each stark flash of light she seemed to have moved closer and closer towards her. Gina became distinctly aware of her own heart pounding excitedly in her heaving breathless breast now they were almost touching. Joyously she felt the girl's hands slip around her waist and she submissively allowed herself to be drawn tightly to the girl. Her body felt electrically charged, vibrant and hypersensitive to every tiny touch as they began to grind together breast to breast.

"This is insane," she whimpered to herself, her voice drowned by the music.

Feebly a last distant almost detached thought cried out in strangled alarm but Gina made no attempt to stop the chain of events that were rapidly unfolding. Indeed she found herself eagerly spreading her legs for the girl as a firm insistent thigh wormed against then slipped between her thighs as they yielded. Swiftly it moved to press urgently against her mound as she was pulled tightly against the leather-clad girl. She whimpered and moaned noisily in response but her cries were swallowed up in the music as nimble hands were running delicious patterns all over her tingling moist back as they ground sensually together. As her heart raced she felt unable to resist any of her partners advances and she gazed helplessly into the girl's lustful smiling fiery green eyes. Captured by the relentless strobe light and in oblivion of every thing around them but the girl who held her so deliciously close, Gina wordlessly was willing to give herself to Raven without resistance. Her mind was a maelstrom of confused excitement, Gina gasped eagerly as she felt a lithe hand slide between their writhing bodies, it rose to surreptitiously cup her aching expectant breast whilst the girl's other hand grasped at her bum pulling her crotch tightly against the intrusive thigh that ground hard between her trembling legs

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