tagMind ControlA Fan of the Game

A Fan of the Game

byThe Czar©

She was exactly my type. Short brown hair, so pretty, so little. Her hands were delicate and her smile quick. She bobbed her head and sang along with each song the rink announcer played. I knew I shouldn’t use my power, but she was too tempting. She was just irresistible.

I was at a hockey game. The home team was winning. Twenty thousand fans were around me screaming. I saw only her.

She was with her boyfriend. This Italian looking punk that I hated on sight. She kept cuddling up to him, rubbing his neck and leaning in for quick kisses. Her affectionate nature just made her cuter, even if it was directed at that undeserving bastard. I had to have her. I would have to win her away.

I happen to have a few tricks in this area. Actually, it’s only one trick. A while back I figured out that, for whatever reason, I can stop time around me. Well, even that’s not accurate. I can take myself, and sometimes other people, out of time. The specifics aren’t important though. She is.

All I needed was eye contact. If I could get her to meet my eyes, I could get her to a place we could talk. And well....do other things, but I’ll get to that soon. I promise.

It took until the second period, but finally she turned and looked back over that perfect shoulder. She was looking for the cotton candy guy. He was coming down the steps, and as her green eyes followed him down, they found mine. Our eyes locked. It was just the thing I needed. As the energy flowed between us, I pulled us out of time.

Understandably, she was confused. Part of my game is to act just as confused. She felt we were both in the middle of something that we didn’t understand. As far as she knew, neither of us had any control over the situation.

She looked all around at the fans frozen in mid-cheer, at the players in mid-stride, and then at me. Her fear evaporated and she clapped like a little girl shown a brightly wrapped present. I had chosen right. She would enjoy the gift I gave her.

“I’m Sean........and I’m a bit confused”, I told her.

“Well Sean, I’m Jackie and I’m right there with you. I am going to enjoy it though.”, she replied.

With that, she grabbed a bag of cotton candy from the vendor, and took off up the steps laughing. I watched her cute ass all the way to the hall. I thought that maybe she was right when she thought that neither of us was in control. My need for her was putting me out of my mind. I chased after her.

“Jackie, Wait!”

I caught up to her as she entered the breezeway. I reached out and grabbed her arm. It was so firm, so toned and choice that it took a minute to register that she had turned around to face me. Not only that, but since I was still holding her arm, she had spun around right into me. Having her pressed up against me was too much. I leaned forward and kissed her.

“What are you doing?”, she asked.

She sounded angry, but she also sounded breathless. I had made my mark, and for the first time I knew that not only would she be mine, but that she would do it willingly.

“Jackie, what are you doing? We have no idea what’s going on and you take of running? Let’s talk about this.”

“Sean, don’t be a baby. We can do anything we want. You want cash? Grab a wallet. You want a jersey, or a puck? Grab one from the vendor. You want some cotton candy? Anything? Just take it.”

“You’re right. Maybe this is a gift, but the only thing I want from it is you.”

She took a moment to reply, but when she did it was everything I had hoped. “Sean, I have a boyfriend. I love him. This is just a weird-ass thing. A grab all you can, live it up, magic thing. I can’t be with you.”........”long term” she added with a grin.

With that she returned my kiss. Our lips parted and our tongues meshed with passion. I reached around her delicate frame and wrapped her tightly in my arms. I went lower and took her ass in my hands. I lifted her off her feet and pulled her even closer. Her legs wrapped around me and she made a suggestion that made me flip.

“If we’re gonna be bad, we should go to the penalty box.”, she whispered.

That’s all the goading I needed. I grabbed her hand and took off back down the steps. With a short climb over the glass and a slippery run across the ice, we were in the box. I promised her it would last longer than two minutes. We were in for a Major.

It’s amazing how fast you can strip when you are desperate and fearless. Within seconds we were face to face in nothing more than our underclothes. Her bra and panties were in dark silky green. How perfect is a girl who matches her panties for a hockey game? Tonight, without planning, she had matched them for me.

I slid down her without breaking contact. My cheek rubbed against her leg. It was smooth. Shaven flawlessly. I pressed into her calf and rose slightly to kiss her knee. With only a little more height I was able to lick and nibble her inner thigh.

It’s very quiet out of time. Her soft moans echoed loudly in the silent arena. There was no chatter, no rustling, not even the sound of the wind, to muffle her. The cry she let out when I first put my mouth over the crotch of those green panties surprised me so much that I flinched back. She proved just how into it she was, when she laced her fingers through my hair and pulled my face back to her pussy.

I pulled her panties aside and found a cunt as perfectly shaved as her legs. I wasted no time in plunging my tongue into it’s wetness. That taste...That silky feel... I was in heaven. Apparently she was too, because she fell to her back and pulled me on top of her.

Control was a thing of the past. For years I had played this game, but no one had owned me like this. Any thoughts of dominance I held were forced from my mind when she clawed my ass and pulled me into her. Hell, her panties were still on. She pulled me right up the leg hole with her insistence.

Now I was hers. She was the master. I was the bitch. How’s that for irony? I thrust in and out. Deeper and deeper into her pussy as she screamed into the vacuum of the arena.

She came again and again and pushed me away before I found any release. For a second, I thought she was going to leave me hanging. For a minute I thought she understood the state she had me in, and was going to make me pay.

Instead, she played the victim I had originally intended. Instead, she bent over the penalty bench and offered me complete subservience. She reached back and spread her pert and perfect cheeks.

I was in control again. The dirty little bitch offered me her ass.

I was all over it. My enormous hard-on gained an inch at the thought of plunging those depths. An hour of thinking this bitch had gotten to me? Time wasted trying to please her, when I was the magic one? I snapped to and said “Fuck that.” I plowed into her ass with no love and no remorse. Over and over I thrust into her tight hole until I ripped it open and made her scream.

I was in control.

I am the magic one.

She was mine and no matter how cute, she is a bitch like the rest.

Take it.

Take it.

Take it....

The cum flowed and we screamed in synch. Me in glory, her in pain. No one was there to hear as the cries mingled in the quiet building.

I left her there in the penalty box and took my ticketed seat. I had proved my manhood hadn’t I? I was satisfied and she was in pain, so I won. Right? I sat there, alone, in my seat and let the game resume. I got what I wanted. The cute girl in front of me had been mine. For a fleeting moment, I had her.

But I was in my seat...alone. She was in pain...alone. 20 thousand people roared approval in one voice...but felt alone.

I won right?

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