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A Donor Couple


It seems that sexy vampires are all the rage these days. They are extremely popular in books, television, and movies. Each new vampire franchise has better looking vampires and the acceptance of vampires in the main stream grows. The allure of the vampires has captured the hearts and minds of many, including my wife. She became quite a fan of vampires, and as such I also had to watch all the Hollywood spins on vamps. My wife's fascination with the vampire culture also led to some non-fiction shows and documentaries on vamps with some surprises for us. We learned that vampires are indeed very real with very active groups and covens. We also learned of the psi vamps, that is, psychic vampires that feed on psychic or life-force energies rather than blood. Of course, part of the life-force energy that some vampires feed on is sexual energy and some vampires favor this and are sometimes known as 'tantric vampires'.

This, it seems, was too sexy for my wife to resist. She began making comments about what it might be like to be a donor for a psi vampire, especially if sexual energy was involved. From then on, the sex scenes in the vampire shows that my wife wanted to watch seemed to have a whole new meaning. I began to understand that it was largely an energy exchange and I admit that I was a little bit curious. I was won over after watching a vampire movie that featured the donors (in this case victims of blood vampires) being held in a cell naked, and when a vamp was hungry they would charge into the cell and chase the naked donors around and feed on them. I am not sure what it was, but that scene struck a primal cord with me and I told my wife we should consider being donors for vampires, as neither of us seemed to have any vampire traits.

My wife was all too eager to pursue becoming vampire donors. She presented me with all kinds of information that she had found online. She found some donor/vampire match sites and vampire personals sites. As this could escalate to a sexual relationship as well, I told my wife that we should find a vampire couple as we were a donor couple. We talked a lot about how this would affect our marriage and we communicated our thoughts and feelings. After we had come to an agreement on becoming donors, my wife posted a profile for us on a vampire website. We discovered that it was harder to find vampire couples as many vamps seem to marry donors. My wife had begun growing very anxious and then rather suddenly we had several vampire couples interested in our profile.

Most of the vampire couples were under 25 years old. We were in our mid-thirties, and decided we didn't want to try this with someone that much younger than us. We wanted a more experienced vampire couple and there was a couple in their early forties that was interested in us. We communicated online for awhile and warmed up to phone calls. They were an interesting couple and both had been awakened to their vampire powers over twenty years ago. They dressed in the Victorian Goth style and were very active within the vampire community. Among the vampires they were known as the Darkblades.

We made a date with the Darkblades and met them in public at a restaurant. They were easy to find in their dark attire and Victorian Goth fashion, yet they seemed to blend in with the surroundings of the restaurant environment. We introduced ourselves and sat down at the table. We could notice the commanding presence that the vampires had and they seemed very relaxed and yet very mysterious. Cecil Darkblade was a tall and lean man with very pale skin, dark eyes and long dark hair that he wore tied back. He had a pointy face with a short trimmed goatee and wore a suit that that was all black and reflected an older period. Lilith Darkblade was a voluptuous vampire with long curly brown hair and pale skin that contrasted with her dark makeup and attire. She wore black dress with dark red stripes that almost resembled a corset and helped show off her large breasts. She wore an interesting and antique looking locket that hung down around her ample cleavage.

We had a pleasant dinner and conversation. The Darkblades shared a salad and some fruit explaining that they hoped to have a real vampire meal later, and by that they meant feeding on us. They encouraged us to eat up and told us that we could need it for our strength. It was a pleasant dinner and the Darkblades provided stimulating conversation. We finished the meal and had some drinks and continued talking. The Darkblades shifted the conversation to the donor/vampire relationship. They asked if we knew the Donor Bill of Rights, of which my wife had practically memorized already. They asked us if we consented to being donors and would sign the donor/vamp contract, a standard document that waived liability from the vampires. Before I could respond my wife eagerly agreed for us and we were invited to follow the Darkblades back to their home.

The Darkblades had a big and beautiful home. A Victorian house, as was no surprise, nestled in the historic district of town. The yard was wrapped by a black iron fence, and the outside of the house had features that were both classic and mysterious. The inside was filled with beautiful and old wooden floors and trim that reflected a high level of craftsmanship that seems to have been forgotten today. Period décor filled the home and it felt like we had left the outside, or as vampires call it, the mundane world, at the door. We were invited to come in and sit in the living room where we were offered some tea. Organ music was put on and candles were lit throughout the house that really set a mood. The whole ambiance was used in a seductive manner for which I know vampires are known for. My wife was quite mesmerized by this and I could tell that she was under the vampire spell and control.

We were presented with the donor contract that we signed. After signing the contract my wife sat back and took in a deep breath and I knew she was filling with excitement. Cecil rose up and approached my wife. With the mysterious vampire charm, he offered his hand to my wife and asked her to dance and let go to the music. I watched this seduction for several moments as the two slowly danced, very close together. Now and then Cecil would whisper into my wife's ear and each time she seemed to melt into his arms and desires even deeper. I found my mind drifting as I stared hypnotically as seduction continued.

"Come to me" called Lilith from across the room. I met her across the room and she wrapped her arms around me. I knew that I was surely captured. She worked her hands slowly around the more delicate areas of my neck and I felt as though I was surrendering into vulnerability. The vampire held onto my neck with one hand and ran the other through my hair. My eyes seemed to focus on the locket she wore between her big breasts. It felt as though my stare was eternal and my mind was slipping away. We were barely dancing now, moving slowly in a trance-like state to the rhythm of the mystifying organ music. It seemed dark and my stare was released as my eyes found my wife and Cecil in the flickering candle light. His mouth seemed to be around her neck and her knees seemed to buckle. She squirmed slowly as Cecil Darkblade moved to embrace her and hold her steady.

I felt a stunning and almost unexplainable sensation that was both invigorating and draining. Energy seemed to move about my body in waves and pulses. I realized that Lilith had found the most delicate part of my neck and she was sucking hard giving me the intense sensation. She sucked long and hard before giving me a bit of a love bite. She then broke away and took a step back and removed the bottom part of her dress. This left her in a corset-like top and panties with stockings attacked to the corset. There was a small gap of exposed thigh between her stockings and corset. This was very arousing for me and as Lilith returned to take me back in her arms I looked over to find Cecil removing my wife's shirt and working his mouth and sucking all over her neck and chest. My shirt was the next to come off and Lilith ran her hands along my chest and brought her head in close for a deep inhale close to me and then began nibbling and sucking me. She found my nipples and bit down rather hard that sent me sensations of both pain and stimulation. I squirmed and looked over to my wife who's bra had been removed and one of her breasts was in the mouth of Cecil and the other waited and rested in his hand.

"Mmmm...you're delicious" Lilith told me. I heard a slight jingle sound as my belt was undone and the zip of my fly ripped before my pants dropped. Lilith smiled devilishly as she pulled me close to her for a tight embrace before working her hands down to my butt. My cock was rock hard and trying to poke right out of my underpants. I could feel the sexual energy, not just in me, but building through the room. I saw my wife squirm as Cecil sucked on her other breast as he slipped his hand down her panties to touch her pussy.

"Dinner is ready, darling", Lilith called to Cecil. The dancing stopped and my wife and I were told to drop our clothes, which at this point was only our socks and underpants. We were led through the candle light to the vampire's dining room. The vampire dining room is unlike any mundane dining room. This one had walls painted blood red with black trim. There were antique looking hutches as may be found in other dining rooms, but these held no dishes, only vampire related tools. Incense and candles were lit and a chandelier was turned on with a low glow. The center of the room had a unique piece of furniture that partly resembled a table, a bed, and an altar all in one. It was rectangular in shape, like a double bed, with the top about a foot and a half off the floor. It was padded and wrapped in what appeared to be black leather. My wife and I were instructed to lie down at opposite ends with toes pointing away from each other and heads facing. This allowed us to have a good view of each other as we lay naked wondering what would happen next. Looking up beyond the chandelier was an antiqued mirror on the ceiling that would also allow us an additional view. We were left alone for a moment and I could see my wife trembling with excitement as we waited feeling vulnerable and almost helpless as we were offering ourselves up to the powerful and sometimes horrifying power of the vampires.

When the Darkblades returned, Lilith had removed the cups of her corset and her breasts and nipples were left exposed and she wore a long black cape across her shoulders and over her back. Cecil wore a similar black cape and he had changed to a simple black tee shirt and a pair of black leather chaps that let his long and skinny cock and his balls move about. They each had a set of fangs now. They stepped in and seemed to start some kind of ceremony. They spoke low and soft and I couldn't understand exactly what they were saying. They stood at opposite ends and joined hands and began circling around us. It seemed like some sort of magical rite or blessing before they were to feed. While it may have at first seemed strange, this ceremony seemed relaxing and I felt as though I was slipping into a meditative state.

The Darkblades quietly ended there ceremony and Lilith stood over me and Cecil over my wife. They laid their hands upon us and took in deep breaths. They slowly began to caress our naked bodies all over. This seemed pleasurable to us all. The vampires began to pick up the pace of their hand work and soon they were rubbing us over fast and almost rough. I wondered if they were feeding or getting our sexual energy better circulated by this. The intensity was building I felt as though I could have an orgasm right there. I could tell that my wife was feeling the same way as she started to moan and quiver. There was a pause in the action and the energy seemed to settle back down. The vampires traded places and again started to lay hands upon us. I had never had any type of sexual contact with a man before, and now Cecil was there touching my naked body as he took deep breaths. If my mind were not so relaxed or hypnotized I would have protested. But all I could do was lie there feeling even more vulnerable, helpless, and under the control of the vampires. I could see Lilith squeezing my wife's breasts as she worked her hands all over. The Darkblades paused and switched back with Cecil over my wife and Lilith over me.

I felt like I was in a hypnotic state and I barely noticed the stop of the hands as the vampires moved towards our genitals. Cecil started feeding on my wife's pussy. She seemed almost asleep at first but her breathing soon picked up and she started to moan. It looked like Cecil was really trying to lick up the juices of her wet pussy. He seemed to feed on this life-force as he worked his tongue all over her. The vampire licked up her drippings and soon buried his face between her legs and began to really feast on her pussy. My wife let out a long and slow moan, rather loudly, that seemed to come from deep within her. She began to squirm and soon her body was taking on wave-type movements as the sexual energy moved about her.

My cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Lilith slowly worked her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock and licked up my fluid. She took my whole cock into her mouth and sucked while giving me a couple of strokes. She then took my balls in her mouth and then licked around my asshole and between my nuts. This felt wonderful and soon I was feeling the energy move within me and waving my body back and forth as my wife was doing. The vampire then spread my legs further part and held them back. She started kissing and nibbling back and forth between my inner thighs. She then dug her fangs into me, just a little and began to suck. This gave me jolts of intense sensations and I could hardly take it.

Lilith stopped suddenly. I looked down and saw her looking at me very strangely. That devilish grin returned to her face as showed her fangs. She had the look of a predator with some kind of primal urge. The vampire let out a roar and jumped upon me faster than I knew what was happening. She took my cock inside her and held me still with forceful arms. I felt as though sexual energy was flowing from me and into her. Lilith rode me fast and hard bouncing upon my cock with great enthusiasm. Her long black cape flapped back with her motions, her enormous breasts bounced up and down and her long, curly hair flapped up and down. It felt very intense and I started to feel overwhelmingly dizzy as the vampire showed her fangs and let out a sound that seemed part moaning and part snarling.

Just beside me, my wife was also being ridden hard by a vampire. Cecil was stretched out upon her and his cape covered both of them almost entirely. I could see some of the vampire's head as it was leached on to my wife's neck. Her arms were stretched over her head and held down by the powerful grip of the vampire. My wife's eyes were closed but her mouth was wide open and letting out sounds that at first started as moans and later became more like squeals as Cecil fucked her harder and harder. At first his cape barely moved, but as he fucked my wife's pussy with increasing intensity the cape started to open and seemed to hover over top of them.

Lilith gave me a snarl and reached down and started to claw at my chest. She was breathing fiercely now and I felt like I was but her prey and a piece of meat. I felt as though I could only surrender to her will. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face into her massive boobs. I felt as though I was being smothered by them and her locket was pressed right up against my forehead. I could feel her start to shake and quiver as though an orgasm was coming on. I felt as though everything was spinning. My body started to stiffen up and I knew that I was going to blow my load. Lilith held me tight in her embrace and I heard very intense and unnatural howling as though both vampires were having orgasms. I felt the intensity shoot through my body as my load filled inside vampire pussy. Lilith released me from her grasp with a satisfied smile on her face and I melted back down. I saw my wife laying still and silent with her eyes closed and gentle breathes as Cecil climbed off her. I felt tired and drained. My eyes became heavy and closed too.

My eyes opened to find the gigantic vampire breasts in front of me. I was held in Lilith's embrace and she gently stroked me all over with her hand. My body was awakening and I felt the sexual energy returning. The vampire seemed to activate trigger points in my body and I felt myself get aroused again. The organ music still played and the candle light still flickered. I saw my wife sleeping blissfully across from me with her naked body looking rather tranquil. I heard a moan of sexual pleasure and soon realized that it was my own. I looked in the mirror and could see the cape and outline of Cecil between my legs. His head slowly bobbed up and down on my cock as he sucked me trying to get my cum.

"Just relax" said Lilith as she ran her fingers through my hair. "Vampires need to feed on human life-force. Cum contains enormous concentrations of the life-force essence. Just relax. Surrender to the vampires. Let go." These suggestions took hold of me. I again found myself staring at Lilith's locket as a focal point between her voluptuous jugs. I felt the sexual energy build and I started to squirm. Lilith held me tight and I felt my body contract. I squirmed uncontrollably but the vampire held me in her clutches. I had an intense orgasm and shot a hot load of cum into Cecil's mouth. He sucked me very hard, to the point of hurting me a little as he went for every last drop that I had. I watched was he slowly rose up between my legs and stood tall. After a deep breath he swallowed and seemed invigorated by taking my essence. I felt drained and too tired to move. All I could do is watch what was going on around me.

Both Darkblades moved to my wife and started suckling her tits. As they sucked her nipples they began to massage her breasts. This worked into stroking and squeezing action as though they were trying to milk her. My wife moaned softly and started to wake. She seemed content as she watched blissfully as the vampires sucked her tits. After a few moments the vamps stopped and began to work their hands over her body. Lilith started to stroke my wife's hair and crept up to her ear. In a seductive voice, Lilith asked, "Won't you lactate for us? Breast milk has lots of life-force essence. Will you start pumping some breast milk for us?"

"Yes" whispered my wife.

"Good girl" said Lilith. Lilith worked her way down to my wife's pussy. Cecil leaned over and kissed my wife. He started nibbling her neck and chest. Lilith started licking my wife's pussy. My wife was under complete control of the vampires and she would submit to any of their desires. Though, despite her surrender to the vampire spell, she was tired and drained. After a few minutes of licking pussy, Lilith popped her head up and told Cecil to put her on the swing.

I wondered what was going on. I watched as Cecil set up a sex swing to the side of our table. Lilith opened a cabinet in the hutch and pulled out a strange looking appliance. The Darkblades helped my wife off the table and secured her to the swing so that she was leaning forward. They attached some suction cups to her nipples and strapped them securely to her breasts and around her back. They activate the breast pump and started to encourage lactation in my wife's breasts. Lilith lied down on her back and Cecil lowered the swing so that my wife's pussy was right over Lilith's face. Lilith started eating my wife's pussy. Cecil reached into a drawer and pulled out some lube. He applied some to my wife's ass hole and his finger. He started fingering her backdoor and the stimulation apparently aroused my wife and she squirmed and started to moan. Cecil then lubed his cock and stepped up to my wife. He held her hip with one hand and slid his long cock into her virgin anus. She had never let me fuck her in the butt, but she had no problem surrendering to the seductive vampires. My wife moaned in rhythm to Cecil's fucking. He started slow and my wife let out long and slow moans. But as he pumped her ass faster and harder, she moaned faster and shorter. Her voice grew high pitched and her moans were almost squeals or bleats like what a prey animal would make. Her body really started to sway in the swing and I could tell she was feeling intense sensations having a milking device on her boobs, one lady vampire eating her pussy, and one vampire fucking her ass. I could see her thighs really start shaking as her body quivered. It almost looked like her whole body was vibrating and she let out a loud and high pitched shriek as she evidently experienced a deep, full body orgasm.

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