tagIncest/TabooA Family Affair Ch. 03

A Family Affair Ch. 03



Taking Suzanne's beautiful face between my hands, I pull her up from where she was attending to my sloppy pussy and I kiss her on the mouth. She darts her tongue into my mouth and inserts two fingers into my waiting and wet pussy. I can taste my juices on her full lips, but I have to attend to the urgent knock at the front door. My own pleasure has to wait and besides, my pussy is so over stimulated that it needs a breather. On unsteady legs, I jump off the kitchen counter where Suzanne and I sneaked off to earlier from the twin's 18th birthday party. (See A Family Affair 1 and 2) Still naked, I take Suzanne by the hand and pull her back to the den where everyone is gathered after their showers. Recuperating and getting ready for the next round, I suppose. Suzanne doesn't need a written invitation to start the next round and immediately goes to straddle James' empty lap and gives him a wet kiss.

"Hey, that's Mom on your lips," exclaims James. "Sweet." I can see his cock rising between her buttocks. I am a truly proud mother to have such a wonderful attentive son.

My naked daughter, Kate, joins me at the front door. Her long blond hair is still wet from her shower and her tan cannot hide her concern from me. The newcomers are her boyfriend, George and his mother, Elizabeth, who doesn't approve of her son's relationship with Kate. We look at each other, draw a big breath and open the door.

Elizabeth is a late thirty-something beautiful woman with pitch black short hair dressed in a short patterned summer dress with thin strings over her shoulders. She looks angry. Her son, George, is a tall, dark and handsome young man dressed in khaki shorts and a black baggy t-shirt. The shocked look on Elizabeth's face is one of disgust of our nakedness but do I detect a hint of lust?

I am the first to recover.

"Hallo, you must be Elizabeth? May I call you Liza? My name is Linda and this is my daughter Kate." Before she can react I give her a naked hug, pressing her firm breasts against mine. She is stiff as toast. "Welcome to Paradise Island."

I turn to George and kiss him on the lips and rub my naked body against his groin.

"Mom!" exclaims Kate. "You'll give him a boner."

"I thought that was the whole idea."

"I'm supposed to do that, not you." Kate gives me a mocked angry look. I move away to give Kate the chance to welcome her boyfriend into our lifestyle. The two of them are happy to see each other and they fall into a wonderful love embrace, with George moving his hands over her naked buttocks. They make a great couple.

I slowly turn towards Liza, stepping between the children and her wrath. Her face is livid with anger, jealousy and I suppose lust.

"GEORGE! Leave that slut alone!" I can hear George and Kate stopping their wet greetings behind me.

"How dare you call my daughter a slut?" Inwardly smiling, I shift closer to Liza, ready to defend my child. "Are you really that jealous of your own son?" Liza is taken aback. "Is he your only lover?"

"It's none of your goddamn business." I can see the embarrassment on her red face. I think that this woman hasn't had a good fuck from someone else for quite some time. My heart goes out to her. No one should deny themselves the pleasure of giving and receiving love from different people. I try to understand her situation.

"Yes, it is. When my daughter and your son are intimate friends and you stand between them, I make it my business." A mother should never be this jealous and possessive of her son. Their being here shows that Liza knows that George wants to expand his horizons. Maybe she also wants to find mature love.

"The rule of the day is, no clothes allowed." In one swift action and before Liza can do anything, I yank the strings of the dress over her shoulders and pull her dress down her body where it pools at her feet. Now it is my turn to be shocked: She is naked underneath and doesn't even attempt to hide it. Stepping back, I let my gaze travel over her full breasts, down her flat tummy to her shaven mound. I can see her clit peeking through the folds of her vulva. And she has legs that go on forever. Her body hasn't seen much sun as she is as pale as a sheet. Her nipples are pink as her exposed pussy lips. I would love to have those legs wrapped around my head while I suck on those pick lips. Falling in love with Liza will be easy. But her attitude has to change. Turning to Kate and George, I see that George is also undressed and Kate is already giving him a welcome blow job. Then it hits me: this is not the first time they are this intimate. I don't care what they did before Kate and James' 18th birthday, but as adults they now have the right to be sexually intimate.

"Come, let's not waste time." Taking Liza's hand, I lead her into the house leaving their clothes where it was discarded. In the den a suspenseful silence awaits us. Five pairs of eyes are locked onto us, eager to see which way the day will go with Elizabeth. I suppose Paul informed everyone about the possible outburst.

I also need a sign.

On top of the landing, I turn to the naked Liza and kiss her softly, teasing her mouth with my tongue. She parts her lips, allowing my tongue entry. Her eyes are wide open and like a scared rabbit, looks at me and then try to take in the scene of the naked people in various stages of love making. Suzanne sits silently in a reverse cowgirl position with her legs open on top of James. Everyone can see James' cock in Suzanne's pussy. Paul and Charles' cocks fill Annette pussy and mouth, who looks like she is frozen in time. Their sexual groans and actions of a moment earlier have stopped for an instant to give them a chance to see the outcome. Pulling Liza closer I use my right hand to explore the V between her legs. Her pussy is smooth and slippery.

I break our embrace: "Everyone, this is Elizabeth and her son George."

"Liza," corrects Elizabeth me.

They greet her with friendly smiles and waves. Liza relaxes in my arms. A slow smile lights up her face. She is beautiful. Kate and George make their way to the empty couch. I know what I have to do to make both mother and son happy, not just for now, but for the future as well. Dragging Liza after Kate and George, I quickly execute my plan. I let George lie on the couch with his feet on the floor and have Liza and Kate sit on either side. I kneel between his legs and take his thick cock in my hand and offer it to Liza. She eagerly sucks on it while I invite Kate to play with his balls. Liza stops midway down George's cock, scowls at Kate inches from her face, and continues to devour it to his balls. Their noses meet and then Kate takes the first bold step. Instead of moving back, she follows Liza's mouth up to the top. Once there Kate swirls her tongue around George's cock head inside Liza's mouth and entangles it with Liza's tongue. They have a tongue fight that can get nasty. Grabbing his shaft, I pull it away and push Kate aside. Poor George must be torn between the loyalty to his mother and the love for Kate.

"Come sit on his cock, facing me." I pull the astonished Liza to her feet to straddle her son's legs. She lowers herself onto his erection with a gasp escaping from her mouth. George doesn't need another invitation and slowly starts to fuck his mom. I cannot get enough of how her pink pussy lips with every entry suck his cock into her depths and with every exit try to cling to the source of her enjoyment. Kate pushes me away from between George's legs and takes my place. She moves her hand towards Liza's clit and because George is doing all the pumping Liza's body is steady. The blissful expression on Liza's face is a telltale sign that Kate's actions on Liza's clit are working. But when my daughter inserts her tongue between George's pumping cock and his mother's pussy, Liza lets out a scream of pleasure.

This brings the other guests to a halt. They all disengage themselves and move closer to encourage the action. We are all suckers for a great orgasm. But Kate is not finished. She sucks on Liza's clit for all her worth. Elizabeth's body begins to shake with another orgasm.

"Fuuuuck.... Yeeessss, fuck Mommy's cunt," screams Liza. Paul sits behind me, enveloping my body with his arms, pressing his cock against my buttocks.

"Beautiful, isn't it," he whispers in my ear. "Our daughter has learned a lesson or two during the last few hours." I don't want to push it but I think Kate has been sexually active, like many of young people today, long before her 18th birthday.

In a last gasp, Liza slumps back onto her son, splaying her legs out, totally spent. George is still rearing to go as his hardon pops out of Liza's pussy. His mother realizes this and slowly disentangles herself from him. With an effort, she pulls up Kate, swipes her hand between Kate's pussylips and brings her fingers to her mouth, tasting Kate's wetness. Liza winks at me and mouths a silent "Thank you", before helping Kate onto her son's dick. But before George can enter Kate, Liza lovingly takes his cock in both hands, caresses it, puts her mouth over the head and again swallows it to his balls. With her own hands his mother then guides his cock carefully into his girlfriend's pussy. Mother and girlfriend look into each to each other's eyes before Kate sinks onto George's dick. Liza flicks her tongue across Kate's clit, sucks on it before she relinquish her son to his girlfriend. For now. Everybody cheers.

"Liza, this is Paul, my husband and I think you need someone who can take you to a different place that your son could."

"Do you mind if the three of us just sit and watch awhile?"

We walk to a huge empty sofa close to where George and Kate are making love. I sense that there are still some unresolved issues bothering Liza. Paul takes the centre of the sofa with Liza his left and me on his right. I take Liza's hand in mine and place it on Paul's flaccid dick. Liza tells us about her husband death in a car crash that left the two alone, but with lots of money. They found relief for their grief in each other's arms and in bed. It became too easy for them to find expression of their love and sorrow in their lovemaking. Liza became obsessed with George and didn't want to share him with anyone else. She was afraid he might also die or leave her for someone else. For the last two years Liza and George were sexual recluses and when my invitation to come for the weekend arrived, she decided to do something about their loneliness.

While she was telling her story she absentmindedly caressed Paul's cock that has now become a stiff shaft that screams for our attention. She suddenly realizes what she is doing and pulls her hand away. Paul turns towards Liza and kisses her and moves his hand over her body towards her breasts. I want a taste of her pussy. Dropping between her legs, I spread them wide to take in her beauty. Her shy pussy lips open like a flower for my inspection, glistening with her arousal. Coming closer I can smell her perfume but it is her divine pussy smell that drives me crazy. Sliding my tongue through her vulva, I am overwhelmed by her taste. It tastes like a fresh Spring morning. Love for Liza and the whole world enfolds me like a cool Summer breeze.

Liza has in the meantime, slumped sideways on the couch. I look up to Liza's face to find her slowly caressing Paul's cock with her mouth and hands. The blissful expression on her face tells me that she is experiencing more than lust. She is also expanding her sexual horizons. Standing on his knees on the sofa, Paul runs his fingers through her short black hair, encouraging her ministrations of his hardon. I increase my attention to her pussy, licking her valley, sucking on her clit and fucking her with my tongue. Sensing that another orgasm for Liza is on its way, I increase my efforts on her pussy. I can see that Paul is caressing her tits, tweaking her pink nipples and fucking her mouth.

"Fuck, I'm coming," warns Paul and shoots his load into Liza's mouth. Without batting an eyelid, she swallows everything. Slumping back on the sofa Paul looks as if he is in heaven. "Liza, my dear, you are a great cocksucker."

"Mom," says James behind me, playfully covering my pussy with his hand. "George and I would like to swop moms and compare notes." Turning around I see our two sons with their stiff dicks in their hands, masturbating.

"This is not a competition, you know." I look at Liza to see if she's game.

"And we're not some prize pussy you can conquer," quips Liza, winking at me.

"No blowjobs," I quickly add my opinion, remembering Liza's expertise.

The two young men, one blond, one dark, making themselves comfortable next to each other on the couch, offer their cocks to each other.

"Guest first," says James and bends over to suck on George's cock. I cannot believe my eyes. Liza stiffens next to me. I take her hand as reassurance and give her a soft kiss.

George then returns the favor to suck on James' dick. My pussy is getting wetter by the minute watching these two young men exploring their sexuality. This just confirms my opinion that we are all bisexual, but most people don't realize it. (See A Family Affair 1) Why can women make love to men and women but when men do that they are condemned?

"I said no blowjobs and I thought you want to swop moms," I interrupt their cocksucking. "When can we have those beautiful cocks in our pussies?"

"Sorry about that, ma'am," offers George. "We just wanted to see if we could do it." He gets up, takes Liza's hand and presents her to James. Liza gives him a kiss before she inserts James' hardon into her pussy. Then George kneels in front of me, licks my pussy and sucks on my clit before he takes me to the couch and sits next to James and his mom. I can see that James is already sucking on Liza's tits. Climbing on the couch, I straddle George's legs and slowly bend my knees and lower myself onto his cock. George grabs both my tits and licks a nipple for a few minutes before he changes to the other one. It becomes more difficult for him to do that because I am moving up and down on his cock. I direct his hands to my clit. Fortunately, Liza taught him a thing or two about stimulating a woman's clit while making love. Hopefully James will remember what I taught him earlier in the day and pleasure Liza in the same way.

The young's enthusiasm makes up for their lack of expertise but after awhile I need something more and I suppose Liza too. Just then I feel something cool against my backdoor. Looking back I see that Charles is applying gel to my anus and Paul is doing the same to Liza. Her eyes are wide and she looks scared.

"Just relax," whispers Paul in her ear, now fully recuperated from his earlier pleasure. I suppose the sight of the two boys fucking their friend's mother helped to inflate his cock. Liza looks at me for help and I nod.

"Go with the flow," I encourage her. I see that the ever thoughtful Paul first inserts one finger in her ass and slowly moves it in and out until she is completely relaxed. Paul removes his finger and takes his dick in his right hand and brings his cockhead up to the entrance. I can see how he carefully pushes the purple head into her hole. The gel is doing its job and Liza seems to relax more because Paul manages to bury his cock in her. Paul and James quickly establish a rhythm between them.

Meanwhile Charles and George have been fucking me while I was looking at Liza. I love to feel cocks in both my holes. All I now need is something in my mouth and Suzanne is there to fulfil my wish. She sets herself down on George's face with her behind in my face. George licks her pussy while I stick my tongue into her asshole. Kate is doing the same with James and Liza. The one missing person is Annette, but not for long. I can feel her between George and Charles' legs, where she fondles their balls and licks that area between my pussy and asshole. I must remember to return the favor, because her actions send me into a big orgasm. Liza is not far behind, for I can hear her scream. Then all the men disentangle themselves from the women and proceed to ejaculate on the women's pussies, tits and behinds. What a rush.

Liza crawls over to me, licks some of the cum from my body and my pussy.

"Mmmmm," purrs Liza. "I never knew how wonderful it is to lick cum from another woman's body." She settles her body face to face on mine. "Thank you for this fantastic experience. There is no way that I will ever be content with just George's cock." She kisses me intimately, darting her tongue over my lips before she pushes it into my mouth. I suck on it and sneak my hand between our bodies to worry her clit. She wiggles her body to get away from my probing fingers. I suppose she is as sensitive as I am after such a wonderful orgy.

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