tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 03

A Gift From His Father Ch. 03


Penny Jones was making her rounds of the assisted living facility where she worked, checking on her assigned residents. Her last stop that morning was her favorite; she loved her morning visits with Ms. Lizzy Brooks. She was so delightful a person, Penny loved talking with the old woman, not so much for the wisdom that she had accumulated over the more than 100 years of life, but for the kindness that she so readily displayed. She seemed to truly care more about others than for herself and had a great sense of humor. She had slowed down a bit, and she had given Penny permission to enter her apartment using her pass key, which is what she was accustomed to doing. She turned the key and called out announcing herself.

"Ms. Lizzy, it's me Penny Jones. I am here to check on you, are you awake?"

Ms. Lizzy had just finished rubbing herself to her third consecutive orgasm, and was working on the fourth when she heard the Penny's call. Two thoughts immediately entering in to Ms. Lizzy's thoughts, for reasons she didn't quite understand she had somehow grown younger overnight, it might be smarter to keep that a secret for now and the second she was hornier than she could ever remember being it had been decades since she had been intimate with another person, maybe Penny would be able to scratch the itch she couldn't quite reach.

"I am awake and still in the bedroom, can you give me a few minutes," she asked as she got up from the bed and admired her newly regenerated naked body in her dresser mirror. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. "How do I explain this," she wondered, rubbing her strong hands over her much younger body, which began to distract her again.

"Take your time Ms. Lizzy, do you want me to fix you a cup of tea?"

Penny's response broke the spell, but gave Ms. Lizzy an idea. She replied, "Yes dear, that would be wonderful, I'll be out in a minute."

Moving surprisingly fast, she pulled on her robe, brushed her teeth, pausing long enough to admire how strong her teeth felt and how good they looked. She wrapped her hair and pulled it under her favorite shower cap and put her thick glasses on, despite no longer being able to see clearly through them, she found her cane, which she rarely used, but knew it would complete her cover. She taking one last look in the mirror, she had to look over her glasses to see that she looked enough like her old self not to alarm Penny. She practiced her old tentative walk a few times and decided that she was ready and opened the door to find Penny seated on her couch reading last month's copy of "Black Enterprise".

"Good Morning, sweetie," she said as she gingerly entered the room, "so nice to see you this morning."

"Thank you, Ms. Lizzy," Penny said putting down the periodical and coming forward to hug the old woman. "Did you sleep well? You look a little different this morning."

"Oh my," Lizzy replied, "I hope I am not coming down with something. I feel fine! I do look a mess," she said as she patted her face and robe. "To what do I owe the visit?"

"Miss Lizzy, I am just making my morning rounds."

"Is it 10 AM already? I must have lost track of time," she said and thought, "time does fly when you are having fun."

"Well, I won't keep you. I'll just check your meds and food stocks and be out of your hair," Penny said as she went into the kitchen and did a thorough check. "You are low on your 'Bystolic pills', do you want me to order more?" Not waiting for an answer, Penny moved quickly to the refrigerator and did a quick inventory.

As she was bending and looking into the refrigerator, Lizzy couldn't help admiring the young woman's physique, she was average height, a little on the thin side, but not skinny. It was hard to tell her breast size and cup, probably an A or B. She looked absolutely adorable in her business suite. She was so sweet and still very professional when the situation called for it. She could have been a fashion model, copper colored skin, straight black hair, high cheekbones, petite nose, flawless creamy complexion and an award winning smile. Lizzy couldn't believe what she was feeling. She hadn't been attracted to another woman in decades, she sighed as she inhaled the younger woman's fragrant scent.

"Looks like you need some milk and butter. Do you want me to order your regular assortment of fruit and vegetables, too?" Penny asked, she felt that Ms. Lizzy was near, standing she saw her staring at her with a funny look on her face.

"Ms. Lizzy are you okay," the concern in her voice was evident knowing too well the old woman had cheated time and could go at any time. She took several steps and reached for and taking Lizzy's hand, her pulse seemed fast.

The touch of the young woman was too much for her, dropping her cane she pulled Penny into her embrace and finding her face planted a passionate kiss on her mouth. Penny was caught completely off guard, she was startled and gently pulled inches away attempting to scold the old woman, but Lizzy caught her eyes and looked deeply into them for the longest moment and entered her mind. She could feel the young woman's confusion, she had a strong mind and fought to resist. "No, this is wrong," she insisted, but Lizzy pressed hard and her defenses fell shattered around her and she surrendered.

Lizzy led her the short distance to couch and began to undress her, and Penny helped. As soon as she was naked Lizzy stepped back to admire her beauty. She was every bit as lovely as Lizzy imagined her to be. Lizzy pulled off her glasses and shower cap, shook out her hair and tossed aside her robe. Penny couldn't believe the younger version of the old woman she once knew. Her frail body was replaced by a full set of luscious breast, a firm muscular abdomen and long shapely legs, with an abundant amount of curly black hair and a sparkling diamond jewel was peeking out beneath the long curls.

Penny asked, "How is this possible."

Lizzy simply stepped closer to Penny and once again entering mind, "And so it begins again," she thought. "What begins again, "Penny asked. "Never mind, young one, let us proceed."

They kissed again very passionately, in a kiss that seemed to know no time, and when the kiss was broken, Penny walked to the bedroom pulling Lizzy by the hand. Arriving at the bed Penny took one of Lizzy's ample breasts into her mouth and began nursing on the large nipple, while squeezing the breast as if trying to get her mother's milk. Lizzy moaned. She had long forgotten these wonderful feelings, it was if she was feeling them new for the first time, they seemed stronger and better somehow. She had forgotten how much she loved sex. How could she have forgotten these feelings, they were so intense and so fine. Reclining into the bed and lying on her back, using pillows to support her she watched and continued urging Penny work her magical tongue. Alternating between each breast, Penny knew just what would feel good. Lizzy couldn't believe how wet she had become and mentally commanded Penny to taste her secretions. Penny had never had sex with another woman, but she knew what she liked and while rearranging her position decided to begin there. She licked along the outer lips, occasionally stopping to smooth away a stray hair. But Lizzy was too excited to be toyed with and Penny knew she needed to dive in. She began to drink in the delicious nectar, she thought that she had never tasted anything so good before, she was becoming drunk on it and when it was gone she needed more and knew how to get it. First using her tongue she found Lizzy's clitoris already peeking out from its hood. She licked it and was rewarded immediately with soft sighs and moans. Using her teeth guarded with her lips she began a gentle chewing. It was soon too much for Lizzy to bear and she exploded in the strongest orgasm that she could remember. Penny began climaxing too, but did her best to continued drinking the sweet nectar. Just as both women were enjoying the pleasing feelings, an enormous energy bolt exploded from the diamond pin piercing Lizzy's labia. It arced out like a lightning bolt, the explosion not only knocked Penny back onto her back but causing both women to shutter and writhe as their waning orgasms renewed strength in and doubled in it intensity, causing both to lose consciousness.


Tammy went about her daily chores effortlessly, greeting customers, answering questions, and fielding numerous phone calls. At lunch she ate a small salad and put on her new cross trainers and walked for twenty minutes before returning to her desk. During her walk she saw an outfit in one of the women's clothing stores and decided that she would do some shopping that evening after work. The rest of the day was a blur and passed quickly, although continued having to use the ladies room frequently, but she didn't care.

After work she found herself in the clothing store and attempting to explain to the clerk, a petite young blonde girl that she was dieting and needed to find new clothes. When asked what her size was she replied she was a size 18. The clerk shook her head, doubting that was still the case and asked how she had been dieting. When Tammy told her just a few days, the clerk looked at her suspiciously and said that can't be right and pulled out her tape measurer. "You measurements are 39-31-41 that would make you a size 16," she said as a matter of fact.

Tammy began laughing hysterically, after a moment, she regained her composure. "You're serious," she asked while fanning herself.

"Of course," the clerk replied. "What were you expecting, what did you think your measurements were?"

"Well, she hesitated, the last time I measured I was 42-35-46," she replied blushing slightly. "You expect me to believe that you lost three inches on you bust, four inches on your waist and five inches on your hips in one day? I am sorry, but that is simply not possible," the clerk replied.

"I don't know what to tell you, but none of my clothes fit and I need a few outfits to hold me over until I stop loosing, can you help me?" Tammy pleaded.

Sensing a business opportunity the clerk said. "Let's assume that you are losing weight and inches at that pace, anything that you buy would be too big for you in a couple of days," the clerk reasoned. "But tell you what I am going to do. I will sell you two outfits, if they are too big for you by the end of the week, I'll exchange them for smaller sizes, no questions asked. But, if you somehow become a celebrity due to your dieting, you promise to endorse my store?"

"This is your store?"

"Yes, me and the bank," the clerk and store owner stated, hoping that she wouldn't regret this decision, as business wasn't good and she needed any help she could get.

"Okay, you have a deal," Tammy agreed after seeming to ponder it for a few seconds. "But, I need everything, shoes, and lingerie and business suits."

After about two hours trying on various clothing and outfits Tammy returned home with several bags and boxes of new clothing and shoes and was looking forward to the next day at work.


John had spent half the day at the car dealership and although he could have simply had the sales staff do his bidding, he decided to refrain from using his powers, in the end the salesman that had pounced on him as he was exiting his mother's red Mercedes Benz turned out to be a decent guy and would score two sales with a single customer, something that rarely happened to him. With a quick phone call to the bank, John had a line of credit and drove home a green Ford F-150 Pickup loaded with all the options.

He also had plenty of time to talk with his father, whom had somehow had his consciousness infused within the ring after his death, the very ring he now worn on his right hand. He patiently listened to his dad's vague answers to his specific questions. The disemboweled voice that only he could hear in his mind seemed only to admit that he was there in the ring as a result of a series of poor decisions on his part, and that his long life abruptly came to an end as punishment. He refused to tell John just how old he was; instead he admitted that he had lived much longer than he had even imagined was possible, hinting that he was well over a hundred years old when he died, despite looking to be in his mid-fifties. John asked about the rings origins and every question he could think of, but again he frustrated by half answers, which only led him to more questions. As when John asked about the circumstances surrounding how he came to possess the ring. The thing with the strange box and being asked to use his DNA to open it seemed a little out of place for an ancient ring. His dad would only admit that he was a bit of a science nerd and it was important that the ring didn't fall into the wrong hand. That made sense so John didn't press. He was happy to get any answers and to finally be able to get to know his father even if it was in a less corporal way. Suddenly it dawned on him that he still hadn't heard from April, so he dialed her number while concentrating on her to answer the call. She answered on the first ring.

"Hello John," she said trying to act as if she didn't want to talk to him.

"Hey Ape, you've been avoiding me, what's up?"

She took a deep breath and told him that she thought that he and his mother were having an affair and that she couldn't be a part of something so wrong and began to cry. Taking a few moments to regain her composure, she continued telling him how much she had enjoyed their time together until that moment. John let her vent, and when she seemed to be talked out he told her that his mother was out town with her new boyfriend and that there was nothing between them that a mother and son shouldn't be sharing. Finally, he asked her to come over so that he could make it up to her. She said that she would be there in about thirty minutes, but arrived in ten.

Before John opened the door he was trying to decide how much if any should he tell her. He wasn't sure, but he realized that if she reacted badly, he could always begin again. It was all so strange. Although he was enjoying his new abilities, he had a constant reminder that he had to be careful of what he did. And all this was causing him to grow up a little faster than he wanted, but he accepted that too. He was beginning to understand what his father was trying to tell him, everything had changed indeed. The rules which he had lived his entire life had now changed, and the best advice he had was to be good to others and don't take advantage too much, mostly try to keep a balance. He was nervous about having all this power and very little experience; he didn't want to do something he couldn't repair. And he did have his father to provide some guidance.

"Well," he shrugged, "I can't complain about being bored." As he walked to the door, he changed his clothes to fit his mood, Dockers slacks, a loose fitting muscle shirt and no shoes.

Arriving at the door and sensed April's presence on the other side and opened the door, "Hey you," he said as he laid eyes on her. She looked stunning; she was wearing a floral printed Tommy Bahama beach blossoms halter dress, which showed off her curves in the most flattering way.

"I was going to make you wait, but decided the hell with it," she said. "Are you going to ask me in or undress me out here on the porch?"

"In due time," he teased, "turn around, please."

She played their little game, and twirled slowly in her white sandaled feet, as he whistled his approval.

"Do you like," she asked already knowing the answer.

"You know it," he said, "come on in."

She stepped into the house and reached up wrapping her hands around his neck as he closed the door and said, "I've missed you." Before he could reply she placed her lips against his and kissed him. John responded and their tongues danced, swirled and probed each other's mouths, increasing their combined temperatures to the boiling point. John resisted stripping her of her clothes deciding that they had plenty of time and pulled her into the living room and onto the overstuffed couch. They embraced again and continued making out.

After several minutes, April pulled away and slid out of her dress, revealing her small pert breast and mocha leopard lace-trim cheeky panties, prompting another whistle from John. She twirled again on the toes of one foot, having removed her sandals and sauntered back to the couch where John waited more than ready. She pushed him back and began to open his pants, while he pulled his shirt over his head and helped her slide his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Before kneeling between his legs she took his bobbing erection in her hands, and began licking its length, paying close attention to the sensitive underside. Gently grasping his testicles she fondled them as she slid her mouth over the helmet like head taking as much as she could down her throat. She was new to oral sex, and eager to learn what to do. John was enjoying their play, he was feeling very good and wished that April would take him deeper into her throat. Suddenly emboldened, she took him deeper than she thought she could, he was big, bigger than any of the other boys she'd attempted this with, and she was amazed and proud that she didn't gag. John was getting that slight itch that signaled his pending release, he didn't want to surprise April, she was doing so good a job. "Ape, I am going to come," he said as his posture stiffened, "Ahhhhh."

April simply relaxed and accepted all he had to give and was amazed to find that he tasted like butterscotch. She loved butterscotch. "How strange," she thought and then dismissed the thought as she swallowed and tried to get more.

"Whoa Ape, give me a minute," and then he thought why not and he came again this time he thought it only fair that she come too. This time as she drank his juice she began to feel her orgasm began to radiate from deep within her center and radiate to every nerve ending in her body. And then it was like it bounced back and intensified causing her to release John's still hard penis watching it wave back and forth as she fell back on to her cute little derriere and pushed both her hands into her panties.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she cried out, "this is amazing, "the last syllable seemed to echo through the house, finally she could only pant trying to catch her breath. "What the hell was that?"

John smiled looking down at her as she sat there on the living room floor with her hands massaging herself and her panties sitting half way down her thighs, not saying a word. Finally he leaned forward and said. "Want some more? "Hell yes," she said gracefully sliding her legs out of her panties, jumping to her feet and leaping into Johns waiting arms. As he caught her she effortlessly slid him inside. April couldn't believe how good it felt having him there. Sure, they had been together the other night and it was good, but this was off the charts. She felt so good and so full and they were just getting started. She screamed something indistinguishable and began to ride John like her life depended upon it. Each stroke feeling just a little better and before long she felt a strong orgasm forming but didn't want to stop, instead she continued to grind herself upon John even harder. Like a surfer paddling past the breaking surf, April found she had gotten over the first wave of intense pleasure as she felt a second building quickly. She tried to paddle past this one too, but it was much stronger and she found herself losing the battle, but she persisted, and somehow she had come through that one, too. She was sweating heavily now, but kept riding John harder. It wasn't long before she felt yet another much more intense wave of pleasure rising so quickly she didn't have time to brace herself and as it hit her she lost all control. John grabbed her legs and hung on to her, she was like a bull rider now holding on as if her life itself depended on it. Too soon it all became too much and she collapsed, John caught her and cradling her in his arms as she sobbed. They were still connected and John couldn't help but giggle to himself and flex inside her causing her react with an audible gasp and a tighter grip.

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