A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 08


He then shouted to the carriage boy, "Onwards, as fast as you can," and moved to sit by her, removing her trembling hands and replacing his own to stiffen the bleeding, as the four frightened horses pulled them forwards.

They rode in the carriage almost until morning. When finally they stopped, the sky was at the point just before it lightens; a very faint blue beginning to overtake the black night sky. Sandra had lost consciousness almost three hours into the journey, and her rescuer listened anxiously as her heart began to fade. As soon as the carriage stopped the man took Sandra up into his arms, and carried her into the house, glancing once at the rising sun and urging his body forward. In the time it had taken for him to enter the building Sandra's heart had stopped. He had laid her gently onto the bed, and for a few frenzied moments attempted pumping on her heart, hoping that it might restart. Realising sadly that there was nothing he could do for her, he reached up and placed his bloodied hands over his face in defeat. Instantly her sweet blood assaulted his senses, and without thinking he licked his fingers. Though the wound at his side had left him desperate for blood, he stopped himself immediately. Two tears fell from his eyes as he realised just how much the beauty he had rescued meant to him; even though until tonight he had never met her. Determination fuelled his resolve, and he lent down to his wrist and pierced his vein. The blood flowed freely from him, and he gathered Sandra's body in his arms and forced his bleeding wrist into her mouth.

When it was done, he lied on the bed next to her. If the vampirism took, than it would take another day before she arose as the living un-dead: like him.

The next day when he had felt her stir he sat up. He was more excited and nervous than he had ever been, either as a mortal or a vampire. Never had he created another, knowing how much he had despised that he had been changed. Yet now, as he watched Sandra's eyes beginning to open, he knew he had done the right thing. When finally her surrounds came into focus, Sandra stared up at the beautiful man who had saved her. She knew instantly that something was different, she felt it in herself, but unable to think of anything but her rescuer she asked, "Who are you?"

He smiled back down at her and whispered, "Thomas."

"Well, what do you think? I know it worked for you but-" Ragon said, pulling Sandra from her memories of her past.

"What, oh, I don't know," she said honestly, and then seeing the sad look in Ragon's eyes explained, "Thomas and I, you see our situation was different, I had no choice when he made me what I am. You said you didn't want to turn her."

"I don't. Couldn't we be together for one lifetime? I have been on this earth for long enough; one lifetime with Bell and I could walk into the sun a happy man," Ragon said.

Sandra looked at him. Though it saddened her to hear Ragon say such things, she could understand his meaning. Sometimes being a vampire sucked. There had been moments when Thomas and she had thought of walking into the sun rise holding hands. Still these were dark moments, such as times when she had heard of a family member's deaths.

She considered him carefully and replied, "Why don't you try starting from the beginning?" And when Ragon stared back at her blankly she added, "You know, go on a date?"

"A date?" Ragon asked.

The concept seemed like utter madness and yet made perfect sense. He nodded enthusiastically and made as if to leave the room but stopped and turned back to Sandra, "What, ahh, do you do on a date?"

Sandra laughed once, and replied, "You know, buy her flowers, take her out to dinner and see a movie. Although since I don't think she would find it very romantic going to a blood bank, perhaps you may need to be a little more creative."

That was it, Ragon thought to himself as he walked back to the living room, he would ask Bell out on a date.

To be continued...

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