tagGroup SexA Day with Lauren Pt. 03

A Day with Lauren Pt. 03


This is part three, a continuation of "A Day with Lauren."


The afternoon before the big party to introduce Lauren's abandonment of her sexual reticence, I spent a couple of hours with her, making out and gentle coupling, knowing tomorrow night the action would get very steamy and adventuresome. Calming down from our eventual climaxes, we started conversing about the upcoming party.

"I have a confession," I told Lauren, not knowing how she would take what I was about to reveal. "I ran into Susan at the grocery store last Monday. I asked her if she was going to consider attending the party."

"There must be more to it than that for a confession," Lauren interjected.

"Yes there was. Susan asked me if I could stop over her house Tuesday evening. I said sure thinking she might want to get an idea about the party with her husband," I explained.

"Well, when I got there she was alone. Susan explained that her husband had gone out of town to visit a sick uncle, "I continued. "We sat in her living room with a glass of wine when she confided in me."

"Oh, what did she confide in you?" Lauren asked.

"That she secretly had desires for me," I responded. "She said she wanted very badly to fuck me that night when the other women did, after our get together with you on Nude Day."

"Wow, and you thought she wasn't ready to go that far," Lauren added.

"As we were sitting there talking, Susan began to unbutton her blouse," I went on. "It wasn't long before she removed her bra, revealing her perfectly rounded breasts and hard, elongated nipples. She asked me if I like them."

"I am sure you responded positively," Lauren surmised. "After all, you are a hot blooded male," she said laughingly.

"Susan wasn't waiting for a verbal response," I said. "She came close and shoved her tits in my face, holding my head as I licked and sucked on each one alternately. Before long she had completely undressed herself, asking me if I found her desirable."

"And your response?" Lauren inquired.

"I didn't verbally respond," I explained. "I stood up and undid the button on my shorts and pulled them off, along with my boxers, my erection giving her my answer."

"Please continue," Lauren begged.

"Susan got down on her knees and took me in her mouth, lovingly, almost worshipfully, savoring my cock. After a few minutes, she shoved me down on her sofa and straddled me, my cock buried deep inside her. She rocked back and forth, several time letting out loud moans, as I felt her womanly juices bathing my cock and balls."

"Oh, I bet that was hot to watch," Lauren exclaimed.

"After her third orgasm I picked her up, turned her around and started pounding her hard from behind until I exploded in her."

"I bet she can't wait until tomorrow night," Lauren conjectured. "I will have to watch you two go at it."

"She's not coming to the party," I informed Lauren.

"Why not?" she asked. "I would think she couldn't wait to get her hands on you again."

"She won't come because her husband will still be out of town," I explained. "She wants us to have a discreet affair, only the two of us."

"Would you do that?" Lauren asked.

"No," I replied. "I told her this is all honest and open between us. No secrets."

"Have you told Karen?"

"Not yet," I responded. "I haven't figured out a way to tell her so she won't be mad with Susan. I would rather see if I can get Susan into the group where we can all be open with each other."

"I will see if I can talk to her tomorrow morning, before the party," Lauren offered.

"That will be great," I said.


My phone rang about noon on the day of the party. It was Lauren. "Hi Dan," she greeted me when I answered. "Susan is coming tonight. I'm going to pick her up. Apologize to Karen and Mary for me. I won't be able to help them with the preparations."

We had decided to keep this party mostly indoors, fearing it could get loud with ten people engaging in all sorts of sexual activity. Besides the master bedroom and the guest room, we had plenty of sheets to throw on the living room furniture when things got heated up. I set a table near the stairs to collect everyone's clothing. The invitation reminded everyone that this party was to be a rerun celebration of Nude Day.

Karen and Mary prepared all the snacks for the evening and night while Ken and I set up the bar. We figured there was going to be a fair amount of drinking to loosen things up.

Charlie and Stella were the first to arrive. I was greeted by a huge hug and kiss from Stella. "I hope you're ready for me to fuck your brains out, big boy," she whispered in my ear.

Bill and Julie were next to arrive. Julie appeared very excited about the party. She was the one who initiated the fornication on the Nude Day party at our house. Bill told me she is insatiable now. Before that day, he said they had sex maybe once a month; now he can't keep her off him and that still isn't enough. Bill also confessed to me that she is hoping to get two or three of us men to do her all at once, three cocks filling each hole of that petite body.

Finally, Lauren, the guest of honor arrived with Susan, who had a shit-eating grin on her face. I could only imagine Lauren said or did to convince her to come. Now it was time for the party to begin in earnest.

Karen got everyone's attention. "Folks, let's get the festivities started," she began. "We have plenty of snacks to eat in the kitchen, so, if you're hungry, need more fuel to keep going, help yourself. Also, there's beer, wine, liquor and mixers set up over there on the bar. Help yourselves."

"As you know, we are doing a rerun celebration of Nude Day tonight and through the weekend. Unlike the first Nude Day a few weeks ago, we are all celebrating this one together with Lauren, who has recently shed many of her sexual inhibitions and emotions so we can all fully appreciate her and each other," my wife continued.

"Ok. So let's start. Everyone strip," Karen commanded. "Wait," she hesitated. "Any of you girls want to put on a show?"

"I do," piped Susan.

"Me too," added Julie.

"Might as well join you girls," Sheila chimed.

"I'll find some raucous music," I offered.

As the music started, so did the girls. Since they were expecting to be naked, the women didn't dress much. Sheila took center stage first. Slowly she started hiking up her sundress, exposing her pantiles bottom. Shaking her butt and thrusting her pussy, she danced around the room, coming on to us men. Teasingly she pulled the sundress up to her breasts before finally revealing their pink erect nipples. The in one motion Sheila pulled the Sundress off over her head, exposing her curvy, voluptuous body, and tossed it to me. She blew me a kiss as I neatly folded it and set it on the table.

Susan was the next to put on a show. Seductively she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a red lace bra. Tossing her blouse aside, she made her way around to each of the men and placed their hands on her perfectly round tits, in turn. As we did so she kissed each of us on the neck or lightly on the lips. Unclasping her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, unveiled a matching pair of red lace panties, which were already visibly wet. She was obviously aroused by the situation.

The anticipation built as Susan methodically unclasped her bra, slowly letting it fall from her to display her large erect nipples. She danced over to me, now topless, and proceeded to bend over, lowering her wet panties as she did. As they fell to her ankles, she stepped out of one side and kicked them up to her grasping hand. Susan waived her sopping panties under my nose and then forced them into my mouth.

"She's very sweet," Lauren whispered in my ear. Then I realized that Lauren had come on to Susan earlier in the day; they had sex with each other.

Not to be out done, Julie alluringly cast her clothing off piece by piece exposing a sexy, seductive petite body. She danced around to each of the men, pulling her panties down, exposing her glistening, wet pussy individually, thrusting two fingers in her dripping pussy for each of us, giving us each a taste as she offered her wet fingers to our salivating mouths.

The rest of us couldn't get our clothes off any quicker, the men releasing their hard aroused cocks. Mine was already dripping pre-cum, which didn't go unnoticed by Sheila. She knelt in front of me and licked it off the head of my engorged muscle.

Lauren grabbed Ken and Bill by the hand and started leading them up the stairs to the master bedroom, I presumed. Sheila was now fully servicing my cock when Karen informed me that she and Mary were going to watch Lauren fuck Charlie and Bill. I caught a glimpse of Ken leading Julie out to the pool, leaving me with Susan and Sheila.

Susan knelt next to Sheila and joined in orally pleasuring my cock and balls.

"It's a very beautiful cock," Susan said to Sheila.

"And tasty," retorted Sheila.

"Let's take it for a ride," Susan offered.

"How do we want him to finish?" Sheila asked her cohort.

"On our tits," replied Susan. "Then we can lick it off each other."

Just the thought of that erotic scene almost made me explode when Susan said that. I had to control myself so I pulled out of Sheila's mouth and took a moment to throw some sheets on the sofa before positioning myself for Sheila and Susan to ride me cowgirl style. Alternately, they bounced up and down on my cock, their tits sprightly reacting to their movement, especially Sheila's larger D-cup globes. The girls took turns, helping each other to orgasms by rubbing each other's clits as they worked on my cock.

"I'm almost there," I let them know. Susan jumped off. Sheila stood me up and grabbed my cock, furiously stroking my lubricated rod as they waited in front of me on their knees.

"Ahhh," I let out loud as Sheila kept pumping my cum out, directing it first on Susan and then on herself. Susan wasted no time cleaning my cum off Sheila's large breasts, then Sheila cleaned Susan. They didn't stop there. I stood there watching these two sexy hot women in the sixty-nine position voraciously tonguing and sucking on each other's wet pussies. The spectacle before me captured my undivided attention so much so that I didn't notice Julie and Ken in the room until Julie's hand replaced mine, stroking my cock. She had me in her right hand and Ken in her left as we intently watched.

The audience grew as Karen, Mary, Lauren, Charlie and Bill came down the stairs into the living room.

"Wow, they look like they're really enjoying themselves," Bill remarked. Just then, Susan screamed as she coated Sheila's face with streams of hot womanly cum. That must have set Sheila off, her hips thrust up and her legs wrapped tight around Susan's head, holding her in place as the two women experienced earth-shattering orgasms.

"Let's take a break and have some snacks," Karen offered. It seemed like a great idea to get ready for what was going to be a long night of raucous sensuality.

I poured Lauren a glass of wine and we went out on to the patio. "Did you have a good time with Bill and Charlie?" I asked her.

"Those two popped pretty fast," Lauren explained. "Maybe they were nervous or so turned on by being watched. Karen and Mary were rubbing themselves as they glared at Bill and then Charlie pump their cocks in and out of me."

"Did you cum?" I asked concerned.

"Not with them but when Karen jumped in between my legs, she got me off in a hurry," Lauren concluded.

"You'll get more chances tonight," I assured her.

"Want to know what Bill told me upstairs?" Lauren stated. "He says Julie wants to have three of you at once. You, Ken and Charlie, and Bill wants to watch."

"Yea, I know Bill told me that was one of her fantasies," I let her know.

"Well, let's get that going. Let's get back inside with the others and arrange to fulfill Julie's fantasy."

Lauren and I went back inside to see that everyone had finished eating and were now sitting around laughing and making conversation. Lauren grabbed a couple of sheets and spread them out in the middle of the floor.

"Can I have everyone's attention," Lauren called out. "I know this party is for me but I was informed one of you girls has a particular fantasy. It's a fantasy that I'm sure we all want to see come to fruition. Karen, can you get me some lube? I really want to make this happen for Julie."

"Ken, lay down here on the sheets," Lauren commanded. "Mary, suck on him, get him ready. Julie, are you wet enough already?"

"Oh god, yes," Julie responded.

"Let's get your bum hole primed first," Lauren instructed. "Get on all fours. Dan, start working a couple of fingers in her while Karen gets your cock hard."

"Charlie, you ready for a blow job?" Lauren went on. "Once we get Ken and Dan started you are going to come over here by Ken's head and kneel so Julie can take you in her mouth."

Julie was already moaning as I fingered her for about a minute. Lauren was about ready to get everyone situated. "Ease down on Ken, Julie," ordered Lauren. I knelt on one knee, the other up so I could get and angle on Julie's buttonhole. Karen poured more lube on Julie and coated my ragingly hard cock. Slowly I slipped in. Julie was rocking back and forth on Ken as I inched my cock into her bowels on her back movement.

I penetrated Julie completely. The thin flesh between Ken's cock and mine didn't mask the sensation; it felt like we were actually touching, gliding our rods against each other. Ken and I established a rhythm, eliciting louder moans from Julie as she tried,

sporadically servicing Charlie, not able to consistently keep him in her mouth. Julie's body writhed several times as her orgasms kept coming in waves. I sensed Ken was ready to cum by the contractions of Julie's pussy grasping his cock. I picked up my pace, slamming her hard now.

I watched Sheila furiously pumping Charlie. My incessant pounding made it impossible for Julie to effectively suck Charlie. Sheila directed Charlie's streams of white creamy cum on Julies face, into her open mouth. The sight of Julie's cum bathed countenance did it in for me. I shot several ropes into her bowels, thrusting hard with each one, seeming like I might rip her petite body in two.

Julie just laid there for a couple of minutes, grinning with cum dripping off her cheeks and out of her butt hole and pussy. "Let's get you upstairs into the shower," Karen told Julie as she helped her up.

For now all the men were spent, even Bill who didn't participate in his wife's fantasy-come-true. Mary had jerked him off as they watched the spectacle of Julie's triple penetration. We each grabbed a drink and headed out to the patio for some conversation, leaving the women to enjoy each other.

"That was amazing, Bill," Charlie stated. "I could never imagine she could have handled that."

"She really loves anal," Bill explained.

"I could tell by how easily I slipped in," I added.

After a half hour or so, the women, except for Julie, who Karen informed us was fast asleep upstairs, came outside and suggested we all take a dip in the pool. After a while of playful banter in the pool, Charlie and Sheila excused themselves, informing us their oldest son and his wife were visiting tomorrow.

The rest of us figured out sleeping arrangements. Lauren was going to be with Bill and Julie in our bed, where Julie was already hunkered in. Ken and Mary were comfortable with the sofa bed in the den, which left Susan to join Karen and I in the guest bedroom.

The weekend had just begun.

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