tagLoving WivesA Friendly Spank

A Friendly Spank


I suppose that before I tell you about the incident you really should get to know the characters.

First, there's me. John's the name. I'm fortyish, a widower (wife died of cancer a few years back), I work as a computer technician and I do fairly well for myself. I consider myself to be reasonably fit and healthy.

My son, James, called Jimmy, is about twenty. He's a carpenter. He's a friendly young man, always willing to provide a helping hand for a mate.

One of Jimmy's mates is George. Early twenties and married. I don't really know too much about him and what I do know didn't impress me too much. Sort of guy who's never at fault when something goes wrong. There's always someone else to blame. He strikes me as a handsome lightweight.

George's wife, Jennifer, known as Jenny. I had never actually met her before that weekend and only knew her from passing comments made by Jimmy and George. Age twenty, blonde and stacked.

Now being somewhat older than the others I wouldn't normally have been hanging around with them. The reason I was is because George is a loser and Jimmy is a sucker for a sob story. George had bought himself a car, but when he went for a roadworthy for it the mechanic just rolled around the ground laughing at him. Then he handed him a list as long as your arm and told him to fix these little problems and he'll take another look.

A quick check by George showed the cost of repairs would be more than he actually paid for the car and he was whinging to Jimmy about it. Jimmy took the list off him and checked it over. Then he pointed out to George that they could do most of the work themselves, using second hand parts. They organised all the parts and agreed to do the bulk of the work on the coming weekend.

On the Saturday morning Jimmy turned to me and asked what I was doing that day.

"As little as possible," I told him.

"Good," he says. "If you've got nothing planned you can come and help me work on George's car. We can use your help."

Thank you, Jimmy, I thought, but agreed.

So we wandered over to George's place and got to work. Most of the stuff on the list was just little stuff, easily fixed, and we just pissed through that side of things. Then we started on a few of the stickier bits but were managing to knock them.

We final took a break for lunch, and I got to meet Jenny. Twenty, blonde and stacked doesn't even begin to describe her. She was, um, she was twenty, blonde and stacked. I guess that is the best description after all, it just doesn't go far enough.

After lunch we went out and got back to work. The next job we had was replacing the rear diff. We jacked up the car and got the old one off easily enough, but hit a little snag when we went to put the replacement on.

When George picked up the diff at the wreckers he knew which one he had to get. It was written down for him. But there was a cheaper one that looked the same, so he got that instead. There are certain subtle differences between something looking the same and being the same. One of those differences was that there was no way we were going to be able to attach the new one to his car. He'd have to take it back and get the right one.

So Jimmy and George pushed off to get the correct diff while I retired to the kitchen to grab some coffee and chat to Jenny.

Jenny turned out to be a bit of a cheeky sod, making a couple of comments about the old man having to help the younger one out. I stirred back a little at the second old man gibe.

"Not so much of the old man, kid," I told her. "You'll find I'm just the right age to put you across my knee if you keep it up."

Jenny just laughed and a few minutes later made another crack. She was standing within reach so I made a grab at her, but she just skipped aside, laughing.

And put her foot down on a piece of paper that was on the floor and had her foot shoot out from under her and she was falling. I was able to catch her and stop her fall but poor Jenny did end up sprawled across my lap.

Jenny was wearing a short skirt, one of those ones with plenty of material at the hem. A flirty skirt, I think they're called. When she tripped and landed across me her skirt blew up, leaving her bottom and pretty pink panties on display.

It was my turn to laugh and I bounced a quick spank of Jenny's bottom. I wasn't holding her down, apart from my hand pausing on her bottom when I gave her that friendly spank, but Jenny made a little yipping sound and froze.

When she didn't move I just naturally gave her another quick spank, maybe a little harder, to encourage her to scramble off my lap. All she did was make that little squeaking sound again.

"Jenny," I said softly, "If I'm going to spank you I'm going to do it on a bare bottom."

Still expecting Jenny to be up and off at any second, I eased her panties over her bottom and slid them down around her knees. I rubbed her bottom for a moment and then gave it a harder spank, one that would have smarted.

Jenny gave a slightly louder squeal this time and she seemed to be trembling slightly under my hand.

"You're being a naughty girl, Jenny," I said, "and naughty girls get spanked."

I supplied another spank to get my point across. OK, maybe I supplied three or four spanks to get my point across, but I'm quite sure Jenny was getting the point. Apart from a few quiet yips and yelps, however, Jenny stayed bent over my knee, neither struggling nor protesting.

Shrugging mentally, I settled down to give Jenny the mice little spanking she appeared to want. Would she have let me spank her if she hadn't tripped and fallen across me? I don't know, but I suspect not. There's a difference between making a decision to do something and having it just happen to you.

After a few more firm spanks, Jenny accepting them without protest, (bar a few little yips and yelps) I ceased fire for a few moments. My hand moved smoothly across her bottom and cupped her mound, giving it a little squeeze.

"You do realise that after a naughty girl is spanked, other things tend to happen to her?" I told her.

Jenny was finally showing some action, squirming a little and rubbing her mound firmly against my hand.

"You wouldn't, would you?" she gasped, still squirming.

"You'll have to wait and see, won't you?" I told her, still massaging her lightly. "I'll tell you my decision after the spanking."

With that I resumed paddling her pretty little tush, making sure that some of those spanks landed firmly on her pussy, stinging and agitating her lips.

It can be hard to judge how long and how hard to spank someone, especially when the whole situation has been thrown at you cold. I think I made a fair judgement, leaving Jenny with a smarting bottom and an excited pussy.

As soon as Jenny was standing and her skirt was covering her naughty bits I could see rebellion flaring in her eyes. Interesting. It seemed that while bent over and getting spanked she was docile, but as soon as she was free she was ready to stand up for herself.

She opened her mouth to say something but I got in first.

"You'd better step out of those," I said, nodding towards her ankles where her panties had bunched up. "You could trip and hurt yourself."

Reaching down I took her ankle and lifted it, sliding her panties off first that one and then the other.

"I'm not sleeping with you," Jenny stated. "I'm not sure why I let you get away with spanking me but I'm not having sex with you."

"Really, Jenny," I murmured. "You should wait until you're asked."

She flushed but before she could have a go at me, I continued.

"I wouldn't be so crass as to expect you to have sex with me on a first date. And I certainly wouldn't be trying to drag you to the nearest bed when Jimmy and George are out there, wanting to work on the car."

They had just driven up, and I went out to meet them. Jenny walked out with me. Standing next to the car while Jimmy and George unloaded the new diff, I turned to face Jenny for a moment, taking something small and pink and lacy out of my pocket for a moment.

Jenny's eyes went wide when she saw it and she hastily beat a retreat into the house, presumably in search of new panties. Fancy forgetting those.

We got the diff into place; not hard when you have the right one, then we attended to several other bits and pieces. By the time we were done nearly all the items on the roadworthy list had been attended to. George would still have to replace the windscreen and get a couple of new tyres, but basically, she was done.

We went inside for some coffee before going home. Jimmy and George discussed the football game they were going to the next day and Jenny asked me if I'd be going to it. I told her no.

"I have to drop past a friend's place and return something I borrowed," I said, my face perfectly bland as I said it. I didn't even wince when I received a kick on my shin.

- - -

The next day, after Jimmy and George had departed for the football I drove over to George's place and rang the bell. Jenny answered and let me in, although she did seem uncertain.

As soon as I was inside she turned around and said "Give them to me."

I passed her the panties without saying a word and she opened a door and tossed them in. The bedroom I assumed.

"Coffee?" I suggested.

Jenny seemed relieved to have something to do and headed off to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I settled at the table and waited for her to speak.

"I have no idea why I let you spank me yesterday," Jenny suddenly stated. "It's not going to happen again and there's no way I'm going to have sex with you so if that's why you came around, forget it."

I grinned at her, and she blushed.

"Taking your points in order," I said. "Yesterday, you quite by accident fell into the spanking position. If I hadn't actually given you that first quick spank you would've scrambled off my lap, red-faced and stammering. Once you received that first spank you were curious as to what a spanking would feel like when given to a young woman of your age.

You found you liked it. It was exciting and while your bottom smarted, it wasn't too painful. You're probably wondering if you should get George to spank you sometime.

As for it not happening again, of course it is. And you knew it would happen again as soon as you opened the door to let me in.

Where sex is concerned, you can decide on that after I've spanked you."

"You're wrong," Jenny protested. "I've got no intention of letting you spank me again. And I'm sure you're far too much of a gentleman to force me."

"I'm willing to be fair about this. If I show you why you deserve another spanking you'll have to bend over my knee and take it."

Jenny waxed indignant at that. As far as she was concerned she'd done nothing to deserve a spanking.

"You can't show I've done anything wrong," she protested.

"Then you've nothing to lose by agreeing," I pointed out.

"All right," she snapped. "Just what have I done that's wrong."

"Oh, dear, where to start," I murmured, letting Jenny see I was laughing at her. "For a start, you kicked me on the shin at this very table just yesterday. Very painful it was."

"That wasn't me," she protested.

"And you're telling me fibs," I went on. "Also, you let me take off your panties yesterday."

"That wasn't my fault. You did it while you were spanking me."

"That's another point. You let a relative stranger spank you. For shame. You deserve a spanking for that alone."

"I should be spanked because I was spanked?" Jenny asked incredulously. "That's stretching it a bit, isn't it?"

"OK. How about your lack of protest when I squeezed your pussy during the spanking?"

"I was shocked speechless. I could believe that a relative stranger would do that to me."

"Last, but not least, you let me in here this afternoon, knowing that you were going to finish up across my knee and getting your bottom smacked."

I pushed my chair back from the table and turned it around. Then I just looked at Jenny, waiting. No matter what she might say, we both knew she'd agreed to another spanking when she let me in the house.

Jenny seemed frozen to the spot, not able to approach me but neither was she able to just say "no" and back away. I ended the impasse. I reached over and tugged towards me and directed her across my knee.

"You can't do this," she said very quietly, one hand resting on her bottom to prevent me lifting her skirt.

I gently pushed her hand to the side and twitched her skirt up. She must have struggled, I thought, with deciding whether to wear panties at all. She was wearing the smallest thong I'd ever seen. Not for long though.

I spanked her. This time Jenny squealed and wriggled and wailed when I spanked her. No more little yips or yelps for our Jenny. She was prepared to let herself go and enjoy herself.

I spanked and she squealed. Her legs kicked up and down as she wailed her protests. She hit my thigh with clenched fists and wriggled from side to side. Her struggles, noisy and protracted though they were, were not vigorous enough to dislodge her from across my lap.

While her legs kicked, they also stayed parted, giving me access to her mound. An access I took advantage of, laying a few firm spanks against it.

A delicate flush built up on Jenny's bottom. Her labia also seemed to darken and swell, and I could see a gentle flowering taking place there. I continued the spanking, making it last longer than the previous day.

By the time I did decide to call it a day, Jenny was flushed of face and bottom and breathing in gasps. When I quit the spanking I just sat there, hand cupping Jenny's pussy in a friendly manner.

"You realise that I'm not going to have sex with you," she gasped, while her pussy was rubbing itself against my hand.

"I quite understand," I assured her. "Now I want you to stand up and then bend over and touch your toes."

"Why?" she asked, suspicion in her voice.

"Because I'm telling you to," was the only reason I gave.

She did as I told her, standing tall for a moment and then gracefully leaning forward until her hands touched her toes. I stood and moved around behind her. I reached between her legs and gently rubbed her, a finger slipping inside her to test the waters.

Jenny gasped and reiterated her no sex statement.

"I heard you," I told her while I unzipped. "Now hush for a moment."

I rubbed her sex again and then eased her lips apart. Leaning forward I placed the tip of my cock between her lips and started pushing.

"What are you doing?" Jenny demanded. "You're not trying to have sex are you?"

I took her hold of her hips and started pushing more firmly.

"Oh my god, you are. You're raping me," Jenny wailed.

"That's what happens to naughty girls who get spanked," I told her. "Think of it as a continuation of the spanking."

Some rape. She bent over and presented herself, pantiless, to me. On feeling me pushing into her she'd braced herself so that she wouldn't be pushed away. Now I could feel her pressing back against me, helping me enter her.

I pressed forcefully home, letting her feel my groin rubbing against her soft flesh. I didn't do anything else, just held her firmly against me, and waited.

Jenny was softly rubbing herself against me, at the same time making soft little complaints about men who ravished innocent girls. Eventually it seemed to dawn on her that I wasn't carrying out my end of the deal.

"What are you waiting for," she grumbled. "I can't stop you. You might as well finish what you've started."

"Um, is that permission for me to start taking you?" I asked her.

"What? No!" Jenny squawked.

"Is it a demand that I take it out and leave you alone?"

"Um, not really," she mumbled.

"Then if it's all right by you, I'll just hold like this until you decide one way or the other," I told her.

She turned her head around to look up at me, looking faintly scandalised. How dare I put it on her that way? She gave a sudden snort of laughter.

"OK," she said. "Go, man, go. I'll be good and cooperate."

With that I pulled back and drove in again, hard and fast. Jenny squealed, pushing hard against me as I slid in. After a couple of lunges into her she started wailing.

"I can't get a proper grip of things. I'm going to fall."

I stopped for a moment, helping Jenny to unfold a little and then turned her towards the table so she could brace herself against it.

"And undo my bra while you're about it," she told me.

Ever obedient, I did as instructed. With no need to have my hands on her hips to help hold her steady, I found other uses for them. Then I went to town on her body, seeing how high I could take her and how fast.

I was quite sure that a young woman who liked a nice spanking would also prefer to be taken hard, so I set about finding out if this was the case. No gentle movements designed to engage her interest and slowly build her excitement. Rather, I committed a full on assault upon her pussy, driving home hard and often.

Jenny was quite willing to meet me half way. Hell, if I'd faltered she'd probably have picked up the whole thing and run with it. We bounced happily against each other, Jenny's bottom bobbing up and down in a delightful fashion as she pushed determinedly against my every thrust.

The only time we slowed our pace was when I pulled out and turned Jenny to face me before I drilled straight back into her. She put her hands behind her, bracing herself against the table as I abused her poor pussy, doing my best to pound it into mush.

My hands were mauling her breasts and Jenny's eyes were wide, staring fixedly at my face, her hips pumping enthusiastically against me.

I used her eyes as a guide. When I saw them start to close I guessed that Jenny was getting close, so I went into overdrive. Up until them I'd thought I'd been taking her as fast as I could. Now I suddenly found a second wind (or a higher level of lust) and I drove her forcefully towards her climax.

And mine. Jenny started shrieking and shuddering almost before I was ready, and we finished up with a steamy clash of sweating bodies.

We showered and I departed. We didn't make any arrangements to meet again, but that doesn't mean we won't.

Only one thing puzzled me about the whole thing. Was it or was it not an accident when she tripped in the kitchen?

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by mommylovestoread02/13/18

Bottoms up

Spankings can be so much fun especially if the spanker knows what He is doing.

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by betty_boobs3002/09/18

Makes me wonder...

This is a good story. It makes me wonder how I'd react if I was in her place.

While I am completely against rape, I don't see how this is rape she could have tried harder to get away or not opened tomore...

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