tagMind ControlA Day in the Life of Dr. Smithers

A Day in the Life of Dr. Smithers


Clayton Smithers was really glad he had listened to his mother when she told him he should become a doctor. Mom had always told him it would be a lot of work but worth it in money and prestige. She had been only part right. Hardly any work had been required, just learning the jargon and technical terms by studying books and papers written by psychiatrists who had taken the hard route to obtaining their degrees. Clayton Smithers had taken the easy route, buying his degree from the best diploma mill he could find, receiving an impressive document and also references from the psychiatric hospitals where he had supposedly interned and served his residency. Anybody could contact these hospitals and when the county medical board did, the diploma mill provided glowing letters of recommendation from them. The diploma hadn’t been cheap and there were still some maintenance expenses such as the letters but the phony doctor had earned his investment back many times over. Mom had been right about the prestige and the money and those were great but Clayton usually thought the best part of all was the terrific sex he had with his patients.

His principal “treatment” method was hypnosis. This was the only psychiatric tool he had ever bothered to learn and he was good at it. Since he was strictly a heterosexual, all his patients were women and once they were under his control in a hypnotic trance, they would do anything he wanted. Clayton had an extensive videotape library of the women doing what he wanted and, enjoyable as the sex had been, he often thought that watching them and himself on videotape was sometimes even better. Being sucked off by the town’s social leader had been very pleasant but subsequent viewings of that august lady licking cum from his cock were even better.

On this one particular day, his first patient was Mrs. Brown, a very good looking and large-breasted young married woman whose husband thought she was frigid, and they wanted her to be treated for it. Clayton didn’t think she was very frigid; she had certainly enjoyed it when he had fucked her on their first session, cumming after about five minutes and again ten minutes later. Clayton had very much enjoyed the session too and, after looking over all his appointments, he decided he would fuck her again. Although reasonably virile, he didn’t want to wear himself out so he usually only had sex with one or sometimes two patients in a day, and Mrs. Brown seemed to be the hottest one who would be seeing him that day.

“Doctor Smithers, Mrs. Brown is here to see you,” announced Miss Crocker, his assistant and office staff. Miss Crocker was in on the scam but, being heterosexual, she wanted nothing to do with the sex part of it. She knew about the videotape collection, kept it neatly cataloged and had even seen some of them, but she had no interest with sex with the women who came to call on her employer or with him either. She was willing to settle for being paid three times the amount she would have gotten for a similar job with a genuine doctor.

“Thank you, Miss Crocker. That will be all. Good morning, Mrs. Brown, and how are you today?” The assistant left, closing the door behind herself.

“I’m really worried that I’m not a real woman, Doctor. The last time I made love with my husband, I didn’t have an orgasm. He was very disappointed and I’m afraid he might leave me for someone who is more responsive. I think my last session here helped, and I felt really good when I left.”

“I’m sure we helped you too and I believe we can do even more for you today. Sit in this chair her and I will hypnotize you and see what we can do to get to the cause of your problem.” From what she had told him, Clayton knew the cause was that her husband was an inconsiderate jerk who didn’t give his wife enough foreplay and ejaculated too quickly. He would never tell her that, though.

After a few minutes of his soothing voice and concentrating on a rotating ball, Mrs. Brown was in a deep trance. Clayton tested her by asking some key questions and then by fondling one of her plumply sexy breasts. When she made no protest except to giggle, he knew she was ready for his “treatment”.

“Susan, I am your husband, Richard. What do you think of me?”

“I love you very much Richard and I’m sorry to be such a disappointment to you. I really wish I was more of a woman, like you deserve. I’m sorry to be so frigid that I don’t have an orgasm when you make love to me.”

“Very well, Susan. We will try it again today but we will have to use that sofa over there instead of our bed. Go over there and take off all your clothes.” Susan went to the sofa that the phony doctor was indicating and started undressing. While she was occupied with that, the “doctor” went to the video camera, made sure it was focused properly and turned it on. The first things it recorded were Susan Brown removing her undergarments and sitting, totally naked on the sofa.

The next thing it recorded was her “husband” approaching her while undressing. When he reached her, he stopped and removed the rest of his clothing, hanging it neatly on the nearby coat rack because he had more “patients to see that day. In anticipation of what was going to be happening for the next two hours, his cock was stiff and ready. Putting one hand on his “wife’s” shoulder he gave her directions.

Suck my cock, Susan. If you love me and don’t want to disappoint me by being frigid, take my cock into your mouth and suck on it. Susan knelt in front of the man who was pretending to be her husband and took his cock into her mouth. After a few strokes, she was moving her head back and forth, taking his cock all the way into her mouth with every stroke.

Watching his cock sliding in and out of his victim’s pretty face gave Clayton Smithers a great deal of pleasure and knowing he would be able to watch the videotape later gave him even more. The most pleasure, though, came from the marvelous feeling of her lips squeezing his shaft as she moved her face back and forth, applying just the right amount of pressure to give him the most enjoyment. He decided that he would cum into her mouth and eat her pussy and fuck, and that would be enough sex for the day.

“Let me sit on the sofa, Honey, and you can kneel in front of me,” he suggested, staying in character. Susan took her cock off his mouth and moved out of the way so the man she believed to be her beloved husband could sit down and be sucked off. Clayton knew exactly where the video camera was focused and he made sure his cock would be in the middle of the picture. Once he was comfortable, she made him even more comfortable, bobbing her head up and down and stroking his cock with her mouth.

“Do you like this, Richard,” she asked, taking his cock out of her mouth and rubbing it against one of her big, erect nipples.

“Oooo, yeah, Susan. That feels really good. Keep doing that.”

Susan continued to pleasure the phony doctor with her breasts, rubbing one nipple and then the other against the head of his cock for a few minutes each. After that she wrapped her lovely breasts around Clayton’s shaft and moved them up and down, licking his cock on every stroke. He knew he was getting close to cumming so he told her, “That feels good, Honey but I like it even more in your mouth.”

She immediately enveloped his throbbing cock in her mouth, and a few strokes later, he ejaculated onto her tongue. “Swallow that, Honey, and lick off everything and swallow that too, if you love me.”

After she had done what was required to “prove her love”, her phony husband told her “You sit there now Honey. I want to do the same thing for you.”

Kneeling in front of the naked young woman, Clayton gave her further instructions. “Slide forward so your sweet little ass is on the edge of the sofa. That’s it. Now put your legs on my shoulders. Once his “patient” was in place, the “doctor” wrapped his arms around her thighs, leaned forward and started gently licking at her pussy lips. For several minutes he enjoyed himself, licking the lips on both sides of her vagina, starting at their origin and licking them to where her clit hood began. Susan was enjoying herself also and her pussy was fucking into his face.

This is about the least frigid woman I know of, he thought, listening to her moans of pleasure and relishing the taste of her pussy and the way it felt to his face and tongue. For almost ten minutes, he pleasured himself and Susan, eating her pussy while she thrashed around on the sofa, her thighs alternating squeezing and releasing his head. Finally, his mouth went to her clit, which was swollen and protruding from its protective hood. At first, he licked, then his fingers peeled back the protective hood and he sucked on her adorable love toy.

After about a minute of sucking on her sweetest of sweet spots, Susan started cumming, jamming her pussy into his face and squeezing his head with her thighs. Clayton loved it when women, especially women as sexy as Susan Brown climaxed while he was eating their pussies and he continued sucking on her clit until she reached orgasm, her body giving a sudden jerk, followed by completely relaxing on the sofa. With his “patient” slumped on the sofa regaining her strength, the “doctor” went to his small washroom and wiped her pussy juices from his face. When he returned, he took a condom from his desk drawer and put it on his cock, which was stiff and ready for Susan Brown’s extremely enticing pussy.

“Oh, Richard, that was wonderful. I loved the way you made love to me. I hope we can do it some more.”

“Of course, Honey, but right now I have something else in mind, and it will be wonderful too. Lie down on the sofa there, and spread your legs.”

Susan eagerly did as she was told. His cock is not very big and her pussy was still very wet so Clayton easily penetrated her all the way and started stroking in and out of her. This and the earlier blowjob would be the only sex he would have that day so he wanted to take his time and enjoy the lovely young body that was writhing on the sofa under him. She was moaning too, from pleasure and fucking her pussy back to meet him. “This is one hot chick,” he said to himself, for the umpteenth time, and continued to fuck with slow deep strokes.

“Oh, Richard, I’m cumming,” she cried out happily, and squeezed her partner’s hips with her legs and his shoulders with her arms. Clayton continued fucking with slow strokes as long as Susan continued cumming, until she climaxed, abruptly squeezing him with her arms and legs. Expecting her to cum a second time, he continued to fuck, but he slid his body forward on top of her to get more contact between his cock and her clit. He also started driving his cock into her faster.

Fifteen minutes later, fifteen of the best minutes he could remember, Susan was again moaning and thrashing on the sofa under him, ready for another climax. Faster and faster, cock and pussy caressed each other until Susan again cried out that she was cumming and squeezed the legs and shoulders of the man on top of her. This time, when she climaxed, he continued to fuck her pussy even faster until the muscles in his ass clenched and his guts slide out of him as he climaxed, filling his condom with semen.

For a few minutes the naked man and woman lay on the sofa, she with a warm glow of love for the man she believed to be her husband, after he had satisfied her so well sexually. The man also felt a warm glow, partly because of the great sex he had just finished having and mainly because of the control he was able to exercise over the beautiful woman who was lying under him and many more like her. Susan Brown, like the other women he took advantage of sexually, was allotted two hour appointments and he was magnanimous in only charging her for one. The other women, the ones he didn’t want for sex partners and just cheated financially, only rated one hour appointments. There was just under half an hour left of Susan’s allotted two hours so it was time to get her cleaned up and for him to get dressed again.

The condom was to avoid pregnancy and any sexually transmitted diseases, because Clayton Smithers didn’t want anything messing up his sweet racket. He also didn’t want to leave any DNA evidence in any pussies. When one of his victims sucked him off, he always had her wash her mouth out with a strong mouthwash, making sure there was no evidence left there either. After Susan Brown was once again clean and washed and presentable, still glowing from the great sex with, she believed, her husband, Clayton gave her his final instructions.

“Mrs. Brown, I am Doctor Smithers. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“When I clap my hands, you will awaken and you will remember nothing of what has happened while you were asleep. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good.” The phony doctor clapped his hands and Mrs. Brown stirred suddenly, blinked, looked around and remembered where she was.

“Oh, Doctor, how did things go?” she asked.

“Quite well, Mrs. Brown. I believe I have gotten closer to the root of your problem and we can explore this line further on your next appointment.” As he spoke, he was writing some lies in the medical record he kept on Mrs. Brown, just in case anybody ever saw it, although he considered that to be extremely unlikely. Clayton Smithers took as few chances as he could.

“Call my assistant for an appointment,” he instructed Mrs. Brown as he escorted her through the door that opened directly into the hallway opposite the door where his victims entered. He didn’t want any of his “patients” meeting in his waiting room and possibly comparing experiences.

“That was really great,” Clayton told himself, thinking about the hour of sex he had just enjoyed with Susan Brown. “Her husband is an idiot, not to know what a jewel he has there.”

The next woman who was due to come in was fat but with a pretty face. There was a videotape of her sucking him off, and Clayton enjoyed watching it sometimes. “Today, once she’s under,” he thought, “I think I’ll make her masturbate with a dildo. That’ll be fun to watch. Maybe I’ll have her use it in her ass.”

Without warning, as Clayton Smithers was deciding what to do with his next victim, a large man wearing a cheap suit walked through the door and announced himself. “Mr. Smithers, I am Detective Callahan from the Fraud Unit and you are under arrest.”

“That’s Doctor Smithers and I…..

“Mister Smithers. I know all about your bogus degree. As I started to say, you are under arrest for fraud and rape by deception. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You are entitled to the advice of legal counsel and if you can’t afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these warnings?”

“This is an outrage! I am a respected member of the medical community!”

“You are a phony. We busted the diploma mill and got their list of customers. Phonies like you are being nailed all over the country. Do you understand the Miranda Warning I just gave you?”

“Yes, of course I do, and I hope that you understand that I’ll have your badge and sue the police department for this outrage.”

“Be my guest, but with the evidence from the diploma mill and the videotapes, you’ll be laughed out of court.”

“How dare you! Those videotapes are confidential medical records.”

“No they’re not. They’re just movies of you getting your cookies with a lot of women. Even if you were a real doctor, which you’re not, the women on those tapes are so pissed off at you that most of them have agreed to let us use them as evidence, which shoots down their confidentiality.”

“You obtained them illegally. You didn’t have a search warrant.”

“We didn’t need one. We leaned on your assistant and agreed to go light on her in exchange for her cooperation. She had custody of the tapes and let us see all of them we wanted, and she will also testify in court.”

“You’ll never make it stick. I’ll hire the best lawyer in town and beat this trumped up case.”

“You won’t be able to afford that but, like I said, a lawyer will be appointed for you. We have impounded all your bank accounts and seized all your assets because everything you own was obtained through illegal means. After I march you down to the squad car, some people will come in here and clean out your offices also. Whatever we sell the stuff for will go to the women you ripped off. Now, turn around because I have to put these handcuffs on you.”

As the detective marched the handcuffed Clayton Smithers past Miss Crocker, his former assistant, and her police escort, he had some more bad news. “I see by your videotapes that you’ve had a lot of sex partners. You probably won’t be very happy to know that you will continue to have a lot of sex partners, although of a different variety. When those hardcore cons at the penitentiary see your soft, white skin and fat ass, they’ll stand in line to fuck you. You’ll probably have more boyfriends than anybody else in the joint.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I appreciate knowing people’s opinions, either good or bad, so please vote to tell me what you think, and leave public comments or email me. I promise to respond to anybody who leaves his or her email address or Literotica handle.

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