tagFetishA Fist Fuck

A Fist Fuck

byAnal Slave©

It all started one night when my wife and I were fucking on the couch when the subject of ass fucking came up. I have been fucking my wife in the ass since we were first married, at first she didn’t like it but now I can fuck her pretty asshole any time I want. As I am fucking her she just reaches down between her legs and rubs her clit till she cums all over herself.

Any time she is on her period she prefers to be ass fucked, that is just fine with me because her ass is a lot tighter than her pussy. Any body that hasn’t ever fucked a tight ass has a real nice experience waiting for them. It is so tight and hot, and when your cock swells up in her too dump your load of cum it feels like her ass is sucking hard on your cock. Well any way’s she saw an XXX-rated movie the other day and this woman was fist fucking her husband’s ass.

She was telling me how horny it made her to think about inserting her hand up my ass. I was surprised she was getting so horny thinking of such a thing, as fist fucking me. She has always fucked me with a strap-on dildo and my ass will take it with ease now. She loves to get behind me and insert her John Holmes 13 inch rubber cock all the way up to the balls.

It took about 3 months of ass fucking before I could take all of that rubber cock up my ass. But now I enjoy it and it massages my prostate and I shoot a stream of cum out of my cock that will amaze you. She likes for me to get in the doggie position while she is fucking me and makes me jerk my cock off. Right when I get ready to cum she makes me drop my head down on the bed and I shoot my cum all in my hungry mouth, a lot of it gets all over my face and hair but she pulls her rubber cock out of my ass and makes me roll over and she licks all the remaining sperm off of my face.

Then we French kiss and trade the cum back and forth between us. Some times she will have a glass in her hand and she will catch the cum as it is spurting from my cock, then she will hold my head back and slowly pour the creamy goo into my eagerly waiting mouth. Then she will come up and kiss me swirling her tongue deep into my mouth, tasting the cum she just poured.

Well she just got out of the bed and went over to the cabinet that we keep our sex toys in she pulled out the double-headed dildo and a large pink jelly colored one. She also pulled out a latex glove and some anal lube, by the look on her face she was up to something crazy and I had a feeling she was going to try to fist fuck me tonight. She had me get in the doggie position with my ass cheeks high up in the air, she got behind me and I could feel her breath on my puckered asshole.

She was holding my ass cheeks apart and was blowing very gently on my exposed asshole and it was making me squirm. She started lightly kissing and licking around my hole getting it all wet with her saliva. She alternately sucked and licked on my asshole and my balls, then she pushed her tongue as deep in my ass as she could. My cock was rock hard and my balls had swelled up twice their usual size. My wife loves to eat my asshole as much as I love to eat hers.

She kept working her saliva deeper and deeper into my asshole, my asshole was pulsating, begging to be fucked. She then quit licking it and I felt a large hard object penetrating my ass, she had lubed up the double-headed dildo and was inserting it into my ass. She has fucked me plenty of times with it so it went into my ass without any trouble at all.

I turned my head around to her and told her to fuck me hard that I was a bad boy and needed to be ass fucked. She pumped it into me hard all the way up to the balls then she withdrew its entire length and slammed it back into my hungry ass. Then she stopped fucking me and I could feel her inserting her fingers into my ass with the double-headed dildo still all the way up my ass.

She was running her fingers around the outside of the dildo with it still in my ass. I told her I was going to cum, so she stopped and removed her fingers and got a cock ring and put it on my cock and balls, she tighten it up quite a bit and I lost my hard-on till she started running her fingers back up my puckered asshole.

I felt her remove her fingers again and this time I felt something bigger being pushed inside my ass along side the double-headed dildo. It was the pink dildo, the bitch had two dildo’s up my asshole at the same time. She kept working them both into my ass till she had them both buried as far as they would go.

I was grunting and moaning and she was saying things like “you’re a bad boy and this is what happens to bad boys, now tell me how good it feels to have two cocks in your asshole” I told her that it felt good to be fucked by both dildo’s and that I wanted her to fist fuck my ass after she is done playing with the dildo’s.

She spread a couple of her finger’s apart and started swirling them around the dildo’s she was making my ass muscles loosen and relax. She then pulled her fingers out and the dildo’s at the same time. I felt so empty, she told me to turn over and get on my back. I rolled over and spread my legs, she lifted my legs up in the air and inserted three fingers in my sloppy asshole.

I jerked at first from the assault but then I started to relax and she worked another finger in my ass. She smacked my ass a couple times real hard and my ass would tighten down on her fingers. She lubed me up some more and was forcing her thumb up my ass along with her other fingers. My cock was rock hard and the cock ring was hurting my swollen balls. So I begged her to release my cock and balls, she reached down and un-snapped the cock ring and my cock sprang forward, she wiped the pre-cum off the head of it and stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked the cum off of it.

She had her whole hand up my ass all the way up to her wrist, I was breathing heavy and my asshole was trying to adjust to the size of her hand. She didn’t move it she just keep it real still while she told me that from now on I was going to be her male ass slut and then she told me to start playing with my cock.

I was weak from the feeling of her whole hand in my ass. And I reached up and started jerking my cock she lubed it up for me. As my cock swelled up she could see that I was going to cum so she started twisting her hand around in my asshole and in know time at all it felt like I shot a gallon of cum out of my cock.

Cum shot so high in the air that some of it was hanging on the ceiling fan. I have never cum that hard before. After I cum it took my wife about five minutes to pull her hand out of my ass. I shot off two more loads of cum before she got it all the way out. I was lying on the bed soaking wet from the cum and sweat. I love my wife and she loves her male ass slut.

If you have ever wanted to be used for sex e-mail me and Vote please.

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by 4yourpleasureiam09/30/17

I think I am in love with anal slave

and his wife. I need her to fist me. It has been a long time but I remember the full feeling then the release of cum just flowing from my shrivel dick No climax no ejaculation, just draining mymore...

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by titans213805/26/17

"Anal Slave" is a joke

This author spends more time writing anonymous comments about his stories than he does writing the garbage story.

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