tagNonHumanA Forever Kind of Love

A Forever Kind of Love


{ I realize this won't be in time to be posted for Halloween. Actually it is an expanded version of something I wrote a few years ago, but lost when my HD crashed. I'd quite a fan of Halloween, so I decided it was time to re-write it. Enjoy! }


He pulled onto the concrete slab of the carport just as the streetlights came on with a dull click. Another night or two and the moon would be completely full, he thought, as he unlocked the back door and walked in through the mud-room. The sharp clatter of keys hitting a porcelain dish echoed, almost as if the house was empty around it. It was, but not in the accepted sense of the word.

Joe's wife had cleared out a little over a year ago. Ironically, 'cleared out' meant she took everything she wanted, and left him with just enough to get by on. Even the bank accounts had suffered a marked loss. Apparently she would rather have an out-of-work-actor/waiter/what-ever-work-he-could-find boyfriend over a reasonably attractive hard working construction engineer.

The house had looked burgled when he got in from work the evening Sylvia left him. He hadn't summoned up enough interest to purchase anything new except a big screen television and a king-sized bed. But he'd splurged on the mattresses. He decided if he had to sleep alone, it might as well be on the best set the store had in stock.

The mist had begun to gather not long after sundown. As the temperature slowly dropped, the mist grew thicker and seemed to climb higher on the walls of the surrounding houses. At first the occasional bark of a neighborhood dog broke the silence, but as the atmosphere grew increasingly haunting, even those sounds faded away.

Joe took the 'hungry man' frozen dinner out of the microwave and peeled back the shiny cover, cussing under his breath as the escaping steam burned his fingers. There was a game on cable and eating in front of the flat screen off a wooden TV tray had become habit. After all, Sylvia had taken the new dining table, along with the extra leaves, and the eight chairs they'd spent weeks shopping for. Which only made sense, considering she tended to treat shopping like an Olympic sport.

As he walked into the den, Joe glanced out of the window at the fog. It had grown so thick, that even the streetlights struggled to fight their way through the gloom. His steps faltered as the vague outline of a slender woman covered in a long dark hooded cloak appeared for an instant just outside the window, then vanished as if the form had simply blinked out.

He moved closer to the window, but there wasn't even a hint of any movement outside. Shaking his head, he continued across to the Lazyboy, picked up the remote and turned on the game. Obviously he was spending way too much time alone if he had begun to imagine ghostly women outside on the lawn. It was definitely time to think about getting on with his life, Joe thought.

The game went into double overtime and it was after eleven before Joe turned off the television. But it had been worth it, his team had pulled out a win 27-24 with a last second field goal. Leaving him with a sense of euphoria as he began to drift off ... that and long hours, combined with a couple of beers relaxed him into a deep, sound sleep. Sound enough that the appearance of a woman outside his bedroom window didn't pull so much as a shiver out of his sleeping form.

As the moon climbed higher in the night's sky, and the fog began to move as though blown by a slowly undulating wind. The patterns ebbed and flowed around the outside of Joe's house as if an invisible hand moved it back and forth. Anyone watching would have seen it thicken into the vague shape of a cloaked figure and move up against the window on the outside wall of the room Joe slept in.

They might even have seen the misty form rise up and wrap around the windowsill, sliding into the open space where the window didn't quite shut. It hadn't for years, because, why have it tight when you were just going to raise it to hook up the outside Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving. That had been only one of the many things he and Sylvia had disagreed about. She kept a loosely rolled-up towel on the inside of the sill because she liked the idea of having fresh air while she slept.

As the mist filled the space between the window and the side of his bed, Joe began to shift in his sleep. Vague scenes of a winning season, morphed into dreams of a woman wearing a hooded cloak. In the dream, she drifted across from the window and bent over the side of his bed to whisper something he couldn't quite hear into one ear.

Trying to catch her words, he turned over onto his back. As he did, she leaned closer and he caught a glimpse of eyes as green as glass looking down at him. They seemed to glow with an inner light as her lips moved in an almost soundless whisper. Each time her full red lips parted, he caught a peek at startlingly white teeth. But what was most shocking of all were the canines that pressed against her bottom lip, and ended in wickedly sharp points.

Even close enough to feel her breath on his hair, Joe didn't understand. Maybe it was because there was something about the shape of her nose, her cheek, even her chin that kept him from concentrating on the whispered words. He didn't want her to stop, or even move away. The side of the bed dipped when she crawled up onto it, but he couldn't seem to move.

Even when her lips parted and began to glide back and forth across his ... he lay as if frozen. It took the dreamy feel of her tongue invading his mouth to get drag a response from his body, and what a response it got. His knees shifted apart to allow room for the bulge that began to form along the inside of his left thigh.

She heard the sudden increase in his heart rate as a soft little growl crawled out of her chest and spilled into his mouth. When he moaned softly in response and cupped the rise of her breast, her hand moved across his chest and flattened over the rapid beating of his heart.

Hunger growing, she looked down at him. His eyelids fluttered once or twice, but he never opened them. Sliding sideways, her mouth moved across his cheek and unerringly found the pulsating vein under his left ear. The startling white of fang-tips hovered poised over the warm skin of his neck as if waiting.

The feel of her cool breath against his skin seemed to awaken something deep within Joe and he began to climb out of the chaotic dreams that held him captive. He groaned softly, and it was as if the sound were some sort of signal to the cloaked woman. She struck with the speed of a viper as her fangs plunged into the soft flesh. A startled cry ripped it's way out of his mouth as he sank both hands into the thick mass of red hair, pulling savagely.

No one had ever fought back, and it startled her enough that he was able to jerk her mouth away from the bleeding wounds. In a half-awake state, the vision of an eerily beautiful face with his blood dripping from the corners of her mouth above him, pushed the thought of this being anything more than a dream from his mind. Everyone knew vampires were nothing more than scary stories told to frighten children on Halloween.

The burning pain of the bite, coupled with the tamped down anger he's been feeling since Sylvia left, seemed to double Joe's strength. Before she realized what had happened, the lady found herself on the bed with his weight holding her down. The snarl of rage should have been enough to bring him back to his senses, but it was only a dream after all. She pushed up by planting both feet on the bed and bucking hard. But all that did was allow him to slip between her legs.

Joe smiled at the deep guttural sound. "If I'm going to have this dream, I might as well enjoy it to the fullest." he murmured softly.

Bending his head, Joe covered her mouth in a harsh kiss. At first the woman lay as still as death as his mouth began to move against her's. But it didn't take long for her to return the hungry kisses, sucking and licking his tongue as it moved between her lips. Encouraged, he shifted one hand from her arm to the front of the gown she wore. It didn't take much effort to rip the front open, and even less to jerk it out of the way so that their bodies fit together.

At the feel of his skin touching hers, the lady seemed to get her bearings again. With a low growl, her legs wrapped around his waist and she rubbed against his groin. He sank both hands into the deep red mane again, using it to anchor their bodies together. Pushing up on one knee, he angled the stiff shaft of his cock between her spread thighs and hunched forward. The ease with which it filled her took away any control that he might have had.

He crawled up against her, pulling her ass up off the bed. Pumping hard and fast, he stared down into the mossy green of her eyes. She snarled, but didn't try to push him off. Watching his face, feeling the slam of each thrust, made her body quiver with a need she hadn't felt in a long time. The harder he shoved against her body, the more aroused she became. Suddenly something happened that she was not prepared for.

He stiffened and let his head fall back. A raspy howl spilled out of his open mouth in rhythm with the scalding spurts of cum that flooded her chilly tunnel. The heat of it sent her over the edge. She arched away from the bedding and shuddered as the orgasm washed over her form. He looked down as she shook, watching with pleasure as her body squeezed and milked the last drops from his sensitive cock.

When her body finally relented and stopped it's demanding assault on his cock, Joe collapsed on top of the Lady. It took a few moments to get his breathing under control. When that feat was finally accomplished, he raised his head to smile at her. The sight of her pale skin and the glowing green of her eyes startled him. He pulled back up onto his knees between her sprawled thighs, and reached over to switch on the bedside lamp.

The blood, still damp, on her cheeks and chin reminded him of the stinging pain earlier. He lifted one hand to the side of his neck and wiped away the blood still clinging to his skin.

"What kind of dream are you?" he whispered.

The Lady looked up at him with a smile, making the fangs even more apparent. "I am called Angel, a dark angel. I am Nosferatu. You would know me as ... Vampyre."

Joe laughed. In fact he laughed so hard, he almost fell off the bed. "Now I know this really is a dream." he said, before starting to laugh again.

"I assure you, I am quite real." she said, a faint smile tilting the corners of her mouth.

"You're only a figment of my imagination. Something brought on by beer and loneliness." he said with a grin. "But that's okay, dreams can't hurt me like the real thing did."

The Lady whispered softly, "I can do you more harm than your worst waking nightmare."

That being said, she wrapped her fingers around his wrists and pulled him back down against her cool skin. Using the firm mattress for leverage, she pushed up, grinding the petals of her core against his long shaft, causing him to groan at the friction and grow hard. She hissed softly as his cock stretched along her slit, spreading his heat against her coolness.

Joe cupped Angel's face between his hands and thrust his tongue between her lips. The kiss was deep and almost punishing, but she latched onto his tongue like she was starved for a taste of him. With a little nudge, the tip of his cock parted the lips of her flower and slide home almost as if it belonged there.

The sensual dance began slowly. They moved together in a deep primal rhythm, crotch kissing groin, her lips sucking wetly on his tongue in much the same insistent pressure. At some point, Joe found himself on bottom. The woman astride his cock watched his face with an increasingly predatory manner. If he'd been clear headed, he might have changed the outcome, but in his mind this was still nothing more than a very erotic dream.

She slowly sat up, grinding against him, the hard length of his shaft pumping deeply with increasing speed. A low rumbling growl spilled out through her parted lips, and her eyes seemed backlit with a muted red glow. The faster she moved on him, the tighter her walls seemed to clamp down around him. Each stroke felt as if a hand were clasping him, jerking off the swollen muscle to the point where he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back.

Suddenly her back arched and a shrill scream left her throat. He felt that walls of her spasming cunt tighten around his cock, almost to the point of pain. The speed with which she moved against his cock set off a chain reaction and cum rocketed out of his balls. Barely able to breath, all he could do was grunt with each spurt of cum.

When he finally opened his eyes, the smile he'd been wearing faded away to a look of horror. The pupils of her eyes were the color of fresh blood, and long sharp fangs stretched down lips the brightest red Joe had ever seen.

"I've decided to keep you." she whispered softly. "You've given me more pleasure than I've enjoyed in many years."

He covered his face with both hands, trying to rub the sleep away. It was then that he realized this was no dream. Everything that had happened this evening had been frighteningly real. She saw realization dawn, and a husky laugh was the only sound she made. Her fingers laced with his, and pulled his arms wide apart over his head. The more Joe struggled, the tighter her grasp became.

"You're mine, Joseph. Mine forever." She repeated as she bent over him, her mouth finding the wildly throbbing vein under his left ear.

Joe's cries for help didn't even make it past the bedroom door. Steadily she drank until his heartbeat was faint and thready, only then did she lift her head and look into his eyes. He was barely conscious, panting in a vain attempt to draw enough oxygen into his lungs to stay alive. The Dark Lady slid up onto his chest and lifted her wrist to her mouth. Joe watched in shock as she bit into the vein there. Squeezing his lower jaw to force his mouth open, she watched as drops of dark red blood dripped onto his tongue.

"Swallow, pet, take it all. You belong to me now." She whispered as his throat worked, trapped between trying to reject the metallic taste, and swallowing the desperately needed liquid.

After she was satisfied he had taken enough to force the change, the dark lady moved to his side and took him into her cold embrace. A slight wave of one hand brought down the shades and closed the drapes, plunging the room into darkness. When the moon arose, they would awaken together. Both alike, both ready to face eternity together.

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