tagLoving WivesA Game of Humiliation

A Game of Humiliation

byJam X©

My wife, Megan, and I have been married almost fourteen years. We married young, in our early twenties, after having dated since high school. Neither of us had ever been with anyone else and I took her virginity on her 18th birthday.

She has kept herself very fit over the years and looks as beautiful as the day we met. She has short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Although her breast are on the small side at 34a, they look very nice on her petite frame. I'm a little over six feet and try to keep myself in relatively good condition and for the most part have succeeded with only a slight amount of extra baggage around the mid-section. Overall, I'm satisfied with my body, although I have always wished that I was a little larger in the endowment area as I'm sure many men do. My wife and I have a very good sex life and my wife insists that my 5 inch cock is enough for her.

To keep things interesting over the years, we've shared our fantasies with each other and even acted out a few of the tamer ones. One thing that always turned me on was if she would say things to try to humiliate me during sex. At first, she didn't like to do it, but sometimes she really got into it. The other big fantasy that I had was to see her with another man. A few times, I was lucky enough to get her to work another man into her humiliation talk during sex and that really got me off, such as she'd tell me how much better a fantasy lover was than me or saying how much she wanted another man. I'm not really sure why I like the humiliation part of it, but I did and that's all that mattered.

A few weeks ago, we had just finished a rather rigorous round of sex during which we had fantasized about her being with another man. She had had a very intense orgasm and was basking in the afterglow when I asked her if she was interested in trying another man for real. She balked at the idea, but I pressed the issue, saying that I was really all for it. After all, since she'd never been with someone else, wouldn't she like to try it, just to see how different it was? She said she'd think about it and that was enough to make me hard again and we went at it a second time. We didn't talk at all, but I know the idea was in both of our minds and it didn't take long for us both to have a second great orgasm.

It was three days later when I brought up the subject again. We were just getting ready for bed when I asked if she had thought about it. She said she had and decided that she would be willing to give it a try, but ONLY if I agreed to her rules. Everything would be done exactly as she said or she wouldn't go through with it at all. Once the wheels were put in motion, I couldn't back out or she'd find a way to punish me that I wouldn't like. She said that she would combine my two fantasies and make this in the ultimate humiliation for me and I'd get to watch her with another man. Although the "ultimate" humiliation scared me, I agreed. She told me that we would do it the next day--a Saturday.

The next morning, my wife started by shaving all my pubic hair off. She told me that was the beginning of what should be a very fun day. She handed me an envelope and told me not to open it until I finished my workout at the Y. I went there every Saturday morning. She said that I should open it in the locker room after my shower. I did my usual routine and showered, filled with excitement over what the envelope might hold. I must say it shocked me, but I did as it said.

First, I watched a few men in the shower. When one that suited my needs came out, I approached him. I said, "Excuse me, sir, but may I speak to you for a moment?" The man was still completely naked and I was wearing just a pair of underwear. I pulled out a piece of paper and read aloud to the man:

"My name is James and my wife has sent me hear this morning on a mission. I have been watching you in the shower, checking out the size of your cock." The man looked at me very oddly and took a step back. I stopped him and continued, "My wife, Megan, has told me that my cock is too small to satisfy her and I am here to find a real man that can fill her pussy up and satisfy her in bed for once. I only have a boy's dick, so my wife keeps it looking that way." I pulled my underwear down to reveal my cock. I must tell you that my 5 inch hard on is small, but limp, my cock is tiny at just over 1 1/2 inches. "As you can see, I do not have an adequate cock to satisfy a woman, so I am asking you if you would be willing to fuck my wife properly for me. Here," I handed him several nude pictures of my wife from the envelope. "These are pictures of my wife. I hope you will agree to fuck her for me."

The man studied the pictures and looked at me, "Are you serious?"

"Yes. My wife needs a man and I am here to find her one."

"Hell, yeah, I'll fuck her."

"She asks that you do three things. One, sign this letter to prove that I asked you in the appropriate manner. Two, sign your favorite picture, to prove that you have seen them. And three, put a nickname of your choice above my penis, to show that I have displayed my small penis for you." I handed the man a black magic marker.

"This is really fucked up," he said. "But if that's all it takes to get to fuck that babe, no problem." He quickly signed the paper, a picture, and in bold letters wrote "DINKY DICK" where my pubic hair once was.

We dressed and he followed me in his car to our house. As we walked in, Megan met us at the door, wearing a very revealing teddie that left little to the imagination. It was little more than three small triangles of material covering her pussy and nipples, connected by lace and gauze. It looked outstanding.

I said, "This is my wife, Megan. Please, sir, fuck my wife for me."

He grinned, "Hello, Megan. Is this for real?"

"Definitely. For once, I'm going to have a real man's cock inside me," she turned to me. "Take your clothes off." So, standing in the front foyer, I stripped naked. Looking at my new label, she uttered, "Perfect. Dinky is what it is, so Dinky is who you are. Let's go upstairs."

The three of us heading up to our bedroom. Obviously, my wife was not going to waste any time. Once there, she said, "Dinky, please unwrap my new lover, so I can see if you have done your job properly."

I pulled off his shirt and then unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. The bulge in his shorts showed that he was very appreciative of what he was seeing in my wife. I paused for a moment, then grasped the waistband of his underwear and pulled them out and over his hard cock. It was even bigger than I expected now that it was hard. I pulled his shorts off and he stood there naked. When I turned around my wife was holding a ruler. "Measure it, Dinky. Let's see how you two compare."

I took the ruler and held it along side his hard cock. "It says 8 1/2 inches."

"Now, yours, Dinky," my wife instructed.

I stroked myself to full length which didn't take much, because I was already nearly hard and measured it, "5 inches."

Megan laughed, "Yeah that's quite a difference. Maybe I'll actually enjoy sex for once." With that my wife slipped off her teddie and beckoned her soon to be new lover to the bed. He didn't speak, but pushed her down on our bed and dropped his face between her legs. She started to moan almost instantly. "My God, he's better at oral sex than you, too. I thought that tiny dicked men were supposed to make up for it with their tongues...so much for that theory. You're just useless in bed, Dinky..." Her voice trailed off as the pleasure he was giving her started to escalate. I sat down to watch and came the second my hand touched my cock, just as Megan was reaching her first orgasm of the day.

As her lover sat up, he looked at me and spoke for the first time in the bedroom, "Look, Dinky really liked that." My wife looked at the mess on my lap and smiled, Then he said to me, "Dinky, if you liked that, you're going to love seeing me stretch out this sweet little pussy with my cock." My cock twitched and started to harden again.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and returned to find my wife sucking his big cock into her mouth. He was moaning as she licked up and down the shaft and around his mammoth balls. Then she'd take as much as she could into her mouth, sucking him and swirling her tongue around his cock. She's always been a good cocksucker and I could see he agreed. He didn't take long and he started to buck his hips, then he froze and I knew that he was shooting his cum down her throat. She swallowed quickly several times to be sure not to miss a single drop. She slowed her rhythm and stroked him slowly to get him back to full erection. I had been hard for most of the blowjob and was stroking myself again, trying not to cum too fast again.

Megan laid on her back with her legs spread wide, "Please fuck me with that wonderful cock. I want to feel you inside me. Fill my pussy like it's never been filled before..."

Her lover knelt between her legs, then paused. "Come here, Dinky Dick." I went to the bed and sat on the edge where he pointed. "If you want to see me fuck your wife and ruin her pussy for you, I want you to put it in her. Spread her lips and feed my cock into her tight little cunt." I tentatively reached out and spread the lips of her pussy with one hand. Megan smiled, knowing that this man was playing right into our game now. I grasped his thick cock. It felt so much different than mine--thicker, heavier, stronger. I rub the big head of his cock up and down her dripping slit to get it wet, then pushed it between the her lips. As he thrust forward a little to enter her, my hand was still wrapped around his cock. My fascination and excitement consumed me and I didn't let go. With each thrust, I stroked the portion of his cock still outside her body. "Get out of the way, Dink. I got some pussy to fuck now." I did as I was told and returned to my chair.

As the speed of his fucking picked up, so did my stroking. My cock was harder than it's been since I was a teenager. Megan yelled out, "Oh my God, your so good. I never knew a cock could feel like that..." She moaned her way into a series of small orgasms. "I love your cock. It's so much better than James'." His hips were a blur as him pumped hard into her pussy. As she hit yet another orgasm, I erupted all over myself for the second time.

Within seconds, his ass tightened as he drove one final time into my wife's willing pussy and held still, pumping his big load of cum into her, giving her pussy the first cum other than mine that it had ever held.

They held each other for a moment and kissed, then he said that he really should be going. They showered together, soaping each other and touching each other all over their bodies. I cleaned up with a towel. Little was said as they dressed, but Megan kept me naked. We walked to the front door where she led me outside, still naked to stand in front of his car. We live and a country road that sees very little traffic, so I prayed that this would not be the time a car would drive by.

Megan kissed her lover while I stood there with my shriveled dick hanging there. After two very strong orgasms, it didn't have any energy left. Megan broke the kiss and said, "If you don't mind, I'd like to see your cock one more time. I just loved it and can't get enough." He smiled and gestured that she was welcome to it. Megan dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. She fished out his semi-hard cock and took it into her mouth. "Mmmm, that's nice," she said. "It's so big and hard. That's what a cock should be, right, Dinky?"

I nodded. "Come kneel by me and watch closely to see how a real cock looks in my mouth," she said. I did and knelt down right next to her. She reached over and played with my cock while she sucked him, but it didn't respond to her touch. "What's wrong, Dinky? Can't get it hard? I guess only a real man can get hard over and over like this, huh?" I nodded. I could tell that he was getting close as his hips were beginning to sway. Megan stopped and looked at me, "Here, Dinky, you finish...my jaw is getting sore." She pulled my head to his crotch and his cock pressed against my lips. "Open!" She commanded and I obeyed, feeling his cock slip into my mouth. "And make sure you swallow it, like I did upstairs."

As I did my best to suck his cock, he laughed. Grabbing my head, he started to thrust into my mouth. I choked and gagged, but he kept ramming his cock into my mouth. I heard a car coming down the road. It slowed and turned into our driveway. I panicked and tried to pull off, but he kept my face pressed against his crotch. Then he tensed up and fired several big blasts of cum down my throat. I gagged as my mouth filled with the residual trickle of cum he fed me. I choked down the mouthful of cum as he pulled his cock away. He zipped up and headed for his car.

I turned to see Megan's sister and her eighteen year old daughter standing next to me. They both looked down at the label right above my tiny, shriveled cock. Our niece giggled and my sister in law asked, "What's going on?"

Megan replied, "Come on inside. We'll tell you ALL about it."

We headed inside where I stayed naked for the entire afternoon while they chatted and she relived the experience with her sister and niece. My humiliation was complete.

After they left, Megan helped me clean up. She said, "I really love you, James. I hope that you had as much fun as I did. And I DID have fun. Are you okay with everything?"

I thought for a second and said, "Yeah, I had fun too. Thanks for fulfilling my fantasies."

"Your welcome. Did you like the added touch of inviting my sister and niece over? I thought that was the perfect ending..."

I just shook my head in amazement. She was good at this.

"By the way, what was his name?" I shrugged.

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