tagGay MaleA Friend's Confession

A Friend's Confession


When the phone rang, I knew it had to be Drew. With my wife gone for the week helping her Grandmother make the transition to assisted living, and his wife away for the next ten days with a business conference overseas...I knew he would be bored and itching to do something. I was really hoping for something like a game of basketball at the Y, or biking at the nearby trails...but I knew better. He and his wife had bought a very nice older home that needed some updating, and Drew was constantly knocking down or painting walls. I was not only his best friend for the last ten years, but also his favorite home improvement buddy. There wasn't much one or the other of us couldn't do around the house, so I didn't mind helping...I just wasn't sure I was in the mood for a face full of plaster dust again.

"Mike...buddy! I hear you're home alone a struggling for things to do this week. Have I got an offer for you!" Drew said, sounding much too enthusiastic.

"Wow...it took all of two hours after Linda left before you called me. You're response time is getting really slow."

"Believe me, I would have called earlier, but I had to get supplies. You know...all the necessities...lumber, drywall, beer, corn chips."

"Sounds like I've already agreed to the offer. Given the shopping list, I suppose were not having a little one-on-one game of hoops."

"You are correct on both counts. You know how much I admire your plumbing skills...I'm thinking its time to redo the guest bathroom. You did such admirable work on the master bath...I wouldn't think of hiring anyone else."

"I see...well I'm certain you'll agree to my rate increase...seeing as you had free labor the first time around." I said as sarcastically as I could manage.

"Hell, I'll give you five times what you got before...plus room and board so you don't have to make that half-hour drive back and forth every day."

"Fine...it's a deal. I'll be there in a couple of hours after I collect my tools and work clothes. You owe me so big, you'll never be able to work off your debt."

After a few more minutes of idle chit chat, I hung up the phone and began collecting what I needed for what was sure to be a solid week of hard labor. I can say with near certainty that I wouldn't do this for anyone but Drew. We met in college during our freshman year, and remained friends ever since. At school, we sometimes lived in the same building, had classes together, and played on several intramural teams. There were even the few occasions when we had dated the same girls...at different times, of course! After graduating we kept in contact as we started our careers and eventually settled in the same town. We've both just turned thirty within months of each other, and life has overall been good to us. Drew has been married for four years, and I've been married three. Our wives are beautiful ladies with strong minds and careers of their own. Neither of us has any kids, at least not yet, but there has been discussion about that topic with both couples. Drew is just a few inches taller than me at 6'-2", and weighs about 175 pounds...with his dirty blond hair, green eyes, and seemingly year-round tan...he always found it a little easier to score with the ladies than I did. People tell me I'm no slouch, and I'll accept that! Weighing 165 pounds with a 32-inch waist, blue eyes, reddish-blond hair, and the fair complexion to go with it...I think my trim swimmers build compares well with Drew's slightly bulkier, more toned physique. With our common interests in sports and similar hobbies, our friendship has gotten stronger over the years and we've both expressed from time to time how lucky we feel to have each other around. The fact that our wives get along so well has only made a good situation even better.

Pulling into my friend's driveway, I could tell I was getting into more than a two-day project. Drywall was stacked waist-high in the garage along with new tubs, toilets, and cabinetry. He must have been planning this well before Tracy left for Europe. The first day we spent removing the old fixtures, tearing out drywall, and generally making a huge mess. I felt almost guilty taking a shower in the new bathroom we built six months ago as I watched plaster dust and other dirt flow down the drain. The new shower was large enough for three people to stand in without touching. With a rainfall head in the ceiling and multiple jets on either marble-covered wall, it was like standing in a temple of hygiene. It seemed a real shame to get something dirty that we had worked so hard to build. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist as Drew came in and started peeling out of his dust and sweat soaked clothes. Seeing each other nude certainly wasn't anything new, as we often showered at the gym or the club before we came home. I thought nothing of it as I left the room and headed for bed.

"See you in the morning man...you've worn me out...I'm just going to go to bed so we can start the fun all over tomorrow."

"Hey Mike, no problem...plan to pass out myself...catch you in the morning." Drew replied as he stepped into the shower.

Sleep came quickly as I nodded off just minutes after hitting the bed. At about 2 AM, I woke up needing to recycle some of the beer I had drank that evening. Like an idiot, I walked to the guest bath in the hall without realizing I had just spent the day tearing it to pieces. Fortunately, with the way the master bedroom was laid out, I could use Drew's without having to walk past and wake him up. His bedroom door was open with the bathroom door just a few steps ahead...the bedroom was a few feet off to the right. As I stepped into the door, I realized Drew had the TV set on as the glow flashed across the walls. I paid no attention to it as I moved further into the bathroom, closed the door, and took a much-needed piss. Drew must not have heard me enter, as I could clearly hear the soundtrack coming from the TV. He was obviously watching some porn in bed, and the sounds from the set were the usual moaning, groaning and panting. I didn't want to disturb him...hell, we all need a good wank from time to time...and I knew he was a little frustrated with the frequency of he and Tracy's lovemaking, as she was out of town more and more lately with work. Just a little curious about the feature presentation, I crept around the corner and looked at the flickering screen. Drew wasn't in my line of sight, but what I saw on the TV left me more than a little shocked. The typical bleach-blond bimbo was getting the usual pounding from a well-endowed stud...but the stud was also sucking another dude's cock. All the years I knew him, I never knew Drew as being anything other than completely straight as an arrow. Feeling a little stunned, I went back into the bathroom. I knew flushing the toilet would alert him to my presence, but I didn't want to leave a pot full of piss behind either, so I just figured "we're all adults" and hit the lever...after all, its not like we hadn't watched enough porn together over the years...just not that kind of porn. When I opened the door, the TV had been turned off, and the bedroom was completely dark.

"Uh...hey, dude. Didn't hear you come in...you OK?" Drew said in a shaken voice that drifted from the dark room.

"Oh yeah...just had to let go of that last six-pack. Didn't mean to disturb your entertainment...sounded like she was getting it good...see you in the morning." I offered back casually.

"Sure thing. Sleep well."

I was sure my nonchalant tone left Drew with the impression that I hadn't seen, only heard, the movie and that his taste in porn was safe. I tossed in bed as my mind wrestled with the idea that my best friend was either gay or bi, and I had no notion of it at all. At first, I think I might have felt betrayed in some strange way. The more I thought about it, the more I really didn't care. He was still a good guy and a great friend...what he jerked-off to couldn't alter that fact. I knew he was very much in love with his wife...perhaps this was just a part of the movie he wasn't much interested in himself. Then again, had he done things like that...and with whom? I flip-flopped back and forth as to whether I was upset about it, or didn't care. Ultimately, I decided I was being a prick. It wasn't any of my business, anyway...and if I hadn't been spying on him, I wouldn't have been any wiser. I vowed to treat the whole thing as thought it hadn't happened...what I should have done in the first place.

I awoke the next morning with the smell of coffee in the air. My mind wasn't on last night's events at all when I stumbled into the kitchen wearing a white t-shirt and boxer shorts. Drew was seated at the kitchen table, already fully dressed and looking a little anxious. I suddenly felt a little self-conscious standing there with so little clothing...the fold of my fly probably revealing more than it should at the right angle. I thought I saw him staring at my crotch and then looking away. I decided I was probably being ridiculous, as situations like this were common between us and I had never felt like that before.

"We should probably get started soon, if you'd still like to help. I don't want you to feel like your obligated to be here." Drew said sheepishly as he drank his coffee.

"Since when did I ever have a choice in the matter, asshole. Of course I'm going to help you. Why the sudden urge to get rid of me?" I said even though I suspected the reason.

"You're right. I'm sorry. Just in a funky mood this morning."

"You can't be embarrassed that I walked in while you were watching porn! How many times have we watched that shit together while in college? Relax, dude...that didn't even register with me." I lied while trying to sound like I was giving him a routine line of bullshit.

"Yes...it embarrassed me. Guess I figure were married and too old for that shit now. I feel really stupid...let's just let it go."

"Alright...already forgotten. I'll grab my clothes...you find my hammer, and we'll get started."

"Thanks...meet you in the hell-hole." Drew replied with a look of relief on his face. I was happy to have given him a way out, and felt better about things already.

The rest of the day went much like the first. We had a good time working our ass's off, talking about the usual line of shit, and just generally enjoying each other's company. I did catch myself several times during the day looking at a worn corner of Drew's jeans...a hole large enough to expose the cheek of his ass and make it apparent he wasn't wearing any underwear. A fact that would otherwise have occupied my mind for a split second now became a fascination. Knowing he was going commando, I also found myself taking quick glances at his crotch...wondering how his equipment would press against the thin and worn material. Why did I even care? I had seen him any number of times wearing far less...what was so different now that I felt the need to look? I guess I was starting to wonder if he had thoughts about me in more than just a platonic friendship, and that might certainly change things between us. I shook the thoughts from my mind and focused on the task at hand. The room was getting really hot and both our shirts were soaking wet. It didn't take long for us to abandon the shirts and get what little relief we could from the heat.

"Hey, Mike...you're looking good. Been working on the upper body lately?"

"Yeah, a little...not that I need to do anything special with all the physical labor you've put me through over the past year." I said, feeling that mild twinge of self-consciousness again. I couldn't help but wonder, even briefly, if Drew had noticed for other reasons.

"You've been really quiet today. Are you sure you're ok? It's kind of freaking me out." Drew said with that same shaky tone he had last night.

"Sure...everything's cool. Guess I'm just focused on how to run the new pipes."

"Alright...you just seem more preoccupied than usual. Didn't mean to be a nag."

I wasn't sure why, but the resurfaced tension in the room, and the thoughts running through my mind became more than I could stand. Without really weighing the consequences, I impulsively decided to clear the air.

"Drew, I'll tell you straight-up...I saw some of the porn you were watching last night. I don't care if you're bi, gay, straight, whatever...I just felt like there was this huge secret you kept from me, and its been bothering me all day. I feel like an ass for bringing it up, but there it is."

We just stood there looking at each other for several minutes. The expression on Drew's face was a strange mix of terror, anger, and guilt. I immediately regretted saying anything about it, fearing I had lost my best friend.

"Well, that was honest. So I'll be just as direct with you. Once...and I emphasize that...once, I had an experience with my roommate Roger and his slut girlfriend Becky. At her insistence we had both our dicks in her mouth at the same time. That was a little weird, but while I was fucking her, she insisted I suck his cock. To cut it short, I sucked him, he sucked me, we both fucked her, and we all got off on it. I've never repeated the scenario, but every now and then the idea appears in my fantasies...particularly when Tracy is gone this much. Now that you've learned more about my fucking sexual history, I hope you've got the answers you need."

"No shit...you actually fucked Becky! She was at least a one bagger, dude!" I really hoped my attempt at humor would lighten the atmosphere.

"You're such a fucking prick. What she lacked in looks, she made up for with enthusiasm. Let's just say there was more than a little weed and beer involved. Are we ok? It would kill me if this thing put a wall between us."

"Trust me, we're good. It may take me a while to process the whole thing, but you're still the same guy you were yesterday...I just know a little more about you, that's all. You don't have to answer this, but is Tracy cool with it?"

"She doesn't know I ever did anything like that. It's not like I'm out cruising guys...it was a one-time thing that was different and interesting. Tracy is, and always will be, the center of my life. I have no plans to find a dude and set up house."

"Hey...you don't have to validate yourself to me, man...to each their own. I can't comment on something I've never done. Even though I pushed you into it, I'm glad you felt you could tell me about. Everything's good."

Drew seemed genuinely relieved and much more relaxed the rest of the day. I was also feeling much better that the big white elephant was out of the room. Admittedly, my mind kept trying to picture Drew sucking another man's cock at various times all day. I couldn't help but wonder how he got in that situation, and how I might react in the same circumstances. I even found that my cock would stir while catching a glimpse at the outline of Drew's package in his sweaty jeans. I had honestly never thought of another man in a sexual sense, and it bothered me a little that I was now. Sure, I've stolen looks in a locker room to do a quick visual comparison, but never thought for a second about doing anything with a guy. I just chalked my curiosity up to an unexpected turn of events, and tried to push it to the back of my mind.

The hours flew by as we were now making pretty good progress. After stopping for a dinner of delivery pizza, I decided to continue working on the new plumbing so the glue would set overnight and allow us to test it in the morning. It was really only a one-man job, so I encouraged Drew to call it a night while I finished the work. Once finished, I needed a shower in the worst way, so I headed toward the only functioning bathroom. Drew was already in bed and I could hear him lightly snoring from around the corner. After taking a piss, I could see Drew's jeans crumpled in the corner. I wasn't sure why, but I had an overwhelming urge to check on him while he slept...the room was lit only by a small lamp on the nightstand as I turned the corner near his bed. Drew was asleep with the blankets covering his feet, just below the knee. He was on his back, wearing only a pear of white briefs, his face turned away from me. I just stood and looked at him for several minutes, taking in his complete form. I had to acknowledge that he was very well built and nicely proportioned...even the way he filled the pouch of his underwear I found impressive. Almost instinctively, I adjusted the position of my growing member while I continued to look at his breathing body and imagined him doing the things he described earlier in the afternoon. Now I was freaking myself out...not only was I staring at another nearly naked man, who happened to be my best friend... I also had an undeniable urge to touch him. I knew I had to get out of that room and get to bed before my thoughts took me other places I wasn't sure I wanted to go.

I cursed myself for my own thoughts as I undressed and stepped into the warm shower. My cock was half hard as I fought to rein it in and focus on washing my hair. I stood under the water allowing the tension to melt away when I heard Drew's voice from the corner of the room.

"Hey, bud...I'll just put these in the wash so we'll have them tomorrow." Drew said as he retrieved our clothes from the floor...now wearing a pair of loose basketball shorts and no shirt.

"Oh...ok...thanks." I replied, somewhat startled from his unexpected arrival...turning my body away from the glass door to hide my partial erection.

My heart was pounding in my chest. Was he really asleep earlier? Had he seen me watching him, or my condition in the shower? I glanced back toward the room and found that he had left with our clothes. Maybe it was ok...maybe I had gotten away with it and everything would be fine. I was standing directly under the water, my back to the door when his voice startled me again...this time he was right behind me.

"For once just keep your mouth shut. You can leave whenever you want to...I won't try to stop you, or say a thing about it."

"I...I don't know, man...this is..." I started to say before he cut me off.

"Not a word. Unless you're going to tell me to stop, I don't want to hear a thing." Drew said as he grabbed the soap, lathering and massaging my shoulders.

I froze immediately with his touch. Not sure whether to turn around and walk away, punch him in the jaw, or just let things happen...I stood lost in my thoughts as he did outstanding work on my aching muscles. Occasionally I could feel the head of his prick graze my thigh, or the back of my ass as he moved behind me. Drew's touch was firm and comfortable. I had never been touched like this by another man, and I don't think I would have tolerated it from any other guy for even one second.

"That's good...just close your eyes and relax. If you're uncomfortable, just tell me to stop." Drew said in a masculine but calming tone as he stood at my side, and began kneading my pecs and chest.

My breathing became ragged as I kept my eyes closed and struggled to focus on how good the massage felt while trying to suppress a full erection. Even though up 'til now I was letting him have his way, I still didn't want to admit how much I was enjoying my friend's attention. I kept arguing within my own mind that this was just a massage, like a hundred others I've had, and no reason to get aroused. Of course I knew that wasn't true, and I began to lose my focus completely as Drew slowly moved his soapy hand down my abs and to the front of my thighs. He stood closer to me on my right side as his hand slid from my knee and up the inside of my thigh. I gasped for air, but said nothing as his fingers lightly grazed the bottom of my balls. With one hand firmly on my shoulder and the other massaging the inside of my leg, I could feel the tip of his hardening cock begin to slide up along my hamstrings. I couldn't believe how hot his member felt against my skin. I really didn't think I could stand any more when Drew's rigid prick dragged across my ass while he switched sides to work on my other leg. With nearly my entire body well relaxed, and thoroughly clean, part of me hoped this was going to be the end of it. That idea faded quickly as my friend's hand slid from my thigh and cupped my warm and loose ball sack. My knees shook with the jolt of this completely foreign experience as Drew pulled me tightly against his body for support...his arm holding me firmly across my chest as his cock pressed hard into the left cheek of my ass. My dick reacted immediately and swelled to full hardness within seconds. I knew there was little chance of turning back now...and for the first time, I really didn't want to.

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