tagNonHumanA Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 14

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 14


Chapter 14- A vision

Bell watched from the side door mirror as Ragon faded into the distance. She could still hear his words, telling her that he loved her; in that moment she knew she felt the same. She wished that she could go back and tell him how she felt, but it was too late now. Still, she only had to wait a few hours before Ryder's transformation was complete, and then they would be together again.

Suddenly a shiver ran up her body. Her hands and feet were tingling and she felt dizzy. As she let the sensation take over, it began to transverse her extremities, slowly advancing its hold of her, until she was numb all over, as though completely disassociated from her body. She had been looking out the window, watching the scenery blur past as the night hastened, when she went rigid and her eyes widened. Had she not been looking out the window, Sameth would have seen that one of her eyes had turned green, but he continued to drive, completely oblivious to her condition.

She was transfixed, seeing something other than the rush of trees or the blur of houses as the moon began its ascent into the night sky. No longer was she in the car, but standing in a cold dark room that she recognised: Ragon's family mausoleum. There was muffled screaming coming from somewhere. She turned and gasped. In front of her, tied to the same stone bench that she had slept on all those months ago, was her: Bell. She looked at herself dumbfounded, and saw someone advancing on the restrained version of herself. In the darkness of the tomb it was impossible to make out who was walking towards her. Then suddenly a large silver knife was bought into focus, as the man continued to move towards her, she suddenly knew who he was: Sameth. In Sameth's left hand was the long silver blade, and there was a look of malice in his eyes that she had not seen before. Looking back at herself, she recognised a dull metallic grey tape placed around her mouth; it was the same gaffe tape that Sameth had used on Patrick all those nights ago, to stop him from singing. Then suddenly he spoke, and she listened.

"I'm doing you a kindness," he said, continuing to move closer to her...

"You all right Bell?" Sameth asked from the driver's position, pulling her from her vision.

Bell's face had turned white; she didn't know how, but she had just had a vision. She thought back to the version of herself tied to the bench and looked down at the clothes she was wearing. It was the same outfit, the same dark blue skinny legged jeans and long black button up top.

Shit, she thought to herself. But why would Sameth want to hurt her?

"Bell?" Sameth asked again, recalling her to the current place and time as he turned to look at her.

His voice was not the same calm cool voice it had been earlier, there was an edge to it, one that gave Bell a shiver, completely different to the one that had preceded her vision.

"Where are we going?" Bell asked finally.

"To a hotel; remember?" Sameth replied, continuing to drive.

Until now, Bell hadn't been paying much attention to where they were driving. But now as she looked out of the window, she was desperate to know where she was. She needed a plan. She didn't know why Sameth wanted to hurt her, but she knew that her vision was no day dream. For a moment she thought that he was perhaps trying to evoke a response to get her to freeze time, so as to allow her to practise using her powers. But the way he had looked at her in the tomb; his eyes had been empty and cold in her vision and she didn't think he would be able to fake that look of malice. She considered trying to stop time now. But if she were somehow able to do this, what would happen? What if only Sameth froze, than they would crash, and that might kill her before he got the chance to. Trying to remain calm, she surreptitiously unbuckled her seat belt, pretending to turn up the radio as she did so.

"Oh wow!" Bell said, feigning excitement, "can you pull over for a moment?"

Sameth looked at her confused. She was pointing to a large green vending machine next to a closed service station.

"Just there, it's one of those movie rental booths. I have been dying to watch this new series on HBO, we might as well have something to entertain us," she said.

Sameth frowned, but pulled over.

"Do you mind grabbing a couple of dollars," Bell said, reaching for the car handle and beginning to open it. "I think I have seen Ragon throw some change in the console, I'll meet you there."

Instantly Sameth began searching for coins, and Bell exited the car, moving quickly over to the movie rental machine, and glancing back at the car to check on Sameth's progress. The moment she had turned back to the machine she broke into a run. She didn't know where the hell she was going to go; she just knew that she had to get as far away as possible. The adrenaline which had been pumping through her veins since her vision, aided in her flight. She was running as fast as she could, making her way behind the service station, when suddenly the sound of a car door slamming broke her concentration.

"Bell?" Sameth's voice screamed from over near the car.

Instantly Bell paused, hiding behind a large dumpster that serviced the petrol station. She was panting loudly, and she clasped her hand over her mouth, desperate to muffle her breathing.

"Bell, where are you?" Sameth yelled again, from where he was standing at the green vending machine.

A few moments of silence followed this, and Bell tried hard to concentrate. Perhaps if she could manage to stop time again it would give her a chance to get away from him.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are," his voice cooed.

Bell froze. From where she crouched on the floor behind the rubbish bin, she had seen someone walking nearby. She watched as he blurred into a neighbouring bush, clearly searching it for her. This was it; her chance to get away. If she got back to the road, she might be able to flag down a car. Moving slowly at first, she inched around the service station, careful not to make a noise. Soon she was facing Ragon's car, and for a moment she wondered if Sameth had perhaps left the keys in the ignition. The road was no more than 30 seconds fast sprint from her. Seeing the head lights of a car on the road, she broke into a run, desperate to get close enough to the road to be seen. Instantly Bell began racing along the rocky ground that lead back to the road. She was waving her hands in the air, fighting the urge to start screaming, but desperate to be seen by the driver. Before she could reach the road however, the car had sped away, and she watched the red of the tail lights fade into the distance. She was about to plan her next move when something hard hit her in the back of the head, and she fell down, striking the hard pavement with a loud thud. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was Sameth reaching down and picking her up, a grim look of determination plastered on his face.


When Bell finally came to, it was to the feeling of tight binds being wrapping around her ankles. She tried to speak, but felt sticky tape wrap around her mouth, silencing her. Her eyes were dulling in and out of focus, but finally they pulled a handsome blonde face into view: Sameth. Blinking a few times, Bell looked puzzled up at him, and then the events before she had been struck came crashing back to her. Her head rolled around groggily, and she felt the cool hard stone underneath her. Instantly she knew where she was: Ragon's family mausoleum. Her vision had come true. As Sameth secured the last knot, Bell watched him move back, admiring his handy work. Just then he noticed that she was awake, and he smiled at her.

"I really am sorry about all of this," he said, moving closer to her. "If it weren't for your ability to stop time I wouldn't have bound you, but... I can't have you getting away from me."

Bell mumbled into the gaffe tape, and Sameth moved over to her quickly, pulling the stick tape across her face, so that her mouth was no longer covered.

"But why?" Bell asked.

"I would have already killed you, but I had to know," he said, moving so that he was standing directly over her. He reached down and looked Bell straight in the eyes, "How did you know? Back in the car, something happened and you knew what I had planned."

Bell was breathing hard, "I saw you," she said.

The gaffe tape had left a thick layer of sticky residue on her mouth and face, and it pulled tight as she spoke. For a moment she scanned the room, desperately searching for a way to escape. But she knew that there was no way; no chance. From her temporary imprisonment in this mausoleum she had learnt that no amount of screaming would help; no one would hear her in the deserted cemetery. Hell, even if they did, what would they be able to do against a vampire? Only another vampire might be able to get her out of this, and Ragon was at home, watching Ryder, like she had asked him to. He would have no suspicion that his good friend Sameth had her at his mausoleum, tied up, and about to kill her.

"A vision? You really are a talented little mortal," he said.


Thirty miles away and Ragon and the others anxiously awaited Ryder's awakening. Only Clyde had left the fledgling, insisting that he didn't need the drama and that he wanted to follow up on a hunch. Ragon thought that was typical of him, not caring about anything or anyone. But that wasn't entirely true; Clyde did seem to care about Bell. Even Ragon had been surprised by his declaration that he was staying here for her, to keep her safe from Kiara. Sandra and Thomas were pacing in the hallway; occasionally one of them would poke their head into the room, glance at Ryder and then continue to loop outside. Patrick had left as soon as it had started to get dark to find a source for Ryder. If he woke he would be ravenous, and it would be better for them to bring the meal to him, rather than the other way around. Fledglings needed fresh blood to sustain them, nothing from a bag would do. Still, Ragon had been most insistent that anyone who Patrick bought home for Ryder would not be killed. The very last thing they needed was to draw more attention their situation. The Elders were already suspicious about all the deaths in the area, and Ragon wasn't going to give them a reason to point the finger at him, or anyone in his coven. From downstairs Ragon heard the faint sound of a door closing. With this came the familiar lub dub of a heartbeat. Both Cambridge and Larissa's ears pricked at the noise, and Ragon stood protectively over Ryder.

"Honey, I'm home," Patrick yelled from down stairs, and Ragon relaxed his stance over Ryder, feeling slightly annoyed at how overtly happy Patrick was.

As soon as Patrick walked into the bedroom, Sandra looked at him incredulously. Her eyebrows were raised, as she surveyed the girl who he had by the elbow.

"What? I am not about to bring him some tall dark and handsome guy and give him a reason to leave me on the first night that he has been made," Patrick said, in response to Sandra's expression. "Anything?" Patrick asked, moving over to sit on the bed next to Ryder and reaching out to brush some hair out of his face.

At his touch, Ryder stirred and Patrick's eyes widened as he looked down hopefully at his fledgling. The girl he had bought for him was standing in the corner of the room, and Ragon was eyeing her nervously. Patrick was about to touch him again, when Ryder's eyes suddenly opened. He did not move, but remained motionless, staring up at the white ceiling.

"Don't waste your sight on that," Patrick said, and Ryder sat up, blurring as he did so, to look at his maker.

Ryder did not speak, or blink, simply stared, wide eyed at Patrick. After a moment Ryder reached out a hand, and touched his face. His fingers ran slowly over his cool marble skin, admiring the texture, all the while never breaking eye contact with Patrick.

"Ryder honey, how you feeling?" Sandra asked, as she and Thomas moved into the room.

He dropped his hand and turned to look at them, his head slightly cocked as he contemplated the pair. Glancing around the room quickly, his eyes fell on Cambridge and then Ragon, until finally he saw the girl. In a second he had jumped from the bed and blurred over to her; the sound of her pulse sang in his ears, drawing him to her, like a siren to their prey. Protectively Ragon moved in front of her and Ryder eyed him warily, as a low growl escaped from his mouth. He acted like a lion fighting over his territory. Patrick too moved over to Ryder, slipping his hand in his.

"Watch," Patrick said, and then moved over to the girl. "You can lull them," Patrick said, taking his free hand to brush the girl's face, as he replaced some wayward strands of hair behind her ear. The girl hesitated, but Patrick purred at her, whispering, "It's ok, everything is going to be alright. We just need to borrow something from you."

The girl was nodding at this, her eyes locked on his.

"You see?" Patrick said.

A strange smile crept across Ryder's face as he took in everything that Patrick said. Still with his hand on the girl's face, Patrick gently moved her head to the side, exposing her jugular vein. Ryder watched mesmerised, the rhythm of her pulse dancing in his mind, like an old song he had forgotten the words to.

"You don't need to take much, though you may want to," Patrick said, exposing his fangs.

Ryder, who had been hypnotised by the vein in the girl's neck, turned to look at Patrick's mouth. At the same time he felt his gums contract, and a sharp pain signified the un-sheathing of his own fangs. Reaching a hand up to his face, he curled back his lips and pressed against his fangs with his index finger. A sudden pain followed this and he drew his hand away, surprised to see blood. He stared at the dark red droplet on his finger, admiring the viscosity of it, as he narrowed his eyes, forcing the blood into even greater focus. A moment later and a smell assaulted his nostrils. He breathed in the coppery tangy scent deeply, closing his eyes as he did so, so as to isolate it from being tainted by all his other heightened senses. This smell, which was more delicious and intoxicating than any other awoke a hunger within him, and as he opened his eyes, they narrowed on the girl.

"Yes, they're sharp," Patrick said smiling, moving Ryder still closer to the girl.

She remained motionless, until Patrick bent down and in one swift movement bit hard at her neck. The first thought that popped into Ryder's head was that he needed to defend his prey.

Before he could begin to fight him for his prize, Patrick had withdrawn his head saying, "Your turn."

Ryder did not hesitate, but lunged at the girl, pressing her hard against the wall, as he sank his fangs through her skin. He relished in the feeling of her soft buttery flesh against his fangs, and lapped hungrily at the sweet nectar that spilled from her vein. Too soon he felt hurried hands pulling him away, and he struggled against his retainers, desperate to finish his meal.

"That's enough," Ragon yelled at him.

For a few moments Ragon and Patrick fought to control Ryder. His hands were reaching out desperately for the girl, who was now slumped against the wall, one shaky hand pressed against her neck.

"Ryder, stop!" Patrick said commandingly, and to everyone's surprise he did so.

For a moment Ryder was panting with the efforts of his attempted escape. Then he licked his lips, relishing in the remnants of blood on them.

"There's one more lesson," Patrick said, moving back over to the girl and lifting her lovingly to her feet.

Ryder watched as Patrick contemplated the girl, concentrating intently on her eyes, "You need to make her forget, let her go back to her life, this is dissociation," he said.

For a moment the girl looked scared, and then her eyes went dull. Ryder was confused by Patrick's actions, but watched intently. Releasing the girl, Patrick swung around to face Ryder.

"Well?" Patrick asked, taking Ryder's hand and rubbing it softly with his fingers, "how was it?"

"It tastes..." Ryder said, searching for a word to describe the delicious blood, "unimaginable!" When he had finally spoken, two dark red lips enunciated every syllable, and he listened joyously to the sound of his own voice. "I want more."


Standing in Ragon's mausoleum, Sameth considered Bell. She really was special: different. How she could stop time and see the future was a complete mystery to him. His face was grim; it was a shame to have to destroy such a unique mortal, but there was no other alternative. In all his years of being a vampire, he had never known anything or anyone to have her powers, and that scared him a little.

Suddenly he produced a large knife, and Bell recognised it instantly from her vision. Light bounced off the gleaming silver blade, reflecting her eyes eerily, as one blue and one green eye shone in its reflection.

Why was Sameth doing this? She thought. He was Ragon's friend; he had come to protect her.

"I don't understand," Bell said, wanting answers.

"I have to kill you," Sameth said. He didn't truly enjoy taking human life, but he was a vampire, and so killing was a part of him, and he could do it easily when needed.

"But, why?" Bell asked.

"For centuries I have been in love with Kiara. Perhaps you know a little of love?" he said, than remembering the way she had not replied to Ragon after he had professed his feelings for her, added, "perhaps not? But when you have sat and watched the person you have loved for over four hundred years, only for them to fall for another, it changes you: makes you do crazy things."

"But you helped Ragon get away from her?" Bell said.

"No; I helped Kiara get away from Ragon," he said. "There is an old saying; keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. I have watched Kiara from a distance for ages, she's a misunderstood entity but I love her none the less. I have tried to overcome this weakness, but can't. I need her, and as soon as Ragon told me how she wanted you dead, I knew this was my chance to get her to see me finally."

"You couldn't just take her flowers like a normal person?" Bell asked.

Sameth laughed saying, "Perhaps she will see me in a different light when I take her your body. Can you not imagine how unbearable it was, watching her swoon over Ragon while he despised her? He never deserved her affections, but I appreciate her; when I kill you she will know that."

The tears that were so close to the surface, spilled from her eyes and streamed down her face. Love; this was all about love. This can't be happening, she thought to herself. She tried to pull on the restraints, but nothing happened, they were too well fastened. Her vision, though warning her of Sameth's betrayal, was not enough to save her; now even if she managed to use her gifts, it wouldn't make a difference. Desperately she thought that perhaps if she managed to stall Sameth, someone might realise that something was wrong. She smiled sadly to herself; that wasn't even a plan, but hell it was all she had right now. Besides, she didn't want to die.

"You're going to kill me?" she asked, her voice shaking.

Sameth nodded, and a few more tears spilled down her face faster. Sameth swept over to her quickly then.

"Please don't cry," he said, wiping them away, his cool fingertips brushing lightly against her cheek. "Kiara will not kill you quickly, she would make you suffer, torment you. With me, it will be over in a second; you won't feel a thing."

Bell couldn't help but cry harder at these words.

"You don't have to do this," she said, her breathless voice amplified by deep sobs.

"Can't you see? I am doing you a kindness," he said.

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