tagIncest/TabooA Family Adventure Ch. 2

A Family Adventure Ch. 2


Chapter 2: the Rest of the Story

I watched my wife Claire sucking our son's cock slowly, sliding it in and out of her mouth as he leaned back on his elbows admiring the scene. Her naked ass was sticking up in the air toward my daughter and I. Her tits were jiggling beneath her as she bobbed her head up and down on Danny's still throbbing dick.

My daughter's large naked tits pressed into my bare chest and felt so soft, so warm and tender...as did her legs wrapped around me. The sitting position was uncomfortable, though, at least for these tired ol' bones, so I leaned her over onto her back and stretched out over her.

"God, Daddy," Janelle gasped. "I feel all quivery inside." Her chest heaved up and down as she gulped air causing her fleshy tits to wobble just slightly with each breath she took.

I felt myself quickly growing hard again as I laid between her legs. I could feel the warmth of her sex radiating against my crotch and the sound of her heavy breathing filled my ears.

We looked over at Claire and Danny. He was now bucking his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of his mom's mouth while she reached up and flicked our son's naked nipples with her fingers.

I looked back at my daughter beneath me.

"Janelle, I hope I didn't mess up your life. Jesus! I can't believe we just did that! I can't believe your mom just fucked your brother either...and is actually sucking his dick right now. My God! What are we doing?"

My daughter looked up into my eyes and smiled a mischievious, wry grin.

"It seems like we're fucking our brains out," she chuckled. Then she reached down between us and gently grasped my hardening cock.

"I love this thing, Daddy. I love how it makes me feel inside. I don't think you messed me up. In fact, I've wanted this for a long time."

Her soft, delicate hand gently stroked up and down my naked erection as she continued to hold my gaze with her bedroom eyes.

"I've dreamed about fucking you. I've heard you and Mom making love at night so many times...and each time I've wondered what it would be like. I've imagined you pumping me with this big, throbbing dick...the same one that made me."

She eased my cock toward the opening of her warm, wet vagina.

"And it was better than I imagined, even dreamed...and I want more. I want you to pound this huge cock in me again, Daddy. It may be totally nasty, but I can't help it. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, Daddy." She opened her legs wide as my cock touched the parting lips of her young, tight hole. "Fuck your little girl," she said as she looked into my eyes.

I slid my throbbing dick into Janelle's warm wetness again as I gazed back into those bright, blue eyes. Her vagina wrapped around my member like a security blanket...welcoming me in. I started gently and slowly, making love to her, easing my pulsing cock in and out of my daughter's cunt. She grabbed my naked butt and squeezed, pushing down firmly...encouraging me to fuck her harder.

Then the feeling kicked in and I was now recovered from my previous ejaculation. I wanted her. I wanted her bad.

I hiked myself up on my arms, towering over her in our missionary position, and started thrusting my dick in and out of her with gusto as she spread her legs and wrapped them around my back. I watched her huge, naked tits wobble back and forth like Jell-O beneath me...wiggling with each thrust of my hard cock up her snatch.

"Oh, God Daddy! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your nasty little girl. Oh shit, I want your dick in me sssssssoooooo fucking bad."

I pumped it into her harder and faster...and grunted like an animal. My cock was making squishing sounds as it thrust in and out of her young, juicy cunt.

"Oh baby! Goddamn. I love fucking my dick up inside you, Sugar. God, you're so fucking hot."

"Do it Daddy. Fuck me hard. Cram that big thing up my hot little cunt."

"Oh shit, yeah," I yelled. I was pumping my daughter's pussy like a monster...panting, grunting, hearing the squishing of her cunt juice as my throbbing dick pistoned in and out of her young, wet snatch.

"Oh fuck, Daddy! Shove your dick in me. Pound my nasty cunt. God help me, I want your cock so bad. Fuck it up inside me, Daddy. Fuck me good."

I closed my eyes as I pounded my dick in and out of my daughter like a crazed animal. I could feel her wetness almost splatter against my crotch with each thrust; yet, her warm, young cunt was wrapped so tightly around my dick I thought I might be hurting her...if it wasn't for her filthy, slutty talk egging me on.

"Fuck me Daddy! Shove your fucking dick in me. God, I love it so much. Give me your huge cock."

It just inflamed me more. I wanted my cock so far up inside her I hoped she'd gag on it. I pumped my dick into her...fast, hard...grunting with each thrust and trying to shove it deeper up into her each time.

Then I opened my eyes.

My son, Danny, was right next to the left side of my head rubbing his young cock on Janelle's mouth. She was eagerly licking at it as he wiggled it all over her beautiful face.

"Lick it, Janelle. Lick my fucking dick," my son whispered deeply to his sister.

"Are we having fun, yet?"

I looked to my right and locked eyes with my wife. She was on all fours next to me and obviously drunk out of her mind.

"Do you like this?" I asked...pumping my dick in and out of our daughter's tight little pussy.

"Oh, yeah," she said...reaching between Janelle and I and feeling my cock thrust in and out of our daughter's cunt. "I want you to suck my tits while you fuck her. Would you like that?"

She didn't wait for an answer. Claire got on her knees next to my face and lifted one of her heavy, naked breasts to my lips. I gobbled the nipple while I pumped my dick in and out of our daughter's tight, wet pussy.

"Lick my fuckin' tit, Honey. Suck on my tit while you fuck her," my wife begged.

I sucked on Claire's nipple while I continued to pound my cock into Janelle. I peeked at my daughter beneath me, never letting go of my wife's tit with my mouth, and saw Janelle eating her brother's cock while I fucked her. She was letting her brother fuck her mouth. Danny was on all fours over her face, so close I could feel the warmth of his body. He was pumping his dick in and out of her mouth and watching me suck on his Mom's tit while I pumped his sister's pussy with my cock.

I met his gaze.

"Suck it," he said. I didn't know, though, whether he was referring to me sucking his mom's tit or his sister sucking his dick. Hell, I thought, maybe he meant both.

I continued to pump my cock in and out of my daughter's cunt as my wife edged up closer to our son's face. I continued sucking her right tit, then Danny leaned over and started sucking her left one. We were cheek to cheek while I fucked his sister's pussy and she swallowed his cock in her mouth. Both of us licked his mom's tits while his sister serviced our dicks. After a few seconds of that, his mom started fingering her own pussy. Her legs were spread wide as she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt, kneeling the whole time so we could suck on her tits. Then Danny must've reached around behind her. I felt her shudder underneath our licking tongues.

"Oh yeah, baby. Stick it up my ass."

Danny was obviously fingering his mom's butt while we sucked on her tits and crammed Janelle's holes with our dicks. I couldn't believe it! This whole scene was unreal! I was fucking our daughter while I sucked my wife's tit. My daughter was sucking her brother's dick. He was sucking his mom's other tit and fingering his mom's ass while she begged for more.

Claire had never let me play with her butt. She was always so sensitive about it. Now she was letting her own son stick his finger up it and verbally encouraging him.

I couldn't let the moment get away. I pulled my mouth off her tit and looked into her eyes...nose to nose.

"You like it up the ass, don't you?" I asked.

Her eyes never left mine...and she never stopped fingering her cunt.

"Yeah, I do...especially when it's a big, hard cock."

I reached back with my right hand and pushed her over. She went down on all fours...almost knocking Danny over. He pulled his dick out of his sister's mouth and stood up as I pulled out of her tight, young pussy and kneeled down behind my wife. Holding my wet, gooey dick in my hand, I rubbed it up and down against Claire's butt crack as Danny laid down between his sister's open legs.

"Yeah, Sugar," Claire said. "Stick it up my butt. Fuck me in the ass with that big dick of yours."

Danny lowered himself over his sister and positioned his young, hard dick at the opening of her vagina.

I positioned the tip of my cock at Claire's gaping asshole, then pushed gently. It slid in easier than I thought it would. The head entered her quickly.

"Oh fucking Christ! Yes, stick it in. Stick it up my butt," my wife said.

My son shoved his dick into my daughter as she moaned out loud.

"Oh God, Danny! Fuck me with that cock. Fuck me like Daddy did. Fuck your dick up my cunt."

Danny pounded her unmercifully. I could hear his dick sloshing in and out of her like I had heard my own just moments before.

Claire pushed back against my cock...forcing it deeper into her ass. I grabbed her hips and pulled back, then thrust hard into her.

"Goddamn," I said. "I'm fucking your ass, Baby. I've really got my dick in your butt."

"Do it, Sugar," Claire replied. "Fuck it up in there...and let Danny see you do it."

Danny was oblivious. He was fucking his sister like a madman. I looked over and saw his dick pistoning in and out of her...almost a blur. I knew he was going to shoot his cum into her soon, but I didn't care. I was finally fucking my wife in the ass...and it was tighter and softer than anything I'd ever felt in my life.

"Fuck me, Danny! Oh God, yes. Fuck your dick up my hot, nasty pussy," Janelle screamed.

Claire inched forward as I pounded my dick in and out of her butt. She leaned over Janelle...her tits dangling in our daughter's face. Danny continued to fuck his sister and I continued to fuck my wife's ass as my daughter opened her mouth. Claire leaned over more and let one of her tits fall into our daughter's open mouth. Janelle sucked on her mom's nipple while her brother fucked her hard and fast. I kept pumping my hard, throbbing dick in and out of my wife's butt, holding her hips and shoving my cock into her for all I was worth. I could feel my balls swelling as they slapped against my wife's dripping pussy...driving my dick in and out of her tight asshole.

"Oh shit, I gonna spew," Danny cried.

"Do it, baby!" my wife replied. "Shoot your goo in her hot fucking cunt."

"Oh Christ," I yelled. "Take my dick up your tight, hot ass you fucking slut. You know you love it. You've always wanted this, haven't you? Feel my hot dick fucking your ass, baby."

I could hear Janelle underneath my wife slurping greedily on her tits.

"Oh yes," my wife replied. "Make me your hot fucking slut. Fuck me in the butt. I want your dick in my fucking asshole. It's so fucking nasty, baby. Shove it in me hard. Let our kids watch. I wanna them to see you fuck Mommy in the ass."

I pounded my dick into Claire fast and hard. I didn't care if it hurt her. I just held onto her bare, naked hips and pumped my cock into her asshole as fast as I could while I watched my son shoot off in my daughter's cunt.

"Oh shit," Danny cried. "Take it sis. Take my cum, baby."

I saw my son's butt tighten up as he shoved his dick in hard and held it there for a second before resuming his pumping of his sister's pussy.

"I'm gonna cum in your butt," I told Claire. I could feel my balls tightening...almost as tight as her ass around my dick. Then it came.

"Oh God, yeah! I'm shooting off in your butt, baby. You feel that? You feel my dick shooting off in your butt?" I yelled. I shoved my dick up my wife's ass, grinding my hips into her butt cheeks and pulling them into me hard...holding her butt against me as I spewed my cum deep inside her. I held her soft ass, pulling it hard against me as my cock spasmed and pulsed inside her tight hole, gushing load after load of hot jizm.

"Oh shit," I exclaimed. "Take my fucking cum up your butt, baby. Oh yes...shooting it in your ass."

"Do it, Precious! I feel it! Shoot that hot juice up my nasty fucking butt while our baby sucks my tits," Claire yelled.

I squeezed off squirt after squirt of cum up in my wife's asshole while Danny did the same in my daughter's hot, wet cunt. I could still hear Janelle slurpping away at her mother's tits while I spewed. Claire was moaning loudly.

"God, this is so fucking great!" Danny said. "I love fucking these hot pussies. Jesus, can we do this all the time?"

His mom looked back at us while Janelle continued to suck her tits.

"You can fuck Mommy's cunt anytime you like, Sugar. You just whip it out and I'll spread 'em for you. You can even fuck me in the ass like Daddy, if you want."

"Promise?" my son asked.

"Promise," his mom said.

With that, I pulled my cock out of her ass, stood up, and walked around to face her, then kneeled down in front of her.

"C'mon. Lick it off," I said...holding my dick in her face and stroking it. She opened her mouth and licked up and down it with her tongue. Janelle continued sucking on her tits. My son kneeled down next to me and his mom leaned over and licked her daughter's juices off Danny's dick. My son and I were side-by-side on our knees as Claire alternately licked and sucked our cocks clean. While her mouth was on my dick, I looked down and saw my daughter fingering herself, still sucking her mom's tits.

Danny got up and got behind his mom. He rubbed his dick up and down her pussy and the crack of her ass while she continued to clean my cock with her lips and tongue. suddenly, he shoved his dick in her asshole hard and she gasped and fell on her face. Janelle peeked out from under her and I leaned over to feed my dick to my daughter. She took it eagerly and sucked up and down on the head. Her mouth was so soft, warm, and tender as it sucked the head of my dick in and out.

Here we go again...I thought.

* * * * *

(Author's Note: Both parts of "A Family Adventure" are fantasy! If you enjoyed the story, that's because the mind is the most sexual part of your body. It's easily fooled into envisioning just about anything...like this story. Your dick or cunt, however, doesn't know the difference. It just wants to get off. So don't get fantasy and reality mixed-up! Don't fuck up a family member's life just so you can get your dick wet or your cunt filled for half an hour. Keep that kind of stuff in your head only...where it's far more fun, a hell of a lot safer, and most definitely smarter.)

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