A Dirty Old Man Ch. 04


Charlie pulled his cock way back and let go of my breasts. I didn't have any idea what he was about to do. He reached out and pulled on nipples.

"I'm about to set these tittie knobs on fire."

He had another bottle next to him. As he opened it he was drooling. The liquid was red and it looked like clear jelly. I had an idea just what their additive was. The bottle was filled with a sensation enhancer. You know what they are. Charlie put a few drops on each of my swollen hard nipples and reached around and handed the bottle to Henry. I watched Henry squeeze some of the fluid on his fingers and roll his fingers together until they were coated.

"Ok Henry, let's light the fire in this prime engine."

Charlie wet his fingers with spit and reached out and began rubbing my nipples between thumb and forefingers. He wasn't pinching or twisting and it felt good. Henry had slipped his two fingers around my clit and slowly massaged it. This gentleness was something I didn't expect. The steady pressure was amazing. I felt my pussy start to tingle and I began to move with Henry's manipulation. "Ummmm, that's feels so good, please don't stop."

I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror and both Henry and Charlie were smiling. "You like this baby? It feels real good doesn't it.? Old Charlie loves those big nipples and I'm just rubbing your clit real nice. Yeah, you're gonna cum if we keep this up won't you baby?"

"Oh yes, it feels so good. Please don't stop. I need to cum so bad."

Henry began rubbing the head of his cock around the mouth of my pussy. He put the head in just a little and he was fucking me slow and sweet. Charlie pushed my big jugs together and slowly started fucking my titties. Henry was still rubbing my swollen cherry and Charlie was twirling my nipples round and round, pulling gently.

"Oh my God, Please, Please, let me cum, I'll cum real hard for you."

Suddenly there was a new sensation. The feeling of Henry's fingers around my clit felt like lips sucking it, rolling it around, and it was hot, like a fire burning. My nipples were also on fire. The rubbing and pulling was intensely sensual. The heat was really making my desires heightened. Now I knew exactly what the liquid was, bottled flames.

"Oh yes, fuck me, yes give it to me, ohhh please, deeper, I want it deeper and harder, fuck me hard, please, your hard cock feels so good, fuck your cunt harder, make your pussy cum, make my honey pot pour my cum on your cock, fuck these tits, ride my tits hard, pinch my nipples now, squeeze that clit, oh yeah, please make me cum, make me cum."

"Okay Charlie let's get it on. Feel that baby, Henry's fucking your cunt real hard, look up and watch Old Charlie fuckin those big tits. Oh man, your pussy is gobbling up this big monster piece of cock, ohhh yeah, see me rubbing your clit, look its ready to pop, fucking this pussy hard Charlie, fuckin it real hard, jamming this cunt deep."

The feelings were overwhelming. I was like a bitch in season. I needed to cum and I needed it now.

"Ok baby, get ready, open that mouth cause me and Charlie are gonna fill you up, it's in my balls Charlie, pumping up to my cock."

I knew he was very close, and I was waiting for the explosion to start. I didn't have to wait long. Seconds had him just where he planned to be.

"Open that mouth cause Old Charlie is about to shoot a hot stream of cum down your throat."

I looked up and watched Henry fucking my cunt, his fingers were rubbing my hard swollen clit in circles and it was hot and on fire. Charlie was pumping my tits and pinching hard, my nipples were burning but I loved it, I loved it all and I could feel my orgasm building and it was coming hard and I was so ready.

Charlie screamed "Here it is" and his cock jerked a hot load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and it kept coming. Henry jammed his cock deep and it exploded into me. My world rocked when I felt my pussy contract around Henry's cock in a mind blowing orgasm. As the pleasure released over my body I was sucking on Charlie's cock. It was like a hot poker in my mouth, and I couldn't get enough.

"Ohhh Charlie, this pussy is pumping all over my cock. She's cumin all over me and cumin hard real hard."

I looked up, heard us screaming, moaning, watched us fucking and sucking. It must have lasted for several minutes; I only know we had all had as much as we could take. I felt like I stopped breathing it was so intense. It finally calmed down. Henry was just lying on top of my stomach trying to breathe. When couldn't stand on his feet one more second he fell into his chair. Charlie let his spent cock fall out of my mouth. I just wanted to enjoy the final seconds. I knew I had found my sweet obsession and would never let them go. We all collasped at the same time.

It was the most electric orgasm I have ever felt. These two dirty old men had given me more than I ever expected. Henry nearly fell off the chair from exhaustion. Charlie climbed down off the table and sat down in his favorite prop. I was still on the table and closed my eyes in sheer pleasure. I could only imagine that this was going to be something I wanted over and over.

This is not the end of the story, I know you can't wait to find out what happened next. All good things cum to those who wait.

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