tagNonHumanA Fuzz Bump Story Ch. 01

A Fuzz Bump Story Ch. 01


I kissed my husband before he walked out the door. I stood there a moment watching him leave, then turned and slowly made my way back to my room. I sat on the side of the bed then laid down. The towel I was wearing slipped from it's tucked hold and fell to the sides of my body exposing my pregnant belly and a very nice naked body. I stared at the ceiling nibbling on my bottom lip. I had done a bad thing just yesterday. I had been unfaithful to my husband... and as guilty as I felt.. thinking about the affair made me hot. However is was with whom that made me wet with excitement. The person I was cheating on him with was the most recent addition to the list of servants we had working at our home.

"Toro" I whispered his name. My eyes closed while my hand made it's way over my protruding belly and slowly to my pubic mound. From there the tips of my fingers slowly slid past the outer lips and slightly touched my clit. My body quivered with delight. "Mmm, Toro!" I moaned out then dove my fingers deeply into my wanting hole. My fingers worked in and out quickly. No slow movements, no light touching, just straight in and right down to business. I spread my legs further allowing my fingers to dive deeper. My body began to tense up, my toes curling. I was panting heavily. Dreaming of yesterday got me all worked up making me hornier by the second. Closer and closer it came. My body trembled slightly. "Oh... yes." I whispered out slightly out of breath. Deeper, Faster YES That's it... almost! Then in a quick moment, it all disappeared by the sound of someone knocking on my door. My eyes slowly opened, a frown upon my face. "What?!" I shouted angrily.

A muffled meek voice could be heard on the other side. "Mistress, I have your morning medicine."

I rolled my eyes and slowly slipped out of bed leaving the towel behind. I grasped a red robe from a nearby hook and slipped it on. I opened the door snatched up the pills and the glass of water and slammed the door in the woman's face. That damned servant had messed up that delicious thought in my head. "Hmm.." I walked over to the window and peered out of it. I popped the pills into my mouth and took a gulp of water to get them down. In the distance a few clouds of settling dust could be seen. I looked at the time and smiled. "Perfect." I sat the glass down, adjusted my robe, slipped on some slippers, then put my hand on the handle. My face turned serious, a frown upon my face. I swung the door open and stormed out. I quickly and angrily made my way to the barn. No one asked questions.. no one even looked at me, in fear it would have been them I would be scolding.

I made my way to the other side of the barn. I stood just along the wall, "Perfect cover, none of the servants would think other wise." ." I then stepped into an open doorway and gazed in at the servant of my sexual desires. "Toro" I licked my lips watching him adjust bits of hay and move some of the stacks around. I could feel myself getting wet already. He was perfect. His chiseled chest, his muscular thighs, The sexy nose ring, his horns... yes horns. This object of lust was none other then an anthropomorphic bull. However, what really got me going was what that sexy beast of mine had between those thighs. He was a bull true, and owning a farm I knew what an actual bull cock looked like. But my wonderful servant was gifted like a horse, but had the look of a human penis. And from what I could see, he was growing in excitement. "A bit excited are we?" I finally spoke out.

I watched as he gave a startled look in my direction. Then his nostrils flared slightly then returned to normal. "I smell that you've already used some of yours up today..." He said to me and returned to shifting hay around the floor of the barn. My eyes were just hooked on him... "mmm I just HAVE to have him."

"Oh but I have much more," I added and took a slow step towards him followed by another. My hips moved seductively from side to side. My eyes hooked onto his, I could see I had his attention, he was biting his bottom lip. As I neared his hand came out to touch my hip but he quickly retracted it.

"Oh! Burning up are we?" he said to me that smirk on his face. I watched as he leaned back against the large bail of Hay and started to scratch his abs idly. It too everything I had to keep from jumping on him and riding him until tomorrow, AND with the added fact I was pregnant made this feeling even harder to control. "Yesterday was quite something... Besides you look like you could take a break from this and tackle... something else... perhaps?"

"Oh, you've come all the way into this dirty old barn to give me a task?" A seductive smile of his own appeared. He must of known what I was speaking about because my eyes became transfixed no longer on his face... but at his thumb idly sliding along the edge of the cloth which hid that big delicious thing from me. I slowly tore my gaze away and looked back to him.

"Not just any old task... a mission." I said ending in a slight passionate whisper. My hands had already begun working on untying the knot in my robe.

"I can do anything to fulfill my mistress' needs" He told me. I could see him close his eyes. When he opened them again I gave him a sexy smile.

"Good." I smirked and let that silky robe fall from my shoulders and to a heap on the floor. A sensual chill went up my spine. My darker pink nipples hardened with excitement.

"Would my mistress tell me exactly what my mission is?" He asked me while slowly sliding that flimsy cloth from his waist to the floor. I licked my lips as slowly what I desired most was shown to me. That big fat fuck pole dangled idly between his legs. "God I want it in me soo bad!"

"To attack and conquer this..." I answered giving my firm ass a nice spank.

"Mistress, again your voluptuous ass goes left on flagged and for the taking?! I can only hope to assault it good enough." He said taking that small step towards me. His furry hand gently held one of my breasts. He tilted his head downwards, his tongue coming out to greet my hard nipple. He lifted his head and gave my nipple a gentle squeeze. Milk came out in a few drops, then slowly a slight stream. He looked to me briefly then continued his tonguing assault on my sensitive nipples. I tilted my head back and wrapped my arms around his bulky shoulders. A rather loud moan escaped from between my lips when I felt him begin to suckle on my other nipple. His hand still pinching and gently rolling the other nipple between his fingers, letting the milk drip down his hand and my breast. "Yes, Toro... Drink of me...." I felt him give my breast a nudge with his snout continuing to suckle, as if trying to get more of my milk to come out. I gripped onto his shoulders. Already I could feel the tingle growing in my pussy, my muscles spasm at times making me become overly lubricated.

Then his hand stopped pinching and slowly moved down my body, pausing at my belly and giving it a gentle rub before continuing downward. His fingers gently touched their way around to my ass. He gave it a gentle squeeze then continued downwards to my thigh and lifted it up to his waist. His other hand which was gently cupping my breast moved down to the puffy pink lips of my pussy. He gently rubbed and stimulated my clit sending small surges of pleasure through out me. Then he broke from suckling on my nipple and gently licked the milk from the other. His warm tongue moved up to my neck. His fingers still rubbing my clit gently, he spoke to me gently. "This must have been taken over... hmm?"

I softly moaned and gave a nod. "Taken over, but willing to be taken over again if that's what you want." He had moved his fingers away from my pussy and lowered my leg back to the floor. He held a hand out to the large waist high pile of Hay bails. I walked over to them and before I could turn to face him, he was already against my backside. His fat bull cock was between my legs pressed up against my pussy. However, because he was quite long and his chest was tightly against my back, his cock protruded out the front of my legs. He gently began to make very very slow movements forward, lubricating his cock with my juices. He then gave my ass a firm spank, followed by a firm grip on my arms keeping me completely still as he thrusted a bit more rubbing his cock harder against my pussy. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. I then felt one of his hands release and move my long brown hair to come over my shoulder and to the front of me. He retook my arm and gently thrusted again his cock sliding easily now between my thighs.

I felt him begin to nibble on the back of my neck, sending goose bumps through my body. "Mmm, you just tell me how bad you need it, and I might give you what your body wants so badly...." He whispered into my ear.

I bit my lower lip, I was the mistress yet he was totally the dominate one in this situation. "I... need it badly..." I said slightly breathy. "I want to feel that bull cock deep inside me... in my pussy.. ass... I don't care... Make me your bit...." Before I could finish he had quickly bent me over the stacked bails of hay, my toes hardly touching the floor. My eyes shot open feeling something I've never experienced before. That same tongue that was so delicate on my nipples was now licking with an almost vengeance type attitude at the bud of my ass. I would of objected to this, but I began to feel his hand making it's way up my thigh and to my pussy. A finger settled onto my clit and began to rub it. Soon the awkward tonguing sensation began to feel good... really good. "Mmm! More... MORE!" I began to press my ass more against his snout. His tongue licked harder, his finger rubbing the same. I felt like I was going to cum really soon. His finger rubbed a notch faster, His tongue lapping and slightly sliding a bit lower to my dripping pussy. Oh yes... almost!!! I gritted my teeth my body getting tenser. Then it stopped. No.. no I was soo close! I gave a slightly disappointing moan. I felt him press his chest against my backside.

"What would master say if he saw this?" he whispered into my ear. I felt his hand trail between the lips of my pussy, collecting the juices, before continuing up and rubbing it on the hole of my ass. "Hmm?" he questioned me once more. I felt his finger put a little bit of pressure on my asshole, but not enough to slide it in. I tried to move back against him, but failed because I was hardly even standing on the tips of my toes. I wanted him so badly, I wanted to cum for him. He removed his finger and I felt his strong hands on the inside of my thighs only to spread my legs farther apart. Next was the feeling of the large head slowly rubbing against my aching clit. "Hmm? What would he say seeing this fat bull cock stuffed deeply into his wife?" His speaking and the hardly enough sensation on my clit was driving me to the brink of pleasurable insanity.

"I DON"T CARE!" I finally exclaimed in a moan of frustration. "Just FU.... Oooooo" I paused in my words, my lips changed to a more "O" shape as I cooed out softly. He had began to slowly glide that large monster down along the outer lips, taking a moment to gather more juices before bringing it to my rear. He slide the head along my crack. I could feel it was the head was rather large compared to that tight hold of mine, but I knew it would feel damned good.

"You'd like for him to see this... wouldn't you mistress." He added while rubbing the pre cum over the hole making it more lubricated. "You want him to watch you get reamed like the dirty anal whore you are."

I gripped lightly onto the bail. "Yes, Toro... Yes I want him to watch his wife's ass get abused by your large fuckpole." But I couldn't say it, I was too lost in the pleasure. I was only managing soft moans and rough head nods. This was torture but I loved every minute of it. Finally, I felt pressure as he had aimed and began to push it in. Despite how lubed he and I were, it was the size that had made it difficult. I would feel him push then relax then push a bit more, each push threatening to rip me in half. In a matter of seconds only half the head was in before I felt him shift slightly. "Relax" He told me while he grabbed my hand and moved it to between my legs. "Rub, It will help you relax." He lifted my chest slightly, I could stand on my toes more so that it didn't put pressure on my bulging belly. His hands rested on my breasts, massaging them, gently pinching the nipples. Soon the pinching turned to gentle tugs downwards, milking me.

"Mmm, uhhhh... Toro..." I whispered out of passion. Then he rested be back over the bail and placed his hands on both ass cheeks. He spread my cheeks just slightly farther apart and applied more pressure. Slowly I felt the head slide further and further in. He paused a moment then gave one more push finally shoving the head past my sphincter and sinking it into my ass.

"mmmMMM! Aaaahhh!!" I moaned out loudly, contracting my muscles slightly.

"You know the other servants say you're uptight." His thumbs slid closer to my hole, and spread my cheeks further apart. Then a good push let that thick fat head slide even deeper inside. Then a firm hand came down on my ass, giving it a spank. "But the only thing that's tight about you is your ass." He added before stuffing that 18 inch cow cock deep into my ass. He pulled out tile the head was the only thing in. He thrusted slowly but only about 3 inches or so before retreating again until the head was left. He continued to torture me. I tried to push back against him, but he kept my hips firmly against the hay bail. I whined slightly and tried again, but failed. In... out.. in... out.. and only 3 inches! The sexual frustration grew more with his every slight thrust.

I felt his hot breath on my neck, that tongue slightly slid across the back of my neck. "You like this mistress? You need it nice and slow? Is this what you want?" He gave a slight thrust, then I felt the shaft slightly wiggle in a small circle, but none the less.. still only 3 inches stayed inside.

"No... rough.. hard.. PLEASE I BEG YOU!!!" I nearly screamed out, a single tear from my eye as I became sexually emotional. I felt the head pop out slightly. "No please!! Don't stop!" I begged him, arching my back trying to bring my ass more to him as if it would persuade him to continue. Then all at once he rammed the full length all the way in. His hands moved to my hips, he pulled out only to thrust fully back in. With every thrust I could feel those big bull balls slapping against my clit, stimulating it. I grasped onto the hay bail, my teeth gritted. Gradually his thrusts became faster and harder. My breaths became short and my moans more often almost matching his thrusting. "Oh, oh!.... I'm.. I'm going to...!" I felt his hands grab my shoulders as he began to smash his hips into that lovely ass of mine. My muscles tightened up I could feel myself beginning to slip off the edge. I inhaled and held my breath. Then he pulled out fully and paused, leaving me unfinished and unsatisfied.

"TORO! Please!" I begged him. He lifted me easily and turned me over laying me on my back. He began to lean over me but had my legs hooked in the crook of his elbows. His hands rested at my sides leaving me quite spread open and resting nearly on my mid to upper back. His tongue came out and lightly traced small circles around my nipples. I closed my eyes and cooed softly. Soon I felt him draw my nipple into his mouth, his cold nose pressed against my chest as he began to suckle again. "Toro....... Please.... I need your bull cock badly deep inside me...." I whispered. I felt the head push against that used and loose back hole of mine, easily sliding in. "Please...." I moved my hands to gently grip his strong arms.

With that the freight train started, like a piston he reeled back and pumped forward. My ass began to create that slurping sound as his bull cock worked in and out of me. He sucked at my tender nipple harder as he continued his steady pumping. He released the nipple and leaned back slightly. One hand stayed on the back of a thigh keeping me nearly curled. I watched as he slipped a beefy finger deep into the depths of my neglected pussy. I moaned out in ecstasy feeling him retract it and slide it back in. Upon retracting another finger was added, pumped in and out a few times before another. Finally four of his thick fingers were working in and out of her pussy while her ass remained stuffed full of thick cow dick.

I moaned out now feeling his thumb gently rub my clit, building that pleasure inside me again. My eyes transfixed on those fingers moving in and out, his dick in my ass only aiding to the tingling sensation within me. My ass began to feel fuller. It was then I felt I was coming closer to that edge of delight, knowing that his cock was getting ready to fill me. I began to pant heavily again. My toes were starting to curl as my body tensed slightly. "Yes Toro! Fuck me hard! Fill me with your hot bull cum!" I moaned out.

His hands grasped onto my waist and began thrusting faster and harder into me. I heard him groan as I moaned out. My hand moved quickly to my pussy rubbing my clit feverishly. In.. out.. in... out. His hips rammed into my firm ass, stuffing that monster to the hilt deeply into me. My other hand moved to my nipple, tugging, twisting, pulling, and pinching. "Toro yes!! I'm... I'm..." I panted my muscles tightening even more around his cock. "I'm Cumming!" I moaned out my body jerking underneath him as I fell over the edge of exotic pleasure. My own juices gushed out of my pussy and down to my ass, only lubricating it even more.

He grunted again ramming into me forcing my body upwards on the hay, giving a good push deeper before pulling back. I heard him snort as again his hips met my ass, pushing deeper. "Mistress... God! Take it you whore!" He shouted out just before ramming back into me. His grip tightened around my waist as he pressed his hips really hard against my ass trying to shove it even deeper. I felt his cock twitch, then unload what felt like gallons of creamy bull milk deep into my rectum, filling it beyond what it could hold. Some of it came spilling out past his shaft, dripping down half my back and onto the bail of hay below me.

His firm grip loosened and he relaxed pulling out only slightly. He leaned over me bringing my legs down so that I could wrap them around his waist. "My mistress..." He whispered gently before taking me by surprise and gently kissing me. It was quite odd but none the less it was quite nice. He began to gently move his hips in a very slowly circular movement, his pubic mound gently rubbing my clit.

He broke the kiss, his tongue trailing down my neck and back to my breasts. He began to lick on the other nipple then brought it into his mouth where he suckled on that one. I wrapped my arms around him closing my eyes. His cock was softening, but still had enough hardness to continue moving in and out of me slightly. He suckled a bit harder, his other hand now pinching and milking the other one. I felt another orgasm take over my body leaving me trembling below him.

His hand moved over my stomach where he gently rubbed it, then slowly down to my pussy where he caressed my clit. I opened my eyes and looked deeply into his. A mistress shouldn't feel this way about a servant especially a pregnant mistress. I could see something in his eyes, a hint of something that shouldn't be there. I think one day I'll let him fuck my pussy... but it will have to be a while after I have my husband's baby. "My Toro..." I whispered in return. He gently pulled his cock out of my ass letting it rest. He pulled my body to his and lifted me his cum finally spilling from my ass. He walked over to a nice pile of hay where he laid me down and took the spot next to me. I cuddled up to him and rested my head on his chest. I closed my eyes, maybe... he could father the next. I stayed in that barn with him for the rest of the day, where we had a few more anal sessions...

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the lower lip, again?

if one more loser writes his character 'bit his lower lip and then'.
it's been done and dead.
find another part of the body please!
bite each other like real fuck mates do
lose the lower lip thing. itmore...

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