tagGroup SexA Dream Comes True

A Dream Comes True


I am 34 married and have one kid. My teen years were spent on books and day dreaming that I never really got to play around with girls. I married my first love. After six years of marriage I was getting to feel bored and started going online and having cyber sex. This really opened up my innermost fantasies and I realized that they could be enacted in the privacy of my room. I started feeling attracted to women much more and started to imagine really naughty scenes with the women I used to meet across in my daily routine. I would imagine the lady at the supermarket taking me into a storage room and having sex with me.

So with these really sexy ideas in my head, I went to the supermarket on a wet Monday evening. I was walking down the aisle for cosmetics when I bumped into another trolley. I apologized and almost did a double take when I realized how gorgeous the lady was. She smiled at my reaction. She was around my height, that is 5' 9" and her tight t-shirt showing her fairly sizeable bust which I gauged to be around 32c. She was wearing a tight pair of pants that showed off her butt and her slightly rounded tummy told me that she was a mom. A really sexy one. Her hair was short and dark with a fringe that fell across her face.

"Er.. hello.. do you mind moving? " she said, smilingly as she acknowledged my looks by sweeping her eyes along my thin frame. I am not a great looking guy, but I did my exercises and had a flat stomach which was the envy of most of my mates. Her gaze rested on my tummy and then it was my turn to interrupt.

"Er.. madam, do you still want me to move?" I asked. My heart was beating faster than an express train. My mind was on all those fantasies I had. She looked a bit embarrassed trying to push her trolley. It seemed to be stuck and then she bent over to see what was wrong. This gave me the most wonderful view of the day of her creamy breasts. I love to watch a woman's breasts when she bends over. Something about the way the breasts fit into the bra cups as they bend make it sexier than seeing naked breasts. Call me weird but a cleavage shot of a woman in a low neck blouse and bra turns me on more than a topless woman.

I felt blood rushing to my groin and felt that all too familiar feeling guys feel when their thought process is dictated by a member which is about 6 inches below their belly button. I lifted her head and I was faced with the most embarrassing moment of my day and possibly my life. As a practice I never look down blouses for the simple reason that the owner of the blouse invariably knows when someone looks down their blouse or at least this is what my wife tells me! In addition the google image search can get you a wide sample of female breasts of all shapes and sizes in the privacy of your home. But this moment was where all reason left my brain and pure male instincts took over.

Then there was that slightly amused smile again. To my surprise, she bent again. This time longer than any other moment I have gone through in my life. I stared like a rabbit caught in headlights, my mind refusing to let my body move. The fact that she was wearing a purple bra made it even sexier. She lifted her torso slowly, her eyes now on me.

"Oh dear, this thing seems to be broken. Can you help me by getting another trolley?" she asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we share this trolley? The trolley station is far away and I don't want you to take so much trouble on account of me," she said. Was she coming onto me? I was not sure. But decided to take the plunge which would later prove to be an adventure.

I nodded dumbly and realized that all this time there had been a younger woman resembling her standing behind the older lady. She was introduced to me as her cousin. The older lady's name was Tracy and her cousin was Linda. There was not much of a difference between the two ladies except for the flatter tummy and the smaller bust on the younger girl. She also had dimples that made a face look cute when she smiled.

Her butt was proportionately larger compared to her older cousin and I felt myself checking it out. Tracy had a confident air about her, displaying the confidence only an older woman can display around a man. Linda was quite the opposite, being shy and distant while letting Tracy take the lead but at the same time being envious of the older woman's' confidence. I picked these vibes up while keeping them company through their quest for groceries, aisle after aisle.

We chatted all the way to the checkout counter. The younger girl remained silent while Tracy told me about herself. She was a PR manager at an advertising company which explained her friendliness. Or so I thought. We went to the front and she said that she wanted to go to the taxi stand and then came my opportunity. I offered her a lift. My wife was away on a business trip and the babysitter was home and I had nothing much to worry. She politely accepted the invitation and we left the supermarket. On the way I go a chance to check out Tracy's cousin.

She wore a short skirt and thin strap t-shirt that was sexy as hell. I met her eyes on the rear view mirror a number of times. I also got a glimpse of her cleavage and I adjusted the rear view mirror so that I could get a better view. She must have realized this since she stretched like a cat a number of times, lifting her arms, making her breasts press against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. I forced myself to bring back my attention to the road and Tracy.

We were talking about the traffic and the costs of apartments around the area when suddenly I felt Linda's head come between the front seats. I felt her breast press against the back of my hand. I just left it there as she asked Tracy about dinner. I could have sworn that she deliberately rubbed her breast against my arm but I could not be sure.

We ended up picking up dinner and Tracy invited me to stay for dinner. We reached her house and we went inside. My heart was taking stock of this whole thing and I was on the verge of breaking down and running out of the house. All of my religious upbringing told me that I was getting into something which was quite alien to me. But naturally, humans don't let reason get in the way when the thought process is dictated by their hormones. So I stayed.

Tracy asked me to make myself comfortable. She returned in a bathrobe with a spare one in her hand. She sat down in front of me, bending unnecessarily, giving me more than a glimpse of her cleavage.

"So what was the highlight of your day?" she asked smiling mischievously.

"Umm.... when you bent over the trolley," I replied, not knowing whether I would be thrown out of the house.

"Oh, looks like you have led a pretty mundane life," she said.

"How would you like to have an experience of a lifetime?" she asked, fluttering her eyelids, striking a suggestive pose, thrusting out her breasts at me.

"Well, what do you have in mind?" I asked, my heartbeat picking up its onslaught against the confines of my chest.

"Umm... that's for us to know and for you to find out," she said.

I made an effort to stop my hands from shaking and my throat went dry realizing what could happen next. I didn't fail to notice the word "us". This is what would happen to Peter North and not me, a boring IT professional.

"You must be all sweaty. Would you like to have a shower?" she asked. "I do have a change of clothing too, if you want to get into something comfortable. I hate to eat without a nice warm shower," she said looking pointedly at my body.

I got up and took the bathrobe off her hands. Then she proceeded to unbutton my shirt and that really took me by surprise. I just stood there like a dumb ass, as she proceeded to take my shirt off and then the vest. She looked at my chest and ran her hands lightly along my chest to the hard flat tummy.

"Mmmm.. I like a man who takes care of his body," she murmured as her hands explored my skin.

Her hand glided to my belt and unbuckled it, pushing my trousers down. By this time, my cock was straining against my underwear. She pretended not to notice the bulge and made me wear the bathrobe. She took me by the hand to her room. I don't know how I managed to follow her without toppling. My legs felt like jelly but I managed to make it.

She then took me to her bathroom and made me sit on a stool while she proceeded to take off her bathrobe. I have never seen such a display of eroticism with a simple act such as taking a bathrobe off. She made it look so sexy but simple that made me almost cum in my underwear. She then stepped into the cubicle and started to shower facing me. She ran her hands along her body, slowing down at her tummy and moving back again to rub her breasts. She lifted them and squashed them together, pointing the pink nipples at me. She moved her hands to her pussy, rubbing it suggestively, parting her legs and giving me a view of her pussy. It was clean shaven and smooth. I just sat their enjoying this little show.

A few moments later, the door opened and Linda walked in, stark naked. Her breasts were heavier than Tracy's and high. They bounced lazily as she walked her hips swaying in unison, giving me a view of her young butt.

She pulled another stool and sat right behind me. I felt her hands on my shoulders and she began to massage my back. Her hands were strong and firm on my shoulders and I felt her body heat. After a while she moved closer with her thighs on either side of me and her breasts started to rub against my skin making me shiver. After some time we were positioned as if we were riding a motorcycle. The whole length of her torso rubbed against me including her thighs. Her hands moved to my chest, rubbing and kneading my chest muscles. Her hands moved lower to my tummy moving dangerously close to my trembling cock. Her hands whizzed past my cock and onto my thighs. I felt her fingers tracing the contours of my thighs while I felt her hard nipples against my back. I rocked back and forth, crushing her breasts against my back.

She then got up and walked over so that she was standing in front of me. She sat on my thighs smiling into my face. She picked my hands up and placed them underneath her heavy breasts. I felt their weight as I squeezed lightly. They were so soft and I squeezed them lightly admiring the nipples standing out. I started to bend my head towards them when I was interrupted.

"Hey, baby, would you like to join me?" said Tracy. Linda stood up and calmly walked into the shower cubicle and started to rub against Tracy kissing her cheek and hugging her tight, turning inside the cubicle to keep me entertained.

I wanted to jack off so much but I controlled my urge. My cock was so hard in my underwear that it hurt. I barely felt it as I watched these two hot women kiss each other, rubbing their breasts and bodies together. Tracy pulled back to lovingly soap Linda running the piece of soap all over her young body. Linda leaned against the glass while Tracy took her time soaping every part of Linda's body. She parted her legs allowing Tracy to soap her pussy and I saw Tracy reach back and clean Linda's anus. Afterwards she washed off all the soap and then it was Linda's turn to soap Tracy. It was the most erotic sight as Linda ran her hands along Tracy's body giving me Goosebumps.

Both women acted as if I was not there and when I saw Linda's finger enter Tracy's anus, I lost control. I got up and went closer to watch Linda finger Tracy's ass. Tracy moaned as she felt Linda's finger while closing her eyes and lifting her face up in ecstasy. They finished cleaning each other up and then looked at me. Tracy called me into the shower cubicle. I walked under the shower like a zombie, afraid to say anything as it could spoil the moment.

The cubicle was fairly large but I kept bumping into the soft bodies of the two women. Tracy moved in front of me while Linda was behind me. They started to caress my body cleaning the grime and sweat off. Then they took a couple of bars of soap and proceeded to soap me. I shivered as I felt their hands all over my body, soaping every crevasse they could find. I felt the unmistakable pressure against my anus as I felt Tracy push her finger into my ass. Although I am not bi, I do enjoy a finger in my butt. I closed my eyes as I felt Tracy's finger probing me while Linda cupped my balls, squeezing them gently.

They kept avoiding my hard cock. I presumed that they wanted so save the best for last or at least I hoped. I closed my eyes and felt the exquisite feeling of being pampered by two sexy naked women. I couldn't help believing that I was only dreaming. I opened my eyes to see the intent look on Tracy's face as she used all of her energy to clean me up.

Finally, I was clean and smelling like a baby. They toweled me, avoiding my hard cock. I knew that they didn't want me to cum anytime soon. Tracy and Linda led me to their bed and made me lie down. Then they proceeded to kiss each other while rubbing their bodies against each other. Linda took the lead by kissing the older woman. She sucked Tracy's lips, sucking each of them into her mouth while her hand rubbed Tracy's tummy and breasts. Then she made Tracy lean against the dressing table and started to kiss her neck, her long tongue leaving a saliva trail moving towards Tracy's ear pushing her tongue into the ear, making Tracy shudder. Linda started to suck Tracy's earlobe and I have never seen such an erotic sight. Tracy reached down to Linda's boobs. She put some saliva into her palm before she cupped them in her hand rubbing the nipple against her slimy palm. Linda moaned and sucked harder on Tracy's ear lobe. Then she moved back to her soft lips.

Tracy spread her legs to let Linda push her thigh between her legs allowing their pussies to rub against each others thighs. After a couple of minutes of rubbing, Tracy broke away from the kiss and moved over to where I lay.

Before I realized what she was unto, I saw her ass descending on my face. Her hands pulled her cheeks apart as her ass hold descended on my lips.

"Lick my asshole, baby..," she moaned as I started to lick her ass hole tentatively. I have never licked a woman's asshole before and knowing that Tracy enjoyed anal play excited me to taste it. I pushed my tongue gently at the opening, feeling it pulsate. She ground her ass into my face and tongue. Just then I felt a pair of hands on my thighs and realized that Linda had joined us. I felt her licking my balls and that made me moan. I really like the feel of a woman's tongue on my balls. Mine is clean shaven just for that purpose.

I felt her suck on my balls. I lifted my hips off the bed to get more contact and Linda must have misunderstood my intensions as she parted my legs to and I felt her licking me lower and lower moving closer and closer to my anus. I shuddered as I felt her tongue, hot and wet on my asshole. I pushed my tongue harder at Tracy's asshole and felt it finally go inside. Since she was squatting on my face there was little resistance. I rubbed my finger across her slit as I tongue fucked her anus.

Linda did the same with her tongue on my ass. I felt her finger take the place of her tongue as her tongue moved towards my balls. She sucked each ball hard. I love them to be sucked hard to the point a slight discomfort. This heightens the intensity of my climax. I continue to tongue Tracy's asshole, feeling her pussy juice drip on my chin and traveling down my neck. I pushed one finger inside her tight pussy. Immediately her rocking increased against my tongue and mouth. I felt Linda's tongue exploring my shaft moving to the top. I felt Tracy, bend to my cock.

I have never experienced two women on my cock before. I will never forget the first time both tongues touched the tip of my cock. Both ladies fought over my cock head. They started to french kiss over my cock while fondling my balls. I pushed harder into Tracy's ass, fingering her pussy. Tracy lifted off my tongue and moved over trying to get a bet look at my cock. Both girls let me have their pussies to finger while they sucked my cock. I watched the two beauties as I fingered them both. It was tough going. My hands started to shake as I felt the strain of fingering two women.

I pulled Linda onto my face leaving Tracy to lick my cock. I felt her deep throat it as my tongue closed in on Linda's pussy and ass. I licked her young pussy burying my tongue in her slit. Then I moved over to her ass. She was tighter than Tracy but more aggressive. She almost smothered me, pushing her ass into my face. I pushed her up to catch my breath but it was quite difficult. She kept grinding her pussy and ass in my face.

I licked her rim and pushed my tongue in. She gasped as she felt my long tongue push in. She pushed and pushed against my tongue getting as much tongue as possible in her ass. I felt Tracy suck my cock hard while fingering my ass. Then turned and sat on my cock. It felt so hot, feeling her pussy slide on my cock. She started to move, kissing Linda as I licked her ass. I started to finger Linda and almost immediately she shuddered as she came against my finger. I guess the ass licking and fingering coupled with seeing Tracy on my cock didn't help at all.

Linda rose off my face and moved over to Tracy. She pushed her off my cock, yes, literally pushed her off and started to suck it. Tracy recovered and pushed her again, sitting down on my cock. She pulled Linda up and hugged her as she rode my cock up and down. Usually, I can last longer when I woman rides my cocks than on the missionary position. So before I could reach my peak Tracy, peaked. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock hard in spasms as she came.

Tracy came to a standstill and the two ladies continued to kiss forgetting me. I flexed my cock and that gave Tracy the message. Both ladies climbed off me and proceeded to lick and suck my cock. Tracy fingered my ass again as she sucked the life out of my cock. I didn't last long and I came hard into her mouth. She let me shoot all of my cum and then lifted her mouth off my cock. Then both women started to kiss each other sucking and licking my cum. It was so sexy that I couldn't help feeling sorry that I was not married to this lady.

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