tagGroup SexA Full House

A Full House


One night my girlfriend, Phyllis called and said she wanted to come by that she had a surprise for me. Of course I said it was fine, and she said she would be over in a few minutes.

I straightened up the house and got cleaned up and was waiting anxiously to see what she was going to surprise me with. The bell rang, and I got up to answer the door. Phyllis was standing there in her typical sexy way with a broad smile and sexy, sly smile. Behind and to each side stood a couple men that I had never seen before. I was immediately curious as to why they were here, but ushered them and Phyllis inside as the gracious host that I am. Phyllis introduced each of the men. John was the taller of the two and had dark hair and a lean muscular build. Tony was a stocky guy, looked kind of like a linebacker.

Once inside and introduced I asked them all to come into the living room and have a seat. I asked John and Tony if they would like a beer or something harder. John asked for some scotch over ice and Tony said a beer would be good for him. I walked into the kitchen to get the drinks and Phyllis said she would help me. Once we got out of ear shot in the kitchen I quietly asked what she was up to. She gave me that nasty little smile she has and caressed my ass through my shorts as we spoke. She said she had invited them to come over and play with us. Of course my next question was "what does play mean?" As she spoke, her gentle hand slid across my anus and up along the base of my shaft. She answered with whatever she wants. I asked what do I have to do? Her reply, simply put, "whatever you are asked to do.' In a more desperate tone I asked, "what do you have in mind?" I'll make you very happy baby. My cock had hardened from her soft touch and with nervous anticipation I tenderly kissed her mouth as she smiled and walked back into the living room, handing each of the men their drinks.

She walked over to the stereo and turned on some real sexy music. Then she walked over to the wall switch and dimmed the lights. She walked back into the center of the room and started to gyrate to the music running her hands up and down her body, over her breasts, down her sides and across her thighs. Pulling up on her skirt to show off her beautiful panty less crotch. I noticed that John and Tony, as well as myself, was rubbing the bulges that were building in our pants. Phyllis slowly began to remove her blouse. Her luscious globes of tender white skin and perfectly hard nipples were exposed to all of us to gander at. She stood in front of John and Tony as she caressed her full breasts, telling them to take off their clothes. As the two of them sat totally nude with full erections, she moaned as she slid her thick nipples back and forth through her fingers. Then she asked them to unzip her skirt and slide it past her hips, down her thighs and onto her ankles. They did as she asked with pleasure and they're cocks continued to swell. She kicked the skirt the rest of the way off and continued to dance using her hands to caress all of those sweet spots on her body.

She asked John and Tony to take their fingers and slide them up into her wet pussy while she lightly stroked their cocks. Both men obliged her without hesitation. She continued to dance and I watched both men begin to throb in her hand, both leaking pre-cum. John's cock was a long slender cock with a smooth clean cut tip. Tony's was a better than average size but looked to be very thick with a slippery fat purple head. She turned back to look at me and said for me to take my clothes off. I was anxious to do as she asked and relieved to expose my thumping rock hard cock.

Phyllis told John and Tony to take their fingers out of her hot pussy and instructed them to suck them to taste her juices. She was thrilled to watch their cocks ooze a bit more as the taste of her juices excited them even more. With each index finger she circled the tips of their heads to cover her fingertips with pre-cum. She walked towards me and slipped one of her fingers into my mouth, sliding it along my tongue. I tasted John's semen with delight, relieved to finally get some attention while my own hard cock was also very wet. As she rubbed her other finger along my bottom lip she bent over to lick the pre-cum off my cock. Her warm tongue felt good as she swirled it around and around the tip of my head. She said she wanted to taste these men's cocks and asked me if I wanted to watch her. She knelt down on the floor in front of John and took his cock into her hand and felt its size. She asked me to come over closer so I could watch her every move. I went over and sat on the floor next to her. She told me to watch closely, and learn. She looked at John and said, "I can't wait to taste your cock.' He moaned and opened his legs as she licked her fingers and lightly slid them along his shaft, admiring the length of his muscular cock. She lowered her mouth to the head of his cock and started to lick it all around the head, her tongue flicking the very tip before her warm wet lips slid over his pulsating head. I watched her carefully while she gently sucked his head in and out of her juicy mouth, her full lips covering his head tightly while she fluttered her tongue on his tip, driving him wild as his veins popped out and his cock grew harder. She pulled off of him to show me that her tongue was covered with pre-cum. With her hand caressing John's balls she leaned over to kiss me, telling me to suck the cum off of her tongue. After tasting her mouth along with John's cum, I became very anxious for the next step. She told Tony to come and sit next to John to join in the fun. She began to run her wet tongue up and down John's shaft, making his cock very slippery. Then she opened her mouth and started to take it inside, gliding it along her tongue. His cock was so juicy it slipped in and out of her mouth easily. John's cock was very hard and the veins were standing out as Phyllis took more and more down her throat. She stopped for just a second and asked me if I was watching closely. I said I was. She replied that she hoped that I had learned what I needed to because I was going to get to apply what I had learned.

I looked a bit dumbfounded by her last comment. Then she said for me to fondle Tony's balls and give him head and that she would be watching to see if I did it right. He was smiling but I was nervous. I knelt down between his legs and looked at his hard cock as it lay in his hand. The head glistened from pre cum that had been oozing out. I leaned forward putting my hands on his hairy thighs and spreading his legs to give me more room. It felt very strange to have my hands on a hairy leg. As I leaned forward I sniffed to see if there would be any kind of strange odor but didn't notice anything. Tony had a nice size cock and his balls hung down and seemed to be large also. They were very firm, loaded with cum.

I lifted his cock with my hand and lowered my lips to the tip. I stuck my tongue out through my lips to take my first taste of a man's cock. I licked his tip and tasted his pre cum. It tasted sweet and was kind of fun to slide my tongue around on. After several moments of licking his cock I decided to try to take it in my mouth. I opened my mouth just a bit and started slowly sucking his thick member into my mouth, my lips sliding further down his shaft. Phyllis told me to squeeze my lips tight while allowing his cock to slide further inside. It was actually pretty nice feeling his cock with my entire mouth. I couldn't take the whole thing but I tried to get as much as I could. Of course Tony wanted me to take more and continued to thrust his hips in an attempt to drive his meat deeper into my throat. The head of his cock was pounding the back of my throat. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Phyllis was sitting on John's cock. She had the whole thing buried deep inside her pussy and was riding it like there was no tomorrow.

Phyllis looked back at Tony and asked if I was giving him a good blowjob. He responded with an "oh my God yes.' She said that if he wanted to cum in my mouth it was fine. I kept sucking this fine cock knowing that at anytime he was going to buck and grind his cock into my face and pour his cum into my mouth. I didn't care. I was actually hoping he would flood my mouth with his hot cum. John and Phyllis had changed positions and John was slamming his pole into Phyllis's pussy from behind. She was moaning loudly and he was breathing heavily. I figured it was going to happen soon for them. I sucked harder and massaged Tony's balls with my hand and twitched his ass hole with my fingers. I could feel his legs tighten and his chest was starting to heave from his heavy breathing. It was coming, and I was ready. It seemed like almost simultaneously both men started to moan heavily and began to cum. John was planting his seed deep inside Phyllis's pussy and Tony was feeding his creamy cum into my mouth, and I ate and I ate.

After several minutes of draining the cum from these two men we stopped and basked in the glow of what had just happened. I wiped my mouth to make sure no cum had slipped out. Phyllis lay on the floor to catch her breath. Both men sat on the sofa and spoke of how much they both enjoyed what had just happened to them. Phyllis motioned for me to come over to her, which I did. She said she wanted me to eat her while she sucked my cock. I knelt over her face and leaned forward to lay my face between her legs. She took my swollen cock into her mouth and softly nursed on it., swirling her tongue around my head, licking and playing with the tip as she always did, but this time she was more gentle and sucked me tenderly. I dove into her pussy to find that she was completely drenched with John's cum. I licked at her lips and flicked her clit. As I lapped up John's cum dripping out her pussy it seemed like more and more kept coming out. My goal as I'm sure Phyllis wanted was for me to leave her pussy spotless. I was so busy eating her pussy I hadn't much noticed that she wasn't really sucking my cock just kind of licking it but she had moistened her fingers and inserted them into my ass.

She asked both of the men to come over, one in front of her and one in front of me. She said for me to stop eating her and to take the cock before me and suck it. I looked up and there was a nice cock that I immediately recognized as tony in front of me. I eagerly guided his cock into my mouth and began to go to work on sucking the blood back into it. I could hear Phyllis was sucking cock too and it wasn't mine. She continued to probe her fingers in and out of my ass. After a few minutes, she removed her fingers from my ass, but almost immediately, I felt something else press against my bunghole. Phyllis put a hand on each cheek and spread them wide as I felt something trying to invade my ass. I wasn't surprised nor did I mind that Phyllis was guiding John's hard wet cock into my ass. She fondled his balls for a moment to make sure his cock was good and hard. "Start fucking him nice and slow," she told him. I had secretly wondered about it for some time, and loved to have my ass reamed out with toys. It didn't take John long to have his entire length working in and out of my ass.

I was in heaven as John was fucking his cock up my ass and Tony was sending his down my throat. Phyllis had gone back to nursing my cock and I was reeling in the sheer ecstasy of having two great cocks at one time. I heard Phyllis tell John to pump his load into my ass. She wanted me to know what it was like to have my insides creamed with a man's cum. John put his hands on my hips and began to thrust his cock hard and deep into my ass. I knew he was building for his release. He groaned heavily and I felt something warm flood into my rectum. I gasped and took more of Tony's cock into my mouth. The sensation was wonderful. John stopped pumping his cock into me and remained still and I could feel my ass hole quiver around his swollen member. As John removed his cock from my ass, Phyllis asked if I liked having cum in my ass. I said it felt great. She said good because she wanted me to have some more.

With that she motion for Tony to come around behind me. I reluctantly released his cock from my mouth, but I knew I would enjoy having his thick cock stretching my ass out. In a few seconds I was able to actually realize the extreme thickness of his cock, as he was pushing it into my ass. Once he got it in, it felt terrific. It wasn't going quite so deep but was really filling my ass and stretching my very sensitive ass hole. I buried my face in Phyllis's snatch as he pounded his engorged cock into my ass. I could get use to this feeling, I thought. Phyllis was still nursing my cock and I could feel my load building and knew I couldn't hold it much longer. Fortunately, Tony was feeling his load build too. Phyllis sensed what was happening and slowed her pace until Tony was closer to cumming. When she knew he was just about to cum she began to suck and stroke my cock hard. Tony was thumping his cock up my ass and started to moan as he released his first deposit inside my bowels. He was bucking like a wild horse throwing more of his hot creamy goo inside my ass. Once again it felt incredible to have a man cum in my ass, and I began to dump my load of cum into Phyllis's awaiting mouth. Tony came and came, I thought he was not going to stop. When he did finally stop I had stopped before him and was glad he was finished. I rolled over on my back and lay on the floor as the cum I held in my loosened up ass was starting to run out. Phyllis sat up and leaned forward and planted a juicy kiss on my mouth and I could taste the residue of my cum in her mouth.

Phyllis made me promise her that we could this again sometime. She won't have to twist my arm.

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