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A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wins 01


Title A Day in Gotham – 9 - Batgirl Wins 01

((Authors Note –

This story follows 'A Day in Gotham - 8 - Batgirl Vexed'.

I've had numerous comments about the ending to that particular piece, so in response, even though it's a while since I posted that one, here's a follow-up. I hope that you like it.

As it seems with all my recent work, I've found it difficult to include all the content that I think that the story needs into one episode. As I also wanted to reduce the length of these pieces a little, I've decided to make this a multi-part story, and this is part one.

I love to see comments on my stories, hopefully positive, but really whatever you feel. I can take it! (I think!)



1 - Morning Delight
2 - Sister Allison
3 - Darker Days
4 - Visitors and Shocks
5 - A Conference
6 - Recovery and a Bigger Shock
7 - Batman and Catwoman Disagree
8 - Interim Report
9 - A New Side to Sister Allison
10 - Time To Go Home
11 - Catgirl's Treat
12 - A Nice Trip to the Country

1 - Morning Delight

Batgirl was in that slightly surreal state between sleep and dozing.

It was pleasant. It was comforting. It was more or less dreamless.

She felt as though she was floating in a soft yellow world, cushioned by fluffy clouds that carried her peacefully along, aimlessly wandering as she simply lay back and enjoyed the sensations.

Gradually though she was becoming aware of herself. The soft, wispy breezes that wafted occasionally over her face indicated that a window was ajar. She could feel the delicate warmth of early morning sunlight bathing her face. She stirred ever so slightly and felt the firm bed beneath her and the light linen sheet loosely covering her. There were occasional clicks and beeps from hospital equipment in the room.

An initial feeling of disquiet at the sounds was soon dispelled though as she remembered why she was there. There was no pain, no horror, and her finely tuned young body was fit and healthy again. She almost sighed in pleasure at the thought, but she still hadn't opened her eyes. She was waiting, a sense of anticipation rising in her body.

Then she flinched slightly as she heard the room door open and close and a shudder of excitement flashed through her, terminating exquisitely in her pussy. Keeping her eyes closed and her breathing slow and light, she tracked the approach of someone across the room to her bedside.

Nothing happened for a few long minutes as Batgirl tried to sense what the figure was doing, waiting in dread anticipation of a touch.

Then she tensed slightly as she felt the sheet being carefully lifted and pushed across her body, exposing her lower body and legs. She could feel that the light blue hospital gown that was all she was wearing was ruffled up over her thighs, exposing her long muscular legs and tanned lower thighs. She concentrated hard on keeping her breathing steady as her inner excitement mounted. 'God,' she thought in amazement, 'I feel so incredibly wet already!'

Then a hand rested gently on her right knee. In a superhuman effort of self control Batgirl managed not to flinch at the touch, somehow maintaining her pretence of sleep. But as the hand rose up a little and fingers began to push down between her thighs, she couldn't help but let her legs open a little, inviting the fingers to explore deeper across her taut, smooth skin. Hard as she'd tried, she knew that her breathing was starting to get a ragged, but the presence next to her said nothing and Batgirl kept her eyes shut. Her whole focus was now on the fingers as they explored her sensitive skin before beginning to rub up and down her inner thigh, each stroke getting higher and higher.

She could feel her body tension winding up as the fingers rose nearer and nearer to her exposed pussy, easing up the useless hospital gown higher with each stroke. She knew that she was sweating with anticipation as her pussy waited on tenterhooks for that first touch. It was almost impossible to stop the little sighs of pleasure that had been building up. And then they arrived! The fingertips finally pushing up against the side of her swollen slit. For a delicious moment they paused before skirting the deep dark valley that was now aching to be invaded and running up over her curly brown bush.

Batgirl's legs had tensed at that first touch and she'd stopped breathing, but she almost groaned in disappointment as the fingers bypassed her oily wet slit and contented themselves with rummaging around in her pubic hair. It was nice and soothing, but not what she needed now that her body was awash with sexual excitement. She desperately wanted them to drop down and was on the verge of opening her eyes and pleading when they seemed instinctively to know that they'd waited long enough and with a sigh of pleasure finally escaping her lips she felt a finger begin to drop down to her slit. It began to ease its way between the soft lips, sending a minor shockwave through her as it slipped passed her clit and began to tease open the skin covering her hot vagina. Batgirl's eyes were now tight shut as she positively willed the finger go deeper. To slide between the tense muscles guarding her inner lair. To fuck her.

But it paused for a moment again and Batgirl was almost beside herself as she wondered how long she'd be teased this time, but then it suddenly darted forward, forcing it's way deep inside her hot , wet cavern!

No sooner had Batgirl dealt with the wonderful feelings that her penetrated vagina was signalling, than the finger began to withdraw again. Batgirl could have cried! But not for long as she felt a second finger nosing its way up to her pink entrance and easing itself in to join its companion. This time Batgirl really did have to moan with pleasure as she soared, her whole body tense with a wonderful excitement!

The two fingers wriggled about inside her for a few minutes triggering a whole new series of minor pleasure waves, before getting down to business and joining firmly together to begin to drive rhythmically backwards and forwards inside her, causing Batgirl's hips to squirm in response and her legs to widen further to invite even deeper thrusts. It was so incredibly exciting as Batgirl fought hard to retain control. She knew that she didn't want to give in too quickly, to make it seem so easy, but she also knew that she was fighting a losing battle against her approaching climax and when a she felt a thumb begin searching for her clit she almost lost it at the first touch!

But then the tantalising fingers paused and the thumb appeared to hover. Batgirl would have screamed if she'd had the breath. She was right on the edge. it was almost painful to be so close. Her eyes were still tight shut as she gasped out a plea.

"For Christ's sake Catgirl, finish me! I .... really ..... can't ...... aaaaaaaaaaggghhh"

Her words were cut off by a very girlish chuckle, just as the fingers began to drive hard backwards and forwards again and the thumb finally descended onto Batgirl's clit, sending her into orbit as the massive orgasm finally coursed through her to relieve the almost unbearable tension that had wracked her lithe body.

It was literally minutes afterwards before Batgirl could bring herself down and face reality. She finally opened her eyes to stare up into the cherubic features of Catgirl, standing above her and grinning down. She was dressed in 'civvies'. A simple white stretch top that emphasized her shapely bosom and the black bra that was clearly visible underneath. Below that was a short denim skirt that just about reached the top of her thighs. 'Oh, she's dressed quite conservatively today!' thought Batgirl dreamily.

"Morning Batgirl!" Catgirl announced cheerily, "I just so love to see you wake up to your morning orgasm. You look to be in such pain! Most of us just enjoy it you know."

2 - Sister Allison

Batgirl resisted the urge to kick out at her. Firstly she didn't have her strength back yet and secondly, Catgirl's fingers were still resting deep inside her vagina. As if to emphasize the point Catgirl wiggled them about a bit, causing Batgirl to suck in air as her pussy signalled its renewed interest.

Batgirl's eyes quickly took in the rest of the room. It was a private room in one of Gotham City Hospital's major trauma wards, courtesy of her rich benefactor Bruce Wayne, or Batman as Batgirl preferred to think about him. They were alone apart from some equipment set up behind her bed that bleeped occasionally. Long thin wires extended down from alongside Batgirl's head and disappeared inside the top of her gown.

"Oh God...." she started to say as realisation crept in and then they both gave a start as they heard the door handle turning. Like greased lightning, Catgirl's fingers slipped out of her, and she'd managed to drag back the sheet over Batgirl's reclining form just as a white dressed woman walked in.

It was Ward Sister Allison, and she wasn't best pleased to see Catgirl there, who now stood next to the bed, hands behind her back and trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Holly Robinson! What in the blue blazes are you doing here!? I gave strict instructions that you weren't to be allowed in this morning!" Then her eyes caught Batgirl's flushed cheeks and her lips pursed and she took a deep breath, "If you've been interfering with my patient again and messed up the test monitoring Holly, I swear that I'll swing for you!"

Catgirl took a pace or two away from the bed and, more importantly, away from Sister Allison.

"Right then Batg......I mean Barbara, I think I'll be getting off then," she said nervously as her retreat to the door quickened as Sister Allison took a step towards her, "I'll errr be back after lunch to pick you up then."

As she reached the door, Batgirl remembered something and shouted after her "Don't forget my clothes Holly," she took a quick glance at the Sister's stern features, ".... and make sure that they're decent!"

Sister Allison watched Catgirl's departure with hands on hips, before 'tut-tutting' a couple of times as she turned to pick up a clipboard from the end of the bed. She scanned the writing before stepping round the bed to look at the monitoring equipment. Batgirl cringed as she heard her take a deep breath.

"Oh dear Barbara Gordon...........," she said sadly, "This won't do. ......this won't do at all. If the doctors see these blood pressure readings, they'll be carting you back into Intensive Care again!"

Batgirl had to switch back into civilian mode at the mention of her real name and was beginning to feel like a truant at school as the Sister turned round again, but she needn't have worried. The stern expression soon gave way to a broad grin. Sister Allison and her staff had looked after her continuously ever since she'd first arrived on the ward over seven months ago and Batgirl and the Sister had become quite close. Batgirl knew that her bark was way worse than her bite and, although feeling a bit guilty at having messed up the tests, she smiled warmly back as the Sister approached.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with you young lady," she laughed, "here we are trying to get rid of you and you're doing your best to get kept in!"

Batgirl's eyebrows raised at the words, "Hey, what's with the 'young lady' bit?! You're not exactly an aged old crusty are you?" she said in protest.

It was true, Sister Allison was only in her early-thirties, but she had a husband and a couple of young children, which Batgirl knew meant that she felt that she could 'mother' her patient a bit. But the tight uniform with its flared white hem just below the knee, sensible shoes and broad blue belt around her waist didn't particularly hide a very attractive and trim figure which Batgirl had admired more than once while whiling away her recovery days.

"Right, " said Sister Allison purposefully, looking at her fob watch "pull the top of your gown down and we'll get you re-wired up to the monitors. There's just time before the doctor's round at eleven to get a new set of readings...., " she paused for a moment, fixing Batgirl with a knowing smile, " ....then no-one need know about your morning exercises need they!"

Batgirl sat up and began to struggle with the fastenings behind her back. 'Why oh why,' she thought in sudden irritation 'did hospital gowns have to be made so difficult to unfasten!'

Sister Allison had reset the equipment, when she saw Batgirl's struggles, she wafted batgirl's hands aside, undid the top fasteners and began to slide the top of the gown down Batgirl's chest revealing the monitoring wires and their taped on terminals at strategic points on her chest, and two gorgeous looking breasts. Batgirl glanced down and saw how perky they were after Catgirl's recent attention, and she noted that Sister Allison too was giving them more attention than normal.

Quickly though she pulled away the taped monitoring pads, and felt across the top of one breast with her fingers. Batgirl swallowed as an unexpected thrill shot straight down into her pussy.

"You're way too sweaty Barbara, it'll affect the readings," said the Sister as she went to a cabinet and pulled out a small hand-towel.

Quickly she rubbed away the dampness from the top of Batgirl's chest and then set about her breasts, the rough towelling having an electric effect on Batgirl's already sensitive skin and when it dragged over her nipples, she gasped at the response. Batgirl's eyes shot up to Sister Allison's. They were a deep green and were sparkling, she was grinning and Batgirl suddenly realised that she was being teased as the grin changed to a laugh.

After massaging Batgirl's breasts for a few minutes more, she threw the towel into a bin and re-connected the monitors, switching them back on and resetting the instruments. Then she pushed Batgirl back down into a lying position and pulled up the sheet to her chin.

"There, that will have to do you Barbara," she said, a little breathlessly, "now you'll need to rest for a few hours ................... and I mean REST!" she added sternly, "I'll make sure that there are absolutely NO visitors this time. I can't believe that that little imp Holly got in again, she's like a wraith! Still, she's not all bad. Did I tell you that she stayed by your bedside for almost three weeks after you were brought in after the traffic accident. I was beginning to think that we'd have to start giving her bed baths as well!!"

Batgirl smiled back and nodded. She'd heard that tale before. It had made her re-think her relationship with Catgirl, which she was now seriously glad about given the way that Catgirl liked to wake her up!

Then Sister Allison took her hand gently, "Now try and sleep for a while Barbara," she whispered before she left the room, shutting the door gently behind her.

3 - Darker Days

Batgirl let her mind roam for a few minutes and then her eyes fluttered shut as she drifted off, back into a deep, post-orgasmic sleep.

And then, suddenly, she was back in that dark place that had so terrified her so long ago.

She was just been drifting in blackness. There was no light at all, but somehow she was able to detect grey shapes drifting around her, examining her. It was so eerie.

She had no real sense of time but somehow she knew that this went on for a long while, and she didn't know whether she was happy, or sad. She seemed to be in a completely emotionless state, so she wasn't particularly worried when she eventually realised that some the of the wraithlike shapes around her seemed to be discussing her. Why would they do that? Should she respond in some way? But how? Now she did start to worry. What had happened to her? Why was she here? Why couldn't she communicate?

As if in response, one of the grey shapes seemed to come nearer. There were no features to see, but she watched in amazement as an arm seemed to materialise out of the grey mist, then a hand, then a finger, pointing at something in the distance. She strained her eyes in the indicated direction and suddenly she could see a point of light, like a little star far, far away.

When she quickly glanced back, she got a shock. The wraiths had suddenly disappeared and she was alone in the darkness, with just the little, cold star for company. Now she felt sad. Now she felt afraid!

She contemplated the star for what felt like an eternity. It stayed exactly where it was as she examined it , but then, when she'd eventually started to feel overwhelmingly lonely it suddenly seemed to draw remorselessly nearer. She watched in amazement as it gradually grew and grew until it was the size of an orange, expecting at any moment to feel its burning heat.

Then she was afraid again and it seemed to sense her reluctance and stopped its advance.

After another period of time dithering however, she overcame her trepidations and willed it to move again. To her amazement it began to approach once more until it was about the same size as her familiar Sun. It glowed warm and yellowy, but she still felt no heat.

Now it didn't seem frightening anymore, it felt comforting. Then, strangely , she realised that she could hear sounds again! Faint sounds, unintelligible sounds, but sounds none the less. What could they be?

She strained hard, but it seemed like she would have to bring the star closer if she wanted to find out. Could she risk it?

Tentatively, very tentatively, she willed it forward again, and again it began its gradual, smooth approach. Batgirl watched with bated breath as it got bigger and bigger, but soon she was panicking again as its approach speeded up. Suddenly she wanted to stop it, but this time it didn't respond to her commands! It just came on and on! Oh God!

As the star finally seemed to reach and envelop her, Batgirl tried to scream. She could definitely hear sounds again and suddenly her body was starting to feel vaguely uncomfortable except for one particular spot that throbbed warmly. Then the strange sounds started to make sense. It was a voice, a vaguely familiar voice, and it was shouting out something that didn't make any sense.

"She's responding! She's getting wet! I told you that she would! I just knew it....knew it! Oh thank goodness!!"

Then a calmer but stern voice cut off the first, "Out of the way you young imp, and will you take your hand out of there! Now then Barbara dear, can you hear me?" Barbara felt a hand gently grip her own. It was amazing. She could feel again! And the second voice continued, "Squeeze my hand if you can hear me love."

Even in her troubled and confused state, that didn't seem so hard she thought and squeezed gently back. The result was unexpected.

"Oh my good God! You're right Holly, she's coming round! It's amazing! After all this time! Stay and keep talking to her while I get the doctor ......and keep your interfering hands off her!"

Batgirl still couldn't quite understand what was happening. She could hear, she could feel but she was still floating in her warm, yellow sun. Why couldn't she see anything? Then she realised that her eyes were shut. 'How stupid!' she thought as she willed them to open.

When they finally flickered open, she'd immediately wished that they hadn't as a harsh bright light replaced her soft yellow warmth. She felt her head start to ache. Yuk! She quickly shut them again, but it was too late. Her sunny warmth had gone for good and this time she was surrounded by blackness again and fiery flames and she was starting to feel a lot of dull pain around her body.

She felt a hand on hers again.

"Come on Batgirl, open your eyes for me." It was that excited voice again.

There seemed to be no alternative so she gradually let them slide slowly open again, this time ignoring the initial pain of the brightness and she was rewarded as things gradually started to come into focus. There was a vaguely familiar face grinning down at her. She squinted in concentration before recognising Catgirl.

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