tagIncest/TabooA Family Foursome

A Family Foursome


After a hitch in the Marines, I returned home to my affluent parents and my only sibling, my sister Diane. My handsome, distinguished father made a good living as an architect. My beautiful mother Connie was an executive in a bank. Her elegant beauty turned heads wherever she went. My sister Diane was a younger version of Mom. Her beautiful face was framed by long blond hair. Dad had paid a fortune in dentist bills to give her a brilliant smile. She had a way of arching her right eyebrow while winking her left eye that drove me wild. The little beauty earned a very good living as a stripper at The Honey Pot Lounge. The Honey Pot was renowned for its beautiful women, and Diane was the cream of the crop.

"When are you going to come and watch me dance, big brother?" she asked.

"Well, I don't know about that. You get completely naked, don't you?"

"Sure. What's the matter? Don't you like girls anymore?"

"Of course I like girls, but you're my sister."

"Don't be silly. You ARE going to come down to The Honey Pot and watch me dance. I insist."

I couldn't refuse my beautiful sister anything, and that evening I sat at The Honey Pot bar and stared up in awe as she strutted her stuff on stage. Her perfect breasts jiggled like Jello as she took long strides on spiked heels up and down the runway. She grinned, winked, and crooked her finger at me. She was dancing just for me and it was working. My cock was so hard it threatened to rip through my zipper. When the little prick-teaser removed her panties and stood above me with her legs spread, I nearly creamed in my pants. I was in a glassy-eyed trance by the time her set ended.

"Well, what did you think, Ray?" she asked, as she slipped onto the stool next to mine.

"You took my breath away, Diane. You are the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen."

"Oh, I bet you say that to all of your sisters. Did you get a hard-on?"

"Well, ah..ah..of..of..c..c..course I did. What man wouldn't?"

I made a dash for the men's room after Diane's second set. I was afraid I would cum in my pants if I didn't take care of pressing business. I took a stall and jacked off in the toilet. The job was finished after only ten strokes. I wasn't the only pervert. The guys in the adjoining stalls were also beating off. Beating off while fantasizing about fucking my sister!

Dad insisted that I take a month of vacation before starting my new job at his architectural firm. The Marines had so thoroughly conditioned me to get up at six that I couldn't sleep past it. My biological clock woke me one morning and I lay in bed trying without success to go back to sleep. I took my morning wood in hand and began to masturbate.

My room was sandwiched between Mom's room and Diane's room. Dad's room was opposite mine on the other side of the hall. As I lay there in bed stroking my cock, I heard what sounded like a soft moan. Thinking it was probably just the wind through the trees, I ignored it and concentrated on my jacking. Then I heard the sound again.

I pressed a water glass to the wall separating my room and Diane's room and put my ear against it. The simple device allowed me to hear every sound in her room with crystal clarity. She was sighing deeply. If the sound I had heard really had been the wind it had been a stroke of good fortune. I assumed that my beautiful sister was masturbating. What I heard next gave me the shock of my life.

"Please, Dad, let's go over to your room. I'm afraid Ray will hear us. I'm not sure I can keep quiet when I cum."

"He won't hear anything, baby. He's sound asleep and the wall is thick. We've really got a nice, juicy fuck going. Let's not stop now."

After that brief exchange, there was a long period of heavy breathing. I had my rock-hard cock in hand and was slowly masturbating. I thought I heard a moan come from the other direction. I pressed the glass to Mom's wall and listened attentively. I heard a soft whirring noise and then the same "mmmmmm" sound that she always made when she took a bite of tasty dessert. I could hardly believe what was happening. My mother was masturbating in her room while her husband was fucking her daughter two rooms away. I didn't know what to do. Which should I listen to?

I returned to my sister's wall and was relieved to hear them still going at it. Diane's moans and sighs were louder and Dad's steady breathing was considerably heavier. He was getting close to the finish line. Hoping to time my orgasm to his, I stroked a little faster.

"Here it comes, baby, are you ready?" he whispered.

"I need a few more seconds, Daddy. Yes, now I'm there. You can let go."

When I heard my Dad grunt, my load shot out onto the floor. I'm sure Diane was cumming, too. It sounded like Dad had his hand over her mouth to muffle her moans. Dad left immediately and that was the end of the show. Then I remembered that this was a double feature. I hurried back to Mom's wall. She was still going at it. Her breathing was heavy and regular. How I wished that I could have watched. I wondered if she had the vibrator inside her pussy or on the outside. I began to pump my still-hard cock. Mom's melodious voice never rose above a whisper. "Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh yesssssssssssssss!" Just as she got her gun, I got mine. Damn, it felt good!

I could hardly believe what had just happened. The entire family had cum together! I had managed to jack off twice in less than five minutes, something I had never done before. I couldn't bear the thought of facing any of them just then. I was afraid that my facial expressions or tone of voice might give me away. After cleaning up the mess, I went back to bed, but there was so much going on in my head that it was impossible to sleep. Then I realized that if Diane was letting Dad fuck her, there was a good chance that she would let me fuck her. That thought hit me like a ton of bricks!

After Mom and Dad went to work, I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. As I was munching a bowl of Raisin Bran, I heard the patio door open and close. Diane worked at night, so she and I were usually home alone during the day. Still holding my bowl of cereal in one hand and spoon in the other, I went to the window and looked out on the patio and swimming pool. Diane was stretched out naked on a chaise lounge. As I finished my breakfast, I tried to come up with the best way to hit on my beautiful sister. I decided to play it by ear.

I slipped on some swimming trunks and went out on the patio. Diane was lying face up basking in the sun's rays. What a beautiful picture she made. I took a chair next to her and studied her flawless body. I thought she was asleep until she said, "Getting a free look without having to buy a drink, big brother?"

"I'm sorry, Diane. I shouldn't be looking at you this way. After all, you are my sister."

"Don't be silly. You saw everything I have at The Honey Pot the other night. When are you coming back? I can fix you up with some of my stripper friends."

"Diane, I overheard you with Dad this morning." She didn't bat an eye.

"I told Dad that we should go to his room to fuck, but he likes to do it in my bed. It's the same bed I've had since I was a little kid."

"Did he mess with you when you were little?"

She opened her eyes and glared at me. "Don't be silly. Dad would never do anything like that. We got together shortly after I started stripping. He came to The Honey Pot to watch me dance and sat at the bar where you sat. I danced just for him the way I did for you. I didn't have my car that night because I was car-pooling with my girlfriends, so I rode home with him. I don't know what came over me. I had teased him terribly and I suppose I felt obligated to relieve his suffering. I unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock, and gave him a blow job. He pulled off onto the side of the road and shot his load in my mouth. It was hand jobs and blow jobs for awhile and eventually he fucked me. It isn't as though I am taking him away from Mom. It's been years since they slept together."

I was shocked and excited at the same time. Her story gave me a perfect hard-on, even though I had shot two loads just a few hours earlier. I felt compelled to make my move. I reached out and ran a fingertip in circles around her right nipple. It responded to the stimulus and began to stiffen. She smiled but didn't say anything as I teased her nipples. Encouraged by her response, I allowed my hand to drift across her chest and belly to her pussy. Her tuft of pubic hair was as soft as rabbit fur. I found the little bump at the top of her slit that I knew was the key to her pleasure and began to roll it around.

"Ray, if you want to fuck me, just say so. You don't have to seduce me. You're a good-looking dude, and if you're even half as good a lover as Dad is, I'm in for a good time."

I sucked gently on her nipples, then kissed my way down her belly to the Promised Land. She moaned as I licked the spot that I had been fingering. Shivers rippling down her silky thighs tipped me off that I was hitting the right spots.

"You might want to think twice about doing that, Ray. I didn't clean up after Dad fucked me, so there is probably some of his load left in there."

"I'll stay up high on your mound." I continued licking her clitoral region with the musky smell of Dad's semen in my nostrils. My hands stayed busy on her tits, stroking and pulling on the swollen nipples. Twenty minutes of that action and she was squirming all over the place.

As I spread my sister's legs and mounted her, I said, "I've never fucked anyone as beautiful as you are so I'll probably cum on the first stroke." My cock was drawn to her cunt like an iron bar to a magnet. I slid into her soft, warm center and immediately felt Dad's leftovers deep inside her. The very same sperm soup that had created Diane and I was lubricating our fuck. Diane put her hands on my ass and pulled me into her. Our bellies were soon slapping together. I was greatly relieved when I didn't humiliate myself by ejaculating prematurely.


The fucking got even better as her juicy pussy tightened down on my cock. I picked up speed and delivered two strokes per second. She raked her fingernails lightly up and down my back and ass to urge me on. I felt like Don Juan when she came a second time. That one did me in, and I shot my load into her clenching pussy.

As soon as I had regained a little strength, I dove in the pool to hide my embarrassment. I splashed around for awhile and then got out and put my trunks on.

"That was good, Ray. I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot. You must have a lot of experience to know how to use your cock like that."

"No, not really. My experience has mostly been with whores. What about you? How many people have you fucked?"

"Not very many. A couple of guys in high school, a couple from the club, Dad, and now you."

"How do I measure up to Dad?"

I sensed by the pause before her answer that he was a better lover than I was. "Well, you are just as good but in a different way. Dad uses more finesse. Sometimes I wish he fucked the way you do, hard and fast. Now let's go up to my room and I will give you the best blow job you have ever had."

I lay on Diane's soft, perfumed bed with my head propped up on a pillow and watched her suck my cock. She was every bit as good as the whores I had been with. In between sucks, we carried on a bizarre conversation.

"So did you play with yourself while you listened to Daddy fucking me?"

"I did better than that - I jacked off and timed it to your orgasms. You did cum, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I came. That's really cool. I want to watch you jack off sometime."

"The other night at The Honey Pot I got so horny watching you dance that I had to go to the head and jack off."

"A lot of guys do that," she said with a laugh. "Enough spunk to float a battleship has gone down those toilets and urinals. And speaking of spunk, I'm about ready for yours. Don't let on when you're going to cum. Daddy always surprises me and I love it."

A few seconds later, I was blowing my load down my sister's throat. She and I had a great time after that. We fucked three or four times a week. I frequently had her just moments after Dad had her. He usually made her cum, but if he failed, I finished the job for him.

It never entered my mind to try to seduce my mother until Diane planted the idea there. We were lying in her bed after a very pleasant fuck when she brought it up. "You know there is another woman in this house who needs a good fucking - our mother. I don't know why she and Daddy stopped fucking. He says she lost interest, but I don't believe it. She buys vibrator batteries by the case."

"Wow! I never really thought about it."

"Liar," she retorted. "I bet you have thought about it lots of times while you were spanking your monkey."

"Well, what if I do? All guys do that. But I wouldn't know how to go about seducing her."

"It's simple. When you hear her masturbating, go to her room, take the vibrator away from her, and throw a fuck into her. It's been so long since she has been fucked that she won't turn you away. It would be a hell of an accomplishment to nail your sister and your mother. Not many dudes have done that."

It was several weeks before I acted on Diane's suggestion. I listened through the wall as Mom awoke. She went to the bathroom as she always did, then returned to the bed. The hum of her vibrator was my cue to make my move. Timing was everything. I had to wait until the vibrator made her horny but before it made her cum. My cock was as hard as a rock. I pulled on a robe and walked down the hall to her room. What I was about to do could get me thrown out of the house and cut out of the will.

My curiosity about how she used her vibrator was satisfied when I pushed open the door and saw it stuffed up inside her. She was even more beautiful than I expected. Her big, round tits rode high on her chest. Below a slightly rounded belly, a full bush adorned her cunt. Her legs were akimbo as though she was being fucked.

She was so intent on what she was doing that she didn't hear me approach the bed. I had satisfied my curiosity and could have, and probably should have, turned and walked out with her none the wiser. If I had done that, the story would end here. She jumped when I touched the back of her hand. "You won't be needing that from now on, Mom," I said.

She didn't say a word when I took the vibrator away from her and mounted her. Her pussy was very wet and surprisingly tight. She laid there quietly and let me fuck her. That wasn't what I wanted. I wanted her to participate. Her movements were so subtle at first that I sensed them rather than felt them. I knew I was making progress when she put her hands on my ass. I felt like cheering when she gave my buns a squeeze. I can't tell you how relieved I was when she began lifting her belly to meet mine. I can't take full credit for the orgasm she had after only five minutes of fucking; the vibrator did most of the work. She said exactly the same thing that she always said when she came during masturbation. "Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh yesssssssssssssss!" I didn't want to take a chance on knocking her up, so I pulled out and shot my load on her belly. Then I simply got off of her and returned to my room. I could hardly wait to tell Diane of my accomplishment.

I dozed off and awoke with my beautiful sister vigorously shaking my shoulder. "You did it, didn't you, you son-of-a-bitch?" she asked. "You fucked your own mother. I could tell by the look on her face that she had been fucked." I had never seen such a big grin on her pretty face. She reached under the sheet and found my cock. "Oh, my God, your cock is still wet with her pussy juice. Let me see it." She pulled the sheet aside and examined my shiny cock. "I want to know every juicy detail," she said, as she began stroking my cock. Having my cock stroked while telling my sister how I had fucked our mother had the effect that you might expect: I got a raging hard-on. As she straddled me and lowered her cunt onto my cock, a gob of Dad's spunk dropped out onto the head. Diane rode me like a cowgirl until we came together. I had had a mother and daughter back-to-back.

Dad eventually found out that I was fucking his wife. I suspect Diane told him, although she denies it. He took a renewed interest in Mom and began fucking her himself. Diane told me that Dad had expressed a desire to watch me fuck Mom and that she was curious, too. I was certainly willing, so all we had to do was talk Mom into it. "Don't worry about her," Diane said. "I've had her in the palm of my hand for years." She was good to her word.

Mom, Dad and I went down to The Honey Pot one evening to watch Diane dance. She really pulled out all the stops for us. Even Mom got horny watching her dance. As soon as Diane got off work, we went home to have our first foursome.

We stripped our clothes off in the livingroom and sat around naked for awhile. We had a few drinks to relax our inhibitions then went up to Mom's room and stretched out side-by-side on her fragrant bed. I had my arm around Mom's shoulder and Dad had his around Diane. It was very awkward at first, but Diane finally broke the ice by getting between Dad's legs and sucking his cock. She looked so hot! I began getting a hard-on. Mom took my cock in her hand and toyed with it until I had a full-blown erection.

I turned on my side, moved lower, and nursed on one of Mom's big tits. I noticed that Dad was watching every move I made. It took me awhile to get used to that. I felt Mom's nipple swelling in my mouth as she became more aroused. I went back and forth on her spouts until they were both standing at attention. While I sucked her tits, I fondled her cunt. Her luxurious bush was a nice contrast to Diane's bikini wax.

As soon as I began licking Mom's cunt, I noticed all of the signs of her arousal. Her clit was swollen and the inside of her pussy was very wet. She was ready to fuck but I worked on her for a little longer just to make sure. The first time I fucked her in front of Dad it was important that she have an orgasm.

I heard Diane choke as Dad shot his load in her mouth and remembered what she had said about his "surprise loads". She immediately mounted him and impaled herself on his cock. She posted up and down to keep him hard and then settled into a more leisurely pace.

As I mounted Mom, Diane reached over and guided my cock into her pussy. As soon as my cock was in the slick sheath, I knew it wouldn't take long to make her cum. Diane had taught me a little trick using my cock like a crowbar to pry up on the in stroke and down on the out stroke. It worked and Mom began to huff and puff as I settled into a nice rhythm. "I think she's going to cum," I said when I felt her pussy juice up. A few seconds later she had one of her very ladylike orgasms. "Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh yesssssssssssssss!"

I tried to keep Mom's orgasm going but lost control and shot my load against her diaphragm. Dad let out a ghostly groan as he shot his buckshot up into his daughter's quim. She was cumming, too, and she was far noisier than her mother.


"I can't believe it," Mom said. "We all came together. What a wonderful way to start our new relationship." We rested for awhile and talked about our plans for the future, then Dad and I switched places and had each other's sloppy seconds. We've had some great times since then, like the night Diane brought over a couple of her stripper friends. The looks on my parents faces while they watched their daughter go the lesbian route were priceless. We're all trying to coax Mom into giving it a try. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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