A Friday Evening Sexcapade

byTawny T©

As we playfully toweled each other off, Leila admitted that she had been super horny the night before and really needed Bill to make love to her too. That’s why she insisted we come back to our house instead of going to hers. She wanted my husband to make love to her also! It had been a fantastic idea and Bill and I both were glad to help the hot little lady-in-need out!

Leila is a little sex dynamo and can wear Bill out, and then me too! God, what a woman! I love to see the two most important and loved people in my life making love together. She is fantastic.

We ate a late brunch, all in the nude, with lots of hugging and playing around. Food was playfully put on our naked bodies and was laughingly licked off. We had to take a quick shower after we finished. Pancake syrup on your breasts, even if licked and sucked off well, is still sticky! Leila left later with many hugs and kisses from Bill and I.

After she was gone, we kicked back for a lazy afternoon. We both were very mellow and pleasantly tired.

With Friday evenings spent with Leila, I seem to always say TGIF - Thank God It’s Friday!

The End of a True story by

Tawny T

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