tagIncest/TabooA Family Affair

A Family Affair


"Today is the big day." I say, laying naked on my back under the covers next to my husband, Paul. He turns to me and presses his dripping erection against my thigh. His hand slowly caresses my breasts, playing a little with my nipples before he slides his hand over my flat tummy, tickling my belly button as he makes his way to my holy entrance. I open my legs to allow him access to my shaved pussy. His hand settles on my smooth vulva. He wiggles his middle finger between my wet outer lips and rubs his finger up and down my slit. I can feel my breath deepening as I start to pant and my pussy burning with desire. I love it when Paul starts our mornings with such sexual enthusiasm. Nothing gets me going faster than a good morning fuck. My pussy is waiting for his finger to enter my sacred entrance. But, most of all, I long to feel his cock pumping in and out of my sheath.

But not now. With all the willpower I can muster, I push Paul's hand away from my dripping pussy, lick his finger clean of my own juices and jump out of bed. Rushing to the bathroom to do my morning routine, I prepare myself for the big day. Paul reluctantly follows, his erection stiff as ever. He comes up behind me while I am busy brushing my teeth. He glides his stiff cock between my legs. My pussy is on fire and I dearly want his erection to enter me. I wiggle my behind to give him some pleasure but know that we cannot continue much longer before the big moment arrives.

I turn around, passionately kiss him and pump his cock a couple times.

"Hurry up. We don't want to disappoint them."

Five minutes later we are both back in bed, sitting cross-leg and naked on top of the covers, waiting for the big moment. We didn't have to wait long before James and Kate burst into our room and jump on the bed. Our eighteen year old twin children are naked as the day they were born but Kate now has a beautiful figure, a smooth pussy like mine and full rounded breasts. James is well built and an erection that rivals his dad's. We all have smooth all-over tans. We have been nudists since Paul and I got married nearly 19 years ago. The semi-tropical climate we live in make it possible to never wear any clothes in and around the house. Most of our friends are nudists/swingers like us and those who are not are curious about our lifestyle. Hopefully we can persuade a few more friends to join our love circle.

"Happy birthday, you two," we congratulate the twins on their 18th birthday.

Paul opens his arms to give Kate a hug. She just plonks herself on top of Paul, flattens his erection against his groin and wraps her legs around his body. She gives him a sloppy kiss while James stands in front of me, offering his cock to my mouth. I give the head a little kiss but James has other ideas. He pushes his erection into my mouth, making his wish abundantly clear. I take hold of his shaft, pull his cockhood back and run my hand smoothly over it. I slowly swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. With my other hand I caress James' balls and push one finger into his anus.

"Stop it," orders Paul. "That's enough."

A concerned Kate climbs off Paul and James withdraws his cock from my mouth. "I know we said that today is the day we all can make love, but first things first... Kate...., James...., Linda and I are very proud of you. No parent can wish for more loving kids who make us happy."

It has been hard to raise the twins when we were both 18, studying and working hard to make ends meet. Our parents rejected us when I got pregnant at 17 but we decided to show the world that we mean business. We created our own company that started small but after a few hard working years we turned it into a profitable international business.

"We also want to thank you for raising us in such a free lifestyle," says Kate. "Our friends are jealous and most would like to join us."

"That can be arranged," I say, looking at Paul for a cue to continue.

Paul pulls Kate closer and plays with her pussy. "Now for the serious stuff. Come here and let me clean your pussy with my tongue." Kate gives a squeal of delight and drops backwards on the bed, spreading her legs for her Dad, her pussy gaping.

I've waited so long to see my husband make love to our children, and the sight of Paul tentatively, exploring the outer folds of Kate's vulva starts my pussy juice flowing freely, wetting the bed covers. I sense that James, who sits beside me, fixed his gaze on Paul and Kate. I wonder if he and Kate have already explored each other sexually. That was not my concern now, because after today, they might not get enough of each other. I turn to James and kiss him, inserting my tongue between his lips. I take his erection in both my hands and slowly play with his thick, throbbing cock. But before I can wrap my mouth around his cock head, James pushes me onto my back and lowers his face to my waiting pussy. I can see the lust in his eyes as he fastens his gaze on my pussy. I spread my legs wider and open my nether lips with both my hands, letting him see my inner pinkness.

"Wow, Mom. You have a beautiful pussy." James can be such a charmer.

"Lick between the folds of my pussy," I instruct him. He slowly lowers his mouth to my waiting pussy and sticks his tongue out to touch my wetness. Suddenly he attacks my pussy with his mouth, trying to devour my vulva with one gulp. I push his face away.

"Slow down, stud. My pussy is not a pizza. You must be gentle and use your tongue as though you're licking ice cream."

"Sorry, Mom."

"Watch your Dad. See how he flicks his tongue over your sister's clit." Just then Paul sucks Kate's clit into his mouth, sending her into ecstasy. "Now you try it," I coach my beautiful son. It will take a while for him to be an expert like his dad but we're here to teach our children to make love to the world. Hopefully they will be better prepared than we were at 18.

"Fuck me, Dad," I hear Kate begging Paul. This I have to see. I turn around to stand on all fours, motioning to James to take me from behind so that we can see the action between Paul and Kate. They lay diagonally from us on the bed. I can see the lust in my daughter's eyes. She turns to me and pulls me to give me a sloppy kiss. James puts his hands on my hips but doesn't insert his cock into my waiting pussy. Maybe he is just as engrossed with what is about to happen as I am.

"Thank you," she whispers. I kiss her back and take Paul's cock in my hand to guide it into Kate's pussy. I've done this many times with our lovers but this is a first time I will steer it into my daughter. I stop for a moment, look at the two lovers and now I see only love. I bend over to suck Paul's cock, swirl my tongue around the head, swipe it a few times through my daughter's wet pussy slit before I push it into her waiting fanny.

"Enjoy." I say as Paul slowly inserts his erection into her. I know that Kate's hymen was broken a few years ago. I stare fascinated at their action. There is nothing, no sight or action in the world as beautiful as people making love. I can see Kate's pussy enveloping, devouring and then spewing out Paul's erection in a smooth action. Her inner wetness leaves a slick film around Paul's shaft. Closing my eyes, I hear their sound of their passions and I feel my heart swelling with love and pride. Somebody is feeling my breasts as it hangs beneath me, then another hand. I open my eyes and see that Kate and Paul each have a hand caressing me.

James then bumps his cock against my pussy as if saying that he wants part of the action. I turn around and see my son holding his erection in his hand with pleading lustful eyes. Laying my head down next to Peter's pumping action, I spread my legs and ask Kate to guide her brother's cock into me. She takes him into her mouth, suck it before she guides his cock into my pussy. He stretches my vagina and slowly follows his dad's rhythm, fucking me in and out, in and out. Bending over he kisses me with all the love and lust in his young body. My body is on fire, sucking and drawing James into me. His young cock is burning a path of fire in my pussy, sending me into passionate embrace with love. The two men in my life are so similar yet so different. Paul is gentle and enduring, while James is strong and impatient. His rhythm is increasing, becoming stronger and harder. I increase the pressure of my pussy muscles on his shaft, trying to heighten our pleasure.

Just as we're all about to come, I clamp my legs behind James to stop the pumping action. Paul is already pulling out of Kate. He moves down her body, kissing her glistening sweaty body as he continues to her pussy. I can see that she wants more but once Paul pleasures her with his mouth and tongue she goes into a orgasmic spasm. James pulls out of me to copy his Dad. His pussy eating actions are enthusiastic but still unsophisticated. It will take more than a few licks for me to reach an orgasm and a few more lessons before James can dream of getting me off with just his tongue.

I push James away and get up. My orgasm can wait.

"It is time to get the two men off," I say to Kate as I grab their stiff cocks at the bases and force the men in a standing position, facing each other. I first rub their stiff cocks together and then take them one at a time into my mouth, sucking and licking them. Kate gets up, sees what I'm doing and scrambles to join me. As I suck on one cock, I push the other cock into her mouth. She follows my lead in sucking their beautiful erections. After a while, we swop cocks, with me still holding onto both. Kate surprises me when she starts to fondle their balls and working her way towards their backdoors.

A few minutes later James screams as he shoots his load into his sister's mouth. It takes her by surprise but like a real trooper, she takes almost everything his got into her mouth, spilling a few drops onto her chin. I want to continue for Paul to come but he gently stops me. We have a lot of loving ahead of us today and for Peter to climax now would spoil the rest of the festivities.

I lean over to Kate and lick her brother's come off her face. She grabs my head and kisses me passionately. I let my hands travel over her body, caressing her breasts, worrying her nipples and ending up finger-fucking her. She is still wet from her lovemaking with Paul. We move to a 69 position with Kate on top, where I can have easy access to her pussy and she to mine. But before I can admire Kate's pussy, I watch Paul coaches James to suck his cock. It doesn't take long before James gets into a rhythm with his mouth and hands. Paul always says that you cannot expect someone to suck you off if you don't know what it takes to have someone down your throat. The same with women. How can you expect a man to lick your pussy if you haven't eaten pussy yourself? Hopefully James will enjoy sucking cock as much as eating pussy. I don't know what the fuss is all about men having sex with men. I believe we're all bisexual, but don't realise it.

This is the next step in our children's education. If women's sexuality is fluid, meaning that they can fall in love with a woman as easily as with a man, why not the same with men? Is it just our social conditioning or is it biological? Woody Allen once said that bisexuality has the distinct advantage that you can double your chances for a Saturday night date. With that kind of odds, why not swing both ways? Paul and I enjoy both sexes because we believe in equal opportunities. Why deny someone your loving touch, or refuse experiences that might expose you to divine ecstasy?

Kate's tongue licking my knob brings me back to her lovely pussy in my face. Her pussy lips are still wet and engorged from the sex with her Dad. I stick my tongue out to touch her delicate flesh. She quivers as I slide my tongue between the silky folds of her pussy. What a lovely taste. Using my hands, I open her lips and stick two fingers in her vagina. Opening my fingers inside her pussy, I search for her sacred spot, that soft cushion, when stimulated correctly can trigger more pleasure for her than she can imagine.

In the meantime Kate is also busy with my pussy. This is going to be a memorable day for all of us.

To be continued...

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