tagNonHumanA Ghostly Embrace

A Ghostly Embrace


Karen was working late again. It was the third time this week, but she didn't mind. With no one in her drab little apartment to miss her she spent a lot of time at work. She didn't mind the extra hours, even though she was on salary and wasn't making extra money for the extra hours. Karen and Mike had broken up a couple of months ago, and ever since she hadn't been able to get interested in men again. Their relationship had started in high school, and Karen thought that someday they would get married. Catching Mike sleeping with her neighbor had destroyed those hopeful dreams.

Now Karen kept mostly to herself, even among her coworkers. At five foot seven, 125 pounds, with auburn hair and pert lips, she was often stared at, but she never took notice. Not even on this night when Jason had invited her to go with him and some of the other office drones to celebrate. Karen politely declined, and didn't even notice the dejected look on Jason's face when he walked away from her cubicle.

Suddenly Karen yawned, and looking at her watch realized it was getting late. She had worked past 10 pm without even realizing it. Quickly Karen shut down her workstation, tidied up her desk and grabbed her coat and purse. On her way out of the office she made sure the door was locked and then made her way to the elevators. It only took a few moments for the elevator to arrive, and Karen stepped inside only to drop her coat and purse as she tried to push the button for the parking garage. Cursing under her breath, Karen picked up her things, but in her frustration she didn't see that her car keys had fallen onto the elevator floor. Karen yawned again when the elevator dinged and the doors opened on the parking garage. Casually digging into her purse for her keys while walking toward her beat up Honda Civic, she suddenly realized they must have fallen out when she dropped her purse. She turned and tried to run back to the elevator before it closed, but her skirt and heels prevented her from being fast enough. It was when the elevator door closed, cutting off the light from within that Karen noticed the parking garage lights were not on.

Cursing again under her breath, Karen slowed to a walk and made her way to where she thought the elevator call buttons were. She never made it.

Before she could react a gloved hand covered her mouth and nose and with appalling strength pulled her backward into a hard body behind her. She barely even had time to panic before she felt the prick of a needle in the soft part of her neck below the jaw line. Almost instantly she felt drowsy, and then everything went black.

When Karen awoke, she was cold, and more than a little uncomfortable. Still groggy she tried to raise her hand to her head, but realized she couldn't move. Suddenly panicking, thinking she had been paralyzed she frantically tried to bring her hands up to her head. Slowly, as the fog of whatever drug she had been given wore off, she realized she wasn't paralyzed, but tightly bound. Her hands were straight out from her sides, and her ankles were each bound separately. As Karen regained more of her faculties she realized that it was dark, but not completely black. Looking down she saw that she was in a strange type of slightly reclining chair. It had no seat, only support for her thighs, and her back was pushed all the way into the back of it. Her wrists were bound to the arms of the chair that grew straight out to the sides. It was also at this time that Karen realized she was completely naked.

Karen wasn't particularly athletic, but she had a graceful, fit body. Not so much from working out, or making sure she ate the right kinds of food, but from her youth. At 21, Karen was quite an attractive girl. She had smallish C-cup breasts with dark pink areola and nipples. Her stomach was mostly flat with only a hint of paunch, and her hips were narrow without being skinny.

Bit by bit, either Karen was growing accustomed to the dim light, or it was getting brighter. She could now see that she was in a plain room with concrete walls on the three sides she could see. No windows, mirrors, or pictures broke the cold and hard grey lines of the cement. Straining her ears to listen, Karen tried to figure out where she might be. It was useless; no sound entered her silent prison.

"Which means no sound will likely get out of here either" Karen thought out loud.

"You're absolutely right my dear" came a slippery reply from behind her.

Karen sucked in a gasp of air, suddenly realizing that she was not alone. A slight shadow began moving along the wall, but she could hear no sound of footsteps. After what seemed like an agonizingly long time, her captor came to face her. He was dressed in a black turtleneck shirt, tan slacks, and very expensive looking shoes. He also wore a surgeons mask, but Karen could see that he had striking green eyes below a high forehead, and thick brown hair. She wondered how he moved so silently in those hard-soled shoes when he startled her by crouching to the floor between her spread thighs.

"Tsk, tsk" he said with a slight clucking sound, "You haven't been taking care of yourself Karen"

Karen had no idea what he was talking about until he stood again, silently walked behind her, and then silently returned with a small cordless electric trimmer. Again he crouched to the floor between her legs and began to trim away her pussy hair.

Tears streamed from the corners of her eyes as she helplessly watched this strange man methodically removing every last hair from her crotch. After a few minutes he seemed satisfied, and again moved silently behind her. A short pause later and he was back with shaving cream, a bowl of water, and a razor. Not quite paralyzed with fear, Karen began whimpering.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll give you anything, I have money. I'll give you as much as you want!" cried out Karen, but the man went on, unperturbed. He slowly massaged the shaving cream onto her skin with his fingertips, and then began using the razor to remove her stubbly pubic hair. Silently he removed all of her pubic hair, even around her little pink butt hole.

"That's much better, don't you think Karen?" said the strange man in more of a statement than a question.

"What do you want with me?" she cried. But he only looked at her over the surgeon's mask. Karen thought she knew only too well what the man wanted, but she was afraid to even think about it. Again the man stood, taking his grooming tools with him to some unknown area behind Karen. After a few moments he reappeared, holding some type of shiny chain in his hand. He reached out, placing a painfully tight spring clamp on her left nipple. She gasped from the pain and weight on her nipple.

"Feel free to cry out, or even scream if you like. No one can hear you here, and I like the feedback" said the man from behind his mask. To Karen it sounded like he was smiling as he said it. He added a clamp to her other nipple, and connected the silvery chain between the two.

He pulled from his pocket a brass pyramid about the size of a walnut. It had a hook on the top of it as if it was going to be hung from a Christmas tree. It hung just as cleverly from the chain connecting Karen's nipple clamps. The sudden weight pulling on her already sore nipples caused incredible pain, and Karen now wept openly, begging for him to stop. But the man had no intentions of stopping. Over the next few minutes he attached several more of the brass pyramids to the chain until Karen thought her nipples would be ripped from her breasts.

Again, the man moved silently behind Karen. To her surprise, and dismay, she heard a door open. Then the dim light went out, and the door closed again leaving Karen alone in utter darkness. The weight pulling on her nipples was growing more and more excruciating. Karen was at the point where she didn't think she could take it any more when slowly, as if she was imagining it, she felt the caress of cold air teasing over her bare shoulders. Unsure of what she was feeling, Karen tried to listen for the sound of a fan, or air conditioning. But the air over the rest of her body was completely still. Slowly, the cold caress of air moved down over her shoulder to her chest, and then to her throbbing nipples. The cold air was slightly calming, even though Karen had no idea where it could be coming from.

After what seemed to Karen a very long time, the door behind her opened again, and the light came on again. Even as dim as it was, it made her blink and squint as if it were as bright as the sun. Instantly the cold caress on her breasts was gone and Karen sucked in another great breath as the pain returned.

The man behind the surgeon's mask appeared before her with his hands filled with objects that filled her with terror. In his right hand he held a plastic object that Karen could only describe as gigantic. In his left hand he held more chain. For a dizzying moment, Karen thought he would add more weight to the chain hanging by her nipples.

"Surely if he adds more weight it will pull them off!" she thought in her pain addled mind.

Seeing the uncertainty in Karen's eyes, the man gestured with his right hand.

"This is called the Super Big End. It's one of my favorites." He said, as if that explained everything to the naïve young woman in front of him. Realizing from the look on her face that she still didn't understand, he laughed and walked behind her again. When he returned the gigantic plastic object was shiny with some kind of white grease.

"Allow me to demonstrate, my innocent young slave" he cooed as he knelt in front of her again.

Karen almost cried out in shock as he reached between her legs and began rubbing the point of the anal plug against her virgin ass. Immediately the tears burst from her eyes as her naiveté finally washed away and she realized why she was here. This man was holding her not just as his slave, but also as his sex slave. All thoughts crashed from her mind as the blinding pain of the anal plug being shoved into her tiny pink pucker. This time she screamed louder than she had ever screamed before. It felt like the plug was tearing her open, and still there was more of it jamming it's way into her.

Finally, when Karen thought she couldn't take the pain any longer, the largest diameter of the plug passed her tight ring, and the plug was snugly inside her. Karen swooned, and her eyes began to roll back in her head. Suddenly she was jolted out of her near faint by a crisp slap to her face. It was hard and fast, and it hit her so hard it set the weights hanging from her nipples swinging. The pain in her ass, her nipples, and now her face was beyond anything she could have imagined.

"You are not allowed to miss any part of my treats for you, Karen", hissed the strange man. As soon as Karen appeared to no longer be in danger of fainting, the man then revealed the object in his left hand. It was more clips, connected by a chain. For a moment Karen thought these were for her nipples too, but the man immediately put that thought out of her mind when he casually reached between her legs and attached a clip to each of her labia. Red hot pain seared into Karen as the man just chuckled while he cruelly added more pyramid shaped weights from his pocket onto the chain dangling from her pussy lips.

Karen was crying out like a new born baby at this point, and she had no idea how long she could take the pain.

She was about to discover that she was going to take more than she ever dreamed.

Still laughing to himself, the man silently walked behind Karen, and she thought he was going to leave her again to wrestle with the pain. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Without a word, and without warning, a slight swishing sound came from Karen's right side just before the agonizing slap of a thin bamboo cane struck her on the sight of her right breast. Again Karen screamed, but it seemed to only encourage the man. Over and over the slender cane made the swishing sound through the air before striking Karen and leaving angry red welts. Each time the cane struck her, it was in a terribly sensitive area. He struck her breasts, her inner thighs, the under side of her outstretched arms. He even administered to the bottoms of her feet. Even as Karen screamed in pain, the cruel man continued to laugh almost maniacally.

"Let's see how we're doing, shall we?" cooed the man in between fits of giggling. He crouched between her legs again and reached his hand out to her stretched pussy lips. Karen was numb at this point, and wasn't sure what he was doing. When he brought back his hand, she was horrified to see it was wet with her own juices. Silently, the man wiped the slippery pussy juices on her face.

"Enjoy yourself, it's time I've gotten some rest." And he quickly released the clamps holding the weights to her nipples and labia. The blood rushing back into her nipples was almost as painful as having the clamps in place.

And with that, the man walked out of the room, turning out the light as he shut the door.

Sobbing, Karen began to take stock of her many welts and bruises. She couldn't see them, but she could tell they were there. There must be hundreds of them, she thought. While she mentally assessed her pain, she realized even without the use of her hands that her pussy was wet, and practically throbbing with desire. The thought left her with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, but then almost as quickly as she recognized her wetness, she realized how badly she needed to orgasm. Then, just as slowly as before the cool air began to coalesce around her body. Sending shivers down her spine, and raising goose bumps all over her flesh the cool air moved across her body from behind her and then onto the front of her naked form.

At first, Karen thought she was delusional, but the longer the cool air was there the more she realized it was a real thing. Strangely, Karen accepted it for what it was and began to appreciate how good the cool caress of the air made her welts, nipples, and inflamed labia feel. For a while Karen just took slow deep breaths with her eyes closed, but when the air stopped caressing her all over, and seemed to only touch her on her breasts she opened her eyes with a jolt.

It was at this point that Karen thought her mind had broken. She thought the agony and humiliation had driven her crazy. For in front of her was a pale light, as if luminescent smoke had formed into a human shape. If it was a human shape, it would have been crouching in front of Karen, much like the insane man with the mask. With her eyes nearly bulging from her face, Karen watched as the luminescent smoke trailed its nearly formless (arms?) down her body to her thighs, then to her knees before moving along her inner thighs to her embarrassingly twitching pussy. The closer they got, the more aroused Karen became, and by the time the cool touch of the smoke reached her most intimate area, she thought she might come in anticipation alone.

The smoke took on more tangible form, and Karen couldn't help but think it seemed feminine. It began slowly moving up and down her soaked slit, enticing a light moan from Karen's mouth. The movement became more urgent, and Karen was sure she was insane as she felt one, then two cool fingers enter her and begin moving in and out. As the sensation filled Karen with desire and pleasure, the smoke took on more and more solidity, until Karen could see a woman before her. Karen's desire was the only thing that kept her from absolute terror as the smoke woman leaned forward and took one of her ravaged nipples into its mouth.

By now if Karen wanted to scream she couldn't, her desire and building orgasm taking away her breath. If she had been in any state of normal mental capacity Karen would have been amazed at the sound of her juices sloshing around the smoke woman's fingers. Just as Karen's orgasm came crashing out of her, the smoke woman moved it's mouth from Karen's tortured nipples to her mouth, giving her a cool kiss that stole her breath away. It was more than she could take, Karen bucked in her restraints, as wave after wave of her orgasm crashed through her and finally slumped into the seat unconscious. The smoke woman seemed to tilt it's head to the side as one of it's hands brushed a lock of Karen's hair away from her eyes and then slowly disappeared from sight.

Some time later the mad man with the mask woke Karen. He was holding a strange wand in his hand that had a cord dangling from it that stretched behind Karen and disappeared. He thumbed a switch on the handle, and blue lighting sparked around its tip. Karen could see the lines of a smile around his eyes as he touched the electrified tip of the wand to various parts of her body. Each time it touched her she cried out in pain, but Karen as well as the mad man could tell that she was also becoming aroused again. Slowly, the electrifying jolts of the wand began to stop hurting, and started sending spasms into her sopping pussy. Karen's breathing became heavy, and she was almost surprised to feel an orgasm beginning to build deep inside her.

Almost as if he could sense it, the man suddenly became angry, and threw the wand to the ground. Stomping off behind her, Karen was suddenly afraid again.

"Please, let me go! I'll do anything you want. Just let me go" cried a suddenly very frightened Karen.

This was the first time she had ever heard the man move, and it was even more frightening that his weird cat-like movement from before. Now he was moving toward her again, and when he appeared in front of her again, he had a long black stem of something resembling hard leather with a small flat leather flap on the end.

"Maybe my crop will teach you!" shouted the man as he brought it down hard on Karen's thigh. The sound of the crop hitting her bare flesh seemed deafening within the concrete walls of her prison, and Karen sucked in a large gulp of air as the pain rippled through her body. Again and again the man struck her with the crop, making the lashes from the cane seem like slight pats in comparison. After only a few strikes, Karen was sobbing and choking, unable to pull enough air into her lungs to beg for mercy.

Finally the blows from the crop stopped, and Karen opened her eyes to see the man standing before her. Her eyes again widened in despair as she looked on his naked form. She had no idea when he had undressed, but there he was in front of her wearing only the surgeon's mask. Karen couldn't help but look at his cock, and was shocked by the size of it. Not because it was big, but because it was so small. It was fully erect, and looked to Karen as if it was only half as big as her ex-boyfriend's. Perhaps because her pussy was throbbing with desire again, or because he was naked, Karen didn't notice the knife in his hand.

The man put his knife hand on the chair behind Karen's head, and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "You will pleasure me with that pouty mouth, or I will leave you in this room to starve to death" came the hot whisper in her ear. Then he moved forward, and placed his turgid member in front of Karen's face.

Without even having to think about it, Karen eagerly began giving the man the best blowjob she knew how. It wasn't professional, as Karen was young and inexperienced, but she made up for skill with enthusiasm. The more she orally pleased the man, the hornier she got, until her pussy and clitoris seemed to throb with desire. She licked his cock from the tip all the way to the base of the shaft, and then worked her way up again. Then she enveloped him with her mouth and began sucking on it as she moved her mouth up and down his small member. Each time she came up to the head, she would flick it with her tongue and them move her mouth down again. Soon the man was breathing so hard his surgeon's mask was puffing in and out with his breath. Karen felt his small cock swell slightly, and then felt his come jetting into her mouth. She choked on it, and it began dribbling out of her mouth and onto her bruised tits. Some of it hit the back of her throat, and she was forced to swallow so she wouldn't inhale it.

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