tagIncest/TabooA Father's Birthday Gift

A Father's Birthday Gift


Anne had always loved how deeply her husband, David, cared for their three children. She often commended him on how wholly he devoted himself to them and took an active interest in their lives.

Anne had always noticed his special interest in their youngest daughter, Paige. She was the only child still living at home, and having just recently turned 18, her time was almost up too. Paige and her father were always joking together, cuddling up to movies, and sitting together on the front porch. Recently, though, Anne began to notice a different "special interest" her 54 year old husband had in their daughter. Their hugs lasted longer, he found more excuses to kiss her on the cheek, and when Paige wore her pyjamas with him on the couch, his eyes seemed to devour every inch of her body.

At first Anne thought she was probably just imagining it all, but the signs became increasingly overt, until one day Paige approached her mother for advice.

"Mom?.." Paige knocked on her parent's bedroom door.

"Yes sweetie, come in. I'm still in bed, your father went into town."

Paige entered the room and sat on the bed beside her mom.

"I need to talk to you about something. Its sort of an awkward topic though, mom. Promise you won't judge me?"

"Of course, I would never. What is it?"

"Well, I'm 18 now, and I've wanted more and more to, you know...lose my virginity. And there are guys who want to, but the thing is..this is so wrong, but the only person I like to picture taking my virginity is...Daddy."

Anne was shocked but she stayed quiet for a moment, and then said softly, "That's perfectly normal, honey..your father is the first man you ever knew, and he cares very deeply for you. It makes sense that you would rather him take it than a boy you don't know very well." Anne tried to reassure her daughter but was still taken aback by her statement.

The more Anne thought about it, though, the more it made sense to her. Then a strange idea occurred to her. "Paige, are you sure you'd really like to have sex with your dad?"

"Yes, mom, I've thought about it for so long. But I know its wrong because he's my dad, and he's your husband. I know nothing can ever happen about it, its just a silly crush."

"Well actually I can think of a way to make it work, if you want to" Anne smiled.

"Really mom? You wouldn't mind? You think Dad would actually want to?"

"Well as far as your dad wanting to, that's obvious. He is a man, after all, I don't think he could resist that body of yours whether you're his daughter or not. And myself, I'm warming up to the idea. I actually feel pretty bad, because I haven't had sex with your dad in probably five years..and that isn't fair to him at all. I was thinking, its his birthday in two days, why don't we surprise him and you can be his birthday present? He can have you for the whole night!" Anne smiled at her daughter's excited reaction.

"Really, mom!? Oh, this is so exciting! I can't believe he hasn't had sex in so long. I want to give him so much pleasure!"

That night when her father came home, Paige looked at him in a whole new light of excitement and desire. She knew he wasn't a model by any means, but she had still always found him very attractive. Although the hair on his chest was all either grey or white now, and his stomach required him to buy XL shirts, he was still the sexiest man in the world to her. His legs and arms were big and powerful from his lifetime working as a carpenter. Paige could barely concentrate all evening and had to go to bed early to resist from jumping on top of her dad right then and there.

The big day came, and while David was out building a house nearby, Anne was helping her daughter get ready for that night. While Paige soaked in the tub, she and her mother giggled and talked about the man they both loved.

"Now I have to tell you something, sweetie," Anne said, "Your father loves you very much, but he hasn't had sex in a long time so he may not be able to control himself. I know he'd want your first time to be enjoyable, but he might not be able to resist going really hard and it may hurt you a bit, O.K?"

Paige smiled, "That's ok, I just want daddy to be so happy!"

After dinner, David got a beer watched TV alone wondering where his wife and daughter had left to so quickly. He was feeling a little bitter because neither of them had even wished him a happy birthday at all. He had spent the whole day in the heat, building a roof, and nobody had even given him a hug or a present or anything. He figured they must have just forgot, and put his feet up on the coffee table.

After a little while, Anne came in telling him she had his birthday present ready. Feeling guilty he had been mad earlier, David smiled and followed as she led him to their bedroom.

"Are we having sex?" he wondered to himself, shocked his wife wanted to, considering they hadn't in longer than he could remember. But when she opened the door, what he saw came as the biggest shock he had every received.

There, kneeling on his bed in the sexiest naughty schoolgirl outfit he had ever seen, was his 18 year old daughter Paige, her tight, round ass high in the air and her dark hair draped over her shoulders. "Hi, Daddy" she said, smiling.

After he regained thought, he yelled, "Why are you in here, Paige? What are you doing dressed like that!?" His body reacted differently, and his large dick began showing quite visibly against his sweatpants.

"Shhh, its OK, honey. Paige is your birthday gift. I know I haven't been there to satisfy your needs in that respect in a long time..and I've seen how much you love her. Your love for our kids has always meant so much to me, and when Paige came to me confessing she wanted you to take her virginity, it all made sense to me. Why shouldn't the man who loves her the most be the one to have it? So you have the whole night, go wild. It means so much to me that--"

David interrupted here, "Anne, I love you, and I can't believe what's happening, and I can never thank you enough for this, but you have to shut up now because I'm going to go crazy if I don't start fucking our daughter soon."

"David! Don't use hostile language like that about our daughter! You won't be FUCKING her, you'll be making love". At this, Paige giggled on the bed, and David pushed Anne out the door.

"I don't mind, daddy, you can fuck me as hard as you want" Paige said coyly from the bed.

David grinned from ear to ear. "Are you absolutely sure you want this, sweetie?" he asked, now standing infront of she she knelt on his bed.

Paige simply smiled in reply, before reaching out and removing his sweatpants in one slide.

David chuckled. "Oh no, you aren't in charge of this game!" he said as he pushed her onto her back and climbed ontop of her with ease.

When his hands traced their way up her body and tore open her white shirt, Paige noticed they were almost the size of her whole face. He threw the shirt across the room and began to fumble with her bra in a mad frenzy. Giggling, Paige unhooked it for him and dropped it to the floor. His eyes ate in the sight of his daughter's bare flesh as his monster hands began squeezing her breasts as hard as he could. Paige moaned with both pain and delight, and writhed beneath her father's weight. Lowering his head, David nibbled at his little girl's tits and then slowly sucked in her entire breasts, one at a time.

When Paige had a moment to regain herself, she pulled upwards on her dad's shirt until he got the hint and paused his worshiping of her breasts long enough to remove his shirt and whip it across the room. He still hadn't showered after work, and the combination of his working outside all day and how hot his daughter was making him resulted in his body being saturated in the aroma of pure manly sweat. Paige played with his wiry chest hairs as he leaned in and kissed her passionately. Even his tongue seemed gigantic to her, as it explored inside her mouth. It wasn't long before Paige could feel her father's hard cock through his underwear, pressing firmly against her panties. David broke the kiss, and slid off both her skirt and her soaked panties, letting them land in a heap atop the other discarded clothing on the floor.

David then removed his underwear as well and sat on the bed next to his daughter. Excitedly Paige got on her knees and touched her father's pulsing cock timidly. David let out a soft groan. Paige knelt down and eagerly began sucking on the shaft of her daddy's 8 inch cock.

"Stop!" grunted David. "I haven't had sex in five years, I can't hold in in that much longer!"

After saying this he shoved his daughter back down on her back and positioned himself above her. Grabbing her legs he flung them behind his back and Paige gripped her feet behind his neck.

Filled with desire, David left no time to waste and eagerly shoved his cock inside his daughter's tight pussy. Pumping like a madman, his grunts and groans could be heard through the whole house.

"Ahhh..ahh! Ohh..mmmm, daddy! Ha--a-ppy B-b-biirthday!" Paige managed out between moans.

"UUhhhgggmmmm..fuck baby, I love you. You're so fucking tight for daddy! Mmmm, fuck!" David roared and continued to pound his daughter.

"Oh god, mmmm yes, Paige, I'm going to cum in your hot pussy baby, get ready!" David yelled before shoving his cock in as far as it would go and filling his daughter with his hot cum, making animal noises the whole time.

David fell and lay beside his daughter, completely spent. "Oh baby, you were so good. Mmm you're so hot" He held his daughter next to him as she lay her head on his chest.

"I want you to always be happy, daddy" Paige smiled.

"You please daddy so much, baby. I love you. And I know your mother gave me you just for tonight, but I know I can't stop fucking your sweet pussy, not after that."

"Mmm, that's okay daddy, I don't want you to stop either!"

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by mezmerized03/12/18

Shouldn't that be...

when Mom says to herself.. "Gee, I better get my shit together, and start banging my husband again? He's checking out his daughter!" Jeez!

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