tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 13

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 13


A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 13

Friday - February 24, 2006

Authors note: This is the thirteenth day of a fourteen-day vacation with the hope of turning a ten-year fantasy into reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

I squint as my eyes open at waking up. I feel Maria. She has a soft hand on one of my tender breasts; her breathing is so slow and soft. I lie here thinking of yesterday and wondering what will happen today. She begins to stir and rolls onto her back.

I flip around, "Good Morning, Maria."

"I did not realize your were awake, Heather."

"I am lying here thinking of yesterday and today, Maria."

"Those were some awesome cums we had last night, don't you think Heather?"

"Yes, they were, Maria. I know that a guy can never do that for me, at least I don't think so. Maybe I need to try different positions to see if a cock can rub me there."

"You know, sometimes with guys you have to kind of speed things up to keep up with them where for us it seems to build just at the same speed. I just love it when I am getting a guy turned on and he unloads but maybe that is causing my brain not to completely relax and to just float. Maybe that is why sex with Chuck, Frank and Jeff is more relaxing; they seem to build at the same rate as I do."

"I think I agree with you Heather because when you are doing it with a guy part of your brain is wondering how close he is to firing his thing; where with Anna and myself we just float like we are one. Well, I better get my butt in gear, shower and find my sister and see what our orders are for today. Thanks Heather, for the awesome time and I'll see you at lunch then."

"On the contrary Maria, thank you," as I kiss her softly on a nipple and suck it slightly.

"Go get your shower. If I go with you we might start something."

We kiss softly and then she scoots off the bed.

I am just lying here waiting for the shower to be free. Amy and Jenn come by the bedroom. They peek their heads in to look around and Jenn says, "My God Heather, what happened in here last night or this morning? Jeez, the room smells like there was a female orgy going on."

Before I can answer we hear, "See you later Heather and thanks again."

Amy and Jenn look at me, then each other. Amy says, "Just you and Maria did this. My God, the bed looks like ten people were having sex in it and the residual odors are turning me on, God Heather, what went on?"

"Well, Maria and I just got into it and could not stop."

"I'm jealous. I think you and Maria had more fun than Chuck, Paul and me."

"How were the guys?"

"Well, I had a new experience. Paul was eating and finger fucking me while Chuck was doing my mouth. After Chuck and I came, Paul asked if he could drop his do me in my mouth. I said, "Sure." I was taking Paul's cock and placing it into my mouth when Chuck decided to do what Paul had been doing to my pussy. So I got a double cumming in my mouth while being eaten and finger fucked twice. It was great until I look at this mess and smell the air; I am wondering if it might have been better in this room."

We all laugh.

"Well Jenn you are quiet. Good night or bad?"

"It was very good at the time but I am wondering now."


"Maybe I am turning into a slut."

"Why is that?"

"Well Stace and I went into the lounge after dinner to listen to the band and just relax. Sam came by and asked if we wanted company and we said sure. Randy then comes by and does the same and he sits down with us too."

"Harry then comes by and says, "Hi". Well I have always wanted to get in the sack with him again, so I open my mouth and ask him to join us if he wants to."

"We all dance with each other. I am sitting chatting with the guys and Stace whisper something into Randy's ear. Randy gets up, goes to the bar and talks with a white guy and comes back to our table with him and he introduces him as Tom. I see Tom and Stace get into chatting so assume that she sent Randy to get him."

"I went to dance with Sam and when I got back to the table, Tom and Stace were gone. That left me with three guys."

"Randy asked me to dance. On the dance floor, while holding my ass cheeks and pulling me hard into that erect cock in his trousers, he asked me if I ever had three guys at the same time. I looked at him and said, 'not yet' because I was getting hot feeling that hard cock pushing into my pussy and wanting it to be skin to skin."

"Maybe Sam, Harry and I can introduce you to the fun."

I blurt, "Sure why not," I was so turned on needing a cock blasting its warm sticky stuff into me. God, I have really fallen in love with the feeling of guys cumming and depositing their goo in me, knowing I have them turned on so, by being here at the resort compared to home."

"We went back to the table and I knew I had opened the door. Randy looks at the guys and says, 'Let's go private.'"

"They smile and Randy takes me by the hand to lead us into some room near the lounge and it was all red and mirrors all over."

"Well Heather, I had Sam in my ass, Harry in my pussy, and Randy in my mouth. I was thinking while that was happening, this is really the ultimate in sex."

"But now I am wondering. I sure did like it but does that make me a slut?"

"Why should it make you a slut? It's you enjoying sex. You know I think that word was coined by girls not letting themselves enjoy sex so they try to make us that do, feel bad. To me we should be called free spirited for the way that we enjoy it."

"I know that before coming here I would think the same. But God this place lets you enjoy sex to the fullest so what's wrong with that? I know I think differently now."

"Did you all have breakfast? I need a shower."

"Yes you do Heather and I will join you," comes from Amy.

"Count me in too," comes from Jenn.

Amy says, "I will order breakfast and it should be here when we have finish showering."

In the shower we wonder what happened to Stace.

"Thanks for making me feel better Heather." Jenn is still thinking out loud. "You are right. It's the girls not enjoying themselves or not knowing better like us before coming here that are the ones calling us sluts for liking sex. God, thanks Heather for answering Trudy, and you two for inviting me. Just think what we would be missing out on if you hadn't made that move to chat with her. But would we miss it if we did not know how much fun it can be?"

We dress and then eat.

Above entered: February 24, 2006 - 9:30 AM

At our bungalow Jamaica

Jenn mentions she needs to run to the gift shop for some items.

Amy and I sit around chatting about the happenings and are happy to get to stay a daylonger. We are not looking forward to going back into the cold weather. We have managed to get tans by being in the sun from time to time; that will grab attention when we get home, when we are not in the sack that is.

"Oh, Amy I forgot. Ann has invited us for lunch. I might just as well tell you something now. Maria and I really had some strong cums last night. Maria asked me to do Anna in the same way that we managed to get off and she wants to watch but not be seen. Ann and Frank have a mirror; you know the kind that you can see through from one side but not the other. I asked Ann last night if I could use her bedroom and do Maria's request. She agreed as long as she could watch also."

"It is all right with Maria so long as Anna never finds out. I am sure Maria won't object your being there and watching because you and Maria have gotten it on; but you must promise her that your lips are sealed. I'll ask Maria to be sure. Maria and Anna are serving lunch and at lunch I will approach Anna to make certain it is ok."

"God, Heather, three of us will be watching you and Anna getting it on; I will be flooding the carpet."

"Well maybe Maria and Ann can clean you up from time to time."

"I wonder what Trudy and Ann have in mind this afternoon for girlie day? I have a feeling we will never forget today either. I am going to take some extra clothes. Getting with them might get extra hot."

"Hey, that is a good idea Amy."

It is almost noon so we head to the bungalow of Ann and Frank. Tracy answers with the hugs and kisses but they seem to be longer and tighter. I look at her with a frown as she leans into whispers "Heather, I get to watch too."

I clasp my mouth wondering how this came about.

Frank comes up to give us a kiss and hugs then says, "Well, have fun today and if you need anything later..." as I punch him and smile.

As we are eating, Ann says, "By the way Maria and Anna, I have paid for your time the rest of the day so after you have finished here you will be free."

Maria gives me a wink and Anna screams, "Thank you Ann, thank you, so much."

"You are welcome, Anna."

"Yes, Ann, thank you for freeing us up for the rest of the day."

"You are welcome, Maria."

Maria is close to me; Anna is off in the distance, out of earshot. "Maria is it ok if Amy watches?"

"Yes, if she can keep the secret."

I wink at Amy.

I find Anna alone after she and her sister have cleared things and I whisper to her, "Since you are free and since I am so horny, I want to do you if you are in the mood. I have already asked Ann if we could use her bedroom and she has agreed."

"Oh, Heather, I have been hoping we could make love one more time before you leave tomorrow. Thanks and give me ten minutes to finish my work here."

"Sure, Anna, I will be in Ann's bedroom; come on up."

Knowing how Maria and I made a mess, I find some towels to protect Ann and Frank's bed. I place them on the bed and go on the balcony to take in the beauty of the tropical scene.

I hear footsteps behind me. I assume it is Anna. I turn and take her into my arms as she reaches me for a nice warming up kiss and our breasts pressing hard into each other, causing blood to rush to our pussy lips, making them swell and beg for relief.

We break the kiss and she asks, "What's with all the towels on the bed Heather?"

"Oh, I figured we are guests and we should protect the linens."

"Oh, you are right. I forgot we are not at your place."

We get into serious pawing and kissing.

"Heather I am so hot wanting to cum I am soaked."

"Let's get comfy then and have fun."

We strip and head to the bed. On the way I mention that I would like top if it's ok.

"Sure, Heather."

Knowing we are both so turned on already from the pawing and kissing; I hop on first so she gets into the right position. All I need to do is lower myself onto her mouth. Anna is positioned so that her pussy is in perfect view for her sister and the other voyeurs. I swing over her knowing she is situated properly and lower myself to her mouth.

I feel moans instantly. I reach around under her thighs, pull them up so I can spread her swollen pussy lips from this position and begin the clit treatment.

I flick at her clit. It is hard, very hard. I then use my left hand to keep massaging the clit, raise my head, and begin with a two-finger fuck with my right hand. As she moans from the pleasure that she is feeling she begins a small humping motion with her hips. I go to three fingers and now with each forward thrust I just go a little further into her to stretch her.

My position of having my head raised lets me see everything that I am doing. I am sure it adds spice to the voyeurs behind the window also. The humping is increasing, the moans are longer and the cunt lube is really flowing. I increase to four fingers. Mmmmmm, nice moans from her mouth onto my clit are causing me to really build for a cum from my on fire pussy. I bury my thumb into my palm to form a spear with my fingers and keep fucking her hole but with each forward shove my hand goes deeper and does not withdraw as far on the back pull. I almost do not see my thumb knuckle anymore.

Anna pushes me up and says, "My God Heather, this is awesome. I've never felt like this before. What are you doing? Oh I am so close!"

She pulls me back down to her mouth. I am ready to go over the edge. I am hoping my next shove does it or her next hump causes it to happen.

It does and she is pulling me into her mouth and moaning so hard at my clit, along with spraying my face with her nectar, just as Maria had done.

She arches, sprays my face with those warm female juices, just as Maria had done, and humps so fast and hard that I lock on so as not to get thrown off. At the same time I have my own incredible pleasure trip as I gush my love juices into her sucking mouth.

I just lay still with my lady juice covered face on her right thigh with my hand still inside her cunt as a fist and I allow both of us to calm down. I open my eyes when something hits my face. It's a towel. Frank has crawled in quietly to give it to me and has the nicest smile and wink.

I take my free hand to grab the towel and wipe my face and roll off of Anna but do not remove my hand.

"Oh my God, Heather, is that your hand inside of me?"

"Yes it is, Anna."

"Oh my God, I have often wondered about this but am too embarrassed to ask Maria. You know many guys want to do this to us."

"Anna the, best is yet to come."

"Oh, Heather, how can it be better?"

"Do you want to get your hand in me and I can show you?"

"Oh yes, yes, show me then I will surprise Maria."

"I will leave my hand in you. I am so wet that it won't be a problem for you to get your hand into me. Now look at my free hand and watch how I do it and I will coach you then. When you get in, make a little fist so you don't jam my uterus, ok."

"Ok, Anna start with two fingers like this, mmmmmmm, ok now three, mmmmmm, just keep fucking me deeper with each push to stretch me open, mmmmmmm, ok try four, yes, yes, oh Anna that feels soooooooo good. Ok, bury your thumb like this and keep pushing more and more with each thrust. Yeah, keep fucking my pussy, that's it, yes oh yes, Anna. Oh Anna, yes that feels so good. Make a spear with your fingers now. Keep doing it, push harder, it will soon pop in, then stop and make a quick fist and relax."

I close my eyes and wait for my pussy to snap her wrist.


"You ok, Heather? Oh Heather, this is so freakin' unbelievable!"

"Anna this is awesome, my God this is so cool both of us able to do this together. Ok, now look at my hand and do turns instead of thrusting like this."

"Ok, Oh yes Anna, Oh yeah! Oh my God! Hold a sec please. Now I will do you. You tell me when you are ready to cum and then I will let my thumb sneak out like this and rub that same spot that you stimulate with your finger extension, but this should be much, much better. Let's play."

"When you get close to cumming, Anna, say, 'Now.'"

"One more thing, Anna, when you say 'Now' I will place my free thumb on your clit and roll it, so just enjoy. Please do me the same, ok?"

"Ok, Heather I am ready. Can we start?"

" Sure, just follow me to start and it will then take care of itself."

"Just close your eyes and enjoy."

She does as I ask. We are building. The humping from both of us triggers the domino effect. I am trying to hold off until I hear her shout.

I do not know if I can hold out much ...

"Now, Heath...


"Ooooooo...ooooooo... ooooohhhhh"

As we both orgasm, I feel myself spraying and I feel her spraying over my arms again. Things go black again for a few seconds.

Regaining my senses, I raise myself up and look at her and she is out like I was and still is panting hard.

Now she is stirring, flutters her eyes, sees me and grins.

"Heather, we showed you the finger extension but this is so, so, so much better."

"Heather, maybe this won't work for Maria then what will I do?"

"Well let me think ..."

I hear feet running towards us. I look and it's Maria running to the bed.

"Sister it works for me and we are going to have fun," as she drops down on Anna to kiss her and give her a giant hug.

"You little shit, why have you not played with me this way?"

"Well I just discovered it a few days ago. Heather got so hot one time she asked to do it. I said ok and it blew both of us. Then I did her just last night. I was too embarrassed to talk to you so I asked Heather to see if you liked it and if she could fix it so I could watch."

"You little shit-head, you were watching this whole scene. Wait till I get my hand into your cock playpen. You are going to pay for this. I love you sis, God I love you."

I disconnect slowly, and then say, "Why don't you two have fun while I shower."

I grab a towel to catch my drippings and head for the shower.

I get the water going. Tracy, Amy, Ann and Frank all in the nude come walking in.

My jaw drops.

They are all trying to talk to me at the same time. It's blah blah blah to my ears.

"Hold it, hold it, you are all wanting to say something and I can only deal one at a time."

Frank, love him, "Amy you go."

"We need to do that when we get home. That was something indescribable."

"Maybe we don't have to wait until we get home. We have a day and one-half left."

"Oh, we do, don't we? Well we sure will be doing a lot of that at home I think and we need to try it on Jenn and Stace. Oh my God. This place is something."

Frank then says, "Ann, you go."

"Honey, I am lost for words. I am older than you are and that scene was the hottest I ever witnessed. I called Trudy and it is ok with her and I know it is ok with me to ask the twins to party with us girls the rest of the day if you and Amy are ok with it."

I just hug Ann and say, "I love you Ann. That will be fun."

Tracy chimes in, "Thanks Heather for showing me that when girls do it, it can be great. You know you did something the time we did it together and I thought that would be the best ever. But now you have to come to Brazil, please."

"Tracy, Amy and I have accepted the offer and we will definitely be seeing a lot of you."

She lunges into me to kiss and hug me and then turns away crying.

"Frank, it's your turn," I say along with giggling as he approaches.

"I am like Ann. I am stunned from watching that scene. That has to be the hottest sex scene ever, my God I have blue balls because of it."

"Thanks, Frank."

"Well, I can not recall the day but Maria and I were messing in a 69. I was finger fucking her, oh, I remember now. It was the morning Maria and I were going to use the finger extension and then, Frank, you were so horny seeing Maria and I on the floor. Remember, Frank, a few days back? Well while Frank was doing me I was almost close to burying my hand in Maria's pussy to find out if I could but I did not. I mentioned it to her and she indicated we needed to try it."

"Remember the other day in the Dungeon? I was so turned on by watching that dildo do her I asked her if I could try it there and then. Remember, Frank I asked for a blanket. Well that was to hide what we were doing. My hand did get into her and it turned me on to wanting it for myself. We had a date last night for her to do me. It was awesome for both of us. She asked me to do Anna since both are shy about some things."

We hear horrendous howls of cumming from the bedroom.

"Relax, my feeling is they both have erupted into horrendous cums since it's their first time doing it to each other."

"So that explains the messy bed this morning. You did have a great time and only the two of you," comes from Amy.

"Yes only two of us, Amy."

"After seeing all the spraying this afternoon I can understand now. That was unbelievable."

As we are showering the twins come strolling in, arms wrapped around each other, tears running down their cheeks and they come right over to me. They wrap me up and kiss me, "Thanks, Heather, thanks, thanks, thanks!"

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