A Flaming Pile of Christmas


Lucas faked a sorrowful face and shook his head. "The only family I have is in a hospital bed on a respirator about to die. Christmas is cancelled this year."

"He's not on a respirator. He's just got a concussion. You just can't help being an ass."

"A girl can dream, can't she?" He shot her his best smile. "So...are we gonna have sex or can I go to bed?"

"Excuse me?" Kristen choked on her wine. Her hand tried to catch the liquid as it spilled out of her mouth.

"Sex. You know what that is, don't you? Oh, that's right. You've been faking it for too long to remember. It's that thing where you get naked and wrestle around for an hour or so until you're exhausted and cross-eyed."

"Yea, I remember what it is. And NO. We aren't gonna have your version of sex."

"What's your version?"

"That's none of your business."

Lucas shrugged and wandered out of the kitchen aiming his parting shot over his shoulder. "I cooked, you clean. House rules."

The noise in the house settled down after a few plates were washed as loudly as humanly possible. The fire settled down to embers. The snow fell silently and the all things in Lucas' world were perfect. He dodged a few flying daggers from Kristen's eyes and was able to see her legs in a pair of tight flannel pajamas. The ass was just as cute as earlier in the day. He didn't mind the daggers and he was falling in love with the ass.

He was stirring the coals just for the fun of it when he felt a cold draft. Turning, he saw Kristen wander out the front door to watch the snow fall. She disappeared for a moment and then screamed out in pain. When Lucas got to the door she was on her spectacular ass holding her ankle and cussing.

"What happened?"

"I slipped on your fucking piss, you asshole."

"Huh. That's not a phrase I ever expected to hear."

"I think I sprained my ankle."

"But is you butt okay?"

"What? Help me up, you prick."

Lucas made a mental note to lock his bedroom door tonight. There was definite murder in her eyes. Despite his almost sincere effort to take it serious, he really couldn't help but laugh as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her through the front door. Up close, she smelled really good. Pain didn't seem to be an aphrodisiac for her. She was still swearing. The wine caused her to create new combinations and a few sexual positioned he'd have to try out by himself. They sounded painful, but he was a gamer. He dropped her on the couch and inspected the damage. Her sexy little toes were fine. He wiggled each and every one. His fingers poked and prodded up her calf until he took a vicious slap to the top of the head. All she ended up with was a sprained ankle. Grabbing a bucket, he went out the front door and scooped up some non-yellow snow. He dropped it in front of her and ordered her to put her foot in it.

Don't you have any ice?

"I have snow. It's almost just like frozen water. Amazing, huh?"

Lucas was beginning to realize why she was dating his brother. It was the little things that clued him in. Shrill annoying voice, a bit of a temper, and not so good with the sciences. He grabbed her ankle and guided it into the bucket and packed the snow around it. She whimpered from the cold, but tolerated it with a few more descriptive comments. This time she was getting personal. A few of her suggestions were just anatomically impossible to do alone.

Looking up from between her legs, he saw her staring at him with that same level of hate he was becoming used to. "You never answered me."

"About what?" She snapped.

"Your ass. Is your ass okay? That's what matters most."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Fine. I hate being sincere. It's against my nature, but here goes. You've got the most amazing ass I've ever seen. It's the cutest damn thing ever. Why do you think I've been pissing you off so much? You walking away mad is the only way I can catch a good view of it. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to masturbate later in honor of its existence."

Lucas watcher her brain wander about trying to understand what he'd just said. It went from flattered to irritated to almost really disturbed. "Please don't ever be sincere again."

"Okay...but is it okay?" There was real concern in his eyes when he looked up at her. "I don't think I could live with the knowledge that I broke your butt. Some things a man just can't get over."

She gave him an all too familiar eye roll and exasperated sigh. And then she began to wiggle in discomfort. "Damn it, my panties are wet."

"Hmm. So my foreplay is working. Nice."

"I fell in the snow, you jackass. Don't flatter yourself."

"So what do you want me to do about your panties?"

"Absolutely nothing. Just help me to the bedroom."

Up in his arms she went. She had to smack him when he started for his bed. A soft chuckle from him, an irritated scowl from her, and a rather weak attempt at a punch to his chest. He plopped her on the spare bed and grabbed her luggage. She was vehement he didn't go through her things, but since she was lying with her ankle up in the air, she really couldn't walk the ten steps to stop him. His hands dove in and began critiquing each piece of silky fabric she had. By the time he'd selected his favorite for her, she was sharpening a machete in her mind and already buying the lime to dispose of the body. Sadly, she refused his offer to help her undress. She was smarter than she looked.

"Well, scream out my name like your having an orgasm if you need me. I'll come running." Lucas said as he left her room for the night.

The next morning was beautiful. Snow had continued to fall all night and the world was a magnificent and peaceful place. Lucas was sipping a cup of coffee and staring out the window when his world shattered with the shrill voice of Kristen yelling his name. Well, screaming "Asshole." He was eighty percent sure she meant him. Wandering in to her room, she was staring at him with her dark hair all messed up and propped up on some pillows.

"I need to pee."

"All right."

He helped her to the bathroom, helped her out, and set her gently on the couch. He handed her a cup of coffee and sat down next to her. "So, what do you want for breakfast?" He looked at her from over his cup.

"You cook?"

"I can if I have reason. Cooking for a damsel in a dress is a decent reason. I make a pretty decent peanut butter pancake. I'd like to see a bit more thigh on you. Something to grab onto at night."

Kristen blushed behind her coffee cup, but stayed mute. She actually smiled once. It was a good start to a Sunday. Maybe it was because it was Christmas Eve day.

"Are you gonna commit to pancakes?"

She gave him a shrug. "All right."

Lucas stood up and held out his hands for her. She looked up confused. "I need to smell you fingers."


"I need to know if I need to add chocolate syrup or not."

"Still not following you." Her hands were tentatively rising up towards him.

Lucas gave her scowl. "It's pretty simple. If you rubbed one out last night, you don't need chocolate syrup. If you're still all sexually repressed, I'll have to drown your pancake in chocolate. It's not rocket science."

It was an impressive reaction. Her face turned a deep scarlet and her hands were yanked back to her lap. A distant sonic boom from the speed of it all caused an avalanche two valleys over. She had that same murder-you-later look in her eyes from last night. It was cute.

"A righty, huh?" His eyes found her right hand clenched in a tight ball. Lucas walked to the kitchen chuckling softly.

Breakfast was a solemn affair. No words, no subtle glances, just a man and a hate-filled brunette with the cutest lips he'd seen in awhile. For fun, he placed the bottle of chocolate syrup on the coffee table. She eyed it like it was poison, and then shrugged and added it to her pancakes. After a tentative first bite, a muscle twitched in her lip. It was the start of a smile. Her eyes narrowed when she caught Lucas watching her. He chuckled again when a soft rosy color shaded her kissable cheeks.

For whatever reason, she decided she wanted to leave and never come back. After some negotiations, he relented and helped her get some control of her appearance by running a bath, and swearing on the grave of his soon-to-be favorite brother not to peek. He was actually a good boy. Did everything she asked. Laid out her clothes, gave her space, there was even a hint of gentlemen showing through the stubble. He'd even shaved once he realized it had been a week. He was just wiping his face when "Asshole," drifted through the cabin to tickle his ears. He opened her door to find her sitting on the bed fully dressed and struggling to get a shoe onto her injured foot.

"I'll carry you. It's not a big deal."

His two-hour gentleman act had calmed her hatred to a simmer. He shuttled her luggage to the front door and then scooped her up in his arms. She was staring at his smooth cheek when he turned to look at her.


"You shaved."



Lucas shrugged and headed for the front door. "I caught a glimpse of your thighs. I figured they were sensitive. Not a big deal."

When he snuck a peek at her, she had that lip twitching problem and a bit of color. Maybe she had a fever. She grabbed the door and opened it. They stopped in the doorway and gazed upon a winter wonderland. Four feet of snow had buried everything. Only the cab of the pickup was visible. The snow was still swirling around the cabin. Snowflakes danced like little fairy princesses in the breeze. Visibility was barely twenty feet. It was beautiful to Lucas. He just stood there, admiring the amazing scene created. If he were the crying type, he would have cried.

Of course, Kristen's voiced interrupted his perfect day again. "Can you drive in this?"

"Not a chance."

"How are we going to get out?"

"In a few days a neighbor of mine will wander in with a snowplow. Till then, we can cuddle."

Her eyes went from the scene outside to Lucas' eyes as they stared down at her extremely pointy nipples to her extremely pointy nipples. She actually growled. Her body tensed. His smirk and eyebrow wiggle didn't help.

"You helped me get ready. I took a bath. Packed my things. Why?"

"You're not the brightest, are you? It was fun. I got to see your legs, your thighs, and that sexy little neck all shiny and wet. You're in my arms at the moment. I didn't have anything better to do. We're stuck here for Christmas...maybe New Years."

He noticed a slight twinkle in her scowl. Maybe she was getting cabin fever. Or maybe just picturing Lucas in a decent hollandaise sauce. The snow was coming down pretty good. Lucas didn't blame her for pondering cannibalistic thoughts. He'd done the same when he saw her thighs earlier.

"You've ruined Christmas. My favorite time of year and you destroyed it. You asshole."

"It's not ruined. There's a pine tree air freshener in the pickup. I could super glue it to my stomach and you could spend the night playing with my package. It could double as mistletoe if you'd like."

Before she could describe something painful, he kissed her. Her lips were right there. Inches away. Soft. Delicate. They still had the hint of chocolate. Bitter chocolate at first. Once his tongue met hers, the chocolate melted a bit and the growl was a bit less hate-filled. Lucas kicked the door closed and headed for his bedroom. There was no smack to the back of his head this time. Her tongue was a whirlwind. Her lips tugged and pulled and tried to consume him. Lucas found himself growling back at her. He was planning on being all smooth and caring with her, but decided to throw her on the bed instead. She bounced two feet into the air.

Before she landed, she'd ripped her shirt off and was working on a red lace bra. Another sonic boom occurred as Lucas stripped. It would be spring before anyone could get to them with the avalanches it caused. She was unbuttoning her pants when he caught hold of the cuffs of her jeans and began pulling her down to the foot of the bed. She was whimpering and struggling to get her pants unzipped enough to slide off her hips.

With a cry of triumph, she began to claw her way back up the bed as her pants hit the wall behind Lucas. Her red frilly panties were the only thing standing in his way. He hated them. Hated them with a fiery passion. They were halfway down her thighs from the struggle with her pants. Lucas didn't even notice. His eyes had found the promise land. It stopped him for a millisecond. At that exact moment, time seemed to slow down as he gazed upon the silky folds of her labia. They glistened in the morning light coming through the bedroom window. He didn't have time to wonder how the sun broke through the clouds at that exact moment. He was too busy trying not to blink. There was a moment of intense introspective. Lucas realized he was the crying type. Just a tiny tear. It appeared at the corner of his eyes and caught the sunlight to reflect a cornucopia of colors to complete the scene perfectly.

"You shaved." His voice cracked a little as he voiced his observation.

"I thought your lips might be sensitive."

Their eyes met for one brief pregnant pause. And then he was on her. They were like too horny yaks. Grunting, snorting, and a whole lot of hair pulling. Lucas thought he saw a tear in the corner of her eye the first time he slid his cock into her. He certainly did. He was turning into a crybaby. Her womanhood engulfed him. No matter how many times he experienced it, womanhood just never sounded as sexy as it felt. Their hips were nearing the speed of sound as her arms circled him and began to claw. The springs of the bed were cheering the way bedsprings cheer while they have sex vicariously.

His lips found her lips and then her lips. Lucas tasted the sweetest taste in the world. With her thighs gently caressing his face in a death lock as she writhed and groaned, his tongue and lips tortured her clitoris. It took three full minutes for her to scream out his name. In a good way this time. They ended the three-hour sex-a-thon with her on top grinding him into submission. He didn't have the heart to tell her he was already broken. His hands never left her breasts. Those perfect pointy nipples that weren't afraid to make eye contact at the slightest hint of a chill.

Monday morning was a new experience. Lucas stared up at the ceiling. He saw the triangle shaped stain, the ceiling fan, and a red lace bra on a fan blade. He tried to roll over, but his ass was stuck to the glass coffee table. He knew he broke a few laws last night. He nudged Kristen with a subtle smack to her ass.

"Is that yours?"

Her eyes opened and looked up to where he was pointing. "Yes."

"Was I wearing that?"


Lucas sighed and rolled off the coffee table onto the floor with a loud thump. "Did I ruin Christmas?"


"Want me to ruin New Years?"


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