tagBDSMA Disciplinary Hearing

A Disciplinary Hearing


I should begin by clarifying that the event I am about to describe to you is completely true and was somewhat life changing for me. Though the information I will divulge to you in this 'story' seems like a fantasy that could only possibly be devised by a porn writer or a very imaginative teenager, this took place just over seven months ago at the previous company I was employed at. It was a small firm with around 30 staff members, and at the time of my employment there I was one of only 11 women, most of them much older than I. Naturally, I have changed the participants names so as not to incriminate.

It's a Friday evening and as it's pay day, I have been strong armed into joining the workforce for drinks at a bar in central London. By the time the few women I work alongside have finished the one drink they have allowed themselves, they hurriedly say their goodbyes and disappear to their respective homes. The scene I am left to enjoy is akin to A-level results day at an all boys independent school. The men are drunk far too early into the night and become rather detestable company. Raucous laughter fills the bar area with such regularity that other patrons have chosen to move on, and I use the commotion as a chance to make my own exit. Just as I reach the door to leave, my managing director, Marcus, comes back inside after finishing a cigarette. He is a handsome man in his mid thirties, around 6'2" with short, mousy brown hair and dark green eyes. Though he is dressed in one of his many work suits, I have seen him in casual attire once of twice before and I am certain he has a muscular, toned body. He stops in his tracks and I can already smell a potent mixture of cologne and scotch.

"Where are you going?" he slurs.

"Home, Marcus. I'm tired," I reply, quickly losing patience.

His eyes wander from my face, down my body to my heels and back up again.

"You needn't go just yet, have a drink with me. I never get to talk to you any more!"

I should point out at this point that I had shared an inebriated kiss with Marcus at the previous Christmas party. I cannot deny that I found him very attractive but like so many men I have met, alcohol causes such a dramatic shift in his personality that he behaves no better than a brute.I move toward the door and mutter under my breath "Goodnight, Marcus". As I pass him, his hand swoops in and grasps the left cheek of my buttocks firmly. I spin my head around, glaring at him as I break free and leave.

It's Monday morning and I am in the girls lavatory applying a deep red lipstick. I pause for a moment to observe my form in the full length mirror. My long auburn locks fall to my shoulders where they are met by a long sleeve white silk blouse with black collar and cuffs. Below, a black satin pencil skirt hugs my curves. I can just make out the faint outline of my underwear through the blouse; a matching set in red satin with black lace detailing. Bra, suspender waspie and tie side thong, completed by nude stockings with a black seam. My heels as always are very high, on this occasion I am sporting red suede peep toe courts with a 5" stiletto heel. I choose to dress this way whenever I can, not necessarily from a desire to garner attention from potential partners, rather because I enjoy feeling sexy. Material is key to this, satin and silk being my natural favourites, though mesh and lace also have a place in my underwear cupboard.

Hours later, I am sat at my desk answering a call from an important client of the business. Over the top of my desk I see Marcus and the sales director, Hugo, leave the boardroom an begin pacing toward the elevators. Hugo is much younger than Marcus, closer to myself in age though I have never enquired as to his exact birth date. He is far less sophisticated than Marcus, with a scruffy, boyish look about him. Jet black tousled hair and designer stubble, he is not unattractive but he exudes arrogance, regularly displaying a level of self worship that would make the most appealing of men seem utterly repulsive. As they pass my desk, Marcus glances at me and then promptly turns to Hugo, muttering something I simply cannot make out. Hugo lets out a guttural laugh before proceeding to look me up and down as he continues on. I am glad when they are out of sight.

It's now close to six and most of my colleagues have left for the evening. I still have a number of letters and emails to compose, yet I feel somewhat unnerved by the presence of Hugo and Marcus, who are once again congregating in the boardroom. I notice a set of eyes peeking through the blinds at me, yet as my eyes meet theirs, the blind closes once more. Laughter fills the room and I shudder, deliberating whether to leave and catch up tomorrow or stay a little longer. Whether it be an obstinate attitude to my work or plain stupidity, I stay. Before long, I have completed my tasks and start to pack my handbag. As I stand up, it becomes apparent that I am alone on the office floor. I make haste to tidy my desk but as I turn to leave, as voice calls me name from the direction of the board room. I turn and see Marcus, motioning with his hand for me to join him.

"We need to have a discussion, Hannah. Please come in."

I swallow the lump that has formed in my throat and walk through the door that is promptly closed behind me. On the other side of a large, oval desk, is sat a rather smug looking Hugo.

"Sit down, please" Marcus tells me. I sit, soon to be joined at the table my Marcus, who sits beside Hugo. They have a devious look about them, as criminals devoid of remorse would look at trial.

"How long have you worked here now, Hannah?" Marcus asks.

Confused by this extraneous question, I respond accordingly "At least two years, I would think."

"And in those two years" he continued, "not one man in this office has been granted permission to fuck you!"

At this point, you would expect any woman to retort courageously, taking great umbrage at such blatant misogyny. Yet, I hesitate.

"Excuse me?" I stutter.

Hugo sniggers.

"You heard him. I think it's time we saw if you're any good!" He exclaims before rising from his seat. Doing the same, Marcus then proceeds to walk around the desk and place his hands on my frozen shoulders. He leans down and whispers in my ear.

"Play along. It's in your best interests. I'll keep him in check and I promise, your silence will be well compensated."

Before I can form a response, I feel Hugo's hands grasp my arms and pull them behind the chair, before binding my wrists with what I can only assume is a plastic cable tie. Together, they lift me up on the chair and move me away from the table, before placing me down and standing side by side before me.

"You can and you will suck us both" Marcus boldy states, lowering his fly and pulling a large, semi-erect penis from the opening. Hugo quickly imitates this action, revealing a slightly longer, thinner penis. At a guess, Marcus is at least 8 inches and though I am stupefied by the horror of the situation unfolding, I cannot help but be drawn to the beauty of his cock, growing ever harder by the second. He steps forward and clasps my jaw with a firm hand. Mere inches from my face, I can smell his natural musk. I should be repulsed, yet I open my mouth wide and allow him to thrust inside, engulfing his shaft. The two of them let out a cheer as I begin to rock my head back and forth, taking more in each time. I gag slightly and he removes himself from my mouth and I look up at them both. By this point Hugo is masturbating furiously, eager to be granted a turn in fucking my mouth. This time, I do not feel so willing to succumb. I spit at him, managing to cover an area of his suit jacket. He glares at me, a look filled with vitriol and hatred.

"Stupid bitch! Why him and not me?" He barks, lunging forward to meet a clenched fist with my head, but Marcus intervenes and holds him at arms length.

"No marks, mate, remember? Just calm down and stick it in her mouth." He shoots a look at me that I can infer means that I must obey.

Hugo steps closer and lets the head of his penis rest on my tightly pursed lips. I give in and lick the tip generously before having him grasp a clump of my hair and thrust his way in and out of my mouth for a minute or so. Once again, a deep thrust causes me to gag yet he continues to pump, seemingly gaining great pleasure from my discomfort. He pulls out and I am lifted from the chair, my hands still bound, onto the table.

Hugo frantically removes his jacket and stands panting like an exited dog.

"Shall we see what she wears underneath?"

Marcus reaches forward and begins to unbutton my blouse. By the time he is halfway down, I feel something begin to stir within me. Has this come to arouse me? Does my body long for this?

"Fuck, look at that, Marc! Look at what she's wearing!"

Marcus has pulled my blouse wide open, revealing the seductive satin and lace lingerie beneath. The act of being exposed awakens me, initiating a sudden build up of juices inside my vagina. I can feel the crotch of my thong moistening.

"I always knew she'd wear this sort of thing" says a wide-eyed Marcus, "Let's get her skirt off and see the whole lot."

I am brought to a standing position by Hugo whilst Marcus proceeds to toy with my belt. Once removed, he unzips me and yanks the skirt to my ankles. They both step back and grin at me. I am an unwrapped birthday present, a toy long sought after. I look at Marcus, who presides over my form with such delight.

"Turn around and bend over, I want to see your arse." I flinch slightly yet heed his request, though no sooner have I done so that I feel the hands of both men yank my legs apart.

"Arch your fucking back, arse in the air!"

As I lift my cheeks toward the ceiling, the thong is pulled to one side and a tongue dances across my clitoris before burying itself inside my vagina. I let out a deep moan, at this point not caring who has entered me. I grind up against the intruder, feeling a nose brush against my tight, puckered arsehole.

"Good lad, let her have it!" Marcus shouts.

I realise I have misjudged the younger of of the pair. His roaming tongue darts around, allowing for flourishes of titillation. I bite my lip as it probes my arsehole. I have not felt quite so aware of my own sexual desire until this point. My pussy is wet to the point I can feel a mixture of his saliva and my own juices running down my legs. I feel so completely alive.

Hugo stands up and moves around my left before leaning against the table, close to my head. Without hesitation I lean in and begin to lavishly lick his shaft, the taste of me still fresh on him. I relish the experience of taking him in my mouth, doing my utmost to heighten his stimulation. He gasps as I allow his erection to penetrate my throat. I have become so enamoured with pleasuring him, I have become oblivious to his partner in crime, growing jealous of the preferential treatment. I feel a metallic object pressed against my forearm and I my hands are freed. Yet I am no longer a rabbit caught in the headlights but a vivacious slut begging for continued arousal. I instinctively clasp my cheeks and pull them apart whilst continuing to engulf Hugo's monstrous erection.

Marcus slides into me, almost cautiously. It feels like it was meant to be in there, that I am somehow defective without it. He begins to thrust rhythmically, his penis so deep inside it slams against my cervix. I am sandwiched between to domineering men and I am in heaven. A hand smacks one cheek, then the other. So scintillating, pain couldn't possibly feel any better. A thumb rests itself against my arsehole then drives it's way in. With my mouth full of Hugo, I let out a yelp that begs him to push the boundaries further. As I find myself with every hole filled, my body begins to spasm. This experience so alien to me feels more natural than breathing.

I soon find myself flipped over, laid on my back across the table. Hugo lifts my legs in the air and his cock dives into my throbbing cunt, pulling himself all the way out each time enters me. Marcus squats over me and dips his penis into my waiting mouth, though no sooner have I tasted my juice on him, he bounces off the table and motions Hugo to pull out.

"Let's make her cum. I want to make her fucking scream" Marcus says as he pulls me up from the table. Hugo lies down in my place and I am helped onto the table. I am instructed to lay on top of Hugo, facing away from him and as I do so my legs are once again lifted into the air, this time coming to rest on Marcus' shoulders. I am then entered in both holes at once. I shriek, a sound emanating from me that I don't recognise. It is both painful and extremely pleasurable and I soon find myself riding them, allowing their penises to drive their way into me in a motion akin to a see-saw. I climax within moments, letting out an almighty moan that I imagine could be heard for miles. They soon follow with what seem like endless streams of hot cum, filling me with such satisfaction that my eyes roll back in my head.

I am left to lay, alone and near naked on the table. They have left an imprint on me that nothing could remove, yet I do not wish for that. Instead, I clean myself up and catch a taxi home.

I a matter of weeks after this most primal of interactions, I left the company. Neither Marcus nor Hugo mentioned our encounter in my remaining time there, but the way I felt when I came into the building each day had a dramatic impact on my work, my concentration almost non-existent. I relived the experience over and over to the point it drove me mad that it was not what I did every day at work. I have not talked with either of the men involved since, though I found a substantial transfer in my current account the day after it took place.

Hannah xxx

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