tagErotic HorrorA Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 03

A Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 03


Daray's hunger bordered somewhere near the edge of insanity and starvation as he drifted slowly back from the unconsciousness caused by Anise's taking of so much of his blood again.

"I will kill you one day, Anise Dubois!" He hissed, rolling to his side and that small action alone sapping his remaining strength.

"There is a donor waiting, Daray." He recognized Oliver's voice, one of the two men assigned by Anise as his guardians.

Armand was the other and as his dark gaze lifted, he was not surprised to find both men hovering in the shadows. There were only two times these men were not constantly watching over him. One being when he left to feed, the other when Anise herself was in close enough range to control him.

How many times had he attempted to escape her hold of him he could not remember? Yet each time he had tried she had found him, the hold she had upon him through their blood ties guiding her like a beacon to his whereabouts. And each of those times he had paid dearly for those attempts, the last time she had taken nearly all his life's liquid leaving him as weak as a kitten and very close to death, giving him only a mere cupful of what he needed to survive each day until he had grown strong enough again to be brought a donor to feed from.

For nearly two weeks he had been at her mercy in one fashion or another and she had definitely taken full advantage of his weakness during that time. The only way he could gain his complete freedom was to destroy her hold of him and the only way to gain that would be through her death.

Unfortunately, as she had drilled into his skull since turning him, her death would also mean his own as she had been his creator and so far, Daray did not have the courage to test that theory out.

Several of the patrons of Anise's club knew what they were, knew that their hunger for blood kept them alive. Such as the case of the young woman Oliver ushered inside the softly lit room for him. The idea that she had been chosen as his donor and possible sex partner clear in her eyes as she entered and Daray's hatred and anger mounted.

"You would risk your life simply to bed me?" He growled the question, sickened as her head bobbed up and down in agreement.

He could sense her excitement, literally feel the blood rushing through her veins and smell her lust. For a chance to bed the chosen mate of Anise, to this young woman, to possibly give her life just for the opportunity of sampling his passions were nearly more than Daray could bear.

Taking enough of her blood to kill her quickly came to his mind, yet he knew he would not be able to do it, had never been able to do it and that angered him even more. During his nightly feedings he had learned to only take so much from each donor, leaving them somewhat listless, confused and believing that what they had experienced was simply a dream. There were times that as soon as darkness fell, he would remain on the hunt until nearly daybreak the following morning to get enough to sustain him and there were also times that he slumbered the daylight hours hungry from the lack of blood.

"Come woman." He snarled and as she moved forward, Oliver and Armand quietly left the room, they would not watch him having sex with her or feeding from her body.

The petite blonde, he knew had been chosen by Anise herself, as the young woman's looks closely resembled her own. Her pulse quickened as she approached where he lay, her trepidation was palpable, the blood rushing through her body, her heart pounding furiously inside her chest as she sat down almost demurely and shyly upon the edge of the mattress.

Daray's lids dropped, hooding his eyes, he could smell her lust even more and it sparked his hunger and anger even more. How easy it would be for him to simply take what he needed and be done with it, yet that was something he could not do either. That was not what Anise had created in him when she had turned him.

The woman yelped in surprise despite her resignation in offering both her body and her blood to this man as his hand closed over her leg. He noted she wore nothing beneath the incredibly short shirt, leaving him to wonder if that was her choice or if she had been ordered to remove her underclothes for him. He pushed her leg out of his way and for some unknown reason he was suddenly reminded of the woman who had recently begged him for her life. He had had no intention of course killing her as she had assumed would be the case when he started to drink from her but instead, despite his misgivings of doing so, he had turned her that night.

That woman, Carla, as he recalled, had came through the doors of that club with such a hunger for lust he had sensed it the moment she entered. Her strong desire for life and all she could gain from it had kept him interested until at last he had given in to his primal urges and sought her out.

Daray was shocked to feel himself hardening beneath the covering to think of that woman even now, his dark eyes suddenly began to glow in heat.

"I've not the strength to give you what you want, you will have to take it from me." HE told the woman sitting beside him and her heartbeat thundered wildly with that idea.

"Anise will be angry with me if I do that, Daray. I was told..." The woman started and he cut her off sharply.

"It's Anise's fault I am like this now! If your reward for giving me your blood is sex then you have no option. If you were not promised my body then lean over so that I can take from you what I need!" He snarled heatedly, his words spurring her into action.

Yet as soon as she jerked the covering down, something inside him snapped and a moment of insanity took over his entire being. A surge of strength hit him, a rage so intense that he was blind in his deeds that he was once more going to be used because of his looks and build was too much.

His hands came up; his fingers locked around her upper arms and by the time his sanity returned the young woman lay lifeless upon the mattress. Her mouth agape in the shocked scream that was too slow in coming, her skin ghastly pale and her eyes already turning that hazy gray hue of death. He had drained her completely in a matter of seconds; his first kill in over one hundred years.

"No!" Daray cried in horror at what he had done, his voice echoing inside the small bedroom. His strength returned after such a feeding and he lifted her limp body, hugging her against him in torment. His tears of anguish flowed freely from his eyes and his heart. He had killed in anger, his hatred of Anise overriding all other emotion, all other feelings inside him and he had taken this beautiful young woman's life in the process of feeding that hate.

Anise stormed through the door, obviously informed by either Oliver or Armand. The corpse dropped from his hold and Daray flew from the bed in the blink of an eye, his hand closing tightly around Anise's throat as he slammed her against the wall in his rage.

He could not kill her this way, he knew, yet he would gain some satisfaction in hearing her struggle to breathe for a moment or two. Hands were all over him the moment she hit the wall, pulling, jerking, and peeling his fingers from her throat. Still not quite at his full strength to stop them, he found himself on the floor on his back, pinned in place by even more of Anise's men. His near black eyes flashed as she moved to stand over him, her hand rubbing her neck where his fingers had dug into her flesh and a grin of amusement crossed her lips as she stared down at him.

"I will so enjoy punishing you for that, Daray." She all but laughed, her eyes raking over his nakedness and he shuddered as he felt the heat of her eyes moving over him.

"Get dressed and find your meal. Perhaps you should feast well tonight because it will need to last for a time." She told him in an icy tone, that smile still upon her lips.

Daray was released with a simple nod of her head, she had no fear of him, she controlled him fully just as she always had. She also knew that if he chose to run tonight to avoid another round of punishment that she would track him down. The longer it took to find him, the more severe his punishment would be, and they both knew it. No, Daray St. Johns would not run from her again. After his feeding he would return, his chin tilted in defiance, ready to accept whatever she had in mind for him, he had no choice.

Carla moved through the shadows of the trees, listening intently for any sounds that would tell her where he was. She could sense him near, but where and why was he not making himself known to her.

She had discovered his identity quite by luck tonight by the taking of a younger man that had just left the Dark Half, the club where she herself had visited only a few moments before leaving for another where she had been turned. Drunk, the young man had been all to happy to offer up his blood and body to her, oddly knowing what she wanted from him.

He had asked if it was Daray that had turned her and Carla had chosen then to drain him slowly while he answered her questions over the course of a few hours of his lacking experience in giving her pleasure. His only talent, it seemed, was his long, thick fingers and while he busied himself pumping his hand between her thighs he drunkenly told her everything she suddenly wanted to know.

His name, her creator, she learned was Daray St. Johns and he was over one hundred years old. He was also the lover of a first generation vampire, the club owner, Anise Dubois she had gleaned from her donor.

"I don't think it's by choice either. Sometimes you'll see Daray look at her with hate in his eyes." The young man volunteered haphazardly while his finger sluiced up and down within her.

"If he... uh... hates... oh, go deeper, baby... yes... there, that's it..." She panted as he fingered her even deeper.

"If he hates her, why doesn't... oh... fuck... why doesn't he leave? Deeper!" Carla gasped as he shoved up hard to give her that climax she sought.

"I don't actually think he can." Came the surprising answer while he sat back leisurely, letting her hump his hand, a smug grin on his face that he could bring her to that point, as his cock obviously had not done it for her.

They had sixty-nined after that and since he was now busy tongue fucking her, badly in this as well, their conversation was little except grunts and groans and deep breaths. She had sucked him off good, but now her hunger increased.

His face buried in her pussy, Carla wrapped her legs around his head and shoulders, pinning him to her. Her arms closed around his legs, pulling them wide as he began to struggle. Her lips found the femoral artery throbbing at his inner thigh, her fangs dropped. Her pussy swallowed his scream as she bit down straight into the artery, her mouth filling with his blood.

His arms flailed at trying to dislodge his face, his mouth working to bite her and she tightened her legs to hold him, surprised to feel another orgasm mounting. Unfortunately, she drank too quickly and his struggles slowed and then stilled altogether before she could get that gratification.

Carla released him, his head dropped heavily, and as she leaned over to kiss his soft cock in gratitude, his last breath rattled from his lungs. He had told her that her dark lover usually trolled Rice Park for his meals unless he found someone to his liking at the clubs.

She grinned wide as she stood from her now lifeless host, the fact that Daray St. Johns had found her to his liking firmly affixed in her mind. With her lust as yet satisfied sufficiently Carla left the abandoned building not bothering to attempt to hide the body and set out for the park he had mentioned. There was only one man that could appease her ache and she was going to find him. She was going after Daray.

A twig snapped over to her left and Carla spun around wildly, her eyes searching the shadows but only seeing small creatures scurrying through the leave strewn grounds. An almost bone-chilling breeze hit her in the back after that and she froze. He was there, standing just behind her now. She could sense him with every fiber of her being.

"What are you doing here?" That delicious deep voice demanded and Carla turned slowly to face him, her breath leaving her lungs at his stunning handsomeness.

"Look... looking for you." She answered once she found her voice, those dark eyes flashing back at her. The security light in the distance only illuminated his face and black hair, his lower half still hidden in the shadows, yet instinctively she knew he would be wearing black.

"Why?" He demanded next although he already knew the answer, the scent of her lust was strong.

"I need you, Daray." She answered honestly and heard him chuckle softly.

"You know my name, do you?" He queried, turning to walk away as he spoke and Carla took up to follow.

"Yes, you are Daray St. Johns... damn! Everything about you oozes in sensuality, even your name, Daray St. Johns..." She whispered, keeping up with him as he moved deeper into the thick trees.

"Although I would not agree with your assessment, Carla, I thank you for the compliment." He told her and she gave a tiny gasp of delight that he knew or remembered her name, as she could not recall giving it to him that night.

"I... I was told that you hate Anise Dubois even though you're her lover. Why don't you leave?" She blurted what she had learned and he stopped, turning slowly to face her again, the heavy shadows kept his expression hidden.

"And do tell me, Little One, what else you might know about me." He stated, his voice low, angry as he spoke and using the name he had called her the night of her turning.

"That you were turned over one hundred years ago." She responded.

"And?" Followed the next question.

"And that it's possible that you can't leave Anise Dubois." She added and heard him sigh.

"Do not become attached, Carla, it could mean your death." He warned her ominously, but it was already too late although right now he did not know it.

"Daray, make love to me, please..." She whispered.

"I can't, Carla." He told her softly, sadly it sounded to her.

"Because she would know, is that why? You can only have sex in order to take blood?" She questioned him quickly.

"Yes." Came the whispered, yet stunning response.

"Then take some from me, but please... please, I need you!" She cried in near desperation.

"Don't you understand, I... damn woman!" He hissed as she shot forward, her hand lifting quickly to cup him and give a gentle squeeze.

"I need this, Daray, I hurt so bad. Take some of my blood so she does not know, please!" She begged and in the next moment her back slammed hard against the bark of a tree.

His mouth angrily closed over her own, his tongue driving past her startled and parted lips and Carla nearly melted at the promised passion of that kiss. His lower body shifted slightly back, the faint sound of a snap and zipper drifted to her ears and she smiled against his lips.

His hands came to her hips, shoving up her short skirt and one large hand moved, his fingers tracing lightly over the lacy material of her panties, damp with need. With one hard jerk the scrap of cloth was torn away and Carla shifted her stance, opening herself up to his touch.

She groaned deeply into his mouth as his hand returned, the heel of his palm grinding up against her and Carla nearly dropped to her knees in pleasure. Daray must have sensed it as he wrapped one steel banded arm around her waist to hold her steady and drove one finger into her heat, her knees buckled, his arm tightened. His finger thrusts were powerful yet caused her no pain and as he pleasured her so expertly his tongue took up the same motion inside her mouth.

The young man she had destroyed was a good finger fucker, but was absolutely nothing compared to how Daray was quickly making her feel. He brought her closer and closer to an explosive climax, feeling her tighten around his slick hand. His arm slipped low, beneath her buttocks and with the ease of lifting a feather he hoisted her up, his had pulled free to guide his erection to her inflamed dampness.

Carla wrapped her legs around his hips as he let his hand drop from himself and thrust forward, burying his full length and expanse with one powerful drive. The pain was minimal compared to the explosion that went off within her as his bulbous head slammed into her back wall.

Blinding white lights filled her vision, her orgasm so violent that Daray had to wrap his other arm around her hips to keep her impaled around him. His mouth swallowed her cries of complete rapture, her body convulsing against him as wave after wave of painful bliss flooded through her system.

"Of fuck, Daray!" She gasped as he finally lifted from her lips, those dark eyes flashing down at her while he held himself immobile until her orgasm began to ebb.

And then he began to move, his strokes slow, deep, filling her unlike any other man possibly could.

"Hmmm... that feels so good... you're so... hmmm, big... so perfect... hmmm..." She moaned in pleasure, her head lulling from side to side and he seared her insides with his mass.

"Bite me when... oh sweet... bite me when you cum, Daray... take my... uh... uh... take my blood... oh shit!" She screamed as he lunged deep, his fangs bit down, taking the offered blood as they climaxed together.

Liquid heat filled her lower body, numbing cold her upper until they met somewhere in the middle, battling until only one could be the victor. Of course, the heat won the war, but the sensations ended all too quickly as he lifted his head from her throat. His arms released her and she slid off his luscious yet deflating cock.

"Are you all right?" He asked, his voice slightly husky in the darkness.

"Better than all right!" Carla gasped in delight, reaching out to grasp his slick cock and tugging him forward, knowing he was possibly thinking she wanted him again, yet laughed almost gently as she used the material of her skirt to clean him off.

"I have to go." He whispered, backing away to adjust himself beneath his slacks, the zipper grating closed, the snap final.

"Daray?" Her voice stopped him when he turned to leave.

"Don't, Carla. I may have already signed a death warrant for us both." He stated sadly.

"Come with me, Daray. Leave her." She begged of him despite his warning.

"I can't get away from her, damn it!" He shouted in anger at her then an almost animalistic growl sounded deep within his chest and then he was gone.

Daray had no more passed through the doorway of the club than he was ushered by Armand and Oliver toward the bar where Anise sat, her eyes hot as they looked him up and down.

"Join me for a drink, Daray." She stated and motioned to the bartender to prepare a drink for him.

"I'm tired, Anise. And I only want to go to sleep now so your punishment of me will need to wait." He shot back angrily.

"Didn't you find that extra meal I told you to take, lover?" She questioned silkily and his dark eyes glowered back at her, his chest swelled as he pulled in air.

"No, I thought perhaps you might kill me this time and get it over with!" He growled so that only she would hear him.

"Don't be absurd, Daray! I have no intention of destroying you, but I have thought long and hard of what sort of punishment I could give you for your attack upon me." She laughed softly, glancing down at the drink that was placed in front of him on the bar. It would not hurt him, but what she had planned for later most certainly would, not physically, but emotionally he would pay.

"Drink it." She commanded and his eyes narrowed, shifted to the glass and then back to her own.

"You drink it." He returned after a moment's pause and saw her anger ignite.

"Poisoning me is a suitable form of punishment?" He laughed, yet there was no humor in his eyes.

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