tagLoving WivesA French Vacation

A French Vacation


My husband and I were on the last night of our vacation in France in a small town with a lively night life. We had dressed up for dinner at a little bistro. After dinner, we walked home along the main street, looking in the shop windows and enjoying the beautiful late summer night. I was wearing a short sexy skirt and a pair of French heels I had just bought. This outfit was much more daring than I would normally wear back home. My husband Kyle had gotten a French blazer and looked so handsome and elegant. Other couples were also strolling along the street. Kyle and I joked about all the mistakes we had made on our trip with our limited French. Words like toi, toupee, trois etc.. We started watching couples and joked about which ones might be having an affair.

After a while we were looking in one shop window with elegant French drapery and I looked down to see an adorable little puppy. I couldn't help petting him and I looked up at the owner who was a very handsome young French man who spoke little English.

"She is no trouble. Her name is Cookie." Then he said in French, "Chercher la menage? pointing at the dining display in the window. Then he said in English, "You are looking at the table?"

"Oh, oh. Oui, oui" I said thrown off guard.

Since I spoke more French than Kyle, I did most of the talking. We made some small talk and finally introduced ourselves. René said he liked English and wished he could someday go to New York. When René took Cookie aside to let her do her thing.

Kyle said, " Did he say 'menage'?"

"Yes, he did," I said laughing, "but I recall that in French 'menage' can mean 'housewares'. It's good we are leaving tomorrow or we could really get into trouble with our bad French."

René came back and we started talking about the beautiful doorways. It turned out René was a young architect and began showing us the details of other buildings in the town. I told him we were staying at an apartment in a beautiful, old building on Rue du Sourire. He said he knew the building but had never been inside. He seemed interested in seeing the beautiful staircase with the elaborate metal work. We told him that if he would like to see it, he could walk with us to our apartment. On the walk home René pointed out more house details. To show me a detail of a particular roof, he stood behind me to point out the detail by pointing his hand by the side of my face. I got a hint of his cologne that made me swoon.

Kyle noticed this and when René was distracted by the puppy, Kyle said, "If you have any ideas about getting a 'menage', you'll have to initiate it your self."

As we walked along, I held both Kyle and Ranees' arms and felt proudly sexy between these two handsome men and noticed other couples were now smiling at..... US! I felt in control as I chose the direction we were walking and began to have sexual thoughts about the sweet young man on my left arm. I steered us to our street and stopped in front of our apartment.

René was so interested in seeing the staircase that we went inside the large elegant foyer. I took Cookie's leash and was holding her while Kyle and René looked more closely at the metalwork. Suddenly they were both looking at me through the lower railings. To my surprise Cookie had climbed the steps, and in doing so had lifted up my skirt so I was standing there exposing my sexy black panties.

René raised his eyebrows and said, "c'est bon."

Kyle smiled.

Flustered, I said in French, "Merchant chienne", meaning to say 'bad dog'. What I had really said in French was, "I'm a bad slut." And then I said, "Why don't you come up for a little food and drink, 'le boire et le manger'?" What I mistakenly said in French was, "I will be a good dish." I told him since we were leaving tomorrow we could share what we had left. What René heard in French was, "We would like to have you eat us."

He was blushing and suddenly looked sheepish. "A shantae", René said.

He was such a handsome guy with dark hair and a sweet face. He was wearing jeans that showed off his tight butt and his shirt was so elegant.

Then René said in English, "It is a pleasure to have you."

I said in English," It is normal thing in France, no?"

Kyle lead the way up the staircase. I walked behind René, looking at his ass in his tight jeans. He was so sexy and smelled so good.

When we reached the small landing, we were huddled close together while Kyle fumbled with the keys. Cookie tugged at the leash and as she pulled me into René, I felt that he had an erection. I knew we all sensed a sexual tension as the door to our apartment opened .

Our apartment was furnished in the older French style, not really fancy but typically ornate with brocade draperies and comfortable velvet upholstered chairs with elegant trim. Kyle went around and turned on the lamps around the room. How the soft and sensuous lighting seemed even more so.

René commented on the apartment and mentioned the history of the town. "If you look out the window here, you can see the way the tower of the church is leaning."

I was standing in front of him by the window. He brushed up against me and put his hand on my waist to move me to a better position to see the tower.

René put his face close to mine and I thought, "God, he has such beautiful black hair."

My husband had his hand on my ass and I was sandwiched between the two. I excused myself so I could go into the kitchen to get some wine. As I walked, I felt a sense of power and teasing and knew they were both watching me.

Kyle came in the kitchen a few moments later .

"What a nice guy," I said.

He looked at me. "If you have any nasty ideas it's up to you to figure a way to make something happen."

Then he gave me a deep kiss and quickly left the kitchen with the wine. Was my husband giving me the OK to play with René? Little did I realize that I had already given René the green light with my bad french. My mind was racing. I had thoughts of stripping and walking into the salon with only my shoes and panties on, carrying a tray of cheese, or slowly doing a strip tease at the kitchen door while they both watched me. I was weak in my knees at the thought of it, so I quickly downed a glass of cognac. Then I walked slowly and deliberately into the living room with the tray of Camembert.

Kyle was sitting on one of the large red down velvet chairs and René was sitting on the luxurious antique sofa with the overstuffed cushions. We raised our glasses and made a little toast. I stood looking out the window next to René and bent down again to pet cookie, who was happily asleep on the floor. When I stood up, I asked René where he had bought his beautiful silk shirt. He said it was in Paris somewhere and then, unbuttoning a few buttons, pulled the collar aside so I could read the label. I leaned in closer to look at it and as I did, put my right hand on his shoulder. I could see the delicate black hair on his chest and wanted to touch it. I looked closer at the label, with my cheek touching his shaven face. I put my hand on the soft skin of his neck and began to run my finger around his ear. He didn't seem to mind and in a flash I put my lips to his ear and started kissing it. Just as quickly, he held the back of my head and kissed me on my neck. I stepped around in front of him. His legs were together and mine were spread apart over them. I knew Kyle was watching us, and I became unbelievably excited.

Kyle came over and began massaging my back as René continued kissing me all around my neck.

René held my arms and Kyle, unbuttoning my blouse, exposed my breasts and started to hold them tightly. He then moved me toward René, offering my breasts to him. René slowly took my nipple into his hot mouth and began to suck it. Kyle unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor. I was standing there in my wet panties, stockings and high heels, moaning at the feeling of the two men caressing me. I was half nude while René and Kyle were both fully dressed and spending lots of time feeling me and slowly undressing me. Kyle then began fingering me from behind through my wet panties. René and Kyle both pulled my panties down and lifted my legs out of them. René was tenderly sucking my nipples and I was so wet between my legs. I wanted it so badly. René kept kissing my nipples and I heard Kyle take off his belt and unzip his pants.

They fell to the floor. Kyle quickly slid into me hot and slowly from behind and began pumping me with slow deep thrusts. I arched back and when I looked down I saw René opening his pants. He was stroking himself right below where I was standing. I bent over and put my hands on the back of the couch and my head on Ranee's chest, watching him stroke his erection while Kyle fucked me. I reached down and grabbed Ranee's cock and began pumping it so lightly while moving my ass into Kyle. I wanted to please the two of them so much. The tip of Ranee's penis was oozing cum and it was like silk sliding my hand over it. I moaned at the smell of his manhood and cologne. I knew Kyle could see me stroking Ranee's cock and he held me tightly. Kyle exploded a huge hot load of sperm into me and I came with him. He pulled out quickly, but held on to me for a while. When René sat up, he held my ass and pressed his face into my stomach, Kyle sat on the couch to the side and watched me as I stood holding my wet pussy.

I was dripping sperm down my legs and onto the persian carpet. René buried his face into my pubic hair and kissed me there. He took my wet hand and put it to his lips. He slowly kissed me up my arm, until he kissed my lips and I tasted all of it. At that point, I fell onto René with my knees on the sofa and he ran the length of his hard shaft on my pussy getting it wet with the juice running out of me and then slid into me with one long luscious stroke.

I buried my face in his thick black hair and five o'clock shadow and with deep powerful thrusts René was fucking me, mixing with my husbands sperm and it drove me wild. René pulled my cheeks apart and we fucked hard and fast and soon I came and I shuddered violently. René held me as I came and then went deeper inside me and I felt his hot French sperm pulsing into me. His pulsing was so strong. I lay on top of him, feeling his cock pulsing over and over inside me. I reached down and held his balls. They were slippery and wet with all that juice and I held them until he stopped pulsing.

He then lifted me over and placed me on my back onto the couch. Kyle sat next to me and kissed me sweetly as René covered me with a paisley shawl that was on the sofa. We all just sat there for a while and we poured the rest of the wine and drank in silence until Cookie jumped up on the sofa and broke the awkward quiet between us all. I started petting cookie and René said that he should be getting home.

We walked René and Cookie to the door and said, "Bon soir." A good night indeed.

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