tagNonHumanA Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 05

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 05


It wasn't until 4pm the next day that Bell finally dragged herself out of bed. Her body clock had almost completely become in sync with Ragon's, after a mere week and a half of living with him. She had tiptoed out of her bedroom, peering idly around the bend in the hallway, so as to see if anyone else was awake. After a few minutes of searching the house, and neither hearing, nor seeing anything, Bell was finally satisfied that she was the only one awake. It was at least 2 hours later that Ragon joined her in the kitchen. She was frying some eggs and bacon in a large fry pan on the stove.

"Good evening," Ragon greeted her, with a large smile on his face.

Bell couldn't help but return the smile. She blushed for a moment, as her thoughts drifted back to last night, and what she had heard between Sandra and Thomas. Immediately she returned her focus back to her cooking. She wasn't positive, but she thought perhaps Ragon had some notion of her thoughts. He must have heard them too; they weren't exactly being shy about their relations.

"Are you hungry..." Bell begun, but she stopped quickly. Do vampires even eat? She thought to herself.

"Food, err, doesn't go down well," he said simply.

"Right," Bell said, beginning to serve up her dinner. It was the first meal that she had cooked for herself since her rescue. Up until then, Ragon had ordered takeaway, three times a day for her. Often these meals were left uneaten; after a while, even takeout got old, and Bell asked Ragon if she could cook her own meals. Bell had thought that Ragon would take her to the shops, but he had not. One day she had simply woken, to find the fridge full of a very random assortment of food.

"Did I buy the right things?" he asked.

Bell looked back momentarily at the kitchen pantry. It was fairly obvious Ragon had gone to the shops, grabbed the first things he saw, and threw them into the fridge. There was no oil, or salt, and Bell had had to take most of the meats he'd bought, and freeze them as there were so many. Everything had been piled into the fridge haphazardly, and she had had to throw the lettuce out, after he had put it in the pantry next to some potatoes. These arbitrary mistakes were relatively innocent, for someone who had not eaten in over a hundred years.

"Yeah, this is great," she replied, half lying.

She had made herself bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast for breakfast. It wasn't exactly the typical dinner meal, but the assortment of supplies that she had to work with, made constructing full meals difficult. She had begun scooping mouthfuls of scrambled eggs into her mouth, when from the living room someone spoke. She knew instantly by the deep South accent, that it was Sandra.

"What is that god awful smell?" Sandra asked, making her way into the kitchen, while pinching her nose.

Bell looked down at her plate confused. Ragon was staring at Sandra, his eyes narrowed.

"Oh sorry sugar; I thought that, perhaps, something had died in here?" Sandra said, before adding, "I'm not use to living with mortals."

Bell continued eating her dinner, albeit a little faster than before, hoping to remove the offending aroma. She had not thought about how food would smell, or taste, to vampires. She thought for a moment of how it would be to drink blood, and wrinkled her nose in disgust. When she thought about it that way, it made sense for the situation to be similar when reversed. If she couldn't stand the thought of drinking blood, then why would they enjoy the smell of food?

"Sandra would you like to go out hunting?" Larissa's voice came, from the stairway.

"I think that sounds fair, as the boys went out without us last night," Sandra replied, "besides, I'm famished."

"Would you like to join-" Sandra asked politely to Bell before stopping blank, at the look on Ragon's face.

"Oh no, I, err, just ate" Bell said, indicating the empty plate, as she jumped up from the table, and began washing up after herself.

Ragon was still staring in disbelief at Sandra, when a loud knocking distracted everyone. Cambridge and Thomas, who had been talking animatedly in the hallway, blurred to the kitchen, and stood protectively in front of their mates. The sound of the knocking was still ringing in the living room, when Ragon reached the front door, and opened it.

"Sameth," Ragon said, clapping him on the back in welcome.

"Not just me-" Sameth said, pointing behind himself at a large black convertible, from which a man and two women sat, "Clyde is here too."

Unable to fight her curiosity, Bell cranked her head from around the edge of the kitchen. She saw a young man to whom Ragon was talking, and then, looking a little farther onto the driveway, saw another man, driving a very fast looking car. The top was down on the convertible, and two beautiful women were his passengers. The man at the door looked to be no more than 21 years old. He had that youthful glow; his eyes were still wide, although they didn't have the same hopeful radiance you might expect. His features were sharp, with a pointed chin, narrow forehead, and high cheekbones. His hair was blonde, and Bell thought he looked like a Greek god. Returning her attentions to the flamboyant man in the black convertible, Bell focused on his looks, and gasped. He was absolutely gorgeous. Clyde, as Sameth had called him, had well-built arm and thigh muscles, which bulged obviously through his shirt, and three quarter shorts. He had short brown hair, with blondish tips, and sparkling eyes that matched his cheeky smile. When he saw Bell staring at him, he winked, and Bell, caught in surprise, quickly backed away from the door, embarrassed.

"Clyde," Ragon's voice spoke, a little louder than normal, "thank you for coming," he said before adding, "although, I did not realise that you would be bringing friends with you, will they be alright sharing one of the guest rooms?"

Bell knew that Ragon was referring to the two supermodels who adorned Clyde's entourage. When Bell had seen the 6 foot tall blonde and red head beauties, she had anticipated for Ragon's jaw to drop. What she had not expected, was for him to appear put out by their being here. She knew boys who would have sold every tooth in their head, just for one first date.

"Well," Clyde said, as he opened the front door, and stepped onto the driveway, "I thought the more the merrier, besides, they taste just as good as they look," he said, a wicked gleam, lighting his face, "Oh, and we will all share the one room, I err, wouldn't want you to be put out".

Ragon did not comment, but widened the front door a little, allowing entry to his newest guests.

Bell had sat back down at the dining room table next to Sandra and Larissa.

"Come, and I will show you around," Ragon said, and Sameth, Clyde, and his two models, followed him up the stairs.

"Who was that?" Bell asked Sandra in a whisper, when she thought they were far enough away, so as not to be overheard.

"Oh, you mean Clyde?" Sandra asked. Sandra thought that it was fairly typical of Clyde to steal the show, as it were. He was a notorious ladies man, or rather ladies vampire. Where ever he went, women followed; they were only too happy to be whatever he needed from them, be it lover, company, food source: anything. "Well Clyde, he's, ah, I guess you could say-"

"A blood hungry, womanising jerk, who spends his time tricking women into falling in love with him, and then spending the next few months of their lives, being a blood bank" Larissa finished.

She was glaring at the staircase, from which Clyde had disappeared up, and Bell thought that there might have been another reason, as to why she seemed so hell bent on bad mouthing him.

"Seriously though Bell, Clyde has a reputation," Sandra said, her voice much lighter than Larissa's "stay away from him, he's bad news."

"Besides, what about Ragon?" Larissa asked, "he's twice the vampire Clyde will ever be."

Bell stopped and thought for a moment. She did like Ragon, but it wasn't as though she was in love with him. He had saved her, and was gorgeous looking, but it was fairly clear to her that he did not want to be with her. Besides, they had never actually sat down together and talked; most of the time, Bell felt it was as if they were two strangers, living together. She tried to put all of this into a sentence. She had felt a connection with Larissa and Sandra, and thought that if she could explain all of this to them, they might actually be able to help her. "It's not like that with Ragon and me," she said simply.

Sandra and Larissa turned to face each other, exchanged a knowing look, and then stared right back at Bell.

"Why did he rescue you then, if there is nothing between you?" Larissa asked.

"That was the first time we met, when he saved me from those uni creeps," Bell began, "In-fact, since then Ragon has been stuck with me, constantly getting him into trouble. Not only does he not think of me in that way, but he probably sees me as a giant pain in the ass."

"Oh sugar, why do you think he saved you then?" Sandra began, "he would hardly have rescued you from Kiara if-"

Sandra was interrupted by the clicking sound of heels walking down the stairs. A moment later, and the blonde and red headed guests of Clyde, walked into the kitchen.

Sandra gave them a pitying look, but Larissa glared at them. Bell was just about to introduce herself when the blonde girl spoke, "Clyde was wondering if you were hungry?" The girl's skinny hand suddenly stuck out, and was presented for either Sandra or Larissa to take.

Bell looked in horror at the girl, noting the large bite mark that already scarred her wrist.

"So thoughtful," Sandra said in a voice of mock outrage. She was not talking to the blonde model, but to Clyde, who had just begun walking down the staircase also, "But we are going to go out for dinner."

"Besides," said Larissa, "we have very different tastes, and I don't feel like having your left overs."

Clyde bowed, ever so slightly at her words, and remained slightly lowered as he watched the two vampires sweep from the veranda, and into the night. "Your mates are even more beautiful than last I remembered," Clyde said, smiling to Thomas and Cambridge. At this point Clyde turned to Sameth saying, "how about you Sammy," then spinning the red head over to him added, "I promise you, they are delicious."

Sameth looked once at the red head, before tearing his eyes away, a little reluctantly in Bell's opinion, and back to his suitcase saying, "I bought provisions," and he fumbled with a zipper, found what he was looking for, and begun sipping from a blood bag labelled, AB negative.

"Suit you're self," Clyde said, taking the blonde one by the wrist, and leading her outside to the veranda.

The red head followed the pair without command, and Bell, unable to fight the intrigue went outside also. Ragon stalked Bell's shadows, and joined the group on the veranda. Thomas and Cambridge made eye contact for the slightest of moments, but then made their way to the veranda also, followed by a reluctant Sameth. As soon as they were all outside, Clyde produced a couple of shot glasses from behind his back, and a bottle of tequila. Both models began giggling instantly.

"Who would like to play a game?" Clyde asked.

Both models immediately said yes, and Bell, though a little nervous, nodded her head. At this, Ragon's jaw did finally drop, but he recovered himself quickly, and hesitantly agreed. Both Thomas and Sameth shook their heads, but Cambridge nodded slowly.

"B1 and B2, be darlings, and go get some playing cards from my bag," Clyde said.

He slapped each of them on the ass, as they stood up quickly to do as they were told.

Bell waited for them to be out of ears shot and then said "There names are B1 and B2?"

"Hmm, what, no!" exclaimed Clyde, laughing to himself lightly.

"What are their names then?" Bell asked.

Clyde looked at her for a moment in awe, "I haven't the faintest idea, I call the blond one B1, and the red head B2," he said simply.

It was a few minutes before the two girls returned. Instantly Bell realised why they had taken so long: they had changed clothes. The blonde was now wearing a low cut black dress, with pink heels, while the red head had replaced her simple dress, for a pair of black tights and a blue corset top. Bell looked at the two girls, and then down to her white shirt and jumper, pair of blue jeans and sneakers, and immediately felt underdressed.

"Right then," Clyde said, accepting the deck of cards from the girls, "let's play sources-"

He was cut off immediately, when Ragon had jumped to his feet saying, "Bell will not be a source!"

"Off course not," Clyde said smoothly, as if the idea shocked him also, "she is far too lovely, besides we have two sources here," Clyde said pointing to B1 and B2.

Both girls sat down at the table, at mention of their names, and began shuffling the deck of cards.

"I don't know the rules," Bell said after a moment. She had been distracted, wondering what Ragon and Clyde had meant when they said 'source'.

"Oh," B1 said "it's easy-"

"The pack gets divided by the total number of players," B2 continued, while simultaneously handing out the cards to all 6 players.

"All plain cards, like a 2 or a 9, stand for drink; so if you flip one of these over you have to have a shot" B1 said, as she began slicing up a lemon. "But the face cards: jack, queen, king, and ace, stand for different actions."

"If a man turns over a Jack, then they must remove an item of clothing; if a girl turns over a jack then they must select a man to remove an item of clothing," B2 said giggling, "and it's pretty much the reverse for the Queen."

"A king is a slave card, and you get to order someone to do something for you-" B1 said, scratching her head, as though trying hard to remember the last rule.

"And then there is ace. Ace is the source card, if you are a source and you turn an ace, you offer yourself for everyone to drink, but if you're not a source and you turn an ace, then you can choose a source to drink from," B2 finished.

Bell gulped, and looked at Ragon; she didn't like the sound of what a source might mean. As soon as all the cards were dealt, each player pulled their cards towards them face down.

"I will go first," Sameth said, reaching for the first of his cards, and flipping over a 6 of spades. He watched, as the models bought over a shot of tequila, and passed it to him. B1 then licked her hand, and sprinkled some salt on it, while B2 held out a lemon wedge for him, "lick, sip, and suck?" he asked.

Bell was surprised to see Sameth playing so enthusiastically, as he had indicated initially he did not want to. Next to go was Cambridge. His large black hands flipped over a 3 of hearts, and like Sameth, he took a shot of tequila from the girls. For a few rounds it continued like this, and Bell, alng with the other players, was beginning to get a little drunk. The first to turn a face card was Sameth. He drew a jack, and with a grim look on his face, removed his shirt. Both models swooned, and Bell tried not to stare at his perfectly chiselled pecs. It was several shots later, that B1 drew her first face card. Like Sameth, it was a jack. The blonde smiled wickedly to herself, hiccupped a little and then said, "Ragon!"

Bell was unable to hide her heightened expectations, the alcohol having removed most of her inhibitions, when she watched Ragon unbutton his dark blue shirt and remove it. Her eyes roamed his beautiful arms hungrily, but she gasped a little when she saw him lean forward, and flip over his next card: his back was completely covered in tattoos. How had she missed that? It wasn't as if she hadn't seen him with his shirt off before? She wondered to herself. For a few more minutes she continued to stare at the intricate artwork on his back until, "Your turn Bell," Sameth said from besides her.

"What, oh, yeah, right," she mumbled, and flipped over a queen.

Bell stared hard at the card for a while. She had no idea what to do. For a moment she thought hard, and then with a little smile to herself removed her jumper, revealing a black tank top.

"Hang on a moment," Clyde's voice came from across the table, "Do jumpers count?"

Bell glared at him, and he smiled seductively right back.

"Your minion said 'item of clothing,'" Ragon growled from next to Bell, "and correct me if I am wrong, but I believe a jumper counts as such an item."

Bell was a little surprised and confused at Ragon's outburst. The more that she got to know him, the less she thought that he liked her, but rather, was simply stuck with her. Well she was going to show him; she could have a good time if she wanted to. Mimicking Clyde's wicked smile, Bell removed her tank top. She was wearing a plain white bra, that, she realised with a pang of embarrassment, Ragon must have bought for her.

"Looks like you have a spirited one," Cambridge's booming voice said, as he drew an ace.

Reaching for another shot of tequila, to ward off her own embarrassment, Bell quickly licked some salt, had a shot of the yellow liquid, and sucked hard on a lemon. Her eyes were screwed up in disgust, at the sourness of the lemon, when she saw, in between thinly slitted eyes, that Cambridge was biting at the Red heads neck. B2 gasped a little, when the tall man bite into her skin, but she did not struggle. The lemon, which Bell had been sucking on, fell from her mouth. She was in absolute shock, as she watched Cambridge continue to lap at the girl's throat, as if he were giving her a hickey.

"I see we weren't the only ones to get a snack," an angry voice spoke from the edge of the veranda.

Bell turned, still opened mouthed, to see Larissa and Sandra balancing on the veranda railing. Larissa was looking at Cambridge in fury. In a flash he had removed himself from the girl's neck, and sat back down at the table.

"Ah Larissa and Sandra, I see you're sports have given you revised beauty, you look as flushed and fresh as if it were your first hunt; please come and join us," Clyde said, standing and requisitioning two more chairs from inside.

"Oh no honey," Sandra said, "you all play, I think I will go and find Thomas," and she swept from the veranda, and into the house in a blur.

Larissa sat herself next to Clyde, and still staring at Cambridge with malice in her eyes, poured herself a shot. Bell wondered why Cambridge's actions had made Larissa so mad; she was desperate for a moment alone to ask her, but as they weren't sitting next to each other, thought that she would have to wait until later. All of the remaining cards were returned to Ragon, who reshuffled them, and then divided them between the now 7 players. Larissa was the next to draw a card, and when she flipped the jack over, immediately turned to Clyde, and begun removing his shirt. Bell didn't look at Cambridge, who she guessed must have been angry, but instead found herself staring at Clyde's body. His pecs and arms were not a large as Sameth's, but there was something majestical about the shape and form of his muscles. Bell found herself staring at a small bite mark on his chest, then looked away quickly, when she realised that everyone had been waiting for her to go. A little hesitantly she turned her card, and to her relief found that she had a 2 of spades. She took the drink poured to her by B1, and quickly gulped it down. B2 was clutching at her neck with a small bandage, and had requested to take the next round out, while she recovered.

Bell had been staring at the bite on Clyde's chest, when Ragon drew a queen. He sat still for a moment, paused in concentration, and then turning to the Blonde, requested for her to remove an item of clothing. It was Bells turn to be angry. She wasn't sure if it was genuine anger, or simply just the alcohol, that had made her jealous. She watched B1 reach behind her back, and untie a single black ribbon that enabled her entire black dress to fall from her. The blonde giggled a little and sat back down. Bell was trying not to stare at her beautiful body, large round breasts, and flat stomach, which had a small diamond belly button ring, adorning it. The next to draw a face card was Clyde. He stared for a moment at the King of diamonds, as if all his dreams had come true. Leaning back against his chair he said "Bell why don't you come over here, and play with my lovely young blonde friend for a moment?"

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