tagNonHumanA Dom's Revenge Ch. 03

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 03


The next morning was Saturday, luckily I was off work and could sleep in. She never did like to sleep in and I figured that she would probably wake up earlier than me and I would give her the time this morning before I rolled out of bed to allow her to decide whether to stay or go.

I lazed about in bed slowly coming awake. I heard some movement downstairs and figured she was either readying herself for the day's chores, or she was packing what little things she had left and getting ready to leave.

After a little while I smelled some bacon cooking. I smiled to myself. She's staying, I thought. Again, I wouldn't blame her if she had left to face those wolves. The last two years had drained her of almost everything that had attracted me to her in the first place. Her confidence and self esteem shot, she had the good sense to realize that she was ripe for the picking by some unscrupulous, nefarious people, seeking shelter in the one safe haven still available in her mind, she retreated to the lesser of two evils, hoping, wishing that her caring hurt husband, whom she knew would lash out at her, would be the lesser of two evils.

Her parents had passed away long ago, no other siblings, and pretty much all of our friends had sided with me and had refused to stay friends with her when it got out that she had cheated on me.

Now she had accepted, after experiencing and learning what her new role would be here, the fact that she was now going to be my slave. I'm sure she figured that by biding her time and keeping quiet, doing everything that I required of her, she would be able to regain my good grace and be able to once again become my wife. Who knows, maybe in time that would happen, but if it did, it would not be for a very, very long time.

I replayed the image in my head that spurned my caning of her ass, the cheating slut whore sucking another mans cock. My blood boiled and my heart pumped with hurt, anger, rage and humiliation. Other images just like that, with her in different sexual positions had haunted me in my nightmare dreams there past two years. At first they occurred every night, then over the months they occurred less frequently, but always at the most inopportune times they would resurface. A pity to the poor woman who I was with when that happened. I did add the extra effort into my play time whenever a flash of that whore wife of mine flickered past my eyes.

I had a pretty good idea of my plans now that it seemed that she would be staying and accepting her fate. It would be expensive, to be sure, I had planned to contact the loan sharks and pay off her debt. The price was not as high as I expected, although I did not let her know that. Since she had left me, I put a lot of energy into my work, getting promoted and generally cutting back on a lot of expenses. I had saved up a lot of money while she was gone. Now her debt was going to wipe out some of that savings, but for my plans, for my final closure and piece of mind, it was a small price to pay for revenge, closure and payback.

There was a timid knock on the door. I called out for her to enter. She carried in my breakfast on a tray. Her eyes puffy and her face bloated from last nights crying. Her entire back was black and blue, her ass had ugly scabs already forming. She walked carefully, wincing as she moved. She was in a lot of pain. I told her to set it on the end table. She did. I bid her to kneel down beside the bed and wait while I ate.

She creaked when she knelt down, but quickly answered, "Yes, Master."

The meal was good, simple eggs and bacon and toast, but it pleased me that she didn't need prodding. I was curious as to how she was feeling and gave her a chance to express herself. Talking about the reality of the situation sometimes reinforced it to the point that the individual can actually talk themselves further into something by just letting them talk.

She was really surprised but resigned to the fact that the whipping was far beyond her tolerances. She told me she understood the rage I still had for her and that she was truly deeply sorry for the pain she had caused me. She did seem to be penitent, and was now accepting of the fact that even though she had my protection, she clearly had not earned any status close to what she was as my wife.

I asked her about her chores. We had gone over some simple daily items that she already had done or planned to do. She had proudly informed me that she had washed up from last night and this mornings cooking.

She then asked me if she could go to the bathroom.

Imposing my will on her, I told her she needed to wait until I had finished breakfast and she had cleared away my plates. She fidgeted for a moment then sank her eyes down and said, "Yes, Master."

I would control everything, even her bowels.

I soon finished, and she cleared away the plates on the tray and winced out of the bedroom to the kitchen and then finally to the bathroom. I told her to apply more cream on her wounds, it would not do for my property to get an infection so soon.

I dressed, refreshed from my shower and headed out to do some business, giving her clear instructions on tidying up the house, showing her the cleaning supplies and showing her what had changed since she had abandoned me.

First stop was to contact the loan sharks. It was early so the bar that she had told me where they normally did business was pretty empty and they were not to be found. I left a message with the barkeep who had said that one or the other normally came in around two.

That done, I swung by my lawyers house, and handed over the documents. He had seen the damage that she had done to me back when she cheated on me, and although what I had asked him draft up was almost unethical, he certainly could understand why I had asked him to do this. All of her decisions, legal, medical, financial were now mine. She had signed over her debt to me with the understanding that she would pay me back by being in my employ. She would now work off her debt to me at such a low rate that she would have to live 200 years before that debt would be paid back.

I also spoke to him about my proposed deal with the loan sharks, he drafted up a small letter of protection for me, basically documenting that he had filed this letter away in the eventuality that things go horribly wrong. I doubted very much that they would have any issue with my paying off her debt, there was really nothing of value they could get from her, she was too old and ugly and overweight to be their whore, to stupid for anything else. It seemed like a winning proposition to me. Nevertheless, my lawyer took steps to protect me.

The next stop was to an acquaintance of mine from the scene. He was quite skillful in his trade and I made an appointment for him to come over this evening to the house. Rusty was a skilled metal crafter and had fallen into the BDSM game because his work was of a quality that the community wanted. He specialized in small solid workmanship and a little surprise item that I walked him through the initial designs for my new slave.

After that, I went to a BDSM store that was well known and stocked with good books and literature for introducing people to the lifestyle. I picked out the materials I wanted, stuff that would quickly indoctrinate my slave into what BDSM is, and what I would expect her to become. I had set aside in her quickly filling up daily schedule an hour each day for her to read and research the subject. I glanced at some of the articles of clothing, making some mental notes of what might be confining and humiliating for he to wear, but for now, she would have to earn clothing, and I felt I might have been spending too much on her as it was.

Next I went to my doctors office, and set up an appointment to have her checked out, all tests done, and most importantly all STD test done across the board. It looked like she probably had not had any health care or dental care since she left me, so the next step was the dentist's office as well. She would be due for all of this.

The last stop before going back to the bar was to a video producer friend of mine, I spoke with him about a cheap setup for video surveillance in my house. I wanted to be able to monitor and review the bitch's activities when I wasn't home. Any infraction while I would be gone would also be captured and she would then pay dearly for it. He would be free the following morning to scope it out and set something up.

I walked back into the bar around two thirty. The bartender recognized me and motioned with his head towards a slimy looking rat face of a man sitting like he had owned the place in one of the corners of the bar. Sitting near him was a huge wall of a mean biker looking man, probably the muscle in the operation. His eyes were on me as soon as I had entered. When I walked over to the table he stood and intercepted me. I stuck out in the bar, not in ripped jeans, leathers and boots, my slacks and sport coat definitely drew attention to me. After a once over, I was allowed to have a seat at the table with the rat face.

It actually went surprisingly well. He was a little hazy on the details, it seems that although she did owe him money, he had pretty much wrote it off as a debt that would not be collected. She was of no use to him, again, too old, stupid and fat. He was quite agreeable to my settling the debt, actually surprised that someone of my "stature" would actually be wasting my money on a worthless bitch like her. He chuckled when I let him know that she was my ex-wife and had cheated on me and crawled back to me. I let him know that payback would be coming for her.

Happy the transaction went quickly and well, I excused myself and left. I then headed home.

When I got home, she was waiting for me at the door, kneeling, and quick to welcome me into my house, kissing both my shoes. Good, I told her, there was a little room in that stupid brain for her to remember the rules. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the living room where I sat at my chair and had her kneel between my legs. She glanced at my crotch, unsure as to what would happen next. I think she was both afraid and eager that I would take my cock out and have her suck it.

I slapped her once in the face, her cheek redden as the outline of my handprint darkened over the left side of her face.

"As if!" I growled. "I have no fucking idea who you fucked you dirty cunt. Why would I even tempt picking up some disease from you?"

She looked down, dejected, pained, "yes, Master." She sighed.

"Now, to business." I said. "I have spoken to the loan shark about your debt." She started to shake, fear gripping her, but she remained kneeling between my legs.

"They were very reluctant about accepting my buy out," I lied. "It seems they have big plans for you." She stifled a sob. Her greatest fears were falling in with the loan shark and his shady connections to the underworld. I continued, still lying, it would be another great way to keep her under control.

"They have accepted a payment plan from me. I have paid off a portion of your debt. This way, if you do not please me, I will stop paying them and simply hand you over to them."

She gasped and shook her head. "No, Master, Please! Don't hand me over to them!"

I grasped her chin in my hand, jerked her face forward so that I could stare directly into her tearing eyes.

"You know the deal," I growled. "Our arrangement is now in place, you fuck up, you renege, and I give you over to them. You in turn are paying for my protection and paying your debt off to me. Don't give me a chance to let them take you."

She shook her head fiercely chanting over and over again, "yes, Master. Thank you Master. I will do whatever you want Master."

"Those guys are scary, slut." I said. "It was a real chore for me to negotiate a payment for you. They told me some of their plans for you, tried to tempt me to turn you over to them." She shivered and started to cry again.

"You don't want to know. Their plans are horrible."

I knew that no matter what I came up with as far as concrete details, it would not be as scary as what she could come up with her own imagination. Leaving her to her own fears of what they would do with her, was a far more effective way of scaring her than coming up with something that would scare her on my own.

"I think you should thank your Master for being so kind to you." I prodded. She grabbed my legs, wrapped herself around them in a prostate position and chanted her thank you's to her Master till I grew tired of her.

Stepping out of her clutches I told her to go use the bathroom and to clean herself up, company would be coming over soon and she needed to be presentable.

She showered, went pee, and tried to comb out her matted hair. When she was done, she presented herself to me in the living room, on her knees. I stepped around her, circled her. I was not impressed.

"What the hell happened to your beautiful hair?" I asked. That had been one of her best qualities. She was proud of it and had always had it neat, clean and artfully styled.

She apologized to her Master and repeated again that times had been tough.

I tried to run my fingers through her hair but the matting kept getting them stuck.

"No, no, no," I muttered. "This would not do. No slave of mine can possibly be presentable with a rat's nest of hair like that. It's dull, matted, clumped. No." I said and grabbed her and led her back to the bathroom. "It will have to go." I said.

She didn't quite hear me, and when I placed her on the cold hard toilet seat, she stifled a cry as her still extremely painful ass had weight put on it. I pulled out some scissors and started cutting away. She gasped at first, not sure what I was doing until she realized that I was taking all of her hair off.

"No, Master!" she cried and tried to struggle off the toilet. I rammed her back down with a hard shove on her shoulder, and when she raised her hands up into her hair to stop me, I nicked one of her fingers with the scissors not stopping while she quickly yelped and pulled her hands away.

She again started to cry. The one thing she had been able to keep, although it wasn't as nice as before, was her hair. Now I was taking even that from her. She let all the tears out as she bawled. Tears, snot and hair all coming together in a mass of mess in the bathroom. She would have to clean this up as well, he thought!

Next I got the shaver out and shaved her head till there was just stubble all over her head. She was freakish looking now as he pulled her to the mirror and made her look at her new self. She continued crying as I slapped her ass to give her a shriek.

"Much better," I said. You'll have to earn the right to grow hair, seeing as you can't be competent enough to take care of it on your own.

She didn't think that she could have sunk lower, but now, looking into the mirror, seeing the ugly freak that sniffled back at her, she saw herself for what she had now become; a useless, worthless, cunt slave. Looking at the thing that stared back at her in the mirror, she had a hard time understanding why her Master, who now looked more fit, more handsome, more virile than when he was her husband, why he would spend any energy on something like her. All she knew know, all that had been reinforced into her, was that she didn't deserve him even as a Master, let alone as a husband. While she had fallen, he had blossomed, rising far, far, far above her in stature, looks, wealth, health and every other thing conceivable. She had become nothing, he had become everything. Now she knew. Know she understood what a slave was and what a Master was. She existed only at the whim of her Master. If he wanted to give her away, he could, if he wanted her to not use the furniture, he could, if he refused her a piss and shit, he could. Her existence was at the mercy of her Master, and now, she understood, and now she was grateful for that gift that he had given her. She saw all the energy he had invested in her already. The money and risk he had placed on himself when dealing with those scary ruthless loan sharks. Dear god, he could have turned her away, refused to help her; refused to see her. He could have bitterly left her to her own devises. She couldn't have blamed him for that. But he didn't, and for that, she was eternally grateful. For that, she would try to become whatever it was that he required of her. And with that thought, a tingle erupted down in her loin. Her back arched, her muscles contracted and she orgasmed right there.

And I noticed it. The little slut had actually creamed herself with shame.

"What the fuck was that?' I yelled. I twisted her around and her eyes immediately dropped to the floor.

"S...sorry, Master." She whispered. "I...I..."

She struggle to find the word then, "...I came."

Her face was beet red. She wouldn't raise her eyes.

I probed her a little. "Why did you cum slut?"

She hesitated, unsure why, I slapped her in her face.

"I don't know, Master."

"Try better bitch."

"I...I just now realized how much you've done for me..." she said.

"How lucky I am that you have gifted me with protection. I now know that I am your slave, not your wife, and even as your slave, I am lucky and indebted to you for spending any energy at all on me. You could have abandoned me, given me up for dead...or worse to those loan sharks..."

Interesting. Good. Progress was coming along quickly. I should have punished her. I should have put her on restriction, but I had other plans, and this was the first instance of her having any sexual thoughts about me since a long time before she left me. The key now was to encourage her to start having those thoughts, I would be unattainable of course, but there was no reason not to have her sex enslaved to me as well.

I had her wash up again, shower off the stray hair; reapply the lotion on her blackened ass. Afterwards, still naked I gave her a list of dishes for her to prepare for dinner. Dinner would be for two, any leftovers would be available for her to eat afterwards.

She busied herself cooking up dinner, while I awaited my visitor in the living room going over the books and articles I had purchased at the BDSM store. I decided on the first book that she would read. It was an introduction primer on modern day slavery. Something for a slave audience, dwelling on the mindset and some of the formalities expected of a slave. I picked out key sections of it that I highlight and emphasized. I was determined to test her on those sections after she had read them to see if she had paid enough attention to her task.

The front doorbell rang as the final aromas of dinner were wafting through the house. I told my slave to continue in the kitchen, a reprieve she was grateful for seeing as she had just realized that there will come times where I will expect her to answer the door naked.

Rusty was invited in, along with a large duffle bag that he promptly dropped on the floor of the living room. I bid him to sit down on the sofa and asked him if he wanted a drink.

"Beer, would be good." He said.

"Slave!" I bellowed. "Bring us two beers!"

We heard a little yelp come from the kitchen. I could only imagine that she was psyching herself up to expose her naked body to this stranger. The beers were opened, and she came out with two bottles, one in each hand. Her face was red with shame as she came to me and tried to hand them to me.

I refused, made her go back and bring them out on the tray. She quickly ran back to the kitchen, flushed from the impassionate look from Rusty. She quickly came back out again, this time with the two bottles on a tray. Just as she got to me and started to lower the tray to the coffee table, I asked where the glasses were.

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