tagErotic HorrorA Dare Goes Sour

A Dare Goes Sour


The year is 2127 and twin sisters Penelope and Jasmine were as different as night and day. At 19, unless you looked really close, you couldn't even tell they were sisters. Penelope, the eldest by 5 minutes had taken after their father in looks. 5'2" and full figured with dusty brown hair and hazel eyes.

Jasmine on the other hand had taken after their mother. 5'4", and slender. She did have her sister's dusty brown hair and hazel eyes, but that was where the similarities ended. Along with their looks, the girls were completely different in other ways.

Penelope was considered a bookworm. She liked to read and didn't believe in losing her virginity until she was married or at least engaged. Jasmine on the other hand had lost her virginity to her high school math teacher the day she turned 18 and would screw anything in pants. As long as he had a cock and was of age, she had no qualms.

The girls attended the local college and were trying out to become sisters in the sorority. They attended the first meeting with 6 other girls but by the third meeting, only Penelope and Jasmine still had a chance of becoming part of it. "Your task should you take it, is to spend the night at the local cemetery." Alisha, a 20 year old Junior and head of the sorority told the twins.

"Spend the night in the cemetery?" Penelope asked looking at her sister. "But that place is crawling with zombies."

Alisha laughed, "Yea right. Do you believe everything you hear and read?"

Jasmine laughed with her. "Actually she does." She smiled at her sister then turned back to Alisha. "So if we stay in the cemetery all night, we become part of the sorority?"

Alisha smiled and nodded. "Yes. We will lead you to the cemetery and lock you in. When we come back the next morning, if you are still there, you become part of the sorority."

Penelope wasn't sure she liked this idea. "I don't know." She said softly.

"Pen, come on, you want this as much as I do." Jasmine said looking at her sister pleadingly. Come on, it might be fun."

Penelope looked over at her sister, and then shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, so if we do decide to leave before morning, how do we get out?"

Alisha smiled; no one had ever stayed the entire night. That was why her sorority was so small. She used this test to weed out the ones she didn't want there. "There is a gate at the far end of the cemetery that leads to a dirt road. The gate there is unlocked. However, someone will be at that gate all night, so you can't go out it then come back before sunrise and say you stayed all night."

Penelope swallowed hard while Jasmine beamed. "Sounds good to me. When do we do this?"

They set it up for the following night, and then the girls headed for home. "I have a really bad feeling about this Jas."

Jasmine smiled at her sister and then hugged her. "It's full of dead people, what can happen?"

Penelope smiled but inside she still didn't think this was a good idea.

The following night, Alisha and a couple of other girls from the sorority led Jasmine and Penelope towards the dark cemetery. Both girls carried a sleeping bag, pillow, and a small knapsack with a flashlight as well as a few other essentials inside. "Okay, remember, you have to stay here all night." Alisha said smiling at them as she locked the gate behind the two girls.

"Don't worry, we'll be here." Jasmine said with a broad grin.

Alisha and the other two smiled at each other, then turned and walked away, soon to be enveloped by the darkness.

The cemetery was dark even though it was a clear night. Penelope could see a few headstones from the light of the moon but that was about it. She pulled her flashlight out and turned it on. "Come on, let's get some sleep." She said moving towards the center of the cemetery.

Jasmine followed after her with her own flashlight out. "I think this is going to be fun." She said with a smile a few minutes later when they dropped their things in front of a tombstone of a guy who had died about 15 years earlier. "I mean, we always did like camping."

Penelope unrolled her sleeping bag then climbed into it. "Yea, I guess." She flashed her light over the area, but not seeing anything, turned it off. "Night Jas." She said as she rolled over onto her side.


As the girls slept peacefully, they had no idea that there were three sets of eyes watching them. They were three men who had never met during life, but had a common goal after death. This was their cemetery, their resting place. When people came in after dark, they were in their territory. "I like the full figured one." Fritz said. Fritz had been there the longest, 15 years after he had died in the fire that had also killed his wife and child. They had moved on to another world, but he decided to stay behind. At 5'10" and 165lbs when he was alive, he had always loved the feel of young flesh beneath him. He ran his hands down over his fire red skin, and then looked at his friends.

Xavier was 6'3" and built like a linebacker with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. His pale skin shone brightly in the moonlight. He had died 10 years ago when he was crossing a country road and got run over by a tractor. His body still showed the marks from where the teeth on the tractor had dug into his skin.

Patrick was the newest zombie in the area. He had died a mere six months ago by a laser wound to the chest from a fight with the cops. He had been a drug dealer in his life and the cops didn't like that idea. At 5'11", and slender, with jet black hair, his black eyes, moved over the sleeping girls.

"I think we have waited long enough. I'm hot." he said running his hand down inside his jeans and grasping his 9 inch cock. The last girls who had been in their territory late at night had run at the first sight of the three men and Patrick was still furious about that.

"Let's have some fun then boys." Xavier said moving off the headstone he had been sitting on. He let his booted feet melt into the soft ground as he walked towards the sleeping girls.

Penelope opened her eyes and looked up at the moon. She wasn't sure what it was that woke her, but she was sure that something was wrong. She turned on her flashlight, and glanced around but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She turned off the light and snuggled back down when she heard the noise again. It sounded like a moan although whether it was a moan of pleasure or pain, she wasn't sure.

Sitting up, she turned the flashlight back on and moved it around. She moved her light over her sister's sleeping bag and gasped. Her sister was lying on her back while her clothes were torn and laying a few feet away in a pile, her arms were pinned above her head and she had a huge cock moving steadily in and out of her mouth.

She moved her light up over the man who was forcing her sister to suck on him and gasped. He looked like he had been ran over by a tractor, there were holes all over his skin and he was grinning at her as he forced his cock deep in Jasmine's throat.

She moved quickly to her knees as she flashed the light further down her sister's body. Jasmine's hips were moving furiously and she saw why. Another man who looked like he had been in a fire had his head between her sisters legs and was running his tongue all over her pussy.

The man's eyes met Penelope's even as he drove his tongue deep into Jasmine's hole. She heard her sister squeal even as the cock in her mouth moved faster.

Penelope jumped to her feet determined to go for help when suddenly she felt a strong hand grip her arm. She turned her head and screamed as a third man gripped the front of her shirt and ripped it from her body. "What do you say, we have some fun sweetheart?" he asked huskily as he brought his hand to her full breast.

Penelope moved her eyes back over to her sister, the man on her chest was still feeding her his cock and jasmine was sucking at it gloriously while the other man had moved up and was sliding his 7 ½ inches into her sisters pussy.

Penelope turned back to the man who was touching her. "Please, don't hurt me." She whimpered as he took her nipple between his fingers and squeezed gently.

He smiled showing a perfect row of white teeth. "I'm not gonna hurt you sweetheart, I'm going to fuck you."

Penelope whimpered in fear as he pushed her to the ground and covered her body with his own. "Please, no." She begged pushing against him. She could hear her sister's cries of pleasure as she had her pussy and mouth filled.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" the man holding her down asked. "It sounds like your sister is having a good time."

Penelope turned her head and looked at her sister. Indeed it did look like she was enjoying herself. She was sucking at the cock in her mouth like a man dying of thirst while her hips flew up against the man fucking her.

She turned back to the man laying over her. "Please, I've never done that before."

Patrick had been grabbing at her jeans but quickly looked back into her eyes. "You're still a virgin?"

Penelope shivered in fear and nodded. Patrick laughed as he ripped her jeans from her body. "You and I are gonna have some fun sweetheart." He shoved a hand between her legs and Penelope cried in fear.

"Please, don't do this to me." she cried even as she felt him spread her pussy lips open and touch her clit lightly.

Penelope's eyes widened as she looked at him. Patrick just smiled at her as he ran his finger lightly over her clit. "You like that, don't you?" he asked huskily.

Penelope laid still as pleasurable sensations coursed through her body. "I...I don't..." She felt her hips rise against him of their own accord and couldn't hold back the moan when he suddenly squeezed her clit.

Patrick grinned broader as he leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth sucking softly on it. Penelope whimpered and tried to pull away even as her hips rose against his hand. "Please, no." she cried when she felt his finger drift down off her clit and suddenly tease her slit.

While Penelope was trying not to enjoy the attentions of the dead man playing with her body, Jasmine was having the time of her life. She had been dreaming of having her pussy eaten and suddenly woke up to it actually happening. When she suddenly had a hard cock shoved into her mouth, she was startled at first, but when she felt the tongue between her legs suddenly start flicking hard over her clit, she decided that maybe this wasn't such a bad dare after all.

Reaching up, she grasped the cock in her mouth and held it tightly as she whipped her tongue all over it while she spread her legs even further apart, giving the man between them better access to her hot body. She watched through half closed eyes as the man on top of her reached down and ripped her shirt open spilling her tits to his hungry gaze.

"Looks like we've got a hot one here." Xavier growled as his hands went to Jasmine's tits and he mauled them powerfully as he fed her more of his hot cock. He moaned as he felt her teeth graze his hard flesh and pumped his hips forward, burying half his cock down her sucking throat.

"Uh Mmmmmmm..." Fritz agreed flicking his finger rapidly over the girl's clit as he thrust his tongue deep into her hot slit. He drank up her juices greedily, then quickly moved up so he could slam his hard cock deep inside her.

When Jasmine saw the man in front of her who had been eating her out suddenly move up over her body, she tensed for a moment. She knew that she should stop this. At least fight a little, but she was so hot. She watched him push her legs further apart and watched his eyes as he slipped deep inside her. She moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth and immediately humped against the man fucking her.

"Oh yea, she is a hot one." Fritz grinned, as his cock sliced deeper into her waiting well. She is so fucking hot and wet." He started out with long, slow strokes but it wasn't long before he was power driving his cock deep into Jasmine's willing body.

Jasmine whimpered and moaned as the two men used her body for their pleasure. She knew that she should check to see if her sister was okay, but her body was so turned on by the hard fucking it was receiving that she forgot about Penelope almost instantly. She sucked greedily on the cock in her mouth as she wrapped her legs around Fritz's waist and fucked back against him.

Penelope could hear the moans coming from her sister and the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. She knew she should help her sister, but the man who had tackled her suddenly had her body on fire and she couldn't seem to stop the pleasurable sensations coursing through her body.

Patrick smiled as he watched the girl writhing around on the ground. For someone who a few minutes ago had been fighting him off, she sure seemed to be enjoying herself now. He flicked his finger over her clit and heard her whimper in need. "You like that?" he asked huskily as he did it again.

Penelope whimpered as she lifted her pussy towards him. His finger flicking against her clit was driving her crazy, but it was his other fingers moving inside her that had her body on fire. She had played with herself numerous times but her fingers didn't feel nearly as good as his did. "Oh yes." She cried out as he slid his fingers faster inside her. "Oh god, it feels so good. Don't stop."

Patrick chuckled as he lay down between her spread legs and watched his fingers spearing inside her. "Oh don't worry sweetheart, I have no intention of stopping any time soon." he glanced over to see how his buddies were doing and smiled.

Xavier was lying on his back on the girl's sleeping bag while she sat over him, his cock driving deep into her hot pussy. Fritz was behind her and Patrick had a feeling from the way she was bent over and the moans coming out of her mouth that he was fucking the little slut up her tight little ass. He admitted that he wouldn't mind having a piece of that tail, but the one he had now was plenty enough for him at the moment.

He continued sawing his fingers deep into Penelope's hot little hole and savored the moans coming out of her mouth. It had been six months since he had sunk his cock into a tight, hot hole and he knew he would have fun with this little morsel.

Leaning down, he moved his finger off her clit and heard the girl whimper. "Oh don't worry girl, your going to like this." he said with a grin as he leaned down and blew on her sensitive clit.

"Oh fuck, oh god." Penelope cried sitting up and shivering. "What the hell did you do?" She looked down at Patrick.

"Oh you mean this?" He blew on her clit again and Penelope just about came out of her skin.

"Oh fuck, agh." she whimpered laying back and raising her hips against his probing fingers. "I think I'm going to cum."

Patrick licked his lips at her words. "Hm...Yummy." He lowered his head and started flicking his tongue against her clit as Penelope cried out in pleasure and humped hard against him. He added a third finger in to meet the two he already had slicing inside her and suddenly felt her pussy clamp down on him as she coated his fingers in her juices. "That's it baby, coat my fingers." he purred as he forced his fingers deeper inside her.

"Ugh, oh fuck." Penelope whimpered as her body convulsed with release.

Jasmine heard her sister moan and opened her eyes to look over at her. She had been so busy with the fire in her own body that she had forgotten about Penelope. Between the guy beneath her fucking her pussy and the one behind her reaming her ass, Jasmine had come four times and was steadily working towards a fifth. "Are you o-okay sis?" She panted as she slammed her ass back and down against the cocks stretching out her body.

Penelope was still dazed by the hard cum and the fact that Patrick still loved her pussy with his tongue. She slowly turned her head to look at her sister. "Ugh...I think so." She panted thrusting her hips hard against Patrick's face.

"Oh, agh, I'm going to cum again." Jasmine cried as Fritz slammed hard into her ass.

"Yea bitch. Cum all over my hot cock." Xavier cried slamming hard into her pussy as he felt the sensation of cumming. He knew he didn't leave anything inside her but he still felt the pleasure and his moans soon mingled with Jasmine's.

Fritz feeling Jasmine's ass clenching down hard on his cock, cried out his own pleasure as he to came deep inside her. "Oh fuck, yea." He cried burying his cock deep inside the tight channel.

Patrick heard his two comrades' cumming in the little slut and knew he had to have the girl he had been playing with. Keeping his mouth busy working on her clit, he quickly undid his pants, sliding them down and exposing his full nine inches. He quickly moved up over her and slid his cock against the entrance to her hot pussy.

"Oh, ugh..." Penelope whimpered when she no longer felt his tongue flicking against her clit. "Wh...Why?" She looked up and gasped as she saw Patrick suddenly laying over her.

"My turn sweetheart." he said with a grin as he started sliding into her depths.

"Ugh..." Penelope whimpered as she felt his hard shaft start to split her open. "Oh, it hurts." She dug her nails into his shoulders as she dug her feet in the soft ground trying to pull away.

Patrick watched the three others trying to catch their breaths so to speak, and then turned back to the girl beneath him. "Easy..." He rubbed her face with his hand until she relaxed, and then slammed his hips forward burying himself completely inside her.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH..." Penelope screamed as he impaled her fully.

Jasmine sat up and looked over. She was about to jump up when Fritz grabbed her by the arm and held her back. "You aren't going anywhere sweetheart." he said with a growl.

Jasmine looked at him for a minute then looked over at Penelope. She was laying on her back with the third zombie laying over her and she was breathing hard. Jasmine didn't need to see between her sisters legs to know that she wasn't a virgin anymore.

Patrick laid over her, just relishing the feeling of her tight pussy clenched around his hard cock. When he was sure he couldn't hold back anymore, he slowly started to withdraw. Penelope clung to his shoulders and whimpered but Patrick ignored her. This time was for him.

Reaching down, he lifted her legs up over his shoulders as he started thrusting into Penelope's hot slit. "Oh yea. Such a hot pussy." he growled holding tight to her legs as he plowed deep inside her.

Penelope grunted with each powerful thrust. It hurt at first as he pummeled her hard and fast. But it didn't take long before the pain started to cease and she was moving right along with him. "Oh yea, fuck me." She cried slamming her body tight against his.

Jasmine heard her sisters cry of joy and smiled. She felt Xavier's hand playing with her breast and just looked at him with a small smile on her face. "Don't you ever get enough?" She asked with a laugh as he pulled her over him and slipped his cock back into her wet hole.

"Hell no. A hot little chick like you. I could fuck you all night."

Fritz watched the action, then moved over and slipped his now hard cock into Penelope's open mouth. She gasped at first, then smiled and started sucking him greedily as she felt her pussy filled time and time again with the pounding from Patrick's hard cock. She suddenly decided that maybe spending the night in the cemetery wasn't such a bad thing after all.

The three men fucked the girls all night long. When the sun started to rise, they drifted off to wherever it was that zombie's spent their days. Before they disappeared the girls promised to come back sometime for another round and all three men grinned.

When the rest of the sorority girls showed up shortly after daybreak to pick the girls up, they were surprised to see that not only were they still there, but that both girls had huge, shit eating grins on their faces.

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