tagNonHumanA Dream of Pleasure

A Dream of Pleasure


Jess stepped across the threshold of Cahallin's front door, into a spacious foyer lit only by candlelight. She stood in awe for a moment and then remembered why she was there. A smile played across her soft red lips as she unconsciously ran her tongue over her upper teeth.

"Cahallin? Where are you darling?" She called out as she walked toward a magnificent staircase, the stairs lined with more lit candles.

Receiving no answer, she proceeded up the stairs to the second floor. Lit candles seemed to create a path, which she followed to the large master bedroom. Cahillin was laying on the bed as she appeared in the doorway.

He instantly got to his feet and walked over to greet Jess with a deep, passionate kiss. She rubbed her soft hands over his muscular back as her tongue moved in and out of his mouth. Cahallin did the same in return.

They broke from their embrace only long enough to get to the bed. Once settled, they continued to indulge in kisses. Cahallin moved a little to her right ear, letting his tongue play skillfully with the soft lobe.

Jess moaned softly as the kisses continued. She could feel herself starting to get wet. She moved her hands up and down his firm back, slowly untucking his shirt. Cahallin paused to raise his arms up, helping Jess remove his shirt completely.

She began to rub her hands over his bare chest, playing with his nipples. This time it was his turn to moan softly. He moved his hands across her back, puling up her shirt. Jess helped him remove it. He smiled when he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, as he exposed her breasts.

Cahallin bent his head down to suckle on her left nipple, caressing the other with his left hand. Again, Jess moaned with pleasure. By now she was dripping wet. She moved her hands lower, letting her fingers play at the top of his beltline. There was just enough space for her to ease her fingers underneath to tickle above the top of his nether-hair.

With her free hand, Jess worked at the buckle, eventually getting it open. Cahallin threw his head back and released another moan of pleasure as he felt Jess's hand wrap around his hard, throbbing penis. He moved his hands down to unfasten her skirt, sliding it down her smooth, well-toned legs.

Jess stopped stroking his cock to remove his pants. They were both now only in their underwear. She returned to rubbing Cahallin's hard penis, smiling as he moaned again. Her hand moved in a slow, steady rhythm along the entire shaft.

Cahallin moved his hand down and slid her fingers under her panties. He skillfully traced around her swollen lips with a finger, causing her to moan again and again. He felt her wetness, allowing a finger to dip between her hot lips, testing it. Jess began to writhe as Cahallin found her clit and began to rub gently.

Jess tighten her grip on his cock and began to move faster. Using her free hand, she tried to remove his boxers. Cahallin stopped briefly to help and then removed her panties. He gave her another deep kiss as his fingers once again found her waiting wetness. He laid her back against the pillows and gently spread her legs apart.

Sliding down to the foot of the bed, Cahallin positioned himself before her, giving her a sly smile before moving in. Jess writhed and squirmed with pleasure as his tongue flicked in and out of her hot, wet pussy. She released a moan as he started to massage her clit.

Jess gasped and tensed as she felt an explosion of pleasure surge through her body. Cahallin smiled as he drank her pungent juices. He pulled himself up to suckle on her firm breasts, her nipples like small stones. Smiling as she gasped, he slid first one, then two fingers inside her hot wetness.

Jess reached down and began to stroke his hard cock again, moving up and down in rhythm with his fingers as they slid in and out of her. She switched hands and started to play with his balls, causing him to moan loudly.

She began to move faster up and down, and gently squeezed his balls. Cahallin moaned again and again as Jess fondled him. He was close to climax and she knew it. She slowed her rhythm, prolonging his climax. Then, without warning, she returned to her fast pace, playing with his balls at the same time.

Cahallin exploded and shot his seed all over her stomach. She continued to stroke his penis, keeping it hard as she smeared his cum with her free hand. She licked the hot fluid from her fingers seductively. She was close to another orgasm now and continued to move her hand up and down his penis.

Jess pulled him on top of her and gently guided him to her aching pussy. He need no further encouragement as the head of his penis rested against her lips. In one quick motion, he thrust into her. Jess gasped as she felt him enter. With a slow, steady rhythm, Cahallin thrust in and out; Jess moved her hips to match his pace.

She now allowed her fangs to fully extend. They were both near climax again. Jess wrapped her arms around him, placing a hand on the back of his head. Cahallin quickened his pace, reaching a hand down to play with her clit as he thrust into her. Jess squirmed as she felt the orgasm building.

She lifted her head from the pillow and kissed the side of his neck. He moaned yet again as he felt himself building. As they exploded together, Jess bit the spot she had just kissed, piercing the soft flesh.

She drank his hot blood quickly as the final waves of pleasure passed through them. She released him as her pulled out of her and moved to her side, laying next to her. Breathing heavily, they looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"Oh no." Jess thought to herself as she looked at a clock, "It's almost dawn, I'd better get going." She turned toward Cahallin, but he had already fallen asleep. She brought the blankets up over him. She planted a gentle kiss on his forehead and got up to retrieve her clothes.

Once dressed, she sat at his desk and wrote a short note in her fine script. When Cahallin finally awoke, he noticed that the side of his neck was a little sore. Upon rubbing it, he realized that last night was not a dream.

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