tagBDSMA Double Moon Event

A Double Moon Event


He stands beside the bathroom window, stock still just as ordered.

His pants are long gone. He's already rock hard from the tongue bath he'd given his wicked Mistress just moments ago. As a reward for his efforts he'd been promised a new mistress, a second to join in the game. He was practically dripping just from the thought. After all, the game was always so much better with three.

With the sound of the door knob turning, he is brought sharply back to his senses.

The door swings open and out saunters Maria, another woman--one he did not recognize--following close behind, wearing only black laced lingerie and six inch stilettos.

His breath catches momentarily in his throat. His taste in women tended towards brunette and curvy, preferably with an ass... but by God, they were both more than just that.

He admires with particular attention their sheer black stockings. Stopping part way up their thighs, they left him open to admire the creamy expanse just below their panty lines. They both move with intent and with purpose; both appearing like a pair of wanton creatures of night.

While others might call them clichéd, he liked to call them hotter than hell. Every delicious curve was on display--from the fullness of their breasts and the rounding of their bellies, all the way down to the swell of their asses and their thighs whenever they moved. He almost came just from the sight, but somehow he managed to keep himself under control.

If he was to cum before he had been given permission, there would be punishment. And not the good kind.

His new mistress stops partway into the room, scanning his every inch with a critical eye. A half smile plays about her lips.

His Mistress Maria stops before him, dropping to her knees. Grabbing his cock with one hand, she looks up at him and smirks. He inhales sharply but holds firm. He is wondering what will come next.

'Meet your new Mistress Grace.'

He locks eyes with Mistress Grace as Maria gives his length a slow lick. He can't help but allow for a slight moan to escape his mouth. As he watches, Grace's face twists upwards into one truly wicked grin. He involuntarily trembles.

Maria rises from her position, keeping her hand on his cock. 'He's been a very good boy so far; he cleaned me up quite well.' She says, turning to face Grace.

'Wonderful, then he'll know just what to do.'

Grace turns and walks towards the bed situated to the far side of the room, stopping once she reached its side. She raises her hand and crooks a finger, beckoning him.

'Come here, Slave.'

Eager as he is, he takes a moment too long to get moving. A hand between his shoulder blades shoves him hard.

'Move it asshole.'

He stumbles, almost crashing to the floor. His finger tips brush the top of the carpet as he rights himself. Many others might have felt embarrassed, but her cruel and savage behavior impossibly aroused him even more. His Mistress liked to play it rough, and he adored it.

A hand slapped his ass, hard. 'Yes Mistress,' he utters, moving at an even quickened pace. He keeps his eyes on his new Mistress as he wanders ever closer, but he can't help but wonder what she'll be like. Maria is hard; he smiles inwardly as he thinks to himself, his evil dominatrix.

He wonders if Grace could be as equally hard, or perhaps she has the gentler touch. His stomach quivered, the many different possibilities rolling through his perverted little mind. He would soon be finding out.

He stops before her and she gives him that half smile again, her gaze is traveling the length of his body. As their eyes lock he realizes her smile is more a smirk, and that it's positively sinful. His cock twitches with delight.

'Now, Slave,' Grace begins to purr, 'I want you to remove my bra and panties, slowly. The stockings stay on.'

Oh, he groans, 'Yes Mistress.'

He'd never admit it to anyone, but this was amongst his favorite part of the game. Here his hands could cherish their bodies, allowing his fingers to linger and gently trail the arms, backs and thighs, as he slowly, torturously, removed their clothing, exposing sensitive flesh into the night's eager air, piece by piece.

Grace's skin is covered in Goosebumps by the time he's finished.

Her garments strewn on the floor, she looks at him with heavy lidded eyes. A hand rises to trail a finger along his jaw, stopping at his chin.

'That was very good Slave, I think you deserve a reward for that.' She says, slowly turning around. Arching her back slightly, 'Do you like my ass, Slave?' she asks coyly. She already knows the answer.

He groans inwardly, oh God. She'd obviously been well informed regarding his preferences. The only way she could have gotten to him more was by shoving her feet in his face.

He realizes he hasn't responded yet. 'Yes Mistress.'

'You may touch it if you wish,' she says, looking at him with that wry smirk, 'but only with your tongue.'

He scrambles to his knees, desperate to taste that ass.

Oh God, he whimpers to himself, what an ass! His face remains mere inches away; he is so close he is sure he can already taste her.

He notices much to his delight a light scattering of freckles spread over each of her voluptuous, creamy white butt cheeks. There were no tan lines.

He decides to start slowly. Good behavior, after all, almost always went rewarded.

He runs his tongue up one cheek--following the thigh crease all the way to her lower back--making sure to slather the entire area before moving onto the next. He inwardly curses not being able to use his hands; the desire to shove his face between her ass cheeks is almost too intense.

When he has completely covered the second cheek he pulls away, although not quite willing. He looks up, gazing over at Grace.

'That was very good, Slave. Would you like more?' She asks, inviting him in with the wriggling her of her hips.

'Oh, hell yes Mistress Grace,' he all but yells back.

He hears a snicker from behind. Turning his head slightly, he sees that Maria is leaning against the wall where he had left her, an outrageous grin prying her lips apart. He turns back to Grace to watch while she bends over, bracing her arms on the bed, her cheeks spread slightly once readied and waiting comfortably in her new position.

'You may do whatever you like to my ass, but only my ass. Understand Slave?'

He can't stop his mouth from replying, 'Is Mistress sure? I have a thick Pleasure Schlong.'

'Are you questioning me, Slave?'

He doesn't hesitate. He nestles his face in amongst her cheeks, using his hands to spread her wider, licking deeply and desperately deep inside her tight hole. She gasps and pushes back against his face, trying to take him deeper.

'Oh, yes!' She groans like a ferocious animal, 'It's so good, my Slave!'

His tongue probes further, causing her to clutch in sweet anguish at the bed sheets. Moaning inaudibly, he hears a soft more barely escape her lips.

He dutifully complies, thrusting his tongue even deeper inside her silken back passage. He wriggles it around, hoping for his Mistress to feel as much as possible.

'You're so very good at this Slave...' she pants. She wants more; he can hear it in her voice, but he needs to be sure. She is new to him after all.

He moves his hands to her hips as he pulls away, causing her head to snap up. Their eyes end up meeting over her shoulder.

'How deep do you want my tongue Mistress?' He asks, almost panting from the desire.

She reaches behind herself and slowly pulls her cheeks apart, not even blinking once.

'How deep will it go, Slave?'

He needs no further invitation.

He plunges his tongue deep and laps everything up for as far as he can reach. Her back arches violently in response, evidently craving more.

'Oh, yes!' She screams, the sound muffled only by the fact that her face is now buried amongst the sprawled bed sheets, her chest heaving. She keeps her cheeks spread for him, her body quivering from the effort.

A sudden weight on his calves and the feeling of fingernails scraping the soles of his feet has him thrashing. He has no choice but to pull away from Grace's most delicious ass hole. Pain he can endure, but tickling...

An indignant cry comes from the bed. 'Did I say you could stop, Slave?!' But Maria increases the weight on his legs. 'Keep still you lowlife, and keep licking your Mistress.'

God Damn, he was being tested tonight!

He plunges back in, his tongue working forcefully to invade behind, thrusting in and out, trying to taste all that she had to offer while Maria's malevolent fingers continued up along his legs.

He grips Grace's hips tighter, his whole body twitching as he fights to control himself, trying so very hard to stay in place.

It is with both relief and disappointment when he hears Grace, 'You can stop now Slave.'

He withdraws his tongue and gives her hole one last kiss before pulling away. He can feel that Maria still has him pinned, lazily dragging her nails across his calves and down to his toes.

Grace sits on the edge of the bed before him, her legs spread just slightly. He could quite clearly make out the small patch of neatly manicured hair laying there, coaxing him in.

His cock began to twitch again.

'That was very good Slave, did you like it?'

He doesn't hesitate, 'Oh, yes Mistress!' he cannot help but shout.

He feels Maria's hand skate over his ass, grasping finally at his balls, squeezing with enough pressure to cause slight pain. The evil Dominatrix.

He bites back a moan. He can feel her breath against his ear as she leans in just that bit closer.

'Are you relieved, Slave?'

He swallows his response. He knows that there is no correct answer to that question.

Grace is looking over his shoulder, her eyes locked presumably on Maria's; that sinful half smile having crept up on her face again. It could only mean bad things.

She snaps her eyes back to him and leans forward. Reaching out she hooks a finger into his shirt--tugging it quite forcefully--peering down the small opening at his neck.

'Remove your shirt Slave.' The hand on his balls squeezes lightly. 'Slowly,' Maria breaths.

He grips the edge of his shirt and slowly lifts it up, revealing himself bit by agonizing bit. The air is cool on his skin; his nipples harden as soon as they are exposed. Both women coo softly as they watch over his little performance. He allows himself a brief but smug smile.

'You did a very good job before Slave,' says Grace. She reaches out and lightly takes a hold of his nipple ring. A small tingle of alarm sounds inside his head.

'But,' she pauses meaningfully, 'you did stop when your Mistress Maria touched you, and I think that requires small punishment. Wouldn't you agree, Mistress Maria?'

There is only silence. He turns his head to find that his Mistress Maria is nodding slowly, that evil smile having made a reappearance.

'Stand up Slave.' Grace's voice brokers no argument. He stands as soon as Maria loosens his legs. She moves along with him, never letting go of the ring.

'How does this feel, Slave?' She mocks, giving it a sharp tug.

All he can manage is a hiss.

'And this?' She pulls harder, smiling wild eyed and ferocious.

He cannot hold back the ouch that escapes.

A mistake.

Maria comes up behind him and slaps his left ass cheek hard and firm, three times within quick succession. The force causes his erection to shudder. She grabs the right cheek and leans into him.

'You think you've been punished enough yet Slave?' But he knows that it's just another trick question.

He keeps his mouth shut, do as you're told!

'Good answer,' she says, dropping down behind him, laving her tongue where the skin had gone pink, soothing it. So good. Grace lets go and leans in close to his face.

'And this?' She leans down and places her mouth over his abused nipple, wrapping her tongue around the areola and then sucking gently. His senses were in overload, his abused skin treated near reverently.

'Oh! Feels so good.'

Grace releases her mouth, her teeth dragging lightly against the highly sensitive nipple before finally letting go.

'You liked that, didn't you Slave?' Maria scoffs, still behind him.

'Loved it, Mistress.'

Grace kneels down in front of him, keeping her eyes on his. 'You took your punishment well, Slave. I think that deserves a little reward.'

He feels Maria kneel behind him. 'I think so too,' she adds grasping his balls, squeezing them remissly as if to weigh their importance using only one hand.

Never breaking eye contact, Grace grabs his cock, taking care to lick his whole length. 'How was that Slave?'

'Wonderful Mistress.'

'Would you like me to do it again?'

His hard cock practically begs for more, his balls tightening with their deepest ache yet.

Maria snickers. 'I think he would,' she says, giving his ball a slight flick.

'Yes!' He almost screams.

He watches hungrily as Grace slowly pulls his cock into her mouth, dragging her teeth lightly as she takes him deeper. Her other hand joins Maria's on his aching balls, helping her to roll them and tickle them in turn.

'How does it feel to have us both holding your balls like this Slave?' Maria asks, nudging his ass with her nose.

'Oh!' He exclaims, barely able to form words. The two women were causing him to spasm quite deliciously, 'I love it!'

Grace's tongue is performing wonderful acts of pure adulteration, swirling her way around his length. She nips his bulging tip, then soothes it with the swipe of her tongue. She works her way down again, taking her time. Her hand leaves his sack and starts to trace the inside of his thigh, while Maria continues to massage, biting occasionally at his ass before soothing the spots with her tongue.

His urge to cum was strong, but--somehow--he managed to keep it back.

Grace pulls him into her mouth twice more before moving away and standing before him.

'And how was that?' she asks.

'It was awesome Mistress!'

'Good. Now get on the bed.'

He backs onto the bed and scoots back a little, keeping his eyes on his mistresses. Together they are naked and looking glorious standing beside the bed. Both are brunette, Maria with hair flowing past her shoulders while Grace's stops just shy of her collarbone. Where Maria is lightly bronzed, Grace is pale with freckles on some very curious parts of her body.

They were eyeing him up like he was a chocolate desert at an all-you-can-eat buffet. His cock twitched again; he couldn't wait for them to come and devour him.

Maria comes around to the other side of the bed, leaning over him, pushing him flat.

'Good, now stay down,' she orders.

She crawls up and kneels beside his hip, beckoning Grace to do the same on his other side. She does so while Maria winks mischievously at him, grabbing a tube of lube from the bedside table.

She pours some of the cool liquid directly onto his cock, causing him to gasp out loud, spreading it along his impressive length. 'Do you know what we are going to do with you Slave? Have you any idea?'

He racks his brain, trying to figure it out, but she is watching him expectantly. She doesn't want to wait for the answer.

'No Mistress.' Something had just started to niggle at the back of his mind though, a past conversation perhaps?

Before he could properly process it, Maria and Grace had produced two silk scarves. They trail them over his body, the soft material leaving goose bumps in their wake. They each take one of his hands, pulling them gently, maneuvering him back before proceeding to tie his wrists to the bedstead.

He gasps, the memory clicking into place! A conversation about his love of the female ass and a desire to have his cock trapped between two at once, the women moving in sync, riding him until he came. "A Two Moon Junction" he called it!

'This is a two moon junction!' he calls out, but they ignore him, taking another scarf each, dragging them down his thighs and calves, to his feet. They tie them this time around his ankles and pull, leaving him spread eagle while they tie him securely at the bottom.

He is so excited, he literally couldn't stop his mouth! 'You're going to cum torture me with your asses!' he proclaims defiantly.

He knows almost as soon as he has said it though that it was a mistake. His mistresses stop and look at each other, almost quizzically.

'He's getting a little loud, isn't he Mistress Grace? Should we shut him up?'

'I think that's a brilliant idea,' Maria nods, pulling off one of her stockings and stuffing it into his mouth which he stupidly left open. Maria is grinning wickedly down at him, the devil burning in her fierce eyes.


Grace's face comes into view--the dam half-smile is back--her hands running along his inner thighs, coming close to his crotch before retreating and coming back again. Teasing relentlessly.

'That's much better Mistress Maria, well done.'

'Yes, I quite agree.' She gives his right cheek a playful pinch, 'Don't you agree you filthy Slave?' She cups his chin with her hand, forcing him to look at her. Dear God he was so turned on!

'Just nod for me like a good boy.'

He complies, nodding meekly.

She grips his chin a little tighter, 'Well that wasn't very enthusiastic.'

Nails dug into his thighs as Grace increased her pressure. 'Not at all.'

He nods furiously, causing Maria's grin to become impossibly wider. Oh, he was going to pay for that mistake. She pinches his cheek again, this time a little harder than before.

She leans in close so that she can whisper into his ear, 'That's better,' her soft lips brush past as she speaks.

She licks his ear before pulling his lobe into her mouth and sucking, playing with it using her tongue.

Grace is now kneeling on the other side, watching the show. Maria smirks at her. What is coming next?

'I think he's figured it out too quick. What do you think Mistress Grace? Are we going to make him wait for a little while longer? Make him beg for it?'

His heart sped up a little.

'I think that's a wonderful idea. Just what he needs to learn his lesson.'

'MMMPPPHHH!!' He isn't sure if that's excitement or terror. These women were a fearsome duo, far more so than he could have ever imagined.

Maria reaches down to tweak his cock, giving it one last teasing squeeze before producing a soft cloth and removing the lube. She turns to face him, her face suddenly fierce.

His eyes widen. He knows what's coming next and he has to fight not to come in her hand.

'You think we're going to let you off that easy? Fuck you, Slave!'

He groans, loudly enough that it's audible even through the stocking stuffed in his mouth. He loved when beautiful women talked dirty.

Graces comes up beside him, her fingers threading through his hair. Without warning, she grabs a thick handful and yanks his face to hers. He felt his balls tighten. She looked like a wild woman.

'That's right Slave, fuck you! You're going to have to earn it now!' She lets his hair go and leans back, turning and moving down the bed so that he was now looking down her ass.

She stops at his feet, lowers her head and starts sucking on his toes, running her tongue between them and over his big toe like she did with his manhood.

'You're definitely going to have to earn it now.'

He watches Maria move, swinging her leg over him and straddling his face, keeping her ass in the air so he can't reach it yet. Damn woman.

'Now, you pushed your tongue inside Mistress Grace... but how far can you push your nose?'

Oh God, does she know so well what he likes!

She dangles her ass above his face, bringing it in nice and close, but not yet allowing it within touching distance.

'Well, lift your head Slave. Push your nose into my ass and smell it! Show me how much you love it!'

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