tagBDSMA Dominant Couple and Me

A Dominant Couple and Me


I have a real thing for sex with couples. I'm Mark. I'm single, 35 years old, five nine and 145 whopping pounds. For the rest of it I have brown hair, green eyes and am fairly smooth all over other than some obligatory pubic hair (I can never understand guys that shave there. It seems like it would just itch like crazy!).

The problem that I have with most couples that I meet that are into male male female sex is that one or the other is generally dominant and the other is somewhat submissive. What I look for is that rare couple who are both dominant and looking for a submissive play toy like me. There's not a lot of those kinds of couples out there! So, on the odd chance that I find one it becomes a red letter day!

I had found this guy named Stephen in an AOL chatroom. It was a married male for married male wife just left room that I sometimes hang out in when I'm hot for phone sex. We talked a couple of times without doing anything and then one night we played on the phone til he had a big fat cum. I'm really good on the phone and he was very appreciative. Miracle of miracles he actually lived near San Diego which opened up all sorts of new possibilities. He had told me about his wife Sarah and the fact that they occasionally invited another guy into their bed. From our conversations and actions on the phone I knew that he was a dominant top and now he was telling me that Sarah was in the same vein. I was hard just thinking about the two of them. Stephen sent me pix of both of them. He's 32, five ten and 170 with dishwater blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice build without a lot of hair. Since the pic he sent was a naked full frontal I could see that his cock was larger than my six and a half inches, thick and cut. The pic he sent of Sarah wasn't nude but nearly so: she's small - - about five two or so and maybe 110 lbs. I'd guess her age at late twenties early thirties. In the pic she was dressed in black stay up thigh highs, a pair of tiny charcoal see thru panties and a matching bra that barely covered her small breasts. Yellow high heeled pumps and red lipstick complimented by auburn hair in a short pixie type cut. She was standing with her black gloved hands on her hips leering at the camera. I had sent them a couple of pix of me one clothed and the other showing my cock in full bloom.

We all apparently liked what we saw because the next thing I knew we were making arrangements to meet at a local bar to see if we liked eachother in person and to see what might happen next. What happened next was that they asked if I'd like to follow them out to their place in Pine Valley for some fun. The drive from Mission Valley to Pine Valley is about 40 minutes but it seemed to take forever. I couldn't stop rubbing my cock through my pants as we sped down highway eight.

Once inside their nice upscale place Stephen brought me a thin silk robe and told me to get comfortable while they did the same. I went into a bathroom and popped into the shower. It had a long flexible metal hose that was obviously for inserting into a pussy or ass for thorough cleaning. The warm water filling me up felt good and when it rushed out of me it felt even better going over my prostate. Fuck I was hot!

I went into the family room where Stephen was putting a DVD into a player that was attached to a BIG flat panel TV. Fifty plus inches so that everything looked much huger than life. He hit the go button and a male male female film started. He and I were sitting on the couch watching these two guys and a good looking girl start to play with eachother. One guy was obviously in charge as he was ordering the other guy and the girl to do things to eachother and to him.

"Fuck I like watching this shit." Said Stephen as he took at hit off of a cock shaped dope pipe. He passed it to me and started rubbing his crotch through the material of his robe. I was hard as a rock as I took a deep toke. I coughed a bit and my dick poked through the folds of the robe and stood straight up. "Well Mark, I can tell that you like this movie about as much as I do!"

In the movie the sub guy was on his knees avidly sucking the other guy's cock while he gripped his ass cheeks to pull him closer. The girl was on her back underneath the sucker with his balls in her mouth moaning around them. "Yeah I like it a lot. I love seeing guys do eachother."

At that point Sarah came into the room dressed in the same outfit she had on in the pic. Except for black latex gloves rather than the lacy things in the pic. I made an effort to put my cock back inside of my robe but they both laughed at me. "Mark, don't worry about what I'm seeing now. I'll be seeing a lot more of you before we're done here tonight." said Sarah as she walked back and forth in front of us. She stopped in front of the screen and with her back to us bent over in front and looked at us through her spread legs. "Like what you see?"

"Love what I see." I replied. She came over and straddled my lap so that my cock was pushing against the flimsy material of her panties. She kissed me hard and our tongues danced all over the insides of our mouths.

"He's a good kisser baby. We're going to like him a lot!" She said as she pulled me to my feet and led me into her bathroom. "We'll be right back." Once in the bathroom she pushed me up against the vanity and I leaned down to kiss her hot mouth some more. As we kissed she cupped my cock and balls through the robe and then squeezed causing me some delicious agony. She pulled away from me and got a lipstick out of the top vanity drawer. "Stephen likes red lipstick on hot boys like you. You don't mind do you?" she asked. At that point I wouldn't have minded anything! She picked up a bottle of some sort of liquid and then led me back into the family room where Stephen was now laid back on the couch totally naked with his big cock sticking up as he slowly stroked while watching the action on the screen.

"Doesn't he look hot sitting there like that Mark?" she aked.

"Oh yeah he looks really hot."

"His dick's so big and hard Mark. I know you want it don't you!" she said as she groped me through the robe. "Why don't we take this off?" and with that she pulled the robe off of my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. "Doesn't Mark look cute all naked and hard with his red lipstick?"

"Ummmmmm yes! But those red lips would look a lot better wrapped around the red head of my cock." I could see beads of pre cum on his cock from across the room and I wanted it so badly!

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees and crawl over to Stephen. I'd like to see you want it so badly!" she said. I dropped to my hands and knees and started to slowly crawl over to Stephen never taking my eyes off of his big cock. I'd gone a few feet when I felt some sort of liquid on my back and ass cheeks. Sarah was right beside me pouring it on. As I crawled I felt her hands rubbing it into my skin and then I felt her hand slide down the cleavage of my ass and to my pussy hole. "I want to play with you while you crawl over to my man. See if I can make you hot before you get to him." At that point she slid a finger into me and fucked it in and out a few times. The action caused me to slow down and gave her the opportunity to stick another finger into me. "Oh baby! His pussy hole is so nice! Tight and hot for you Stephen." I moved a little farther and she put another finger in. She quickly fucked all three fingers in and out of me letting them dance over my prostate and making me crazy. I had stopped and she now used her other hand to cup my balls and squeeze while she finger fucked me. I know that I groaned aloud.

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me with your hand Sarah. Making me nuts!"

"I think you're a little pig slut Mark. I think you'll do anything I want you to do won't you!" she panted while she put a fourth slender finger into me.

"Oh god yes I'll do anything." I moaned as I finally got to Stephen's legs. His cock was standing straight up tempting me and making me want to engulf it with my mouth.

"You want to suck Stephen's dick don't you Mark. You want to taste it. Eat it. Feel the power of it in your pussy mouth."

"Oh yes yes yes! I want it so fucking bad!"

"Well first I want you to lick Stephen's thighs. I want you to love them with your tongue. Go ahead! Do it while he strokes his cock and I finger fuck your slut pussy."

I bend over his thighs and licked first one then the other. I could see his cock and balls in front of my face and I could feel my mouth opening and closing and I wasn't even trying to do it. I could feel the saliva fill my mouth and drool out. I could feel Sarah's black latex covered hand fingers in my asspussy.

"Now lick his balls you fucking cunt!" she said as she fucked her fingers into me. "Lick them and suck them. Cmon you bitch!" I looked up at her. Her face was contorted with lust. She was so hot between watching me, directing me and fucking me that her pupils were really big and her nostrils were flared. She was so high on sex. "Suck his balls bitch. I'll be right back." And with that she was momentarily gone. I had one of Stephen's balls in my mouth and was salivating all over it as I moaned.

"You're a good little cocksucker Mark. Your fucking pussy mouth is hot on my nuts. And I love the way you run your tongue clit up and down the bottom of me." said Stephen to me. But you want my dick in your mouth dontcha pussy boy. You want to suck my big dick? Tell me how you want it."

I babbled about how much I wanted to suck his cock. I begged him to let me have it. "Please please let me suck it Stephen. I want it so fucking bad."

"But you have to wait til Sarah gets back. She has a thing about seeing my cock go into a pussy mouth. So you just have to be content to suck my balls. But I'll tell you what I WILL let you do. I'll let you lick down to my ass and stick your tongue into me."

"Oh fuck yessss! Want to suck your ass."

Stephen got up on his knees on the edge of the couch with his ass towards me. He reached back and spread his muscular ass cheeks so that his boy cunt was totally open and exposed. I put my hands on either side of his knees and leaned forward. I stuck out my tongue and licked the center of his rosebud pussy. He gave a little jerk as I did it so I pulled back and then plunged forward so that my tongue went into him. He moaned and I started fucking my tongue in and out of him; fucking him with my mouth.

"I leave for a minute and look at what I come back to!" said Sarah as she looked down on us. "Oh Mark just stick your mouth on it and suck while you stick your tongue in. Really show me how much you like sucking ass." I was sucking his ass and tongue fucking him. I was so very into it. "Look at what I've got for you Mark."

I looked up and she was holding two dildos in her hands. One was an easy 14 inches and about as thick as my hard dick- - -thick enough. The other was about 10 inches and really thick. It was obviously expensive as it had great definition and a set of balls that dangled like real ones. "I'm going to fuck your ass with these while I let you suck on Stephen's cock. You'll like that won't you Mark."

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck my pussy ass baby. Can I suck his cock? Can I do it now?" I begged as I stared at the two big dicks.

"What do you think Stephen? Should we let him suck that beautiful dick of yours? "

"Oh yeah. Let him get it in his mouth and then stick one of those into him. Give him some poppers too. Get him really high so he'll do anything!" he said.

I opened my mouth wide and let the head of his cock slide in between my lips. My tongue automatically swirled around the big fat head and I closed my lips around the top of the shaft. He gave a little thrust forward and it slid in all the way to my throat. I choked just a little bit and then used my throat muscles to massage the head while my hand came up to squeeze his balls a little bit. At that point Sarah snapped a popper under my nose and I inhaled. I breathed in the wicked stuff and then I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. The rush hit me and all I could do was impale my throat on Stephen's fat dick and swallow. I felt the head of a dildo against my stretched pussy ass. I knew it'd go in easy but then Sarah pulled in away and pushed her fingers back into me. It felt so fucking full. "I've got four fingers and most of my thumb in you Mark. I'm just a push away from fisting your cunt you filthy whore. You want it don't you?!! You want this bitch to fist your pussy." And with that she snapped another popper under my nose.

"Oh god o god I don't care what you do to me. Anything. Fist me Sarah fist my pussy ass." She had said that there were four fingers and then her thumb in me. I pushed back on her hand and I guess she made it as narrow as possible and just slid it into me. As stretched as I was it still hurt but once the palm of her thumb went in my ass snapped back on her wrist and it was like having a huge cock in me. "Oh my god it's so big in me!" Sarah had contracted her hand into a fist and was slowly pulling her wrist out and then pushing back in. I was on my knees with my face in the couch in front of Stephen's cock. He was hitting me on the head with his dick and talking to us both.

"You're really a little cock whore bitch. My fucking wife's fisting your pussy ass and you're crazy for it. Here. Do some more popper shit. Get higher. Spread your fingers and play with his insides baby. Rub his gland. Fuck him really good. Shit his cock's so fucking hard and red. The skin's tight as hell. I bet he could cum with us just fucking him. Pull your arm out and lets fuck him with these dildos." Sarah fucked me a few more times and then slowly slid her hand out of me. It didn't hurt cumming out like it did going in. I felt really empty. But not for long. Sarah took a dildo and slid it right into my pussyass. It was the long one because I could feel it go really deep in me. It was thick but after her wrist I really didn't feel it much. "You fucked him up so good that he doesn't even know you're fucking him. Use the big one." Sarah popped the long dick out of me and replaced it with the thick 10 incher. I felt this one but not as much as I normally would after being fisted. I was slowly pushing against the big dick in my ass and I guess I was moaning and panting but it wasn't enough for Stephen. "Sarah lets fuck him with both of them at the same time. Stick them both up his pussy hole."

"Oh fuck no. You can't do that! I can't take it!"

"Oh yes you can and you fucking will you pussy!" growled Sarah as she handed the long dick to Stephen. They were on either side of me each with a dick in their hand. They put both of the heads at the gaping entrance of my ass and shoved them in as one. I felt my hands collapse and my face sink into the couch. They were fucking in and out of me as if it was one giant dick. It was exquisite as the long cock went deep into me while the ten inch one stopped short. Like some huge distorted dick was doing me. I was sweating and panting and I could feel tears rolling out of my eyes as I cried out each time the fourteen inch cock bottomed into me. "Fuck his face baby. Rape his pussy mouth while I rape his nasty pussy asshole."

Stephen moved back to the couch and pulled my head out of the cushion. He sat on the edge of the couch and held my mouth over the head of his cock and pulled me onto him and off of him while she fucked me. He held my head up and jerked his cock up and down in front of my face. He was so swollen and so hot looking with the big vein looking ready to pop and pre cum oozing out and down over his fingers. "I can cum anytime baby." said Stephen in a hoarse voice."

"I want to see you shoot off in his ass lover. See the cum run into him. Do it for me baby!" she moaned as she pulled the oily dildos out of me. Stephen pulled me up and moved me over to the end of the couch and then bent me over the arm. He roughly spread my legs and started rubbing his slick cock up and down my crack. She was on the couch watching us with her legs spread and the ten inch dildo buried in her cunt. She was pistoning it in and out really fast with one hand while she furiously rubbed her clit with the other. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum and cum baby." she moaned as Stephen sank himself into me. I was so loose that he could hold his dick and slap it around my hole.

"I'm going to shoot off in this pig slut bitch baby. Gonna cum in his asscunt right fucking now!" he screamed as he shot off into me. I could feel three or four jets of cum hit the side of my ass lining. He pushed in as his cock shot and leaked into me. Sarah was crying out and gasping as a big orgasm hit her. She sank the fat dildo into her pussy and held it there as she shook. She pulled it almost all the way out and violently shoved it back in while giving an animal growl.

"Oh fuck that was so fucking goddamn good." she said in a stage whisper. Stephen backed out of me and when he did I could feel his cum running down my thighs. I used my muscles to try to stop the flow but I was so loose I couldn't do it completely. Some still oozed out of me. Sarah came over and scooped up the cum that was sliding down my thighs and fed it to me. "Open your pussy and let it flow out." I relaxed my muscles and the rest of the cum flowed out of me. She scooped it up and stuck her fingers in my mouth. "You need to cum dontcha baby." she said as she fed me more of her husband's cum. "Stephen and I have done buckets and now it's just you. So why don't I make you shoot." She maneuvered me over so that I was sitting on the edge of the couch with my cock and balls hanging over. I could look down at her sweaty face with matted hair and streaked mascara as she held my hard dick in her small hands. "Now when we're done you have to tell me how good I am." And with that her mouth closed over the red head of my dick and I watched as the shaft slid all the way into her throat. Her tongue was like liquid sliding all over the pole and the head. She slid it up and down the bottom of me caressing the glans and rolling over the top. As she sucked me Stephen sat next to me and paid attention to my nipples licking them and nibbling at them.

"I bet he likes them bitten huh baby?" he said to her as his teeth closed over the right one and sank into it. I moaned and pushed my dick up into Sarah's mouth as her hand found my balls and was massaging them.

"Cmon Mark lover." she whispered as she took her mouth off of me and replaced it with both hands. She was gripping my dick and sliding both hands up and down together cupping the head and rubbing it on the downstroke.

"Oh goddamn I want to cum in your hot mouth lover! Suck it and make me shoot!" I cried as I felt the cum rising in me. Her mouth swooped back down onto me and took my cock into her throat. She gagged and choked but managed to hold it there and swallow the head with her throat muscles. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I'm gonna cum! Oh god I'm going to blow in your fucking mouth you cocksucking bitch!" I grabbed handfuls of the couch and thrust up into Sarah's face as my hot cum burned its way out of me. Sarah's head jerked back a little bit as my first shot of cum startled her. But she was such a cocksucking pro that she never missed a drop and took the entire load into her mouth. I slumped back onto the couch and she continued to nurse at my cock until I couldn't take it anymore and all the cum was out of me. She then stood up over my face and opened her mouth so that my accumulated cum ran out and landed on me. I opened my mouth and managed to catch some of my cum while Stephen licked up what was left.

"This one's the best ever Sarah." said Stephen. Now if he could suck pussy as well as he can suck cock he'd be a keeper!"

I looked up at both of them. "Well lovers. I happen to be pretty bitchy at that too."

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