tagBDSMA Gentle Submission

A Gentle Submission


I have decided that it's time to test your submission.

I know some of the things that excite you and I know that your mind is open to new experiences so I tell you that you will come to Me and offer yourself for whatever purposes I choose to use you. I warn you that if you accept then you will have no further choice and will obey My instructions. I will not abuse the control that you give to Me but I will stretch you and may take you to places where you would not venture alone. I ask you to agree and you do.

You come to Me at the time we chose and you await my instructions. Yare fully clothed as I inspect you. I walk slowly around you - remembering what I know about you. In fact I know very little about the rest of your life but I know that it excites you to know that I am drawn to your sexuality. My hand reaches out and fingertips touch your skin in a few places where it is exposed. I feel your face which is hot because you are nervous, almost shy, at what we are doing. Your eyes are open but lowered. My hand moves down gently to your neck and I feel the strong steady pulse.

The room is warm and comfortable with a bed, chair and dressing table. Warm sunlight filters through venetian blinds. There is no noise but the sounds we make.

I start to undress you slowly, taking off each layer of clothing and draping it over the nearby chair. With each new revelation of you I pause to enjoy what I see. It is a voyage of discovery for Me and I feel a pleasure at stripping away the layers of clothing that hide you from Me.

As each garment leaves your body I hold it and feel your warmth still in it before I put it carefully aside. The unveiling is a process of getting ever closer to the real you. At one level you are allowing Me to expose your body just as you have shown Me what you know about your erotic self.

When you are almost naked and I am fully dressed I stand facing you so close we can hear each other breathing. I lift My arms to your shoulders and pull you gently towards Me. Your skin is soft against My hands and I feel the warmth of your body through my clothing. I look into your eyes and ask if you are ready. When you nod, I kiss your lips.

Immediately, I blindfold you and remove your bra and panties, leaving you naked. I let My hands explore you. For the first time I feel your breasts - cupping them in My hands; I find your nipples and toy with them; I tease, roll and pinch them and feel their response as they stiffen in My fingers. I bend My head and you feel the warmth of My mouth settling on each of them in turn. My wet slippery tongue flicks and circles them and my lips suck. I use My teeth carefully because I cannot resist biting you.

I enjoy the fact that you are giving yourself - surrendering your mind and body to the sensations I generate in you. But I want more. You expect Me to want more.

I tell you to step back, the bed is behind you.

When you are comfortably laid on your back, I walk around the bed. You are still blindfolded and can only tell where I am by the sound of my steps; or my breathing; or my voice when I tell you how I am enjoying looking at your body. I ask you to spread yourself and watch as your arms and legs reach towards the corners of the bed. You half expected to be bound but it is still a big step when you allow Me to fasten your ankles and wrists. The cord I use is not rough and I do not pull the knots too tight but it soon becomes impossible for you to move your limbs more than two inches in any direction.

I choose that moment to remind you that you have given yourself to Me; that you are naked, bound and spread for My pleasure and that I intend to take you.

I remind you because I know that being made to think about what you have agreed to will bring back the feelings that had already brought you to My arms. You know that whatever I do to you while you are willingly helpless will bring Me pleasure; that I will feel good at having the power to control your body and stimulate your mind.

You are very aware that you are bound and blindfolded and that when my fingers slide down the skin of your belly and part your lips, your arousal will be obvious to Me. Knowing that I can do this though, encourages Me to be slow and thorough.

I use My face against your skin as I explore the smoothness of your skin. I smell the mixture of perfume and woman as I let my mouth kiss and cling at your neck, shoulders, face and breasts. I scrape my fingernails over your skin with just enough force to have you flinch for a moment before you arch against Me. Then I move away and the next sensation you feel is that of both my hands sliding along the inside of your legs. Starting at your ankles they linger as your body writhes. You mentally urge me to go higher, to spread you wide and use you, but I will do that in My own time.

Again I move away and make you wait. Then I kiss your lips, softly.

The next kiss is the one you have been waiting for - a greedy kiss that forces your lips wide. My tongue thrusts and dances with yours and you strain against your restraints as you struggle to prolong the kiss. You are desperate to use your arms to draw Me closer, to feel Me where you need to feel Me, to tear off the blindfold and see Me. But you can't. That is your submission. You have given Me that control.

You are laying flat on your back with legs and arms reaching to the four corners of the bed where they are bound to hold you firmly where I want you. You are blindfolded and spread naked - totally at My mercy because you chose to give Me that power over you.

The room is comfortably warm and there are no sounds to disturb the thoughts running through your mind. We have kissed and I have roamed over your smooth skin with My hands and face. Your happiness at receiving My attention is tinged with a little concern that I might demand things that you haven't done before or would not want to do unless I insisted. But you want to be tested, stretched. You need My control to allow you to open yourself to new experiences - or old ones that you need to be reminded about.

These have been your thoughts as you listen to Me moving around. You wonder if I am teasing you - it has been three of four minutes since I kissed you and said "Wait".

You are startled when there is a knock on the door. You strain to hear as I cross the room and the door is opened. You hear My voice but not what is said and then the door closes.

There is now a mixture of fear and anticipation in your mind. Is there someone else in the room with us? Have I asked for room service and had something delivered?

Before your concern has a chance to grow you feel the closeness of My face beside yours and I reassure you by letting you hear Me. I remind you that before we leave the room I will make love to you but first I will take you on an adventure.

There is a pause, no more than a few seconds before you feel My hands once more on your body. This time they stay on the skin of your thighs, stroking you in a way that almost tickles but at the same time makes you feel like purring. You move your hips as far as you can to try and make my fingers touch your sex and they do get very close, tantalisingly close, but always move away at the last minute. Until I decide that you are ready.

The persistent movement of My hands on you ceases and you wait for whatever happens next.

That's then you feel something like a warm, creamy fluid being poured gently onto you. The first trickle hits your mound and flows down over your cunt lips. My fingers reach down and part them and the thick liquid oozes between them. You hear Me moan My satisfaction and know that I am watching as whatever it is fills the gap there and forms a small lake at your cunt before trickling downwards once more. You feel another new sensation as it passes your puckered arse and finally flows between your cheeks onto the bed beneath you.

Next you feel the sensation of gentle scratching on the skin of your belly. A small brush of some sort perhaps stroking circles on you. You pray that it moves where you expect and want it to. It is lifted from you for an instant and then you feel it between those cunt lips - dipping into the slippery fluid that you imagine glistening on your flesh.

The brush is used on you as a painter would use it to spread his paint. The tip explores every nook and cranny, outside your inner lips and then between them, dipping into your cunt and then moving in raid strokes up to your clit. Finally it concentrates on your clit. The pressure builds and the strokes come from different directions as more of the warm liquid is poured over you.

As well as the brush you feel fingers on you. They too delve into all of the laces you once regarded as private and secret but which you have now gifted to Me for your pleasure.

You lose track of the brush and of the fingers, you hear Me talking but you don't listen to the words because you are lost in the experience. In the darkness, the warmth, the restraint and the submission you feel only the sensations of your cunt and your arse demanding your attention.

The climax when it comes is an orgasm that makes you grunt with its force and moan as it floods through your body you feel wave after wave of tension and pleasure. Passion and heat. The movements keep pace with your body's satisfaction and slow as your muscles start to relax .. turning into a gentle stroking in time with your breathing.

You remember now where you are and what we are doing and you gasp a happy "Thank You" but when you hear the reply there is another hot rush of blood through your body.

"It was my pleasure.. thank you" - but it is not My voice.

"Thank you" I add to reassure you that I am there too.

Then you hear the door open and close again as the stranger goes.We are alone in the room. You are still restrained and the blindfold still shuts out all but a warm glow of light.

Your mind is struggling with what has just happened. Your orgasm was as powerful as any that you have ever experienced but I had allowed someone else to be a part of it. You feel that you should regret what has happened but how can you when it was, and still is, so exciting?

While these thoughts are flashing through your mind, you are conscious only of movements in the room and you are surprised when you realise that I am once again standing beside the bed. You know that I am there only because My cock is tapping your hand.

Your fingers open and you feel the stiffness on your palm. Your fingers close around it and you feel it twitch in response. I move My body slowly back and forth and allow you to feel My cock fucking your hand.

You already knew that what had just happened had excited Me but now you had the proof in your grasp.

When I keep still, you try to move your hand to continue My arousal, but your wrist is limited in how far it can move and you try rocking your palm and wriggling your fingers.

My cock pulls back between your fingers and you fear that I will remove it completely from your grip but you realise that I am leaning over you when my lips brush yours.

One of My hands softly grips your wrist on the far side of the bed and slides down your arm. My hands and fingers keep up a gentle pressure as they cover each inch of your soft smooth skin. The contact is maintained over your shoulders and breasts. You know that I am gazing at your nipples and you know also that My fingers will find and tease them - but not immediately. My fingertips press gently on the area of goosebumps surrounding them and brush casually over them. Then I cup your whole left breast before sliding My hand up to your neck and stroking the side of your face. Finally, I give you what you have been waiting for; I pinch your nipple. I rub the swollen bud between fingers and thumb and feel its firmness. I squeeze hard and see your body stiffen on the bed. Your grip around My cock is tight and I see the concentration on the bottom part of your face. Your lips are pressed together but a quiet moan escapes.

My next move surprises you once more.

I pull My cock from your hand and release your nipple. All contact with Me is lost.

Now you feel movement on the bed between your legs. You wait.

Your cunt is covered by a wet, slippery warmth and you know that My mouth is clamped between your thighs.

My tongue slides between your sex lips in a journey of exploration. Rubbing you softly while it is spread wide then becoming pointed and firm as the tip pushes into your cunt. My fingers hold you open as you start to grind your hips - but you can't move them far.

My tongue reaches your clit and circles it slowly. My lips surround that bud and suck gently on it - tugging it in every direction but never too hard. Each time you think that I am going to let you relax the tongue again starts its gentle lick, from clit to cunt and back.

When you have got used to the pattern of My movements, you allow yourself to start building towards another orgasm, knowing that it is My wish for you to cum well and often. I encourage you and respond to the rhythm of your body with the movements of My tongue.

I continue until I feel your legs and body grow tense.

When your thighs begin to tremble, I know that your feelings are overwhelming your conscious thoughts and I let My tongue slip. You feel my fingers on your clit and cunt lips but the tip of My tongue is wriggling in the puckered hole below your cunt. My tongue is fucking your arse.

The sensation is once again that of a slippery warmth, but this time it is probing somewhere dark and secret; somewhere you think of as wrong. Your orgasm cannot be prevented; it is close; it is inevitable; it explodes and you cry out with the intensity of it as your body writhes in the bindings and against My face.

When the waves of your orgasm finally subside you are exhausted. You are aware of my upper body and face between your thighs but I am not moving and you are content to feel me there. You relax in safety and allow a gentle sleep to take you.

You are woken by a touch on your arm and you realise that you can no longer feel me at your legs. Blindfolded still you smile up at where you guess I am but are surprised to hear my voice coming from another direction, "Ah, you're awake - and just in time."

For a moment you feel a fear of the unknown - a familiar sensation that I have taken you through on a number of occasions to show you the potential for exhilaration that lies beyond.

You concentrate on the contact with your arm, working out that what you feel is a gentle hand. The fingers are tracing lightly on the skin of your forearm, reaching to your wrist where the bindings still hold you firm. The hand is joined by another and they massage you, soothing the skin that has been held since I first laid you on the bed. As you allow yourself to experience the pleasure of the soothing fingers you remember all that has happened to you today and realise that, as far as you know, I still haven't cum.

While these ideas are drifting through your semi-dazed mind you can hear me on the phone at the far side of the room and you wonder whose hands are giving your wrists the wonderfully soothing massage.

That's when you get another surprise - as a hand covers your other hand. It explores you .. fingers slipping up and down over yours, palm pressed flat on your palm and then fingers gripping you. Not an unpleasant sensation, you decide, once you have got used to the idea that there are two other people in the room besides us - and that they seem to be very much involved in whatever is to happen to you next.

In the security of your blindfold you imagine who these people are. So far they have been silent but you wonder if they are a couple. The first pair of hands was small and the movement of those fingers on your skin was softly sensual. You concentrate on that side where they still stroke and soothe you. Yes, you decide, definitely a woman.

On the other side the hands are no less sensual and though slightly bigger and stronger they are not rough. Now you are wondering if it is a couple you know.

You smell the air for a trace of perfume or aftershave that would give a clue. You strain your ears for any sound they might make. You think you hear a sigh, maybe a small appreciative moan from the right, but nothing that adds to your knowledge.

Whoever they are they know how to make a woman relax with her body and their hands are soon exploring your torso as well as your arms. They seem to sense when you are comfortable with what is happening to you and when it is time to move on and stimulate another area of your skin. Before long their velvet touch has stroked your forehead and cheeks, they have run fingers through your hair and they have let their hands slide down both sides of your neck, giving you the thrill of anticipation.

Your mind is so totally absorbed in trying to solve the puzzle of who they might be that your body is reacting on autopilot to the increasing boldness of their moves. You realise with a start how far things have progressed when you feel mouths on your nipples. It is both simultaneous and shocking. Two unknown mouths are clamped to your skin, sucking your nipples between lips and teeth and sending unmistakable signals through your body.

You are aroused, your cunt craves to be touched, you groan your need and push your hips into the air.

Immediately your cunt is spread wide as something plunges into you. You sense, then feel a body over yours. You are impaled on a cock.

It thrusts deep into you, pauses and withdraws. It hovers just in contact with the lips of your sex and you realise how wet you are. It had slipped in so easily and now the air felt cool on your damp flesh. It thrusts again but this time does not pause. You feel the slow rhythm of a fuck that you recognise. I am fucking you at last.

Again and again I slide into your body, sometimes letting you grip me and then pulling myself back a few inches only to tease you again by raising my body from yours and allowing just your cunt to feel My cock as it pumps in and out.

The mouths have moved from your nipples and are at your face, sometimes forgotten in your lust, sometimes distracting you from my body by their nibbling and sucking.

You feel My body over you as I lower myself to thrust deeper again and you push up to meet Me. You turn your head from side to side and kiss the mouths that are hungry for you. You hear my voice through it all, telling you to give Me your cum, give Me it now.

Your body reacts instantly because it has become instinctive for it to do so. Our sex includes a whole range of exploration but I always demand your cum and you always give it.

Your body trembles in anticipation as you allow yourself to experience everything. The two unknown people who have used their hands and mouths for your pleasure; my body over yours, warm close, strong and tense; my cock in your slippery cunt, spreading and filling you over and over.

Through all the sensations you hear my voice and hands reach out to the side of your face again. Suddenly your blindfold is removed.

On top of everything else your eyes are flooded with light and as your orgasm floods through your body you blink eyes. You screw them tight with pleasure and then open them to see Me. close them again as another wave hits you and open them once more to try and focus on My face as you feel the spurts of My warm cum deep within you.

We groan together as the orgasms pass their peaks and the spasms slowly fade in intensity.

When we are still you have your eyes closed again but suddenly you feel your wrists being released from their bindings and become conscious once once more that we are not alone. You remember the hands, the mouths, the smells and you open your eyes with an overwhelming curiosity to see who shared this wonderful sexual act with you.

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