A Fantasy Fulfilled


"Three, and then I'll make you cum, yes?"

"Yes, fuck me with three, Kate."

"Nothing more?" She had brought toys with her, but wasn't surprised he didn't want to use them.

"Not this time. Just us, baby, just us."

The three fingers were eagerly accepted and reaching round with her other hand Kate began to fuck and wank Jonathan at the same time. His breathing increased and his hands grasped the sheets as, splaying her fingers out slightly, she pumped in and out of him.

"Close, Kate, so close, please, baby, wanna cum in your mouth, please."

She pulled out of him and watched as he collapsed over onto his back almost immediately. His cock stood to attention, rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Tracing a finger across the head she pulled up a translucent strand, which she eagerly licked.

Her tongue began to make its way up from the base of Jonathan's cock lubricating it before her lips slid down to take the entire length in one go. She swallowed repeatedly and then took the tightening balls into her hand, enjoying the feeling of the puckered and firm skin knowing she was moving her lover closer and closer to his climax.


The feeling of Kate's soft hand around his balls nearly sent Jonathan over the edge but he resisted, digging his nails into his palms as he fought for control.

She had left a pale lipstick stain on his cock and the skin beneath. He watched as it seemed to move closer and then further away from her lips as she sucked him in and out again. Kate looked up, her deep brown eyes filled with both lust and love, and then, as a finger began to make its way back towards his arse again, he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold on any longer.

"Kate, gonna cum, suck me, Kate, fuck me." A finger found his tight hole and as she began to push into him she increased the suction, swirling her tongue around the cock head on each trip and he clenched his cheeks and arched his back.

"Arghhh, now, Kate!" His whole being was concentrated in his lover's mouth and he stiffened, resting on his shoulders as he held himself above the bed until suddenly the first spurt of cum gushed out of him. He shot load after load as his body trembled and spasmed uncontrollably before, as the sensations began to dissipate, he collapsed backwards unaware of anything except total ecstasy.


To her surprise Kate had been able to swallow the entire load Jonathan had pulsated into her mouth. It had been a hot and salty, but not at all unpleasant, meal and she licked her lips to make sure none of it remained to be taken.

Her lover lay beside her his breathing gradually returning to normal, eyes closed with a slight smile on his face.

Knowing he would need a few minutes to gather himself Kate lay down beside him her fingers travelling towards her pussy, which was throbbing with need. She slid easily inside and began to gently stimulate herself knowing it wouldn't take very much for her to cum. The fact that Jonathan was laying so close to her only increased her arousal and soon her other hand was pulling at a nipple as she felt the impending climax begin rolling out of her.

"Mmm, yes, oh yes, fuck, Jonathan, fuck me." So used was she to calling her lover's name as she came, alone, at home Kate didn't think anything of what she was doing until a hand rested against her arm.

"Want me to take over?"

"Yes, play with me, Jonathan." Pulling her fingers free Kate turned so she was facing him. She ran a hand into his hair and pulled him closer until their lips met and his nipples rubbed against her own. As soon as his tongue found its way into her mouth she surrendered herself to him, letting him dictate the speed and intensity of everything they did.

Breaking the kiss she felt his lips move to her neck and he began placing light butterfly kisses down towards her breasts. His mouth latched on to one of her tight nipples and he began to suck on it.

"Ohhhh, yes, Jonathan." His fingers found the neglected nub and he gently twisted it between his finger and thumb. Her back arched and she ran her hand into his hair just as he had done to her, wanting him to continue and then her legs were pushed apart as his fingers moved to find her clit.

"God, yes, oh yes." She relaxed her grip on him and his lips began to kiss her again, moving down her body leaving a wet and glistening trail in his wake. He shuffled down and then positioned himself between her legs kissing the tops of her stockings before leaning forward and capturing her pussy lips in his mouth and the sensation of his tongue sweeping across them overwhelmed her.

The softness and the warmth spread through her and then, as Jonathan pushed his tongue inside, she felt her juices rush to meet him.

"Taste yourself." He locked lips with her again, his tongue transferring her taste as finally, carefully his cock slipped into her cunt.

"Ohhhh, yes, Jonathan, fuck me."

For a moment he didn't move and she clenched her muscles around him trying to encourage him.

"I've waited so long for this, Kate, you feel so tight."

He began to thrust forward his long and rock hard tool pounding her and she pulled him close to her again as their lips met.

"Gonna make you cum, is that what you want, Kate?"

"Yes, please, Jonathan, so good, so good. I love you."

"Love you too, cum for me, baby, cum on my cock, let me feel you."

Jonathan shifted slightly on the bed and the angle at which his cock head touched her changed as well. His balls slapped sexily against her, charging the atmosphere even more and then she smiled up at her love.

"You wanted to fuck me from behind didn't you? See my tits swing each time you force your dick into me. Are you ready for that, lover?"

"Ohhh, fuck, Kate, yes." Without another word Jonathan pulled back and Kate knew she was being watched as, carefully she rolled and then got onto all fours. She looked down at her large breasts now hanging tantalizingly beneath her and then turned her gaze on Jonathan waiting, wanking his cock as he watched.


"Yes, whenever you are."

The head of his cock was at her entrance in a trice and Kate pushed backwards as he moved against her. In one swift movement he was encased to the hilt and she cried out as a hand came down on her arse, surprising but arousing her at the same time.

"Yes, again, do that again."

Each time Jonathan's cockhead brushed against the furthest reaches of her cunt his hand slapped hard against her skin. She could feel the heat emanating, knew there was a red glow, and moaned into the pillow she was resting her head on.

Her tits were taken into his large, strong hands and then his hairy stomach and chest was resting across her back. The thrusts were shorter now but still he hit his mark every time and Kate could feel herself getting closer and closer to a shattering climax.

"So sexy, such a tight cunt for me to fuck, big tits to play with, love you, Kate. Don't cum, baby, wait for me."

The moan was unstoppable as Jonathan introduced her final fantasy. She tightened around his cock doing everything she could to stop the flow as he began to tease her, wanting to get her more and more desperate.

His hand found her clit and began to gently rub it, increasing the pressure as she bucked back against him.

"Ohhhh, no, Jonathan, want to cum, please."

"I know, but you can't can you? At least not until I say so."

She moaned again, she had instructed him too well, and was now paying the price. Just being fucked by him was enough to take her over the edge and he was forbidding it.

"Tell me, Kate, tell me what's happening."

"You, fucking me, Jonathan, after so long. That hard cock I've seen on line, it's gonna shoot its thick creamy cum into me. Not your hand, or onto the screen but into me."

"Yes, yes, that's it, bitch, this time it's all yours. Fuck, Kate."

The thrusts got quicker and Kate tried to move away.

"Let me see you as you cum, Jonathan, want to watch your beautiful face as you let go."

She was suddenly empty and, feeling instantly bereft, Kate turned so she could lie on her back again. Jonathan moved closer and held his cock at her lips.

"Taste yourself, bitch, feel how hard I am."

Kate opened her mouth and took the warm flesh in. She knew Jonathan was just prolonging the inevitable but she didn't want it to end either and was happy to play along.

Gently, knowing he was almost as close as she, Kate sucked and licked at the foreskin and then the bulbous head beneath until with a deep moan Jonathan pulled back.

"Wanna cum in you, Kate."

"Then fuck me again, lover, but don't make me wait. Need to cum so badly."

He nodded and then was back inside her. This time the rhythm was set immediately and she watched as her breasts bounced back and forward before Jonathan reached out to grasp them, pulling at the nipples, and she heard herself moaning and murmuring nonsense words as, once again, he took her higher.

"Gonna cum, baby, gonna shoot my load in your tight cunt. Fuck, bitch, I'm ... ahhh ... ahhh ... fuck!"

His eyes closed and Kate watched as he pushed hard one final time and then she felt it, hot cum gushing into her, filling her and her cries joined his as she flooded, joining the two of them together in the most wonderful of ways.


The bench in the grounds was just as he had imagined it. Set back into a small alcove they were hidden from sight from anyone who wandered along the path. Their bags were packed, tears had been shed as he held Kate close and told her again how much he loved her, but they both knew they had no choice but to part, at least for now.

They had spent the rest of the previous afternoon in each other's arms, talking, kissing and getting to know each other. The meal they had eaten in the restaurant had been wonderful and then, tired but happy, they had made love once more before falling asleep spooned together in the middle of the sumptuous four-poster bed.

Now the time for making memories was over and Jonathan swallowed hard before speaking quietly.

"Ring to let me know you got home safely, ok?"

"Of course. I might do that a few times, just to hear your voice." The smile held so much more confidence than when they met just the afternoon before and he pulled her close, rejoicing that, on top of everything else, he had helped make her feel so much better about herself.

"Thank you, Kate; everything ... I never dreamed it could be ... I ... I just ..." he paused, knowing he had to say the words but not wanting to upset her again. "I just wish you could stay with me, Kate, not have to go back."

The sadness flashed into her eyes and for a moment he hated himself.

"I know; I wish I could too but I love you, Jonathan, and it will happen one day, I promise you that."

"Really?" His heart soared, she sounded so positive, so certain.

"Oh yes. We have so many more fantasies to bring to life, so much more loving to do. I know when I get home I'm going to miss you so much, and want to be back with you. I haven't felt that way in a long time."

Their lips met again, her hand reached down and took his re-burgeoning erection into its grasp and as he held her close he knew, finally, more than just fantasies had been fulfilled or memories made; a loving future had been assured.

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