tagLoving WivesA Drunken Dance

A Drunken Dance


This is my first contribution so any comments and thoughts would be really appreciated. I hope you enjoy it.


This story begins in New Zealand, with the woman I love. Catherine was 22-years-old and in her prime. We had been together for five years, since 17, and had been fucking nearly every day since. Although my sex drive was much greater than hers, Catherine would become extremely horny when she let her hair down to party.

Catherine is short and petite, only 5 foot 4 inches tall, but with a slim figure and an innocent, cute and impish face. Her eyes are brown, freckles cover her nose and her shoulder length dark hair is usually neatly tied up in a ponytail or bun. Her pert, firm breasts are milky white and just a handful, with soft pale pink nipples. But if her cheeky smile does not grab the attention of any passing men, it is usually her rear which catches the eye. A perfect peach of an arse, soft but pert and round, I have seen many try to cop a feel in the darkness of a nightclub or bar.

For all her heavenly features, she is seen by many as cheeky rather than slutty, friendly rather than shy or over-confident. She only has limited experience with men, but that's not to say she doesn't think about another man's cock from time to time. Although, she would never confess this to me and I wouldn't ask.

So the fun began when we took a trip to New Zealand to see the incredible landscapes and experience the great outdoors at one of the finest destinations on Earth. Despite the fact we were sightseeing as a couple, we joined an infamous tour bus that attracts young groups of good looking, single, fun-seekers who want to go skydiving and get drunk at parties. We were to spend the next two weeks on a bus, driving between the major sights and cities, staying in hotels and campsites along the way, with a group of about 30 youngsters, aged 18 to 25. A few Danish girls among the group caught my eye immediately, with their long blond hair and supple bodies, but I was on my best behaviour... at least until the partying started.

One night we pulled into a town which specialized in showing backpackers and tourists a good time. After a busy day of thrill-seeking and sightseeing, we finally arrived back at the hotel to get ready for a night out. Catherine put on a short black skirt that hugged her lovely young arse and barely hid her knickers. It showed off her toned white legs perfectly, and the look was finished off with a pair of tall black high heels, in which she tottered around our room in nervously. On top, she wore a silky black halterneck blouse that flowed over her pert firm young tits and revealed most of the skin on her back and elegant neck. She gave me a twirl before we left our room and I knew I was in for a good night of sex after some drunken partying with the rest of our group. I could not have predicted how wild things would get.

We joined the group at the entrance to a crowded bar, filled with locals and young tourists all looking to get drunk and have some fun. Before long, there were young women climbing up on the tables, shaking their bodies and waving their arms in the air to the music, as the alcohol took effect. Halfway through the night and Catherine was bumping and grinding her fine body against me as the music pumped from the bar's speakers. By now I could tell she was quite drunk because she was grinning from ear to ear and then giving me her misty-eyed look as she moved her body against me seductively.

As she sucked on a bottle of sweet vodka orange, she moved in and started grinding her legs between mine in rhythm to the bass of the music. I nodded to a few of our new friends who I recognized as they danced past us. Then, a young local man appeared just behind Catherine. He smiled at me and kept on dancing, just a few feet behind her. As the dancefloor became crowded and busy, I looked up to see him dancing close up behind Catherine as she danced in her high heels in front of me.

As the younger guy got closer and closer I smiled at him again. He looked like a local teenager, perhaps 18-years-old, with shaggy blonde hair and a youthful face. My smile seemed to give him more confidence and he took the bold step of coming right up behind my girlfriend, his hands at his side, and gently easing his crotch against her rear. If she felt uneasy about this, Catherine didn't show it. She simply kept her eyes locked on me and my chest, as she dirty danced with me. Her skirt was riding up slightly and I could see most of her creamy thighs as beads of perspiration began forming on her hot neck and cleavage.

Emboldened by her indifference to his actions, the stranger moved up even tighter against her, rubbing his crotch into her arse cheeks as he grinned at me over her shoulder. I was amazed that she had not pushed him away but perhaps she was just as surprised that I had not warned him off by now. Perhaps she wanted to see how far I would let this young stud go before she had to stop him herself. By now the fact that an eager young stud was rubbing up against my woman had made my cock stiffen in my jeans against her. She could feel the rigid pole against the top of her thigh as she drunkenly bucked up against it and the music seemed to grow louder.

The stranger slid his hands to her hips and I saw him lightly hold her from behind as he dipped his own hips, before grinding his crotch upwards into her arse. As the crowds pushed us from side to side, Catherine found herself sandwiched between us, between our two hard cocks, straining at our jeans as she slid her hands over my arse and moved up against my chest.

The stranger moved his hands lower, to cup her arse gently before daring to have a squeeze. For the first time in this hazy moment, I noticed her flinch, but only briefly, before she continued dancing between us. We had not spoken a word but each of us knew that she could feel two men enjoying her body, albeit through the thin material of her clothes.

As the song came to and end and the next began, Catherine said she needed the bathroom and slipped out from between us towards the ladies room. Now I was face to face with the young stud who had been taking advantage of my girlfriend's intoxicated body. Clearly very confident, he stepped towards me and with a huge grin on his face, said: "Your girl is amazing man!" Stunned but delighted by his courage, I replied: "Thanks, yeah I know she is!" He shook his head as if still recovering from the experience, then disappeared to the bar.

Catherine came back and seemed indifferent to the fact that our new friend had disappeared. We started dancing again but I was hoping that the stud would return to continue his advances. Catherine was so drunk she grabbed my head and she stuck her small dainty tongue into my throat, thrusting her hard nipples against my chest. She was clearly very turned on.

Soon I had the call of nature myself so I left her dancing with the rest of our group as I headed to the men's room. When I returned the bar and dancefloor seemed even busier and I couldn't see Catherine. I checked the rest of the group but there was not sign of my girlfriend. I went to the bar and got another beer before turning and walking through the dancing masses in search of her. As I walked along the back wall, I saw her. She was pinned up against the wall and the young stud was kissing her passionately, eagerly tonguing her mouth. My eyes quickly took in the whole scene, darting over their bodies to see how far this had gone.

Her legs were slightly apart, her skirt hitched up, one of his legs between her thighs, his hand on her left tit, groping at it through her silk top. My eyes returned to their faces and took in the sight as Catherine's tongue clearly flicked back into his mouth and her glossy lips sucked on his mouth. My mouth hung open and my heart skipped a beat but I quickly slipped to the side so they wouldn't spot me. My cock was rock hard and I realized how turned on this shocking view had made me.

I continued to watch, my breathing deepening as I realized my girlfriend was sluttily stroking the bulge in the front of his jeans. The responsible part of me urged me to intervene and stop my drunken girlfriend from going any further with this huge mistake. But the curious, horny side of me won. I wanted to see where this was leading.

The stud slipped his hand between her thighs and I watched in amazement as it slid straight her skirt, forcing it to ride even higher and finally, exposing the front of her white thong. Everyone else in the bar was too drunk and busy to notice, as other couples also fondled and grinded against each other. The stud rubbed her thong briefly as they kissed, then swiftly eased his fingers under the elastic at the side and invaded her private parts. I watched the movement of his fingers under the wet cotton of her thong as this young stranger began to touch and explore my girlfriend's clean shaved pussy. As his fingers rubbed over the smooth surface, I saw part of her pussy lip as he slide his middle finger into her hole. She visibly squirmed as it found her hole and slipped easily up inside her warm wet softness. Soon he was fingering her steadily and she was pulling on his stiffness through his jeans.

I was in a trance as I watched this guy finger fucking my woman in front of me. How could she do this? How did this guy get her in this position? And where was it going to end? Surely she knew I would be looking for her by now.

Then, they stopped abruptly and he removed his hand from her knickers. I saw him whisper in her ear, then grab her hand and lead her back through the dancefloor. I tried to follow them but I lost them in the crowd. I searched frantically, fearing what I might miss and what harm might come to her. There was no sign of them inside the bar so I checked the mens and ladies rooms but still nothing. It dawned on me that they had left the bar and I rushed for the exit. Once outside, I scanned the drunken couples who were slouched on the pavement or stumbling for a taxi. No sign of Catherine. I turned back to the bar, then noticed a side alley to the right of the building. I paced over to the wall and peered up the alley. At first I couldn't see anything in the darkness, then I spotted a shadow moving.

As my eyes adjusted I saw it was them. They were against the wall, next to a bin, in the same position as in the bar -- he was between her legs. Only this time, her legs were further apart and his whole hand was down the front of her thong. I watched as her heels clattered the floor as she tried to keep her balance while he fingered her furiously. She was desperately searching his mouth. He grabbed the front of her tiny white thong and pulled it down to her thighs. She tried to help, hurriedly pulling her thong down to her knees, her hands shaking in anticipation and passion. The stud was unzipping his jeans and it was then I realized this was going all the way. I saw her thong fall to her ankle and she stepped one foot out of them, before placing it back on the ground, spread slightly further apart.

She helped him with his boxers and then I saw his cock spring free. It pointed straight up towards her pierced belly button and was very stiff. His cock was long like mine but looked slightly thicker as his hand wrapped around it. He pulled it down and forward towards her now exposed pussy. She was looking down at this stranger's cock as it prepared to penetrate her. I saw her smooth camel toe part as the head of his bare penis touched between her soft young flesh. I saw her mouth open in a silent gasp and her feet go up onto the tips of her toes as she positioned herself over the cock, to help it find her hole. Then the stud pushed up into her and I saw her pussy stretch and slip quickly over its length. He sunk it straight up, the whole length and this time she moaned loudly.

He scrambled for her top, pulling it down over her tits. He grabbed one tit and squeezed it in his palm as he began rutting up into her. I watched in disbelief. Not only was he fucking my girlfriend but he wasn't wearing a condom. She hadn't even stopped him to ask if he had one. He was now fucking her bareback, feeling her tight, inexperienced pussy squeeze its folds around the bulging head of his throbbing cock. I watched Catherine pull him in closer, her hands clawing at his back and arse as he pumped into her. Although his cock was no bigger than mine, she was frantically trying to get it deeper into her. I saw her thong hanging around her ankle as he began pumping faster, making her heels clatter on the ground as he almost lifted her body up against the wall.

Catherine started gasping "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes", as this younger stud, 18-years-old, thrust his eager cock up into her. I knew what he must be feeling. I had fucked her tight wet pussy thousands of times and knew that it would be squeezing him rhythmically, milking him. She had only had a few cocks in her life, she was still very tight, and this was the first new cock in a long time. Catherine was almost whimpering as he aggressively took her. Then she muffled her whimpers by locking her lips on his again.

As they fucked, the stud looked down at her pussy swallowing his cock. He couldn't believe his luck and he wasn't about to waste this chance to enjoy this hot woman who was slightly older than him and out of his league. She had led him on in the bar and now there was no going back. He had forced himself on her while I was gone and although she had seemed reluctant when he first kissed her, slurring her words as she whispered that she shouldn't be doing this. But she had soon opened up when he touched her body and now she was helping him to get deeper inside her.

A giggle from behind me made my head spin my around. A couple of passing girls were also looking in the direction of the alleyway as they walked, clearly spotting Catherine and the stud fucking next to the bins and giggling at the sight. Briefly embarrassed, I turned back to the main spectacle as the girls walked on.

My cock was dripping with pre-cum in my jeans as I watched on from the shadows, taking in the details. She looked like a common slut, except for her perfect, youthful face and eyes, which were far more innocent. The stud suddenly quickened his pace as he drove up into her and I saw his cock piston into her soaking pussy. He began grunting and grabbed her hips as her legs almost gave way. He stopped her from falling as he impaled her deeper and she began whimpering desperately as his cock stiffened and grew as the head rubbed furiously inside her. It began to spasm as his cock twitched and the first shot of cum ejaculated, shooting deep inside her.

I saw her eyes wide with shock as she realized he was cumming inside her but the shock was immediately replaced with pure pleasure and animal lust as her pussy squeezed frantically with her orgasm. She gasped and the stud made three quick thrusts as he emptied his balls. His cum streamed up into her, squirt after squirt as his balls tenses and his cock triggered load after load. I could even hear the splashing inside her as her he forced more cum into her own juices. Finally, he made one last thrust and I saw her bite her lip, her cheeks flushed red and her tits whorishly exposed and sweaty.

Her legs relaxed and he pulled his cock loose from her tight grip. It flopped out, semi erect and utterly spent, dripping with their wetness. As he hurriedly pushed it back into his jeans, she bent and pulled her thong back up over her bald pussy, her long smooth clit still engorged with blood. He whispered something as she repositioned her skirt and pulled her top back over her tits.

Realizing that they would be coming this way, I quickly pulled myself together and spun back out of the alleyway, towards the hotel. I almost ran back to the room, where I jumped into bed and stripped off. I lay there for 10 minutes, trying to process what I had just witnessed. The door creaked open and Catherine staggered into the darkness, drunkenly. I pretended to be passed out with my own drunkenness.

She clambered into bed next to me, smelling strongly of the sweet alcohol she had been drinking earlier. She nuzzled up next to me and began to slip her hand over into my lap. My cock was still rock hard and she began stroking it immediately. I rolled over with a pretend moan, as if recovering from my slumber, but she paid me no attention.

Instead, she slipped under the covers and began to lick and suck my swelling member. Before long she was stroking it up into her mouth and my climax was nearing. I groaned loudly and erupted into my slut's mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth and she swallowed it all down. My cock shrunk again and she rested her head on my thigh. Soon we were both asleep and when I awoke she was laying on top of the sheets, her skirt still on but her legs apart and her stained thong covering her freshly fucked pussy...The reality dawned on me. My innocent sweet girlfriend had behaved like a total slut last night and another man had experienced her tight pussy. I couldn't wait to find out what else she might do on our next night out.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/13/18

Hot Fuck!

Damn, that was a sexy story. I love how there was no intent to humiliate the boyfriend. Girlfriend was just so horny she had to fuck the guy. That's what I like. No cruelty, just hot sex.

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by Anonymous08/09/18


He shouldn't marry her as she'll cuckold him before the ball point ink is dry on the marriage certificate.

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by kiteares07/07/18

Category and Tags

As others have pointed out she wasn't a wife, but put cuckold in the tags.
As a story it's not too bad.

Is it cuckold? She took your permission from not saying anything during the 1st encounter, butmore...

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by Anonymous05/30/18

Cuck-a-Doodle Dipshit!

A really HOT story BUT, the boyfriend is one dumb cuck!

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by Anonymous03/14/18

What an Idiot

I can believe that a instant cluck like that happens. Not stopping that early was a huge mistake for any man. He watcher her like she was a sex toy not someone he loved.

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