tagLoving WivesA Discovery In Toni

A Discovery In Toni


It was Memorial Day weekend and the school had been closed; yet Paul was incredibly horny and as usual, it hadn't been one of Mary's days for sex. Hell, they had been married only a short time and she may have fucked him about six times since then missionary style, and he didn't even bother to ask her to suck his cock after the one time he had tried to eat her pussy and she had pushed him off, wondering why he would want to do something so "filthy!"

Paul thought Mary was a sexy woman in his eyes, her 40DD tits and ripe 49 inch hips were marvelous, but his wife really needed to loosen up in bed. And as much as he also found her ass fuckable, forget about anal sex as well. He was lucky enough to get pussy at home when she was in the mood to fuck.

On the other hand, his young wrestling student, Toni, was a total fuck machine. He had originally planned to end their sexual relationship with her once he'd gotten married, but it hadn't worked out that way with both Mary being stingy with sex and Paul having a rare find of a woman with a strong sexual appetite like Toni, in addition to Toni making both his body and cock feel twenty years younger.

But Toni had a new boyfriend now, a fellow student named Colton he had introduced her to when he had planned to break off with her after the wedding. They had hit it off, and Paul found it totally wild that Toni was still fucking him after school then going home and having sex with Colton later those same nights.

What the hell, Paul thought, the kid probably has no idea his girl is already getting laid five days a week!

Little did he know...or what the end result would be.

Toni had been running late getting home after a fuck session with Paul, not having time to clean up or douche before Colton came home. Naturally, he had wanted sex and had all but practically ripped off both his clothes and Toni's as they made their way to the bedroom, so just as well she didn't clean up; they would be sweaty from sex anyway.

She had just sucked him off to ejaculation and swallowed his cum when Colton went down and was about to eat her pussy...and recognized traces of another guy's cum in her. Colton hadn't fucked her that day until they were ready to now, so either she had brought a guy home, or fucked him somewhere else.

"Slut!" he came up and slapped her face. "Who'd you open your legs for, you fucking whore?"

"I--" she began, frightened.

He slammed his cock inside her, fucking her hard. "Did he have a big dick, whore? Did you suck his cock and drink his cum too? Huh, slut? How long have you been fucking him? Who is he, bitch? Who's the better fuck, him or me? Tell me, you whore!"

"Colton, please..." He was hurting her as he sped up the pace, shoving his massive cock deeper into her.

"Fucking slut...who is he? How long did you fuck him, whore?"

She confessed she had been having sex with Paul for almost a year.

"So you fucked around on your last man too? You are a slut and you're gonna get fucked like one!"

He pulled out. "Turn over, whore."

Toni flipped over, never seeing her lover like this. Truth be told, Colton wasn't pissed at all that she had been with another man, but he had found it a turn-on. He slammed into her again from behind, fucking her roughly in doggy fashion as he imagined Paul's cock being inside her before him, which made Colton even hornier. He never thought in his life he would find such a hot piece of ass like Toni and counted his blessings as he felt her approach orgasm despite the rough sex he was giving her.

"Ohhhhh...fuck me..Colton, make me cum!"

"Call me his name, you fucking whore," he ordered Toni as he continued to pound her pussy from behind. "I want you to scream his name when I make you cum."

"Colton....fuck me! Deeper! Fuck deeper!"

He grabbed her hair. "Call me his name, bitch!"

"Paul! Oh God, I'm cummminnnnnnnnnnnnnng! FUCK ME!" she screamed.

"That's better, you slut. And after I'm done with your cunt in a couple of minutes, I'm burying it in your slutty ass. Did he fuck you back there too? The little whore you are, you let him, huh? Huh, slut?"

"Fuck me in the ass..." Toni begged.

"Fuck you in the ass what?" Colton panted, not missing a stroke as he pulled out of her cunt and buried it in her backdoor. "Fuck you in the ass what, you cock whore?!"

"Fuck my ass, Paul. Please."

"Oh now we a good little beggar. That is better, my little whore. My little cock whore likes lots of dick in her. She likes this cock in her ass. Don't you, slut?"

"Yes....please...fuck me."

Colton sped up even more as he buried his cock deeper into her rounded ass. He was not only turned on by the fact she had been freshly fucked by another guy--their own wrestling teacher at that!--before coming home, but she was obviously enjoying the little bit of the rough sex game Colton was putting her through now.

"Does he have a big cock like mine?" Colton panted as he continued the assault on his lover's ass. "Does it all fit in your tight little slutty asshole? Does he shoot big loads in your ass? Huh, whore? You like getting fucked this way by him?"

"Yeah....Colton...fuck me!"

He slapped her ass, hard. "His name, you whore!"

"Paul!" she cried from the sting of the slap.

"That's my good little slut," he gasped. "Getting ready to cum....Paul's going to shove his cock in your whorish little mouth and you're drinking it all down, you cock whore...."

Colton pulled out of Toni's ass in one stroke, then flipped her over roughly before dumping his cock into her mouth. "Suck it, slut! Suck me off and drink that cum!" he hissed as he began fucking her face.

Within minutes of Toni's wet, warm mouth working on his cock, Colton felt hot blasts of cum being emptied down her throat. "That's it, you whore. Take every fucking drop of it. It's what you sluts all like...you are one slutty little bitch!"

As fast as he was coming, Toni eagerly swallowed her lover's semen. She loved sucking cock, and she loved the taste of cum, and Colton knew this as he gave a final thrust of his fuck tool into her mouth as the last shot left his cock.

He grew soft and finally pulled out. "Such a good little slut," he panted as he collapsed on the bed.

After they finished, Colton confessed that he really wasn't mad at her for sleeping with Paul and how he had found it arousing instead. He knew Toni had a strong sex drive, and Paul likely wasn't getting enough at home. Colton wanted to know the details of her sex life with Paul, how big his cock was, how many times he would make her cum in every sex act, the most he would cum at once, the longest he had fucked her in one day, how many times a week she fucked him, and how his cum tasted when he came in her mouth.

Toni found it sexy that her boyfriend would find all these details arousing as she answered all this questions about her being with her older lover. She had been hesitant at first when Colton suggested since they were all basically home for the holiday weekend, why not get summer off to a literal bang by having Paul over for a nice naked private party of their own?

Toni explained that she had never been with two men at once, but Colton said he had been with another couple and he would get her through it. Besides, he found the thought of her fucking Paul while Colton watched them--and then fucking Toni once Paul was finished with her--incredibly hot.

"Please, baby," he moaned. "I want to see you fuck him. Bring him over and fuck him for your lover. Show me what a whore you can really be for me."

Funny thing when he said that, Toni too became turned on.

Knowing that their conquest would be home alone that weekend with his family out of town, they invited him over for their "party"....which Paul accepted, not knowing what was about to happen.

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