tagGroup SexA Friendly Game of Strip Poker

A Friendly Game of Strip Poker


My wife and I made plans with another couple to go away for the weekend and spend a night upstate. Anne and Dave were among our closest friends; my wife Marisa goes way back with Anne. We booked two rooms at a bed and breakfast just outside of New Paltz, a small town with a state college and a hippie vibe, with head shops and boutiques selling tie-dyed t-shirts.

We had a pleasant drive upstate and spent the afternoon tasting wines at a local vineyard, but when we got to the B&B, the host told us one of our rooms was unavailable, as the plumbing was undergoing repairs. He didn't have any other single rooms, but offered to give us one large room with two queen-size beds, if we wouldn't mind all staying together in the same room.

We all looked around at each other, murmuring and nodding, and Dave piped up and said, "Sure, no problem." We tossed our bags into the room, which looked spacious and comfortable, and went out and had a nice dinner, sharing a couple of bottles of wine during the meal.

When we got back to the room, everyone took their shoes off and flopped down on the big, comfy beds. Dave started poking around in one of the nightstands. "Look what I found," he said, holding up a deck of cards. Anne, who I think was the tipsiest, said, "Hey, maybe we should play strip poker!"

To my surprise, Marisa casually said, "Okay, sure."

I shrugged and said, "Why not?" Dave smiled sheepishly and started to open up the deck.

I had talked about group sex fantasies with Marisa many times, but she never seemed inclined to have those kinds of thoughts herself. I knew from Marisa that Anne had had experiences with other women in the past and was sort of bi. I also remembered Marisa telling me that Dave had made a pass at her once years ago, before he married Anne (Marisa had turned him down), and that Anne had told her that Dave had a really big penis. Maybe that had something to do with her willingness to play?

Everyone sat in cushioned chairs around a small table in front of the beds. As Dave began to deal the cards, I had a thought. "Hey guys," I suggested, "why don't we play like this: The loser of each hand loses an article of clothing, and the winner of the hand gets to remove that article of clothing, or to delegate that task to a person of their choosing."

Everyone seemed to realize that this would be more titillating, upping the ante a little. "Good idea, Jon!" said Anne cheerily.


After a few hands, Dave and I were down to our underwear, and the girls were down to their bras and panties. Anne has a voluptuous, curvy body with a big butt and gigantic knockers that I was eager to see. She had on a heavy-duty brassiere that wasn't very sexy, but was definitely needed to support those babies. Her panties were also ample, and kind of plain. My wife Marisa is petite, with small perky tits and a nice round ass. She was wearing a lacy black bra you could see her nipples through, and a black thong that barely covered her patch of wispy pubic hair and left her sexy butt cheeks exposed. I was so busy checking out Anne's body that it took me a while to notice Dave checking out Marisa. Then I noticed Marisa was checking out the bulge in Dave's underwear!

Dave won the next hand, while Anne had the losing hand. Dave looked at his wife, sitting in her bra and panties, her mammoth tits straining to be released, and said, "Marisa, why don't you take Anne's bra off?"

Nice choice, I thought to myself, great minds think alike! Marisa couldn't have looked more pleased with Dave's suggestion. She knelt beside Anne, carefully reaching around behind her to unfasten her bra, then pulled the straps off Anne's shoulders and peeled the cups away to reveal the most fantastic set of jugs I've ever seen! They were huge, firm round globes, with big pencil-eraser nipples jutting out from dark pink aureolas.

Apparently, Marisa couldn't resist the temptation; she placed her petite little hands on Anne's massive tits and started to massage and knead them. Anne looked surprised, but then seemed to get into it, placing her hands under her boobs and thrusting her chest out to give Marisa better access. Then to my amazement, Marisa leaned forward and started to lick and suck on one of Anne's nipples, while rolling the other nipple between her fingers. I thought my eyes would pop right out of my head! This went on for a few moments, and then Marisa tenderly gave each breast a parting kiss and sauntered back to her seat.

Anne sighed and jokingly fanned herself with one hand. I noticed that a wet spot had appeared in the crotch of her panties. We played another hand; I won, and Anne lost again. I glanced at Dave and announced, "I think I'll keep this honor for myself."

Dave chuckled amiably, signaling that he didn't mind. I walked over to Anne, who gave me a flirty little smile, and bending over, I started to carefully remove her panties. Anne wiggled around in her chair to make it easier for me to pull them past her butt, then I slid them down her legs and took them off. I saw she had a nice, neatly trimmed blonde bush.

As I stood there holding Anne's panties, I realized that everyone was looking at me. I knew they were waiting to see if I would sniff them. I waited a few moments for effect, and then I buried my face in them like a pig rooting in the soil for truffles! Everyone cracked up. Even though I acted like I was joking around, I was excited by the dampness of the fabric against my face and I inhaled deeply, savoring the musky scent of Anne's pussy juice.


Now the three of us were down to just our underwear while Anne sat there naked, looking very comfortable in that state. I dealt the cards, trying not to stare too often at Anne's tits. We played the hand, and I wound up with three jacks, while Marisa had a pair of nines and Dave had squat. Dave looked at me and shrugged, accepting his fate. "Let's see now," I said slowly, noticing that Marisa's eyes were fixed on Dave's bulging crotch, "I'm going to delegate the task of removing Dave's jockeys to... Marisa!"

Anne giggled nervously, while Marisa glared at me defiantly, as if to say, "Are you daring me? You think I won't do it?!" Dave tried not to look too gleefully happy.

Marisa walked over to where Dave was sitting and ordered, "Stand up so I can take your knickers off." Dave did as told, and Marisa sank to her knees, putting his mid-section in front of her. Without hesitation, she grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down to his ankles. Out flopped Dave's semi-erect cock; already, it looked huge! Marisa gazed at it, bobbing a few inches in front of her face.

A tense, expectant silence filled the room, like we were all holding our breath in anticipation of what might happen next. Up until now, things had been fairly tame -- taking off each other's clothes, some friendly ogling; even Marisa's fondling and kissing of Anne's enormous tits could be thought of more as curiosity on the part of the small-breasted Marisa than a true sex act. Besides, a little physical contact between the girls really didn't breach the marital fidelity boundary in the way that the current situation threatened to.

Marisa glanced over towards Anne with a "speak now or forever hold your peace" sort of look. Anne gave no sign of any objections. Marisa gave me a wicked little smile, and then turned back toward Dave's cock. Clearly enjoying being the center of attention, she opened her mouth wide, like a baby bird waiting to be fed. Then she stretched out her tongue and licked the underside of Dave's cockhead. His dick flinched involuntarily and grew bigger as it hardened up. Marisa took hold of it in her hand, engulfed it in her mouth, and began sucking enthusiastically on Dave's now fully-erect cock.

I could hardly believe this was happening. A surge of adrenalin coursed through my body. "Damn," I thought to myself, "now it's a sex party!"

I watched in fascination as Marisa did all the little tricks to Dave's cock that she's done to mine a thousand times. With her right hand, she gently stroked the underside of Dave's nut sac and jiggled his balls, while she jerked his cock with her left hand in tandem with her head bobbing up and down along his thick, veiny shaft. Now and then she forced her head all the way down until her lips were wrapped around the base of Dave's cock. His dick was longer than mine, and I could tell that Marisa was gagging slightly when she deep-throated him this way.

Dave's eyes were squeezed shut in ecstasy. He placed his hands on top of Marisa's head, gently shoving it downward onto his cock and lightly stroking her hair as he moaned softly. I became aware of someone breathily heavily, and looking over at Anne I realized it was her. She was staring at the scene before her as though in a trance, and I noticed that she had one hand down between her legs, playing with her pussy. I then realized I was unconsciously rubbing my rock-hard dick through my underwear. I looked down and saw the tip of my erection poking above the elastic waistband, with a gleaming droplet of pre-cum perched on the slit of my pee hole.

It didn't take long for Marisa's expert technique to bring Dave to the point of no return. Trying to stifle a groan, he thrust upward, held Marisa's head down and blasted his load into her mouth. I could tell by the way Marisa's throat muscles rippled that she was swallowing as fast as she could, but Dave must've shot one monster load, because some of the pearly white semen came trickling out of the corners of her mouth, dripping off her chin and onto her perky tits.

As Dave sank back into his chair, Anne made a funny little squealing noise -- I think she had an orgasm. Then comically, she began to applaud! "Bravo, well done, Marisa!" she cried. Dave and I burst out laughing, and Marisa giggled as she wiped Dave's cum off her chin.

Marisa gave Dave a cute little smile, and went back to her seat. Anne said, "Aren't you two going to finish the game? We have to see who wins."

I said, "I think Dave already won." Everybody cracked up.

But Marisa said, "Anne's right; come on, let's keep playing." I dealt and we played the hand. I guess I was on a hot streak; I ended up with a full house to Marisa's pair of Jacks. I looked at Marisa, who was already practically naked in her g-string. She smiled sweetly and said, "Well dear, it looks like you're the winner!"

But rather than claiming the prize myself, I turned to Anne and said deliberately, "Anne, would you please remove Marisa's thong?" Anne smiled eagerly. Without any hesitation, she walked over to Marisa, but instead of pulling the thong off as Marisa sat in her chair, she took Marisa's hand and led her over to the bed, motioning for her to lie down on her back. This was just what I'd hoped for; things were about to get interesting!

Marisa lifted her butt slightly off the bed as Anne pulled her thong down; the string caught for a moment in the crack of Marisa's ass, and then pulled free. After removing the thong, Anne pushed apart Marisa's thighs and crouched down, squatting on her knees with her butt up in the air and her face in Marisa's crotch. Anne paused to inhale the smell of Marisa's pussy, then buried her face in Marisa's soggy twat. She licked, sucked and nibbled on Marisa's clit and cunt lips, slurping and making "mmm-mmm, good" sounds. Marisa started moaning softly and slowly gyrated her hips, moving her vulva around against Anne's mouth and tongue.

Dave and I sat in rapt attention on the edge of the other bed, fondling our peckers -- mine was rock hard and Dave's was showing signs of renewed life. I know how much Marisa likes it when I kiss her while she's using a vibrator on herself, and with that thought in mind, I got up and leaned over her. Her eyes were tightly shut as she focused on the pleasurable sensations between her legs. I bent over and started French kissing her; she responded eagerly and began to moan more loudly, the moans reverberating inside my mouth. I could taste Dave's cum in Marisa's mouth, and that put another thought into my head.

I pulled off my underwear, climbed up on the bed and kneeled straddling Marisa's head. She opened her eyes and seeing my cock dangling in front of her mouth, she opened wide. I plunged my tool into her mouth and began to fuck her face. Marisa's moans again increased in intensity, vibrating my dick in her mouth. She reached down and grabbed hold of Anne's head, grinding her pussy furiously against Anne's face.

Dave crouched behind Anne and started licking her asshole. That made Anne moan more loudly as she lapped at Marisa's cunt. I saw that Dave's erection was back in full bloom, and he stroked his cock as he lovingly rimmed Anne's butthole. Things were building to a wild crescendo. Marisa tensed as an orgasm shook her body; she almost bit down on my cock in her throes of ecstasy.

As Marisa's orgasm faded, I withdrew my cock from her mouth. Anne lifted her head from Marisa's pussy, and Dave straightened up behind her. He aimed his massive pole at Anne's cunt and plunged it in to the hilt. Anne came immediately! She must have a quick trigger, I thought to myself, as Dave kept on thrusting into her twat. Watching the lusty expression on Anne's face as Dave fucked her doggy-style was an incredible turn-on. I motioned for Marisa to get up on her hands and knees facing toward Anne, and standing on the other side of the bed, I too plunged my rigid cock into her sopping wet pussy and started fucking her from behind.

Marisa's face was just inches from Anne's face, which was still glazed with Marisa's cunt juice. Then Anne leaned forward a little and started kissing Marisa. I thought Marisa would pull away, but to my amazement, she passionately returned Anne's kiss, and the two of them eagerly probed each others' mouths with their tongues while Dave and I pounded away at their pussies. The room was filled with the smells of sex -- sweat, pussy, and semen. I looked over at Dave and we made eye contact. Instantly, I knew that he was dying to fuck Marisa.

"Let's switch," I said softly. In an instant, Dave was standing beside me with his huge hard-on in his hand. I withdrew from Marisa and Dave took my place. As I walked around the bed toward Anne, I watched Dave place his cockhead at the entrance to Marisa's cunt and start to slowly penetrate her. Marisa's eyes widened as Dave advanced his massive tool into her inch by inch. I stood behind Anne, but I had other ideas besides fucking her from behind. Motioning for her to lie on her back, I kneeled down and starting eating her steamy cunt, reeking with the smells of her own deep juices and Dave's cock sweat.

Anne's head was now directly below Marisa's, who continued tongue kissing Anne while Dave held Marisa's hips firmly and fucked her slowly and steadily from behind. As I lapped at Anne's clit, I slipped two fingers into her gaping cunt. I started stroking the upper wall of her vagina with a "come hither" motion that I'd read of in a book about stimulating the g-spot. I could feel her vaginal wall swelling beneath my fingers, and her whole body began to quiver and tremble. I kept licking and stroking, and within moments she cried out and squirted several jets of warm liquid into my face! It didn't smell like piss, so I guess she must've had a "female ejaculation."

Now it was time for me to really have some fun. I climbed up onto Anne and began to suck and lick her enormous tits. I slathered them in saliva, and drooling, left a big puddle of spit in the deep valley of her cleavage. Then I straddled her and placed my cock between her tits; Anne quickly got the picture and pressed her boobs together around my cock. I started thrusting back and forth, fucking her tits. The feeling of her soft, pillowy tit flesh around my cock was incredible! I couldn't hold out any longer. "I'm going to come!" I sputtered.

Anne raised her head, opened her mouth wide and held out her tongue like a real slut, giving me a target. With a groan, I started shooting ribbons of semen that splattered her mouth and face, the last few gobs hitting the bottom of her chin and giving her a pearl necklace. Anne let her head fall back down on the bed, and Marisa resumed kissing her, hungrily eating my cum from Anne's mouth and licking it off her face like a kitten lapping up spilt milk. I'd never seen Marisa act like such a slut!

Dave started rapidly pistoning in and out of Marisa's cunt like a jackhammer as Marisa squealed and moaned in time with his thrusts. With a final thrust, Dave slammed his cock in to the hilt, groaning and shooting his load deep in Marisa's cunt. Marisa's eyes bugged out and she screamed with the first vaginal orgasm I'd ever seen her have. Then we all collapsed on the bed, panting and sweating. One by one, we each got up and went into the bathroom to clean up, then fell into bed (with our appropriate spouses) and fell fast asleep.

The next morning was a little weird, as if the events of the night before had never happened. The girls donned bathrobes upon getting out of bed, and Dave and I discreetly wore boxers around the room before getting dressed. We had a hearty breakfast with our host, grabbing a few extra muffins for the ride home, and then packed up our bags and tossed them in the car.

Once we were all seated in the car, there was an awkward silence. Then Dave said in a very proper-sounding fake British accent, "We really must do this again sometime." Everyone laughed, and Marisa winked at me. I had no doubt we'd be following Dave's suggestion, sooner rather than later!

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