tagLoving WivesA Friend Lends Me Her Husband

A Friend Lends Me Her Husband


After the children left home and went to university, my life disintegrated, well at least my marriage did. Without them the sheer loneliness and boredom of a financially secure relationship began to haunt me. It didn't seem worthwhile being with a man who travelled endlessly on business and worked the most horrendous hours in his pursuit of a partnership with one of the world's leading law firms. I became disillusioned and bitter that Richard wanted to work or travel rather than be with me and that doing a deal seemed far more important to him than fucking his wife. Our sex life all but disappeared. That was part because he was 'never' at home, but also because when he was we almost constantly argued.

So we tried a trial separation.


We'd known Mike and Carey for several years. They aren't amongst our closest friends as a couple for I had met her years ago and she and I always got on well so when she paired up with Mike, we saw them from time to time as a foursome They were both in advertising and we saw them fairly regular, well seeing them fairly regular meant going out to dinner on average every other month, but Carey and I talked on the phone frequently and had girly lunches at least monthly It was Carey who'd persuaded me to take the freelance job and probably they had been the most supportive couple since the break up. She was slim, blonde and beautiful and he was dark, tallish and handsome in a slightly Balkans way, black hair and lots of it, swarthy features and piercing dark eyes. We were all in our early forties but, like me, they could pass for several years younger.

"Why not escape one week-end with us Cat," Carey had said over a glass of wine one lunchtime, "and come up to the cottage in Norfolk."

The idea appealed. It sounded great to go onto the countryside for a few days and leave all my worries behind. So there I was a couple of weeks later bombing up the M11 in my brand new BMW 323 convertible. The weather was unusually warm, so I had the hood down and with both children at uni my troubles and worries seemed to decrease as I rapidly ate up the miles between me and their holiday home.

The satnav on the BMW worked perfectly getting me through the winding lanes around the Broads in Norfolk to deposit me outside the most charming thatched cottage imaginable.

"You have arrived," the slightly annoying voice advised from me from the speakers as I pulled into the gravel driveway.

We had a lovely Saturday. After a light lunch we had a lazy afternoon around the small pool soaking up the sun, chatting and gossiping about mutual friends. We then had a delightful dinner at a local pub that was within walking distance so there was no worries about drinking and driving. We took advantage of that by having three bottles of wine between us.

Walking home all of us dressed in shorts and tees, Mike was in the middle and he put his arms around both of us as we laughed and joked the few hundred yards through the failing light back to the cottage. Brandies in our hands we sat in the cosy lounge listening to music in candlelight and, inevitably I guess, the conversation turned to Richard and me. I found myself opening up to them and telling them more about the background and how I felt. This, for some reason, included my feelings about dating and even touched on the loneliness and how much I missed being with a man. I guess the wine and the talk made me a little morbid and I started to cry. Whilst I'd done plenty of that in the first couple of months it had now been some time since I'd broken down and I said I was sorry but both of them were so kind and understanding that my heart went out to such good friends.

Carey came and sat right next to me on the sofa and put her arms around me as Mike said consoling words and told me what a silly and selfish bastard Richard was. They made me feel better and being so close to Carey, for she kept her arms round me, was strangely comforting and the tearfulness passed as I sipped my brandy.

"Well I reckon it's time I showed you where things are upstairs Mandy," she said, adding, "then we'll get you tucked up in bed shall we, this Norfolk air is very tiring?"

Smiling I replied, "Yes mum," and we all laughed.

She showed me where the bathroom was and how to open the windows with the burglar proof locks and then into the bedroom that was quite small but beautifully furnished with a double bed. I undressed, slipped on a long tee shirt that I sometimes wear in bed, and went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth. Back in my room I'd just slipped under the single sheet, for it was still very warm, when there was a knock on the door and Carey called out as she opened the door,

"Everything OK luv?" .

"Yes great, I'm fine now," I smiled at my friend as she came into the room wearing a lacy nightdress that was very low at the front.

"Good, I'm pleased," she replied coming over and sitting on the side of the bed.

We talked for a while about the 'trial separation' Richard and I were having and how things had changed for me. I said how lucky she and Mike were to be in such a loving relationships. She was sitting very close to me so that my leg under the sheet was pressed against her hips and as she moved or leaned forward the loose top of her nightdress would gape and I couldn't avoid seeing down it. Several times I saw most of her small breasts and twice I saw her nipples as well. I didn't think anything of it for we were close friends and several times I'd showered with her after playing tennis and even this afternoon she'd sunbathed topless.

"Can anyone join in?" I heard Mike saying from outside the door which he'd tapped upon discretely before putting his head round it..

"Sure, the more the merrier," I responded pulling the sheet up a little. I was aware that the thin tee shirt was stretched fairly tightly across my breasts and that most likely the outline of my large nipples would be showing through it. He walked in carrying the bottle of cognac and three balloon glasses.

"Perhaps a nightcap ladies?" he asked plopping himself down on the other side of the bed to Carey.

"Please," we both said as he poured them out.

"You know Cat," Mike said seriously, "Richard must have been absolutely barmy to let you go by being so fucking stupid, mustn't he Carey?

"Yes" my friend replied lifting her hand and running the back of fingers across my cheek. "Bloody stupid to lose such a gorgeous and lovely woman."

They were making feel a little weepy again with their so encouraging and loving support.

"Come on Cat, don't let it get to you again," Carey said, her fingers gently clasping my chin. "He's just not worth it, if work means so much to him that he completely neglects you."

"I know, I know," I said fighting back the tears, "it's just that I so miss him."

"Him?" Mike said.

"Well no not him but a man, being held and being cuddled, having company, oh you know what I mean."

"Yes darling, yes we do," Carey murmured taking me into her arms and holding me. It felt nice and I found myself cuddling up to her, but more like a baby to a mother or like sisters than anything else.

Mike leaned forward and put his arms around both of us. He kissed me on the head and muttered softly.

"You know that we both love you don't you Cat and that we'd do anything for you?"

I smiled at him and replied, "Yes Mike, you are both so kind to me and I'm very grateful."

I was still in Carey's arms my larger breasts pressed against her pert boobs her fingers gently stroking my hair. Mike still had his arms round the pair of us, one knee on the bed pushing into my hip. Carey moved her face so she was looking directly into my eyes and smiled as she whispered, quite hoarsely I noticed,

"Men can be such bastards Cat, who needs them really?"

I looked directly into her eyes as she said that and saw such love, affection and understanding in them.

"I don't know Care, but they have their uses, sometimes." I whispered feeling suddenly very excited but not being really aware why and what at.

"I know darling you told me earlier, remember?" she said referring back to a chat we'd had during the afternoon when Mike had popped to the shops and I'd told her how terribly frustrated I became. "And, darling, I have the answer to that," she whispered staring deeply into my eyes one of her hands stroking my chestnut hair that I had left long so it was tumbling over my bare shoulders. I didn't speak for I had no idea what she meant so I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Yes we have the answer Cat, Mike and I have it don't we darling?" she said as she looked at Mike.

"Well we think we do," he added.

"Yes darling," Carey cooed,. "You know that Mike and I are deeply in love don't you? You know that we both love each other and that we both love you as well don't you?"

"Yes Carey," I croaked as she put her fingers just where my neck joins my shoulders one of them gently rubbing my bare skin where the tee shirt ended. And then she hit me with the bombshell that was, in some ways, the most generous and loving thing that had ever been said to me.

"Cat darling I want you and Mike to make love," she blurted out.

I didn't know what to say or think as her incredible words burned into my brain. She went on,

"I want to share him with you so we can all love each other and so you can enjoy sex without any recriminations or entanglement for I know you don't want that."

"Oh God Carey," I said startled and shocked at what I'd heard.

"Of course Mandy," Mike joined in. "That's only if you'd like to and if you fancy me."

I'd never thought of my friend's husband in that light and I told them that.

"I know you haven't Cat I know," Carey said. "As I would never have thought of Richard like that or Mike of you, but given the circumstances and totally and completely with my agreement, why not? You do find him attractive don't you?"

I agreed truthfully that I did but that I wasn't at all sure about the idea.

"We both want to do this for you Cat and for us," Carey whispered, her fingers now running along my shoulder going under the top of the tee shirt towards my shoulder joint. "Please say yes darling please let's do this."

I looked from her to Mike and back again my heart pounding as I thought of the sexual satisfaction they were offering me. They both stared at me with love and now I could see desire in their eyes as well.

"Well Cat?" Mike asked flashing a broad and quite endearing smile at me. "You're not going to ruin my ego completely by rejecting me? I will never get over it if you do you know."

I smiled at that and heard myself whispering to Carey, "Oh Carey you are both so kind."

"No it's not kind for we love you and we love each other and we want to share that with you," she said, adding. "Say yes Mandy, please say yes."

"Oh Carey, oh Mike, oh dear," I muttered, pausing before very softly adding. "Yes, yes, oh yes please."

Carey hugged me laughing out as she said, "That's great Cat, I'm so pleased.".

"Yes" Mike said joining in and leaning over kissed me on the cheek. "So am I Cat, so am I"

"There's just one proviso Cat. "Carey said quite seriously. "And that's that I'm here in the room with you both when you make love."

That also shocked me at first. But as I thought about it I could see her reasoning and looking at her and smiling I replied, "Yes of course Carey, I understand that and that'll be fine."

"Wonderful," she beamed smiling from cheek to cheek and squeezing my hand as she added, "I really am so pleased darling."

She slowly pulled the sheet back until it was nearly down to my knees. My breasts were making a large bulge in the tee shirt and my nipples, that I realised had hardened as I'd taken in what my friends had suggested, were sticking out like two acorns. The tee shirt hardly covered my crotch and my bare, tanned lags were stretched out vanishing under the sheet. I watched as Carey took the hem of the tee shirt in her hands and said very thickly,

"I don't think you'll be needing this do you Cat?"

I looked into my friend's eyes feeling very nervous but also extremely excited as I said softly, "No Carey, I don't suppose I will."

Then seemingly so slowly, but in reality fairly swiftly, I felt her pull the hem up. It went up past my thighs until it was caught under my bottom. I lifted myself up to help her and felt it slip over the vee at the top of my legs. It snaked up my tummy and over my waist. As it reached my breasts I lifted my arms up so that Carey could pull the long tee shirt off me. I felt a little embarrassed sitting there bare breasted with the sheet now beneath my knees my tawny hair covered mound exposed to their view.

"Oh Cat," Mike murmured, "Your breasts are every bit as wonderful as I've always imagined them." He ran the back of his fingers across the flesh above my nipples sending such a shudder of feelings through me that I'm sure my body jolted a little.

Smiling I replied, "That's if you like saggy tits Mike," as I looked down at them feeling as though they were sort of sitting on the band of slightly bloated flesh around my stomach. I know my boobs look good when I'm standing and am dressed but the DD size of them and the ravishes of childbirth have made them in need of support so, sitting upright really did, I felt, present them in the worst possible light.

"No they are lovely," he said reaching out and cupping one as he leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips. I glanced at Carey as we kissed and felt reassured by her smile and the squeeze she gave me on my hand.

She said softly and very thickly, "Why don't you undress darling and get in bed with Cat?"

She gently pushed me back indicating that I should lay flat on the bed. I snuggled down as Mike quickly lifted his shirt over his head revealing the dark skinned muscular body I had glanced at quite admiringly while we had been sunbathing earlier. I could feel the excitement and anticipation together with nervousness and a little guilt building up in me as I saw his fingers undo the belt and zip on his shorts. Slowly he pushed them and his underpants down at the same time. Lifting them outwards to go over his penis he then quickly shoved them down freeing his full erection and baring himself for me. He really did look rather magnificent naked. His flat, six pack stomach, lithe, muscular body, slender, powerful looking legs and his thick, dark and fairly long, fully erect penis, surrounded by a mass of black, pubic hairs all combined to make for a vision over which any women would drool. And one laying naked before him waiting to make love to him drooled particularly.

He seemed to pause for a moment as if exhibiting himself to me to ensure my approval before lying beside and whispering as he took me into his arms,

"I want this to be so good for you Cat, but if at any time you feel uncomfortable please just say so and we'll stop immediately."

His arms went round me pulling my body towards him his mouth opening as it came near to mine. It felt good to be in a man's arms after three months, but also very strange knowing that it was my friend's husband and that she was sitting on the bed watching everything we did. It also felt a little too intimate kissing him. I had just got used to the fact that Carey was going to let him fuck me, but somehow cuddling and particularly kissing seemed wrong. I held myself a little stiff avoiding his mouth as I turned my head to look at Carey. She was smiling encouragingly and nodded as if to give her approval to what her husband was suggesting. This made me feel better and I relaxed a little sinking more deeply into Mike's embrace. It was wonderful to once more have my breasts squashed against a man's firm chest, to have a pair of hands roam over my body and to feel the exciting hardness of his erection press deeply and so suggestively into the softness of my tummy. He kissed me, quite tentatively at first making me feel that perhaps he was suffering the same reservations as I was, but then with increasing vigour. My mouth opened and, without really thinking, I ground my lips on his and let his tongue dart into my mouth.

The excitement was mounting in me rapidly. Far too rapidly I knew for I could feel myself responding far too quickly and far too strongly. It was, of course due to the pangs of extreme frustration of no sex for those months. The excitement almost made me forget Carey was watching and I held her husband tighter and kissed him very deeply.

As his mouth found my aching nipple and his hand slid down my stomach and between my legs the feelings built up rapidly. But remembering that my friend was watching and that is was her husband about to finger fuck me they were not just feelings of arousal. I felt very guilt as well almost in equal parts.

I caught Carey's eye and again she smiled and reached out her hand, took hold of mine and squeezed it saying quietly.

"It's ok Cat, everything's ok it's cool, go for it," she whispered

From a mild tingle and gentle warmth the other feelings, those of artousal, quickly became a torrent of shuddering feelings and blazing heat.

"Oh god," I moaned. "Oh my god Mike."

"Yes Cat," I heard him say as if from afar. "Yes love, let it go, let it go cum Cat, let yourself cum."

He was reading me so well for that was precisely what I wanted, no needed, to do, but it made me feel a little foolish. He had hardly touched me, we hadn't made love and I hadn't even felt his cock, yet here I was, like a teenager a quivering wreck about to cum before she was even fingered, let alone fucked.

I felt his fingers slide into my seriously soaked vagina at the same time as his mouth found my aching nipple. The slow movements of his fingers on the so sensitive inner lips and walls of my most intimate place combined with the chewing, slurping, sucking and kissing on my nipples sent me roaring right over the top.

As I gasped and moaned, sighed and grunted my body stiffening and convulsing so Carey came closer. She held my face in her hands stroking my hair and caressing my forehead. She bent closert whispering.

"Oh yes darling, enjoy it, go with it, let yourself go." Her face was now touching mine and I could smell her perfume and hair spray and, as I opened my eyes, I could see the small crumbs of slightly caked mascara on her eyelids. "Is it good Cat, is it wonderful for you?" she breathed softly kissing my cheek.

"Yes Carey, yes Mike," I moaned. "It's fantastic," I added, as I squirmed myself more firmly onto his pleasure giving fingers and pushed my breasts harder against his mouth that was relieving some of the tension from my nipples. I was now having a full orgasm, I was in the throes of a climax, Carey's husband was making me cum as I lay nestled in her arms her lips pressed against my face. Carey and I were holding hands as Mike thrust his fingers in and out of me simulating the fucking movements that needed so badly. It wasn't just Mike who was reading me so well for my wonderful friend Carey was doing that as well. As her husband finger fucked me she knew instinctively what I wanted. I felt her moving my hand and then marvellously placing it right on Mike's gorgeous erection. That felt wonderful. It was hot, hard, straining and smooth and it was was precisely what I needed!

As I struggled for breath and tried desperately to stop the bucking, writhing movements of my body so Carey's lips touched mine, so her tongue ran along them and so they opened and surrounded mine. I was too far gone, too aroused and far too far into the ecstasy of this wonderful climax to query it. To wonder at it or to question the fact that our opened mouths were now grinding against each other. So as I, possibly groaning and grunting, screaming and certainly writhing and squirming, rather noisily climaxed, Carey kissed my mouth and held my hands whilst her husband surged his fingers in and out of my pussy and sucked greedily, but so satisfyingly on my breasts.

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