tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Dark, Loud Nightclub

A Dark, Loud Nightclub


A night out with the boys takes you to a new club..... it is dark and loud.... interesting vibe.... you enjoy watching the people there... the girls dressed in their skimpy clothes... the men that are trying very hard to be noticed by them... as you sit with your beer and just watch.... a girl is on the dance floor..... trying to be discrete about rubbing the man she is dancing with... but you see it... as he pushes up closer to her and holds her closer... her nipples hardening through her blouse.... you can imagine just how wet she is.... a woman at the bar has her hand on a man's leg... and he is very excited that she is so close to him.... you see every detail....

You scan the club again... and far off in the corner... you see a slightly familiar face...you look a little closer and that face smiles at you... while talking to someone... low cut top.... nice cleavage showed off.... even in this dark club, you know that is me.... you continue to scan the club... noticing various other interesting things... but now when you do, you look back to me and silently point them out to me....and you can tell that I understand you because I follow your lead and watch the same thing you are....

A woman dressed very provocatively.... the two on the dance floor.... the lady at the bar... you show them all to me without a word.... without a specific gesture... but I see them with you.... I am still casually talking to a friend... and I take my hand as if I am casually moving it... but you see me brush across my own nipple... and you know from across a crowded room, that this entire voyeurism experience has my pussy nice and wet....

I walk away from my friend, toward the back of the bar... and you follow my lead.... moments later, excusing yourself to do the same....when you get a bit down the hall, you feel me grab your hand and I pull you out an exit door... which is down a little hallway.... it is deserted....

Without a word... I stand on my tip toes and hungrily kiss you.... rubbing your cock through your shorts as I do so.... feeling that you are already excited from our watching others and being pulled into the hallway...I kneel down as you quickly undo your shorts and your rapidly hardening cock is right before my eyes....

I take it in my hand and lick around the head of it.... teasing as I do so... and feeling it harden even more so right in my hand....I look up to see you looking down at me... watching me enjoy your cock and moan softly at the look of pleasure on your face... without looking away, I slowly slide your cock into my mouth.... very deep.... very slow... and I enjoy the look on your face as I do so....

I feel your hands on the back of my head and can feel your hips moving... trying to fuck my mouth... your cock is already throbbing... it is so thick and hard.... all of a sudden, the door we snuck out, opens quickly.... you and I are both shocked... not sure who is opening it.... but not able to move quick enough to look as if we are doing anything other than what we are....

From around the door... we see the couple on the dance floor....it obviously never dawned on them that someone else would be here.... because her hand is down his pants and he is holding her tightly as they come around from the door.... they stop for a split second and look at is in the position we are in....

Before a word is spoken.... with her hands down his pants... she proceeds to pull them down so she can get to his fully erect cock... she looks at the two of us and smiles an evil grin that tells us that she intends to do exactly what we were doing before we were interrupted.... You guide my head back to your cock.... knowing that the other woman wants to watch as well...

I can tell that you are telling me that this is okay... and return to sucking your cock.... you know can look down and see me and if you look over, you see her starting to suck his cock also... they are close to us, but not so close you can touch....you enjoy this scene....a chance to watch and be watched....the other man enjoys it also....you see me looking at them out of the corner of my eye and getting even more so into sucking your very hard cock...

The combination of my nice wet mouth... and my hand stroking.... assuring that at any moment... every inch of your cock is covered by either hand or mouth... your back pressed up against the wall...hearing moans come from the other couple....as she expertly sucks his cock right in front of us....

He starts to say that he is going to cum.... and she doesn't stop.... she works his cock with even more intensity as he starts to cum right down her throat....that is all you can take... and you start to cum also.... I stroke your cock and you cum right down my top onto my breasts.....the two of us lost in the moment....as your nice hot cum covers my body.... I continue to stroke and just minutes later, you start to cum again....

When we both stop to catch our breath... we notice that the other couple is just watching the two of us....I look down at my cum covered breasts and giggle.... obviously not sure how I will clean this up to go back into the club...the female from the other couple comes over and kneels down next to me.... she looks up at you.... past your still hard cock... and leans down to lick your cum off my breasts.... you can see her tongue moving across my body....and it is very hot...

You have been gone from the club for a while, however, and you start to compose yourself to go back inside....you look down as she kisses me right in front of you.... and pull me up to kiss you before going back inside....you find your friends and they question your disappearance... which you quickly blow off....

Moments later, you scan the room... and see me on the dance floor with the other couple.... Myself and the female teasing the man she is with... you see me look at you and know that I am excited you are watching me...as I touch her... and feel her body so close to mine.... you feel your cock get hard again..... and try to look elsewhere to gain your composure...when you look back.... you can't find me in the club... you see the couple on the dance floor but I am no where in sight...you know that I probably got a way to get in touch with them later.... and can't wait to hear about it next time we talk....

C K & L

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