tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Dark Tale Ch. 05

A Dark Tale Ch. 05



Well she had a good time, and I managed to get a taxi before they did. She'll be here soon. I'm waiting in the spare bedroom. I've got some tape, and more of that stuff to knock her out with. Yes this is a much better plan, she'll be tired after those glasses of wine, and she'll be asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow, and then Geoffrey Baker will pounce.

Watching Sylvia playing pool in that little black and white skirt got me horny. Bending and stretching across the table, and proudly showing off her fucking arse to the whole pub, what a tart. That old bloke, her fucking uncle would you believe, the creepy bastard helped himself to a feel of his niece. I watched him make her bend further over the pool table, and then he swivelled her round with his hand on her hips, like he was about to give her one from behind. I sat back nursing me pint, observing, it is what I do you see. At one point he was stood next to her, and he patted her arse, she moved away, but she didn't say anything, well she doesn't does she. She's happy to have someone touch her up, well I know that.

I'm still waiting for my medication to kick in properly, so I've go to be extra careful.

There's the key in the door. It won't be long now, just give her time to get in bed and let her drift off to sleep. And then when she wakes up she'll have a shock.

I can hear her getting ready for bed now. She goes for a piss, and then back down stairs. I reckon she needs a glass of water. She'll be up here soon.

What the fuck! Who is at the fucking door now?


I lay on the couch in my red and black silky nightdress, with black stocking tops and suspenders showing.

Harvey smiles at me, he bends down and kisses me full and hard on the lips. He stands back up and I pull down his zip. His stiffening cock springs free. I rest it on my sticking out tongue, smiling up at him with my eyes. I wait a few seconds, and then slip my mouth right down over his cock.

He gasps as I suck, getting him to a full erection, and then I plunge my mouth right down over a good 7 inches of cock. I choke a little, but I know he loves to feel his cock in his Aunt's throat.

I suck him as he unbuttons his shirt. I stretch my hands up exploring his now naked flat stomach, and up his smooth chest. I curl my fingers, and then slowly drag my nails back down, not enough to break the skin, but enough to cause him to shudder, and he does.

"Fucking hell, Auntie Sylvia, that feels good."


"I told you no Auntie Sylvia when we do this."

I'm lying on my stomach with my phone recording everything, through the angle where the top stair meets the ceiling. I got a perfect over head of her, dragging her hands up and down his chest, with her whorish mouth devouring his cock like some weird demon woman. Well she isn't a saint, is she?

You know I'm wondering if the stupid cow at the pharmacy gave me the right pills, because I think I must be dreaming.

She pulls up for air and gulps. She chuckles a real dirty sound, which would frighten off 20 men armed with machine guns. As for the boy, Harvey, he must think it is Christmas and his birthday, all rolled into one. Now while I did some snooping a few weeks back, I saw her diary. She talks about a Harvey in that. I thought it was all fantasy stuff, but now I know. She fucked him a few days after his 18th birthday for the first time, and sucked him off a few weeks later, in her fucking car!

"Fuck me darling, please?"

God listen to that weird little sexy voice, well he isn't going to refuse is he? I'm laying on me John Thomas wishing there was a fucking hole in the floor. Damn uncomfortable, but I'm getting it all on my phone, the video might be a little shaky, but the sound will be true.

"Please Harvey, don't make me beg."

Yeah go on Harvey make the slut beg. There they go on the floor, look at her fucking hands digging in his backside. Now I know a thing or two about incense, wait that's not right, but I know what I mean.

Fucking hell, look at him going for it, and listen to the racket she's making, well both of them are now. Oh that's a great shot that is, her eyes shut, her mouth wide open, and I even managed to zoom in and get a close up.

"Aunt, I mean Sylvia, can we, you know?"


"Yes, but make me come first."

He pulls out and grins at me.

"Oh darling that's good, so good, Use your finger up me, and lick my clit."

Little spasms shoot through body. I move his head slightly to the left and his tongue finds the mark.

"Now wriggle your, your fingers, torment me," I gasp.

"Like this?"

"Yes, oh yes like that!" I wail.

I hang on to his head and shudder. My feet come off the ground as my legs lift in the air. It bubbles up and finally I come in huge waves.

He lies with me and I idly jerk his cock until I'm over my orgasm. I crawl down his body and start sucking his cock which has softened slightly. He sits up and whispers to me. I nod then he stands up. We smile at each other and he turns round.


Now what? For fuck's sake Harvey, shag the bitch. She's just helped herself to a fucking orgasm, and stopped you getting it first. That isn't right, it's like the sun rising in the west and setting in the east, it just don't happen like that. Incest got the bastard word right, that's it.

The Demon Goddess, is getting it her way again. She has the luck of the devil. She's a witch I reckon, and that's why every time I go to get her, something unexpected happens. She's got him all hard again, and now she's making him turn his back on her. This just isn't right, he should be banging her pussy until she begs him to stop, not letting her kneel behind.

She's reaching under him and caressing his balls now, and now her other fucking hand is round his thigh, and she's jerking him off. Well this isn't fair on him. Now what's she doing. Oh Jesus H, she's planting kisses all over his arse!

I've just come, I couldn't help it, biting on me fucking finger to stop myself from yelling out.

She's kissing his arse while she jerks him from behind. Oh my god, don't do that you teasing bitch witch. She's fingering his bum hole now, while jerking him into her fucking knickers that he's holding. This isn't right. But I tell you what I got it all on my phone. I'm not gay, but I'm going to have her do that except for her finger up me arse, it'll be her fucking demon witch tongue!

Good job I got it on my phone, because I'd never believe it myself. I bet I'm not here really, but I am. I'll have to check that bottle of pills when I get home. I know I missed 8 days so I have been taking the pills 4 every day to catch up, stuff what it says on the bottle.

Poor Harvey shooting like that in her knickers, fuck he really unloaded too. She has drained him; the witch needs to be under control or the whole fucking town will be men down everywhere! Still he's dressing now, and I got this sticky patch in me trousers, which is making me feel uncomfortable. I back away, silently, as they talk.

She's letting him out now, and once again my plan goes tits up. But I'll be back soon when I've made a few enquires, and the pills have kicked in properly. Well I don't have to drug her with what I've got on her now.


After another fun night with Harvey, I let him out and he went off to stay the night with his real girlfriend. I dread to think what my sis and Paul would say and do about this. Harvey and I just seem to see each other now and then, the fun is good and he is so mature for his age. He told me it's just sex with me, and well I kind of like that. I don't know when I'll see him again, but that's the best way. I yawn and then sleep.

I've had a shit day at work, Jan has been to see Jeff a couple of times, and she just ignored me. When she came out the second time, she leant on the desk and told me, she knew how I had got the job. She said I wouldn't last long, and if I had any doubts she was right, I should ask myself why Jeff told me I still had to wear my uniform. She walked away grinning. I wanted to tell her there and then that Jeff and I are seeing each other, but I held off. Still he has the tape I made now of me begging for it, hopefully he'll like it.


It's driving me fucking mad, all these kids around getting in my way, and hindering my every move. I haven't seen her for three weeks, because I've had to go away. Some nosy bitch reported my van to the police. They came sniffing round wanting to know if I had painted it recently. When they saw the paint on the bonnet and doors was old, they left, but I don't think they were convinced.

I spent some time up north with a friend, and we did a couple of jobs up there. We split the money after selling some rich bitch footballer's wife's jewellery. I even went to see Stuart, he's still locked up but he gets out in a few months. But now here I am in her department store, and I haven't seen her tight arse walking round at all yet. I've missed her, and now I'm right with my medication, and everything is crystal clear. Perhaps those teachers should be on what I'm on; I mean what a place to take kids for a school trip, to a bloody department store.

Perhaps she has left? I'm going to have to get to her house. I have missed her more than I thought. I hope she had a good Christmas. I wonder what she gave her nephew; I bet he gave her something, a few times!

I'm back outside York's now, it is 5.30 and she'll be coming out soon, if she's been working. It's too cold for her to be showing herself off, I've missed that too.

All the lights in the store went out 20 minutes ago, and I haven't seen her come out with the rest. She had the day off I reckon. So I'm stood here like an idiot rolling a fag when I should be off home. It's her it is, she has got under my skin.

Wait here she comes, and with that stupid store manager. She's all wrapped up in a big long coat. Poor Sylvia looks like she's frozen already and they have only just come out of the shop.

Where they going now? Round the back to the car park, no wait, he's pulling her in a doorway. I can see him looking round acting all suspicious. I can get a little closer, because it's nice and dark. He's pulled her into the shadows.

What's she saying?


"Jeff, it's too cold. Can't we go back to mine?"

"Nope, I have to pick the kid's up in half an hour. Don't take it off then, just undo it."

I undo the belt, open the buttons, and pull my coat apart. Right away a rush of cold air hits my naked breasts and pussy under my tan tights. I close my coat after a few seconds.

"Sorry it's too cold. Oh don't look like that, darling."

"Fine Sylvia, have it your way. I'm off."

"Wait, please wait, Jeff?"

He's gone without even bothering to offer me a lift. I wrap myself up and step out into the rain which has started to fall.

I'm staring at the bus timetable. I've got another 45 minutes to wait until the 6.38, which goes all round the town before it gets to my stop. The rain is icy cold, but at least the café is open, and I can go in there and warm up, then nip to the toilet, and put my skirt and blouse on.

I order a coffee and sit down for a moment. I manage to get next the heater, so I'll sit here for a few minutes before I go to the toilet. I feel quite sexy in just a coat, tights, and heels.

I'm one of only two customers. Some old guy in the corner is coughing. I watch a figure rush across the bus park in the rain. He has on one of those old long beige raincoats, which can't hide a rather scruffy pair of jeans. His hair is brown I think, although it's difficult to see through the rain lashed window and the dark gloomy night. As he opens the door and comes in, I recognise him. He's the guy who leers at me, and the guy I can't stop fantasizing about.

My eyes are drawn to his hands, his knuckles. I can see the lumps and scars even from this distance. I shiver and not just from the cold blast which he has let in, but from recognising those big hands that have groped me on the bus! I had suspicions it could be the same man, but I have never been sure. Now though as he sits over the other side of the café, it all begins to make sense. He asks the waitress for coffee, no please, no thank you, just coffee.

I pull my bag with my underwear, skirt, and blouse in closer to my stomach. I tuck my legs under the seat; I even pull my coffee cup closer to me. It's like I'm drawing myself into a tight ball, like a damned hedgehog.

He hasn't looked across at me, but he is sat in such a way that I'm in his peripheral vision. I'm trying to work out if the time lapse between me coming in, and then him, means it was by chance, or was he following me? Then I realise he could have been watching me and waiting for me to settle. Is that what stalkers do, make you wonder about them? I don't know I haven't stalked anyone. Then I wonder if I had been stalking Frank. No I'm not a pervert it isn't the same, or is it? Oh my god, perhaps I was stalking him!

"So," sniff, "do you want another coffee, lady," even bigger sniff, "or what then?" she asks.

My god she is speaking to me! If that isn't bad enough she takes one of the serviettes from the dispenser, and blows her nose in it.

"Well I got a fu, a cold ain't I."

"No I don't want another coffee, thank you, where is the toilet?"

She jerks her thumb over her shoulder, "Through that door which says toilets, but the girl's is broke, so you'll have to use the men's."

"Is that legal?"

"Lady, you can squat in the gutter for all I care. I'm just passing on what the management told me to say."

As I start to speak again, the old man starts coughing and wheezing a couple of tables away from me.

The waitress shouts, "You alright Bob?" Bob raises his hand and nods, still coughing, "I guess everyone has that bug going round."

I sit thinking; this place is probably where it originated. I'm still weighing up my options of going for a pee, but one glance around tells me the gutter is probably the more hygienic option.

Coughing Bob is bent double in a coughing fit now, and waitress of the year, slaps him on the back. Christ, I can't stay here another minute. I start to get up sending out a long leg sideways, which opens my coat.

His eyes are there, looking. For a moment I freeze, as his eyes just leer at my long limb.

I can't help it I leave my leg sticking out. What the hell am I doing?! I open my bag like I'm pretending to look for something, probably my common sense, because I sure don't feel like I have any at the moment. I don't know what he can see, probably the inside of my thigh. Again I'm trying to judge something I can't, can he see under the table from where he is sat, or is it too dark under there to make anything out?

I don't care all of a sudden. I look up from the bag and just wait for his eyes to get off my thigh and find my stare. I'm forcing myself to look him in the eyes. He hasn't looked in mine yet, he's still leering at my thigh. Finally he looks at my face, with cold piercing eyes.

I get up and go to the loo.

When I come out of the toilet he is there, Mr Creepy, staring down the narrow corridor at me. We look at each other, and our eyes lock. His huge shoulders are filling the corridor. Even the garish red paint peeling walls seem to be closing in on me.

The time we've been staring at each other has gone past anything normal. It's now, threatening, and sexually menacing. We've crossed the line like he did on the bus.

I clear my throat, hoping it will snap us both back to what is normal. I go to stretch out a foot to take a step, but his movement stops me. He comes forward, and I sink back in myself again.


This is it; I never saw it going like this, in some grotty toilet in a grotty café. Sylvia, in some ways is too classy to be in a place like this, but it's fitting I guess. I've stared up her coat when she held her leg out for me; I know she was doing it for me, teasing me.

She stands still as I approach, and I look down on her. She looks so sexy with the bare light bulb behind her, showing off her black hair piled on top of her head. We stand toe to toe. I'm looking down into those worried green eyes. She still has her bag in one hand and a carrier bag in the other down by her side. I reach out slowly and undo her belt on her long white coat, and then I pop open the four white buttons, as her chest rises. She hasn't got dressed; I see tit flesh, but not the nipples, where her coat opens naturally. She's shaking.

I push the coat off her shoulders, and it falls down her back, and then stops where she has hold of the bags. Her nipples look real nice and sexy, on those tits which quiver like two jellies on a plate. I open the door to the bog, and push her sideways through it. I haven't look between her legs yet, I'm still looking in those green eyes.

She backs in, all on her own, to the wall between two stinking urinals. Her bottom lip is trembling and I just want to jump on her, but she's got me wondering. She hasn't stopped me doing anything yet, so is she willing?

There's nowhere to lay her down. Fuck Geoffrey Baker listen to yourself. Just push her on her back on the filthy pissed stained floor, and fuck her. No, I'm not doing her like that.

I take my coat off and lay it on the floor, like Prince Fucking Charming would do. When I look up I'm staring right at her gash. I move forward and she presses her tight shaking body against the wall. There's nowhere for her to go now, and we both know it.

My lips touch her pussy through her tights, and she gasps. She smells sweet; I sniff, drinking in her smell. My fingers reach up and I rip at her tights, not in frenzy, but gently, almost like I don't want to rip her tights anymore than I have to. Besides she is sort of submitting, and one fast move and the spell might be broken.

"Oh God," she whispers.


I can feel his lips kissing my pussy through the hole in my tights. It's not like I would have thought at all, he's being gentle. It doesn't make it right, but when he undid my coat, I didn't care. I'm scared, very scared, but I'm giving in to him. He could be brutal but he isn't. I can feel his tongue trying to find my opening. He does, and I shudder.

He pulls me down on his coat, and then opens my legs, and he looks right between them. As he starts taking his cock out I start feeling ashamed, ashamed of my reaction, and my lack of fight. I start struggling, which makes him use more force. Then it happens, he's in me, with a grunt. I stop struggling.

His cock feels so wide, and it stretches me. I've had bigger cocks in the past, but not many. My face is level with his neck and I can smell his sweat. He hooks an arm under my left thigh and holds it up. He gains an extra inch or two and I'm gasping. His thrusting hips move slowly, and his big hand under my thigh is squeezing.

I'm staring at his neck, but I quickly avert my eyes to the ceiling, and then the urinals with their nasty stains which have run down over the years, and ingrained themselves in the dirty white ceramic. I close my eyes not wanting to see anything anymore, but it makes things worse. I can hear his breathing, and feel his cock deep in me.

He pushes further in me, and I can feel his chest hair on my nose and lips. His rhythm is slow, deliberate, and deep and nothing like the few fantasies I've had about him.

He comes, grunting and groaning like some wild animal. I close my eyes again for some reason, hoping that it will blot out the sound, as well as the vision.

He pulls out and I hear his zip going up, and it's now that I open my eyes. He pulls me to my feet and lifts my coat up my arms. I can't believe I've still got hold of my bags, I never let go of them. I just tightened my grip on them when he entered me. He does up my coat buttons, and then pulls my belt round my waist and does it up. I just stand there letting him do it like I've lost the use of my arms. He pulls my carrier bag out of my hand, and it is really only then that I fight back. He tugs it off me and opens it. The weirdest thing is I'm ashamed, because my underwear and clothes are in the bag. It was like he knew what he'd find when he undid my coat.

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