tagMatureA Fantasy Cums True Ch. 02

A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 02


Dan leaned forward slowly anticipating his first kiss with the most beautiful woman at the country club. Less than an hour ago he'd just been just another one of the waiters yet here he was in bed with the Mrs. Karen Beach. He'd already filled her pussy once tonight with his cum but she wanted more. In fact, she'd asked him to become her lover. Whether for the night or longer he had no idea and didn't really care as his lips touched hers. Instantly it felt as if an electrical charge had run from his lips to his cock as he began to harden again.

"Mmmmm, that's nice, baby. I haven't been kissed that in over a year. Just give me a second to roll over and then we can do it some more ... a lot more." Karen had been lying on her stomach where he'd left her after fucking her but she quickly rolled over onto her back to reveal her fantastic body. At 31 years old she had the body of a twenty year old; 5-foot 4-inches tall with long shapely legs that were still encased in her nylons and heels. Her 32DD breast stood up proudly and breast milk gently flowed down them to her 27-inch waist before flaring to her 35-inch hips. Her tanned skin was covered with a light sheen of sweat and her inner thighs were coated with their combined juices.

"God, Karen, you are absolutely the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Why your husband doesn't want to be with you is beyond me."

"Ssshhhhhhh, enough of that. Considering that your cum is filling my pussy right now I don't want to hear a word about that asshole. Right now it's just you and I and that's all I want to think about. Ok?"

Sliding his arm under her head, Dan leaned forward, "Sounds great to me," and gave her a long, slow, passionate kiss. Instinctively, his hand moved to her breast and squeezed it causing milk to spray from the nipple coating them both.

Karen pulled away blushing. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect that to happen. It's just that I've been breast feeding the baby until recently and haven't dried up yet."

Squeezing her breast again Dan leaned forward saying, "I actually think it's sexy and a major turn on," as he licked the milk from her breast.

Karen's hand ran through his hair caressing it as she pulled him closer. "Aaahhhhh, that feels delicious. The asshole told me he thought it was gross when I fed the baby and would leave the room. I never imagined it could turn me on like this. Lick my nipples, lover. Yessssssss, that feels incredible. Suck on my nipple, baby. My mother's milk is all yours if you want it."

Dan latched onto the nipple and began to suck the milk from her: sweet, tantalizing. Gently he squeezed while sucking causing it to spray into his mouth. He could feel Karen respond to his tongue as he slid his hand down between Karen's open thighs and found her warm, wet opening. Without hesitating he slid one, then two, and finally three fingers into her.

"Ohhhhh ... fuck, that feels good. My pussy still feels stretched from when you fucked me with your big, hard cock. Push your fingers in lover and fuck me with them. You're getting me so turned on again. I just feel so sexy and wanton and ... safe ... with you that I somehow know you'd never do anything to hurt me. Does that sound crazy? I mean we barely know each other but I love the idea of being a slut for you. Being able to let myself go and do or say anything I want to without being "the" Mrs. Beach. Do you understand?"

Dan looked at Karen and nodded.

"In that case, lover, I want you to finger fuck my cunt while you rub your thumb across my clit and make me cum until it covers your hand. Then I want that beautiful, long, hard cock inside of me fucking me again."

Dan smiled. Long ago he had been told that when it came to being with a women, men fell into one of two categories: the lovers and the fuckers. He'd already been a "fucker" tonight at the women's request, but now it was time to show her exactly what kind of lover he could be. Pulling his fingers out, he slowly ran his hand across the outer lips of her pussy and through the small patch of hair above, teasing and tantalizing her skin with his touch. The musky aroma of her arousal began to fill Dan's nostrils as he followed his fingers with light, delicate kisses until he was poised directly above the source of the intoxicating scent. Enticingly he spread her outer lips to expose the deep red, wet haven that he had attacked earlier and blew lightly in the aroused flesh.

Karen's body tightened as ripples of excitement ran through her. "What are you doing to me? It feels incredible. The asshole has never even bothered to look at my pussy. All he ever wanted to do was stuff himself in me. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever gotten me this turned on. I'm all yours, lover. Do whatever you want with me. This night belongs to us and only us."

Dan knew the time was right as he lowered his head to Karen's waiting pussy, slipping his tongue deep into her and tasting their combined juices. He felt her legs wrap around his head as her hands pulled him deep into the crevasse between her thighs. Sensuously she began to grind herself against his tongue.

"Damn that feels good. Lick me. Lick my cum filled pussy. You're driving me nuts the way you're teasing me. I'm getting so fucking hot that I'm going to cum all over your face if you don't stop right now," Karen said as she released his head from between her legs and pulled Dan up to kiss her. "We taste so good, baby. Another first ... I've never tasted my pussy juices mixed with someone's cum ... Mmmmmmm, I like it," she continued as she licked the juices from his lips and chin, "I like it a lot but you know what I want right now. In 10 minutes it's going to be the start of the New Year and I want to start it with your cock buried deep inside of me filling me with more of your cum. How does that sound, lover?" She asked as she quickly rolled the two of them over so she was on top straddling Dan's hard cock.

Dan looked up into the face of his new lover. For years she'd been his fantasy. He'd jacked off thinking about her more then any porn star, model, or girl he'd known and now she was his. He could do anything he wanted with her, but all he wanted to do was love her. "Karen, I think I lo ... "

"Ssssshhhhh. It's much to soon to be using words like that but I feel something special too," she replied as she leaned down to kiss him. Her breasts pressed against his chest causing milk to leak from her nipples as his cock slid across her clit and found the entrance to her womanly core.

Instinctively, Karen lowered herself causing both of them to moan as his cock slid deeper and deeper into her cum-coated pussy until they couldn't go any further. Like lovers who had been together for years they began to move together in a dance as old as time. Slowly, Karen lifted herself up as Dan withdrew until just the tip of his cock was still in her and then they rushed back together as if their world would end if they were not attached. Slow, fast, slow, fast, in, out, in, out, in ... the tempo increasing as they held each other.

"Fuck me, lover. It feels so good. Your cock is all the way inside of me. I can feel it hitting the bottom of my pussy and pressing against my cervix," she said as she sat up in his lap, grinding herself onto his.

Dan reached up grasping Karen's nipples, squeezing them until milk sprayed out across his chest and face.

"Yeessss, that's it. Squeeze my tits. Spray my mother's milk all over the place. Now fuck me faster ... harder ... don't stop. I want you so bad ... no, I NEED you so bad. I need you to fuck me. I need you to want me. I need you to ... ... ... LOVE me."

Dan stopped his thrusting as his mind took in what Karen had just said. She had just said that she needed him to "Love" her. Reaching up he wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her face down to his as he kissed her; their tongues battling while their hips continue thrusting. Dan suddenly knew what he had to do. Now was the time to fulfill his fantasy and possibly Karen's. Rolling them over again, so he was on top, Dan broke their kiss and knelt up as he grabbed Karen's hips and lifted them. Quickly he slid a pillow under her ass and put her legs over his shoulders as he began thrusting deep into her.

"Aaahhhhhhhh ... that feels so good ...I didn't think ... anyone could get ... that deep ... in me ... Oh my god ... yessss ... You are so fucking deep in me ... I can feel you ... pressing on ... my cervix. Oh shit ... Fuck me ... lover ... don't stop ... put your ... cock deep ... inside of me ... and fuck me ... fill me with ... your cock and your ... cum ... cum ... deep ... inside ... of ... me ... I ... feel ... like ... such ... a ... slut ... but ... your ... slut ... only ... yours. Ohhhhhh ... I'm ... going ... to cum ... fuck me ... fuck me ... FUCK MMMEEEEE."

Dan thrust harder and deeper into Karen as he felt her orgasm rush through her body. The muscles of her velvety pussy began to milk at him as she began squeezing her nipples. Milk sprayed from them hitting Dan in the chest and face while raining back down onto Karen. He realized it was his ultimate fantasy come true as his cum rushed from his cock pumping shot after shot of his seed deep into her.

Feeling his cum splattering the inside of her pussy, Karen slid her legs from his shoulders and wrapped them around Dan's waist to hold him deep inside of her as his cum slid past her cervix and deep into her womb.

Dan leaned forward and whispered to Karen before kissing her. "Sometimes fantasies do cum true."

Smiling she replied, "Yes they do."



The next morning when Dan woke up he was alone. Karen was gone and he would have thought it was a dream expect for the wet stains on the bed linens.

Dressing quickly he left the room. Discretely he asked several of his co-workers if any of them had seen Mrs. Beach but no one had seen her since she had left the party with him. Unsure of what more he could do he left the country club and went home. Two weeks later, after still not being able to contact Karen, he returned to school to complete his final year in college and obtain his degree in business.

The months dragged on and finally graduation arrived. Setting with the other students, Dan noticed Karen sitting quietly on the far side of the audience; looking more radiant and lovely than ever. Suddenly the ceremony couldn't get over fast enough. Yet, even then he had to wait before he could go and talk to her, since his family was there as well. Finally, he saw her moving through the crowd or was it his imagination that the crowd seemed to part for her as she walked to him.

Smiling she introduced herself to his family before looking at him, "I'm sorry for being so bold and disturbing your celebration but may I speak with you for a moment? I have a business proposition I'd like to talk to you about."

While some of Dan's family gave him a quizzical look others nodded their approval as he and Mrs. Beach walked away.

"First, I want to apologize for New Year's. I shouldn't have left the way I did," she whispered.

"No. I understand. It wouldn't have been a good idea for you to be seen with the hired help," Dan replied as the pain surfaced in his voice.

"Is that what you truly think?"

Dan could hear the pain in her voice but didn't care, at the moment, as his own pain and anger flared. "What am I supposed to think? We spend a fantastic night together and the next morning you're gone without a trace."

Looking down at the ground Karen replied, "You're right but there were other reasons as well. They say that the New Year is a time to end the old and start the new, so when I left that morning I hired a Private Investigator to get what I needed about my ex-husband."


"Yes. I divorced him several months ago. In the beginning he tried to fight it but with the pictures, receipts and other things the Private Investigator had obtained my ex- ultimately gave in. In the process of the divorce I also took control of the company since it was my father's company to begin with. Shortly after that something else came up and I had to decide what to do about it before coming to you. You see you've never been out of my mind since that night so I've had the same Private Investigator keeping an eye on you as well," she smiled before she continued. "In fact, I'm almost surprised you graduated. Your grades weren't so good after New Year's."

"I guess you can figure out why."

"I have a good idea and that's part of why I'm here. I want to offer you a job as my personal assistant and advisor. The job pays well and has some very good benefits."

Dan looked at Karen and realized just how beautiful she looked, but there was something more, she seemed almost to be glowing.

"Ok, Mrs. Beach. I'll give it a try."

"Good, but first there a few ground rules we need to straighten out. Number one: my name is Karen Phillips, now, definitely NOT Mrs. Beach and number two: part of your job will be to help me raise my son and my baby after it's born."

Dan stood there stunned just as he had been on New Year's Eve. "Baby? You're pregnant?"


"Does your ex-husband know?"

"Yes, but it's really none of his concern since it's not his child."

"Oh. I see. Do I know the father?" Dan asked in a somber tone.

Karen leaned forward and softly whispered in Dan's ear. "I'm due in four months and I was never with anyone else after you, which reminds me of some other changes you might want to know about. Number three: I have a new home located out by the lake which is rather secluded so I frequently walk around nude. Number four: The house only has one large room and two small rooms which means you'll have to share a bedroom with me. Number five: I'm yours any time you want me, in any way that you want me and number six: I don't wear any panties or bra any more since the panties seem to get wet every time I think of you and my breast milk keeps soaking the bra anyway."

Dan looked at Karen and realized everything she was offering him. "And when would you like me to start?"

"Anytime you're ready."

"How about right now?"

Karen smiled as she handed him the keys to the car and house.

Dan walked to his parents and explained that Ms. Phillips had just offered him a job and he'd see them later in the evening before quickly returning to Karen's side. After helping her into the passenger's seat, Dan slid into the driver's seat and instantly recognized Karen's musky aroma. Turning to look at her and make a joking comment he was rewarded by a sight he'd never forget. Karen was sitting next to him but looking straight ahead as if nothing were wrong or unusual while the front of her dress was open and her breasts were sticking out yet the most tantalizing sight was the droplets of milk hanging on the nipples like shiny pearls.

Laughing at the look on Dan's face, Karen finally purred seductively, "Let's go home, lover. It's been much too long."

Dan started the car and drove away thinking, sometime a person's fantasy can come true but reality is sometimes even better.

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